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Akiyuki Nakahara

"Cheer up! It's another beautiful day."

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a character in “Your Wish is My Command”, as played by Keen




"And they said money can't buy friends."

Akiyuki Kawada

Aki, Yuki (This is typically a feminine name) || Aki doesn't really mind what people call him (as long as it isn't mean), he's just happy to have anyone who feels close enough to him to use a nickname in the first place.




75% German, 25% Japanese

Human #4

Face Claim
Saika Totsuka || Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.


ImageEye Color
A sharp icy blue

Hair Color
A nearly white platinum blonde

Skin Tone
Lightly tanned

Height & Weight
5'7" & 126 lbs.

He has a long scar along his right calf from when he sliced his leg diving into some water off of one of the docks.

Brief Written Description
'Feminine' might be the easiest way to describe Aki's looks. Despite his gender he has rather delicate facial features and lacks the broad shoulders that most men his age would have, even his height is a bit below average. This isn't to say Aki is weak however, he has developed well-toned muscles along his thin limbs from his time spent swimming so frequently. For these reasons Aki can sometimes be mistaken for a girl when out about town but really, it's something that's never bothered him much and as such he doesn't make much of an effort to make his actual gender clear and will occasionally not even correct people who've mistaken his gender. Aki's style of clothing is equally ambiguous, he typically wears very simple outfits that are loose and often quite colorful and bright, when at home however it isn't too uncommon for Aki to dress up in some costume that he's made.


Costumes || "Dressing up and making costumes is a lot of fun, just, I wish I had somewhere to wear them or people to wear them with me..."
Swimming || "I suppose it's not much of a surprise considering we all live right next to the ocean but... Being in the water feels so natural to me, I love the freedom of movement it gives."
Cooking || "Good cooking is a surefire way to get people to smile... Even if they're in a bad mood no one can frown at a tasty meal."
His little sis || "Maybe I dote on her too much... But I can't help it! She's so cute and I wanna be a good big brother."

Insults || "Insults are things solely designed to make other people feel sad or upset, and I don't really understand why you'd wanna make people feel that way."
Crying || "Whenever I see someone crying... It makes me sad too, makes me want to just give'em a big hug and make sure they're alright."
Heights || "U-Um... I really don't like heights... They're scary..."

Heights || "I can't help but imagine myself or a friend falling whenever I'm up somewhere high... It makes me really nervous."
Hurting others ||

❖Positivity || It might be hard to call this a 'skill' but Aki's positivity is certainly something special. No matter the situation or the person his positivity is infectious and he likes to try and cheer people up and keep things lighthearted when he can.
❖Swimming || From a young age Aki had always been in the water with his parents and has even joined the swim team at their local high school and while he certainly isn't the best on the team, one could argue for his position in the top five.
❖Cooking || Aki had originally started cooking for his sister as a way to become a 'better big brother' and fell in love with it instantly. It's not uncommon for him to prepare treats like cookies for his friends or even make large lunches on outings.

☣Unassertive || Aki is not the type to speak his mind or voice his opinion and rarely stands up for himself in a confrontation.
☣Strawberry milk || This sweet pink beverage is something Aki simply cannot resist. Suffice it to say, if you want something from Aki bring him some strawberry milk and it will help your case quite a bit.
☣Trusting || Aki rarely suspects others of lying or trying to deceive him and as such can be easy to trick. He believes that most people are good and honest and often doesn't suspect others of having ulterior motives.

Affectionate | Soft-spoken | Kind | Careful

Among his friends and family Aki might be best described as the 'white mage' of the group. However, if Final Fantasy references aren't your thing, to put it simply Aki is the type to follow behind a leader more than strike out on his own and always lending support and help to others around him. He's an overwhelmingly kind young man who's happy to give every he passes a genuine smile and someone who really does care for the people around him, even if they are strangers. You'll nearly never hear him say something harsh or raise his voice in anything but the most extreme of situations and if you do hear him shout you can be sure something serious has happened.

Aki is not one to shy away from physical contact and quite likes to give and receive hugs and things of that nature, sometimes not realizing that others might be uncomfortable with such things. 'Quick' is not exactly the way to describe Aki's pace, he's someone who likes to take things slowly and consider his course of action before committing though he can often be dragged into a faster pace by others who are more impulsive.

Diplomatic and light-hearted, Aki tries to avoid conflict and alleviate friction between others and tries to promote the ideas of treating others kindly. More often than not Aki puts the needs of others before his own and does his best to make sure other people have no need to worry over him, sometimes to the point of hiding his own pain behind his usual warm smile. All in all Aki is a warm and kind young man who takes great in joy in seeing smiling faces around him and someone who tries to ease the pain others feel whenever and however he can.


Jun Nakahara || Father || 44
Kaori Nakahara || Mother || 43
Rin Nakahara || Sister || 13

Born and raised in the waterlogged city of Yokokawa, Aki has been a child of the water since day one. Overall his life and childhood was never really anything that special, just a simple and slow-paced life in their incredibly dull seaside town. His father was a modestly successful writer while his mother ran her own florist shop, above which the family of three lived. Ever since he was young Aki has always been a good little child and always quite the mama's boy but also a bit spoiled by his doting parents. That was until his little sister was born.

Though he would deny it vehemently Aki couldn't help but feel a tinge of jealousy as the focus of his parents shifted away from him and towards his new sister. It didn't take long however for him to get over this bit of immaturity and take on the caring role of a big brother. Aki's kind nature never wavered as he grew and as a result he's well-liked by most residents of the small island. Despite his friendly nature Aki prefers to keep his pool of friends small, only desiring to get close to people he truly likes and cares for.

All in all there isn't much to say about Aki's life. In truth it's unexceptional in many ways aside, a fact that Aki finds himself conflicted on. His daily life is a happy one but also a dull one, he loves his family, his friends, and even his boring hometown but has always wanted to reach beyond the shores that have surrounded him his entire life. Now that this subconscious wish has nearly been granted by the sudden appearance of a genie, Aki finds himself rather suddenly confronted by the mixed and conflicted feelings that he had been struggling with already. With the vague and grand promise of wishes and the interest of the FBI, Aki finds his peaceful life in jeopardy.


So begins...

Akiyuki Nakahara's Story