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Your Minute Of Fame

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Theme Song

Game Master/GM


Their Theme Song

Welcome to Beverly Hills, California the most star-studied and prestigious place around, where wealth and popularity is key to being on top you can only imagine the rivalries between the students as Beverly Hieghts High. Friendships are built and torn down within mere days; Romances heat up and fizzle away just as fast. The best advice around these parts is to expect the unexpected and to always keep your guard & style up. Filled with the wealthiest and most beautiful students Beverly Heights is a school to be reckoned with. They know exactly how to make and break anyone that enters it's doors and will show no mercy. Gossip, School, and Style fills up the spare time of these teens, not to mention a whole lot of drama. To the students, their school is known for all the gossip and fortune but, the parents and adults it is all about the perfoming arts in the school. Their dancing and singing, mainly winning numerous trophies from all over the world, Paris, London, you name it. But, there is always that one pain in the ass that they can never beat. And that pain is known as the private performing art school of Golden Towers in probably oneof the most....interesting places in the world, Seoul, South Korea. What a bunch of freaks, just listen to them sing and the music they listen to for once,Exactly our point!

"We can and will beat them this year, no way are we losing on our home."
~Peter James, Head Dean

Their Theme Song

Golden freaking Towers, this is the one school across the globe the students of Beverly Heights one, can't beat when ever they go across the ocean to compete, and two, can'tstand just for that reason. You see, Golden Towers is the Korean version of Bverly Heights, by students they are known for their drama and fortune. Everyone at this school has at least one thing in common and that is money. While the Cali kids, as they call them, rip apart their so-called friends in a day, the Goldens, as they call themselves hold their friends close and their enemies closer, waiting for the right time to strike and get revenge and the same goes for relationships with other people, they wait and embrasses them in front of their rather small amount of peers. But, to their parents and other adults it is all about their studies and espcailly their infamous performing arts program mainly singing, rapping and dancing. And the number one school they always try to beat and most of the time always does is the school of Beverly Heights which is in a very.....different kind of place than they're used to known as Beverly Hills, California all the way in the United States of America. goemul uimuli , geunyang nolae deul-eul deudgo geudeul-i han beon jeonghwaghage uli jijeom deudgo-eum-ag-eul mueos!

"It will be like every other year for use winning and I believe that mhy students will bring home another win"
~Young Jaehyun, Headmaster Dean

"Which school will win this year once they change spaces?"

Every year Beverly Heights has their top six perfomers go all the way across the ocean to another country to compete against other countries from all over and some how come in at least second place behind either London once or their arch rivals of Golden Towers who happens to beat the almost every year except for maybe once in 2006. But, after that day Golden Tower has pratice for months to mak sure it never happpened again on their home turf of South Korea. But, what if they change the location to Beverly Hills, California. When eight teenagers from all over the world have to stay at a different high school so they don't get behind guess where Golden Tower ends up......Beverly fucking Heights.

When you put these six South Koreans in California, will they still be the Asian invasion or will the school of Beverly Heights finally be able to win one on their hime turf? Let's see where they end up, on stage living their dream or in the crowd, cheering their opponent on.

The Roles
Beverly Heights Leons

BH Girl 1 ll Talent For Rapping ll Face Claim: Kendall Jenner llStatus: OPEN

BH Girl 2 ll Talent For Dancing ll Face Claim: Chachi Gonzales ll Status: RESERVED by AshleighC

BH Girl 3 ll Talent For Singing ll Face Claim: Lights Poxleitner ll Status: RESERVED by YoureStillAnInnocent

BH Guy 1 ll Talent For Musical Insturments ll Face Claim:Ed Westwick ll Status: OPEN

BH Guy 2 ll Talent For Writing Songs ll Face Claim:Alex Pettyfer ll Status: OPEN

BH Guy 3 ll Talent For Dancing ll Face Claim:Zayn Malik ll Status: OPEN

Golden Towers Suns

Guy 1 ll Talent For Rapping ll Face Claim:Bang Yong Guk ll Status: OPEN

Guy 2 ll Talent For Writing Songs ll Face Claim:Shin Won Ho ll Status: OPEN

Guy 3 ll Talent For Music Insturments ll Face Claim:Ren from NU'EST ll Status: OPEN

Girl 1 ll Talent For Singing ll Face Claim:Ahn Soheell Status: RESERVED by TrueLilShooz

Girl 2 ll Talent For Dancing ll Face Claim: IU ll Status: TAKEN by Me/BleedingLover

Girl 3 ll Talent For Rapping ll Face Claim: Meng Jia ll Status: OPEN


Code: Select all
[center][size=200][color=YOUR HEX COLOR]FULL NAME HERE[/color][/size][/center]
            [center][img]Put GIF HERE[/img][/center]

            [right][img]DIRECT IMAGE URL HERE[/img][/right]

            [color=YOUR HEX COLOR][b]Gender[/b][/color]

            [color=YOUR HEX COLOR][b]Age[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Put your age here. (15-19)[/size]

            [color=YOUR HEX COLOR][b]Talent[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Put your Talent here.[/size]

            [color=#YOUR HEX COLOR][b]Appearance[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Put your Appearance here.[/size]

            [color=YOUR HEX COLOR][b]Sexual Orientation[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Put your sexual orientation here.[/size]

            [color=YOUR HEX COLOR][b]Personality[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Put your personality here. [/size]

            [color=YOUR HEX COLOR][b]Where Are You From[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Seoul or Beverly Hills?[/size]

            [color=YOUR HEX COLOR][b]Favorite Things[/b][/color]
Music Genre-
T.V Show-

            [color=YOUR HEX COLOR][b]Likes[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Put your likes here.[/size]

            [color=YOUR HEX COLOR][b]Dislikes[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Put your dislikes here.[/size]
            [color=YOUR HEX COLOR][b]Theme Song[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Put Theme Song Here[/size]

            [color=YOUR HEX COLOR][b]Bio[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Put your bio here.[/size]



1.We are the GMs. What we say goes. We am open to suggestions but, please listen to us and what we have to say.

2. No godmodding!

3.Be respectful

4. Posts must be at least 160 words per post. Posting limit is 3 times a day. Post at least every other day.

5. Have correct grammar and spelling please. This isn’t grammar school, but don’t write like you have never been taught English. I understand a couple of errors here and there. I make them too. Those are tolerable xP

6. Romance is definitely encouraged. If it gets hot either fade to black and hint what happened or take it to the PMs. Don’t blind us with your words please.

7. Be nice! Talk with each other. We’re all friends. Lol, right?

8. You can play up to two characters, if you can handle them.

9. Follow the character skeletons. It’s there are a reason. I’m not accepting anything that isn’t in that format.

10. If you’re going to be gone for more than four days, just PM me or inform the group in the OOC.

11. If you read all these rules I want you to write a section for your favorite band singer,etc......and if playing a Korean character make them a Korean band,singer, etc. (It's to see if you know what you're playing exactly....if a dork about K-Pop XP.)
12. Have fun and be as creative as humanly possible!

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Character Portrait: Eun Park (Grace)
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Character Portrait: Eun Park (Grace)
Eun Park (Grace)

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Character Portrait: Eun Park (Grace)
Eun Park (Grace)

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@ AshleighC:Ok, that is really awesome!

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can i reserve for Kwon Yuri (Girl 1)

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well since she asked first I don't mind giving it up but could I please take girl 2, the dancer then?

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Well, I sent in my character application, I hope you choose me...I love RPing and I've been doing it for a LONG time now, and I try to be active whenever I can. :)

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Well, I guess but since you both want the character. It's let the best quality win....not the first. Fair game.

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could I please reserve girl 3? the singer and change the FC or would you prefer I kept the fc?

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Can I please RP as the character of Valerie Poxleitner's FC? :)

Your Minute Of Fame

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