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Rina Kobayashi

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a character in “Young Master/Mistress and Butler/Maid.”, originally authored by crybloodredtears, as played by RolePlayGateway


General Information
Name: Rina Kobayashi
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Blood Type: A-
Family Business: Her father is the founder, as well as the chairman and CEO, of EMI Music Industries which is a rather famous recording label around the world. Her mother is a model and actress who happens to sing, occasionally, for EMI Music.
Level: 2nd year
Butler/Maid assigned: None chosen yet.

Hair: Long brown hair that falls to her waist.
Eyes: A pale blue, almost stormy grey, colour.
Dressing Style: She tends to dress fashionably. Skirts are typical along with a nice blouse or some other shirt; t-shirt, spaghetti strap with a jacket.. etc. Shoes are usually flats, or heels if she must dress up, and she adores her jewellery.
General Appearance: A lovely young woman with light ivory skin and a slender body. She's rather small and almost fragile in appearance.. Which bothers Rina greatly.
Weight: 5'2''
Height: 99 lbs

Character Traits
Likes: Night time, being alone or with one other person, reading, singing, music, puzzles, and ice cream.
Dislikes: Large crowds, swimming, cooking,
Habits: Tapping her nails on any surface, biting her lip, and she tends to play with her hair a lot.
Personality: Rina appears to be a somewhat cold person at times but she does, however, have her moments of kindness and caring for others. She is an intelligent young woman who tends to be serious, responsible and pays attention to detail.. Most times. Though she likes to flirt and tease, especially those of the male gender, but don't take it to heart if it comes across rudely.

Bio: Rina was welcomed into the world by her loving parents, Lee Jin Hyeon and Daisuke Kobayashi, on the evening of December 18th. Both her parents were rather wealthy and well-known in the acting and music industries.

However, the child quickly gained the nickname 'Rin', both for the cold blustery day she had been born on as well as the distance in which she tended to keep everyone from herself. She knew her status and knew it well, almost too well, as she felt like she had to be the best all while trying to blend in. A difficult thing to do, especially when her father began making her work as a singer and her mother kept trying to immerse her in modelling and acting.

She attended to several boarding schools in France, England, and Japan; achieving excellent marks while having difficulty socializing, before her parents decided to send Rina to Masuta Academy. After all, the girl was more likely to follow in her father's footsteps than her mother's.

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Ethnicity: Korean/Japanese.

Extra info: Addison is fluent in several languages already; French, Japanese, English and Italian. She plays the piano, violin and often sings.
In School: English, Music, History, Languages, and Math.
After School: Soccer and Track.

So begins...

Rina Kobayashi's Story


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" Please tell me you'll try to make friends?" Rina's mother, Korean-born Lee Jin Hyeon, was a famous model and actress but it would have astounded her agent as the woman knelt on the floor in front of her daughter. She was holding Rina's hands tightly in her own as she stared up into the teenager's face and begged for her daughter to socialize. For once in her life.

" Yes mother," Rina muttered as she pulled her hands from Hyeon's grip and turned to her father, Daisuke Kobayashi, who had taken the morning off work to send his daughter on her way to the academy. She stared at him expectantly, her kneeling mother forgotten, with her stormy grey eyes seeming a bit bored. It wasn't her fault she wasn't so social, personally the girl blamed it on her parents' success and others trying to use her to get to her family. Everyone wanted to be a singer or an actress these days and it really annoyed the brunette, especially when they kept passing her demo CD's to pass along to her father. Well, a little known secret was that every single one of them went in the trash.. Sh! Secrets must be kept.

" Gyōgi yoku shi nasai," was all the Japanese man said sternly, to which she nodded silently before turning to exit the door and go to the lobby of the hotel to meet the driver. The driver had already picked up her belongings and placed them in the trunk of the car for her and now she had to look forward to a rather short drive to Masuta Academy, her newest boarding school in England. Her parents would be leaving on a flight back to Japan later that day to attend to some matters regarding her father's record label, EMI Music Industries, which quite literally was his life.

" Goodbye," the young girl said flatly before leaving the room to the hall. " Have a safe flight back." Her words were barely heard as she stepped down the hall and the door closed behind her. Rina Kobayashi had to look forward to attending the academy now as she made her way to the lobby and out the door to where the driver waited with the car.


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Character Portrait: Rina Kobayashi
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Rina sighed as she stepped from the car, now parked in front of the school, with her parents' driver holding the door for her.

" Off to the Auditorium with you, young miss," the older man said with a small smile, his wrinkly face showing his fondness for the girl. " All new students are to report there." The brunette merely gave a nod as she glanced to the trunk. " I'll take your bags where they're needed to go, don't you worry. Now," the man named Mister Akiyama lightly held her shoulders and turned her toward the school, " you better get going."

The musical heiress smiled slightly, not that he would see it, as she set off on her way. But not before muttering a low, " Thank you," to the man who had helped her so much in this time of changing schools.

Rina Kobayashi found the Auditorium easily with help from a few young men who had apparently wanted to aid her due to her status as 'new'. The girl, on the other hand, had waved them off while hiding her annoyance. Just because she wasn't very tall and appeared underweight didn't mean she was a fragile young girl who needed others at ever step of the way. How rude of them but, also, it had been polite too.. As strangely as that was.

She stepped inside the doors and immediately set to finding an empty seat, preferably a little ways from the bulk of the crowd. She ended up sitting two rows back from the biggest congregation of the new students, making sure to keep her expression blank. Rina had no wish for anyone to sit beside her, not right now.


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When the headmaster finally stepped forward at the podium he lightly tapped the microphone before he spoke, his voice was pleasant and smooth. He was most likely a stuck up rich kid as a child, an heir who eventually had nothing but this school she was stuck in, the brunette mused as she shifted her stormy grey eyes to look over at the large group of students. They were all cheerful in appearance, some quietly talking but most were quietly listening to their new headmaster who would be heading their education for the next.. Well, however long this school kept a person 'captive' for.

Suddenly her attention was drawn back to the man at the podium, his next words having grabbed her entire attention and making her sit up straighter with her expression becoming even more neutral than ever.

" Now without further ado, the matter at hand is finding yourself a maid or butler if you are a master or mistress, and vice versa. You have until the end of the day to find yourself a partner. If you don't, please report to me in my office and I will take care of the situation."

The end of the day? Was this man insane? Rina felt her annoyance build within her as he dismissed the students, the heiress remaining in her seat to ponder his words. She had known she needed to find a maid, or a butler even, but by the end of the day?! The Japanese girl, for that what she considered herself, had no idea what to think to this other than she'd better get working on her social skills.. Unless she could just walk up to a random person and ask them to be her butler or maid.. That would work too, wouldn't it?

In all her thoughts, Rina nearly missed the outburst of a male voice screeching but she assumed that would have been impossible either way. The voice was rather loud and obnoxious, after all.

She glanced up from where her gaze had fallen, the back of the seat in front of herself in case you'd been wondering, to see a tall blonde male down near the stage who was currently flinging his bag off to the side. She could see his cheeks grow rather red, even from the distance between them, and stood as he retrieved his bag and sprinted from the room.

As Rina slowly made her own way out the doors of the Auditorium she couldn't help the slight smirk that spread over her lips, her amusement showing in her typical odd way, as she came across the male sitting on the floor and breathing heavily as though he'd just run a marathon.

" You've got to be kidding me. It's just the first day and it sucks so far."

His voice was quiet and full of frustration to which Rina felt a little guilty over secretly laughing about the outburst from mere minutes ago. She stepped over to him only to stop a few feet from him, her eyes thoughtful even as her expression showed nothing else while looking at him. Before she could stop herself Rina spoke, her own voice rather quiet as she regarded the male. There was no better time than the present to socialize, or so her mother had a tendency to say.

" I'm sure it will only get better," she murmured before raising her voice so it would be a bit easier to hear. " I'm Rina, by the way, Rina Kobayashi." The Japanese teenager smiled slightly, rather small but noticeable all the same, before gesturing to Independence and his place on the ground. " Is the floor comfortable?"