Mariannette Yamauchi

A wild and popular heiress, who's famous simply for being famous.

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Name: Mariannette Yamauchi (Her family and friends call her Mari.....which is pronounced in the Japanese way; Mah-Ree)

Age: 21

Role: The Heiress


Height: 5'10
Weight: 135lbs
Eyes: Light Hazel
Hair: An bright Auburn, and reaches to the middle of her back.
Body Art: Mari has a full back tattoo, a tongue piercing, horizontal AND vertical belly button piercings, and seven piercings in each of her ears.(5 in the lobe, & two industrials)
Tattoo Design = http://i.imgur.com/O9xxG.jpg

Likes: Politics, Body Art, Club Hopping, Celebrity and Nintendo Red-Carpet Events, Laughing/Joking around, Rock Bands/Being a Groupie for famous bands, and just having a good time.

Dislikes: Fuddy Duddys, Partisans, Judgmental People, Racists, Boring People, People who exploit the weak, Snobs, Jerks, and Meatheads/Jocks.

Personality: Mari is a funny, fun-loving, party girl.......much to her parents chagrin. She appears vain and materialistic sometimes to those who don't know her, but is rather modest to those who DO know her.
She enjoys making people laugh, always has a smart come-back, and is the queen of having a good time.
Mari loathes being controlled, and rebels from it as soon as she feels it's becoming to much...........which leads her to be slightly erratic in terms of her career/public-image.......but she could careless if people in the media are completely confused to what she wants to do with her life. As long as shes happy, and her fans are happy, that's all that matters.......since it's her life, and her favorite quote is; "You only have ONE LIFE TO LIVE, so live it to the fullest baby!"

History: Mari is the 21 year old Granddaughter to Hiroshi Yamauchi.........who is the direct descendant of Fusajiro Yamauchi, founder of Nintendo. And for all her effort not appear as such, Mari just comes off to most, as a girl who's famous for simply being rich.

Maris parents, Jin Yamauchi and Rosette Yamauchi, met while her father was on vacation in Denmark, and they've been happily in love ever since. She has four brothers, four sisters, and enough money to wrap around the globe TEN folds seeing as her grandfather is the third richest man in Japan..........but it was never enough for Mari, just being a Heiress.........she wanted to go off and do her own thing, make her own image, and control her own destiny. Which is why at age 16, the free spirited teen elected to study abroad in the United States of America.
At first she was suppose to work towards helping control Nintendos American branch with her Father and eldest brother......but she quickly decided she rather be a spokesmodel, and that she did.
So after finishing her senior year in Beverly Hills, Mari quickly became famous in the gaming arena, and posters of her could easily be found in every Game Store in all the major cities........but that still wasn't enough for the young heiress......so she then shifted towards mainstream modeling and singing, releasing a moderately successful acoustic-guitar/rock album entitled: "Aqua Waves"
But at age 19, she again grew bored........and decided she wanted to jump into the world of Reality TV, staring in a show which centered around her being a party-crazed groupie, who follows her favorite bands all around the country and world, while partying it up hard on the side with other stars as she traveled.

However, at age 21, Mari turned down the networks multi-million dollar offer for a third season of her popular TV Show, and has instead found herself back in the states, under the control(something she hates) of an agency that has paired her with someone she barely knows, and expects the two to act like true lovers while out and about in public, simply for the press..........something she thought would might be fun, adventurous, and bold.........especially since she was told they'd be sent away to Spain for the summer to muck it up!. But her latest endeavor is likely to grow boring to the young starlet sooner than later.

So begins...

Mariannette Yamauchi's Story


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Adrianna sat sullenly in Chad's car. SHe crossed her arms over her chest and hummed to the music blasting in her iphone. It was'nt that she did'nt like Chad it was that he was a player and that was so annoying. I mean this whole relationship was fustrating she could'nt date any other guys, and the guy the paired her with was so sexist. At oleast she could hang out with her friends this whole summer. Plus everyone loved the hamptons it was gorgeous and peacefull. And near all the amazing shops. She adjusted her braid, then closed her eyes to enjoy the ride.
She texted her Delaney, Mariannette, and Skylar: Hey guys are you on your way
Ade's hair
Ade;s outfit


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Todd shied away from Chad when the model girl ran up and made out with him. Todd smiled. "I wish." he said to himself. then he looked at Chad and gave him a thumbs up. Todd went back to find Skylar in her bikini. "Hey sexy." Todd said joking but he was serious. Todd looked at the model chick and winked at her, she flaunted herself around and had Todd in a trance but he snapped out of it.

Todd looked at Macey. "And you are?" he asked not even seeing a hoax lover with her.


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Ade hugged skylar back and said "Don't leave without me!" Then she ran upstairs and saw Chad standing there "Did the big bad press like my kiss" she teased then she quickly ran in her bag and grabbed her bikini. Then she ran in the bathroom and put it on her bathing suit and a sweat suit on top and then she truned to Chad and said "C'mon were going to the beach"
Ade's Bikini The sweatsuit

Ade texted Del: Of course Del its not the beach without you
When she came out Ade saw Macey "Macey!" she yelled ingulfing her in a hug, and almost knocking her down. "Oh my god I thought you were'nt coming!" she yelled "Well go put your bikini on were going to the beach!"

She texted Mari:Were goin to the beach!
She texted Marrissa: goin to the beach hurry up