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Finian O'Genie

"Make a wish already, I'm booooored!" Very Minor WIP

0 · 612 views · located in Yokokawa

a character in “Your Wish is My Command”, as played by ladygeekiness




You wanna wish for something? How about a basket of puppies? PUPPIES!

Finian O'Genie (He chose it himself because he doesn't remember his real surname)




Genie || Irish, if his accent is anything to go by

Face Claim
Nagisa Hazuki || Free!


ImageEye Color

Hair Color

Skin Tone
Lightly Tanned

165 cm (5'5")

55 kg (121 lb)

Finian has a tiny freckle he never shows anyone. Anyone.

Brief Written DescriptionImage
Finian is an average teenage boy, I mean, genie. He looks like a teenage boy, but he's a genie. Really. Finian can be categorized into cute, adorable or even sweet. He's got that kind of adorkable face that can put a little smile on anyone's face. His eyes are a deep pink colour that he's awfully fond of, and it happens to be his favourite colour. Fin's blond hair is short, but his bangs fall into his eyes all the time which can get frustrating to Fin. He's in pretty good shape, lean and lightly muscled, and he's pretty strong thanks to that. Well, he's a genie, he doesn't really need to be strong but meh. Fin wears casual clothes most of the time, but his favourite outfit is a t-shirt, hoodie/adorable sweater, and a pair of cargo pants. Finian is very ashamed of his tiny freckle, although he has no reason to. He's pretty sure that even in his human life he had never shown it to anyone.



  • His Genie Powers || What respectable genie doesn't like their powers?! "Puppies? You got 'em! Waddaya mean you don't want puppies?"
  • Dark Pink || It's his favourite colour. "Maybe it's a 'girl' colour, but it's mostly FABULOOUUSS"
  • Being Goofy || Finian is a natural goof, and loves messing about with people, in both aspects of the term. "Got your nose!"
  • Food || Shh! He might hear you! "FOOD?" *bears shocking resemblance to a prairie dog for 5 seconds*
  • Puppies || Why not? They're adorable and are exactly like him! "Puppies!"

  • Sadness || Fin hates being sad, other people being sad, people that make people sad, sadness, sad news, sad anything. "Oh no no no please don't be sad!!"
  • Being Bored| Fin is most likely ADHD, and so finds any "boring" tasks, having to sit still for too long, and dull routines well, boring. "Boooriiiing!"
  • Sleeping || Fin and sleeping don't have the best track record. Fin can stay awake for hours and will only begin to get drowsy at the most irrational hours of the early morning. Unless he's had a big day, Fin will avoid sleeping like the plague, but will be up out of bed in the morning like a spring lamb.*Yawn*"Hm, what? No no, I can't go to sleep!"
  • Reading|| Unless it's a comic book, or has images, Fin finds reading nearly impossible. Not that he doesn't like books or the stories they tell, heck, he loves the idea of them, he just doesn't like having to sit still and read for that long. "Urgh, is there an audio book?"
  • Technology|| Fin doesn't like technology. He can never wrap his head around it. He finds it difficult to do even the most simplest of tasks, andthe internet just scares him. "So what does that do again?

❖Gymnastics || Finian must have been a skilled gymnast in his human life, because the tricks and names to go with them come as easily as the alphabet. This would also explain his build and muscle.
❖Cheering Others Up || Finian can't bear to see anyone feeling down or upset, and so he makes it his quest to make them happy again. He pulls funny faces, recites every joke he knows, and does some slapstick as well, just to see a tiny smile on someone's face.
❖Acting || Finian is amazing at acting. Seriously. You couldn't tell if he was telling the truth about something unless you tied him up to a lie detector. Do lie detectors even work on genies? His acting skills help a lot when cheering other people up. He does excellent impressions as well.

☣Children || Finian can't resist children. At all. If a kid asked him to do something completely stupid or probably illegal, it would only take one big eyed look to wrap Fin around their finger. He's a pretty bad babysitter for kids who know what they're doing. Otherwise, he and kids get along like milk and cookies
☣Easily Guilt Tripped || Fin is a real sucker sometimes. All it takes is a guilt trip and he'll be doing all he can to help you. Fin can sometimes feel so guilty that he'll actually get sad, as long as you say the right thing.
☣Technology || As mentioned earlier, Fin couldn't use a computer to save his life. He's terrible at complex video games, and has a mild phobia of the internet. Excluding cute videos of puppies of course. He has a lot in common with grandmas.

Happy-Go-Lucky | Friendly | Adorkable | Technophobe

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April 14 || 1997

So begins...

Finian O'Genie's Story