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Independence Liam Goodliffe


0 · 204 views · located in London, England

a character in “Young Master/Mistress and Butler/Maid.”, as played by KuruLesperance


General Information

Independence Liam Goodliffe


Male "Want to check? I'm kidding! I'M KIDDING!"

Blood Type:

Why you're here:
Independence's only parent, his loving "mother", wanted to help fix him to have more; well, manners. Sure, he has table manners, but his impulse needs some work, and a lot of it. Little Indy here has gotten hit 30 times in the last 2 months; from girls and guys. "DON'T CALL ME INDY!"

Independence slightly wanted to come as well to see what it's like there; and he actually wanted to be a butler.


Master/Mistress assigned:



The male has blond, creamy locks of short hair.

A misty shade of green.

Dressing Style:
Usually he's found wearing fancy-shmancy clothing; not because he wants to brag, it's because he likes the style. It fits him, he believes, and so he goes for the royal appearance.

General Appearance:
Independence has earrings going from the shell of his ear to the lobe, the lobe earring having multicolored crystals attached. He normally has an eccentric wardrobe and attire; well, that's just him! As well as a single freckle under his plump lips. It's not a mole, boil, it's a freckle.

A mere 135 pounds.

5'9, tall and a bit lanky.

Picture: Image


Character Traits

Classical Music
Techno Music
Dressing Weird

Cats scare him to death. He's fine with any other animal.
Thunderstorms make him have panic attacks.

When nervous, he tends to start panting/hyperventilating. Another habit is twirling a lock of his hair.

Independence is rather, shall I say, impulsive. He speaks his mind no matter what it is; and unintentionally makes people cry or gets himself slapped across the face. It's part of a mental illness he has; though he doesn't have any other problems other than this. He has a short temper as well and overreacts over the simplest of things, as well as being a bit flirtatious though he doesn't know how to react when people flirt with him back. He just starts blushing. I'd also like to mention that Indy is bisexual, if I may.

Overall, he's also rather protective, and vows to punch someone that disrespects his master/mistress, no matter who it is. He's not your typical snobby rich boy, or bratty male, he's very eelymosynary and considerate (despite his impulsive and insincere approach) and is, generally described by his homosexual father, a sweetheart.


Independence was born from a surrogate mother, being the son of two happy men. It's not wrong; sure he was teased in school, but he was happy that his parents were happy. Who cares if they prefer the same gender? Love is love, you can't break it no matter what, and they wanted a child: a surrogate mother was their choice. Independence never got to meet his real mother, but he was fine with that. Actually, he believed his parents were so cute together; so joyful, a bundle of positive energy they were.

Except, one day, Payton Goodliffe (the "wife") found out that his husband was killed in a car accident when he was driving home from work. The younger male, Payton, was depressed for days, weeks, a year even. They loved each other so much, they didn't care what society thought of them. They'd kiss out in public, hold hands, they really adored each other, and so it was the most saddening thing Independence has ever witnessed in his life: of course, he was extremely sad as well, but his "mother" took it so hard, it was weights on his shoulder, destroying his life little by little. Indy, his nickname, would watch Payton sit on the sofa and not move at all: hands pressed against his face.

About a year of destruction went by, and Independence thought that his "mother" would never get out of this: he was afraid Payton was going to die from a broken heart, until one day, Payton smiled. He convinced himself that his husband, Ray Goodliffe, was still with him, and he moved on.

Now, Independence's "mom" is cheerful and bubbly. After a couple of years passed, Independence became more clumsy and just impulsively said his mind: which really, really embarrassed his ma. So, Payton decided to send Independence here for awhile, to help him control the mental illness he's developed. Sure, he can't get rid of it with medication, but he can always stop blurting out things with a little encouragement and help.

(I'm sorry if there are homophobics here; but, I thought I should change the usual stories. Make it interesting, make it different: everyone should be accepted for who they are. And by homophobics, I mean the users, not the characters haha. I'm sorry if this disgusted you or made you feel uncomfortable in any way, but I had to.)

Cheshire, England

English/American (Ray was American. Payton is English.)


Extra info:
Independence is a bit sensitive, so he starts crying a little when he is slapped.


So begins...

Independence Liam Goodliffe's Story


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Techno music blared; and birds outside flew off, the obnoxious music brimming the air with tense feelings.

SLAM! An alarm clock went flying off a neatly wooded, and polished, coffee table in which a pale hand took the alarm clock's place. A shrill shriek filled the air coming from downstairs, and two bright green eyes flew open. The youth's other hand came up to his lips to muffle an irritated groan; mornings sucked, all in all, for the Goodliffe child. Independence sat up, rising his hand away from the table to run it through his locks of blonde hair, thinking to himself and indulging in the silence; that is, until Payton slammed the door open with a bat in his hand. Ever since that incident, his "mum" has been more cautious and paranoid. Sometimes, it annoyed the younger male, but sometimes it could act as a blessing.

"There's nothing wrong. I threw my alarm clock; that's all." Independence explained quietly, Payton lowering his hands to just dangle the baseball bat to his side. His mum nodded, and they both sighed, soft smiles rising to their faces. "Going back and fourth packing and unpacking for your dorm all week. Ready for an actual day of school today?" Payton asked, quietly walking to his son and sitting next to him on the bed.

"Yeah I guess," the male answered quietly, "but I'm somewhat freaked out about it, y'know? What if I can't, you know, hold back what I want to say and end up making a stupid fool of myself? It's bound to happen." Payton shrugged. "Well, you can't always expect everything to go fine and dandy like roses. Some things just happen; okay? Just see if you can hold it back whatever comes to mind; and if you can't, just whisper it or write it in a journal so no one could hear, or well, see."

"Uhnnn." Independence groaned, slapping his hand against his face. "I'll get through it somehow." Hopping off his bed, he stretched briefly, before looking in his mirror in his room and putting on his earrings; the one on the shell, then the one on the lobe with the multicolored, bright crystals. He dressed into the usual, to make him look formal or well, decent so to speak. He didn't want to look too fancy, nor too lousy, so it resulted in: a long white, creamy cloak with a white cravat, white undershirt, black gloves, brown pants, lace-up boots, and that was pretty much it to be honest.

He went downstairs, and Payton was already there: he seemed to have left while Independence was getting ready. Scooping up a large bag-like backpack, he gave a small nod to his "mother" and smiled. "I'll see you soon, I suppose." The young male waved as he exited the house, climbing onto a rather large, green moped (a bit similar to a motorcycle, and after all, he is 16, so it's legal) and putting on a green and black motorcycle helmet, since Payton was always paranoid he made him buy it. Honestly, the moped looked extremely similar to a motorcycle; it's designed to look a bit like one after all; though there are different variations.

Riding off, he seemed a bit "overly dramatic" if you look at him. One, the bottom of his coat is flying out like some cape from speed. Two, well, he's just generally overly-dramatic. Moving on, the school wasn't that far, since Payton and him moved out of Cheshire to London a couple of years back, so he didn't really have to waste any effort of driving a long distance.

Parking in the parking lot next to the school, he got off and removed his helmet, flipping his hair to the side to get it back to normal. Almost immediately, he remembered where to go: the Auditorium for new students. Sure, he was a 2nd year, but he was new to the school so it was figured. He held his bag behind his back as he walked up to the school doors, the 1 and a half inch heels of his boots tapping against the asphalt like a rhythm. Inhaling briefly, he opened the doors and made his way down the halls; annoyed that his shoes would not stay silent no matter what.

Once he got to the Auditorium, he inhaled once again to calm himself, and walked through the doors. All eyes seemed to follow him; usually most eyes did when a student entered. It embarrassed him, really, and to prove it a small blush rose to his cheeks as heat engulfed his whole face. He could feel his heart racing in his chest as if it were driving in Nascar. It was so hard to hold back his words, though he somehow managed it and made his way to the middle, taking a seat quietly and laying his bag on his lap.

He could hear the conversations, the whispers, the quiet giggles, until it all went silent when a girl suddenly fell. It was broken with immense giggles and laughs, though Independence wasn't giggling or laughing. He could see the tears coming up to her eyes, and a small frown rose to his face. How rude and insensitive the people around him seemed to be. No one went up to help her! Independence couldn't help her even if he wanted to; kids were blocking his path.

The boy was so irritated to the point he felt his impulse. He wanted to scream out profanities at the people laughing and giggling; he was trying so hard to hold it back. Mornings sucked, and were completely crappy. Independence was always in a bad mood in mornings, and he just didn't need this right now. So, this is what he did.

Independence slammed his bag against the chair and it echoed, his impulse raging his mind. He had to scream, or else, he would be in a bad mood all day. Sorry, Payton. "Shut up, you insensitive wankers!"

A male behind Independence gasped because of his language, and he twitched, trying to ignore it. He rested two fingers on each hand against his temples, rubbing in small circles as he tried to calm himself. How rude, annoying, and inconsiderate they were to laugh. Sitting back down slowly and soon bringing his knees to his chest, heels digging into the seat as he continued the movements on his temples.


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#, as written by Kapento
Luthais Rae

Luthais watched as the new girl came and feel, tragic. If a first wasn’t bad enough then surely this was ten times worse on all levels; the embarrassing, cringing emotion that surely no doubt filled up inside the girl. How awful. Then again, no one was helping her. Despite having all the money in they world not one of the rich brats would lend a hand to a fellow wealthy individual, which really did some up quite a few of the students in this Academy. Some were selfish, to a great extent.

“Poor girl,” Luthais sighed as he stood against the wall, and only just noticing he, himself wasn’t helping either. Which made him wonder as to what butler he would be like. “Pity.”

It was then at another student caught his eye, a boy who seemed to lack self control. Ouch. Whoever that gut was, well, he would certainly provide some amusing moments, to say the least. But then, what was he doing now? Oh, trying to calm down by looks of it. If only. Taking that as an invite Luthais causally strolled over to the unstable lad and lay a hand on his chair, just touching the edge of his shoulder.

“You know, that sort of language won’t be tolerated at this Academy,” Luthais muttered quietly to the boy, as if he didn’t already know. “Best not let teachers hear you, you know?” He laughed before removing his hand. “Obviously your new here, unlike me. But you know, your quite funny. Just saying.”

Daileass Taveon

Dail tried to ignore the echoing of laughter that quickly filled the room, but alas curiosity won over his frail mind and quickly he found himself looking for the sort of amusement. And fortunately it was rather obvious, the sit of the girl on the floor was indication enough and the boy bared a smile, at least he did until his conscience kicked in. It took him a moment to realize how wrong it was, and that no one offered a hand to help. Perhaps, just maybe, this was his chance! An opportunity to be nice, for once.

Do it. Do it. Do it.

“E-Excuse me!” Dail yelled aloud, stumbling off his seat. Unfortunately gathering all the eyes of students in the room, which made the boy feel somewhat nervous. “L-Let me help!”

Dail made his way over to the girl on the floor, stilling feeling a bit embarrassed at the whole thing. Placing both hands on either of her arms he pulled the damsel onto her feet, with great effort. He wasn’t sure how she’d react, or even if she’d be pleased of grateful. But at least he could feel good about himself, that was, if anything, the main point of helping.

“Silly girl, that’s no way to enter a room,” Dail mumbled to the girl, unsure if she were even listening. Despite it, he continued, “No thanks required. Just don’t fall again.”

Ackley Bee

Ackley watched the whole event unfold, and made sure to keep himself well out of it. Though indeed he felt somewhat bad for the girl, it was her own fault and he didn’t want any attention brought onto himself. So for that matter he kept still in his seat, clutching his backpack as he did.

“Oh dear, this day should go… well.” He sighed.


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Independence inhaled, his breath coming in rather shakily, that is until a male came up behind him and just barely touched his shoulder. It spooked him just a bit, and he tilted his head up at the male to look at him carefully. A quiet mutter came from his lips in response, before breathing in and speaking a bit louder. "Thank you, I think. Mm, yeah, I'm new here, so I feel awkward. Yes, I know, but sometimes I can't really hold it back. It's one of the reasons I was sent here anyways; to learn to how to "fix" myself."

The male leaned back and sighed, dropping his legs back onto the ground with a clack and a wince. Scooping up his bag, he set it back on his lap and his gaze strayed up towards the ceiling; when was the freakin' person going to come in to explain everything? He was tired of waiting, and he was just generally tired of everything right now.

Again, mornings sucked.


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#, as written by Kapento
Luthais Rae

Once he heard a voice muttering form behind himself, Luthais promptly turned his gaze round and looked curiously as the lad below. “Fix yourself?” He questioned. “Really? Can’t see why someone like you would need fixing, I mean, your so weeeeell accustomed in the art to socializing,” Of course he was kidding, after witnessing the boys earlier outburst it was quite obvious as to what he meant. But then, of course, Luthais had other matters that needed attending. “Before I forget, you wouldn’t happen to know anyone in need of a butler? As sadly, my time has come to give in to these ways of the wealthy and offer my services. Not that I mind really, as it might be fun to have a master to chase around all day.”

Luthais’s eyes scouted around the room as he eyed up potential masters, though none seemed to stand out to him. As well as that, after seeing little mercy with the wealthy when it came to the damsel falling he really didn’t desire that kind of company. However, the short little boy caught his fancy, mostly as he seemed cute and… different. But that was just his personal thoughts.

Daileass Taveon

“Yes, I am a butler. One up for hire as it would seem, as I too am new here,” Dail replied to the girl obediently. “And thank you, I try to look my best, even if I am a mere butler. However, for one being as rich you don’t seem as… bad, so to say, like many others who are clearly, as you put it, jerks.” He bowed a little before regaining his balance and eyeing up the boy who appeared not too long after. At first the lad seemed odd, mainly as he gave the girl a pear, which was something he had not seen before, or really ever. It was quite… unusual. The whole thing made Dail snigger a little.

“Boy, if you desire the girls affection then surely chocolates are more appropriate, along with flowers as well, if I am correct,” He muttered while adjusting his glasses a little. It was clear that this boy liked this girl, and in a way it was quite sweet, if not unexpected. “Aw, what a cute couple you two would make.”

Dail teased the two a little before remembering his manners, so to speak. “I never got your names, either of you,” He said quickly. “My name is Daileass Taveon, though Dail for short.”

Ackley Bee

Ackley saw some more students enter the room, though he himself was growing tired of waiting, and rather wished for things to get moving. After all, his family was always running around here and there, and no one ever waited. It was quite new to the boy, and added to his nerves unfortunately… He wondered when things would start, and what would happen. Where would he be going, who would he know. It was all a little daunting…


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Independence rose silently when the, he believed, French headmaster exited the Auditorium. He sighed, walking down the bleaches with his bag gripped in his gloved hands, that is, until his phone went off and echoed around the Auditorium. Thank god no teachers were in here, funny thing is, his ringtone was quite...odd.


His ringtone was a male screaming on top of his lungs about his mumsy, and to be honest, Independence almost shrieked like a female when it went off. Quickly throwing off his bag in reaction, it landed on a spot in the bleachers and he sort of stood there, nearly frozen to death. God, he forgot about his phone! "Bloody hell..." Independence's cheeks went a bright red. It's still morning and his first day has gone completely out of whack. Scurrying off quickly to grab his bag, he scooped it up and stared at the people who were staring at him, and he rose his left arm to cover his eyes. "Sorry," he murmured, running off towards the exit, nearly tripping over his long cloak but catching himself by falling against the wall. Mornings sucked. Really.

Once he got into the hallway, he leaned against the wall, running a hand through his blonde locks of hair as he answered the phone. "Yes, mother?" He sighed, and he pulled the phone away when Payton decided to scream. "HOW ARE YOU DOING DEAR?! IS IT FUN?! HAVE YOU MADE ANY FRIENDS?! TELL ME! DID YOU FIND A MASTER?"

Independence shuddered, and he moaned. "Calm down. I'm fine. It's kind of embarrassing. No, I haven't made any yet I don't think. I'll find a master in time." There was a quiet, awkward silence between the piece of technology, until it was broken with a giggle, coming from Payton. The younger male sort of twitched and breathed in shakily. "You must be hyper." "I can't wait for you to get a master." "Thanks, ma. I appreciate that. Wait, one second."

The male twitched when pulled the phone away when a small group of students walked by, 4 of them. They all must have found their matches, and they were staring at him as if they were some freak. He even heard one of them mutter under their breath about his mother. Independence's hands flexed tensely as he growled.

"It's life. I don't choose my parents, so if you have a problem, ask the spirits, honey." Alright! Way to get stressed out, Independence! Averting his gaze from the group of students, he stared at the wall in silence, thinking to himself. Gazing down at his phone, he brought it up to his ear and muttered. "I've got to go. Bye, I will call you later." Hanging up, he kind of stood there before sliding down to a sitting position, panting from intense frustration and anxiety.

"You've got to be kidding me. It's just the first day and it sucks so far."


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"This is ridiculous, Charles! First, we walk into the aftermath of what happened to Katherine, and another person's already being picked on! I'm glad my sister did not enroll here!"

"I'm going in with you, for this, Eliab! At least, no girl is involved! Makes things easier for us!"

"Should not matter, sir!" Eliab cleared his throat and whistled for the four boys' attention. "I don't see why you should pick on someone of a different upbringing, fellas. Have you heard of the phrase, 'Love thy neighbor', if you believe in the Lord?"

"Yeah, even if I'm an atheist, myself!" Charles was acting tough, at this point. "So why don't you morons make like a banana and split before this yankie pal of mine, here..."

"Charles! You're not helping by making threats! Didn't we just see the aftermath of whatever happened to Katherine? Besides, I don't fight!"

"Point taken, mate!" The master did not lose his demeanor, despite agreeing with his butler. "Still, you guys must have something better to do than to pick on him! Come on! I know London like the back of my hand! We can all be friends, here! What do you say?"

Eventually, the four boys gave up and left in annoyance. Eliab then gave the one picked on a pat on the shoulder.

"It's hard when people don't understand you. My grandfather is Israeli, I would know what such persecution feels like. Granted, I'm a Christian, but, still..." Before any response could come, the butler smiled and added, "Don't Worry! I'm not homophobic! I was not raised to hate!"


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0.00 INK

When the headmaster finally stepped forward at the podium he lightly tapped the microphone before he spoke, his voice was pleasant and smooth. He was most likely a stuck up rich kid as a child, an heir who eventually had nothing but this school she was stuck in, the brunette mused as she shifted her stormy grey eyes to look over at the large group of students. They were all cheerful in appearance, some quietly talking but most were quietly listening to their new headmaster who would be heading their education for the next.. Well, however long this school kept a person 'captive' for.

Suddenly her attention was drawn back to the man at the podium, his next words having grabbed her entire attention and making her sit up straighter with her expression becoming even more neutral than ever.

" Now without further ado, the matter at hand is finding yourself a maid or butler if you are a master or mistress, and vice versa. You have until the end of the day to find yourself a partner. If you don't, please report to me in my office and I will take care of the situation."

The end of the day? Was this man insane? Rina felt her annoyance build within her as he dismissed the students, the heiress remaining in her seat to ponder his words. She had known she needed to find a maid, or a butler even, but by the end of the day?! The Japanese girl, for that what she considered herself, had no idea what to think to this other than she'd better get working on her social skills.. Unless she could just walk up to a random person and ask them to be her butler or maid.. That would work too, wouldn't it?

In all her thoughts, Rina nearly missed the outburst of a male voice screeching but she assumed that would have been impossible either way. The voice was rather loud and obnoxious, after all.

She glanced up from where her gaze had fallen, the back of the seat in front of herself in case you'd been wondering, to see a tall blonde male down near the stage who was currently flinging his bag off to the side. She could see his cheeks grow rather red, even from the distance between them, and stood as he retrieved his bag and sprinted from the room.

As Rina slowly made her own way out the doors of the Auditorium she couldn't help the slight smirk that spread over her lips, her amusement showing in her typical odd way, as she came across the male sitting on the floor and breathing heavily as though he'd just run a marathon.

" You've got to be kidding me. It's just the first day and it sucks so far."

His voice was quiet and full of frustration to which Rina felt a little guilty over secretly laughing about the outburst from mere minutes ago. She stepped over to him only to stop a few feet from him, her eyes thoughtful even as her expression showed nothing else while looking at him. Before she could stop herself Rina spoke, her own voice rather quiet as she regarded the male. There was no better time than the present to socialize, or so her mother had a tendency to say.

" I'm sure it will only get better," she murmured before raising her voice so it would be a bit easier to hear. " I'm Rina, by the way, Rina Kobayashi." The Japanese teenager smiled slightly, rather small but noticeable all the same, before gesturing to Independence and his place on the ground. " Is the floor comfortable?"