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Setsuko Hadoken

"Thanks for letting me out of the Lamp, now let me reward you..." [MINOR WIP]

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a character in “Your Wish is My Command”, as played by MapleLeaves




"I don't remember much. I'm just happy to be here!"

Image Image ImageName
She has given herself the name Setsuko Hadoken

Appears 17



50% Australian (mother and father), 25% Scottish (grandfather <mother>), 25% Japanese (grandmother <mother>)

Face Claim
Asako Natsume


Image ~ Image ~ Image

Eye Color

Hair Color
Light, Honey Brown

Skin Tone



She has a birthmark on her lower back in the shape of a star.

Brief Written Description
Setsuko is a very petite teenaged girl. She has a very feminine figure, and even more feminine face structure. She takes after her mother, whom she does not remember very well, but still would want to despite. She takes care of herself very well, as her face is clear of all acne, thanks to her powers. She has a tendency to dressed in either her school uniform or in a Lolita get up that is sweet and cute, as she looks best in cute clothing, especially pinks and baby blues.

She has light brown hair, which is naturally wavy. She tends to keep it down, however it is not uncommon to see her hair tied into a side ponytail, or even pig tails. Her hair is the same color as her eyes, which are quite mature, but at the same time full of excitement, innocence and youth.



❖ Food, especially traditional foods
❖ Pop Culture
❖ Travelling

â˜Ŗ Rain
â˜Ŗ People in control/power
â˜Ŗ Depending on people


❖ General Knowledge trivia/games || Being quite knowledgeable in lots of many subjects, its only natural for Setsuko to be a natural at Trivia and general knowledge.
❖ Drawing || Setsuko is a very skilled drawer, particularly with animals, chibi and manga. It only comes natural to her as she tends to watch a lot of anime and read manga, so she has tried to teach herself how to draw like that.
❖ Sewing and Knitting || Despite being a genie and can dress herself in an instant, she tends to create her own clothes to which she enjoys, and plus, she gets a lot of good looks from other people, which she feels good about.

â˜Ŗ Impatient || She's quite the impatient person after waiting in a lamp for all this time, so when she wants something done, she expects it done in an instant.
â˜Ŗ Lazy || With genie abilities, she simply uses her powers to do stuff herself. This has made her extremely lazy with other things, such as sport. If she has no use to it, she avoids it.
â˜Ŗ Childish || She has to get her way, no matter what the circumstance, even if she's wrong. And when she doesn't, she gets very sulky and complains for the whole day (or at least until she forgets, which is quite easy for her, as she's very absent minded.)

Bipolar | Hot Headed | Playful | Absent Minded

Setsuko is a quirky and fun-loving genie that wants to see the world while she's out of her lamp. Like most genies, she is a very playful and friendly person that gets along with most, if not all people. She knows a lot about the modern world in comparison to other genies, and well read in most popular books and manga. She loves Pop Culture because it's always changing and moving, and loves reading manga, watching anime and playing video games. She is a very intelligent genie, however she has a tendency not to show it most of the time, as she has a hard time keeping focus on one thing for more then a few minutes. Although she is very friendly, she has quite a big mood swing if something bad happens, ranging for a few minutes, to a whole day. So, if she ever insults you just for walking up to her, it's her way of saying "I'm sorry, I'm in a bad mood."


Not knowing much about her history, she simply says "I had a family, a mother, an older sister, and a father. I had a genie once, Setsu was his name..." Which is correct, but what she doesn't know is that she was born in a family that are all famous actors that star in various movies, including Setsuko's favorite movie, Seize the Day. Her real name was Amelia Rosewater. She was the black sheep in the family, having little opportunity to act, as there were many female child actresses out there, despite her family origins. In the end, she never got a role in a movie, however still managed to get fame due to her parents, which she hated. She wanted to be her own person and be famous because of what she has done, not what her parents have done. She grew under the radar, despite her acting skill and charming demeanor. That is, until she met Setsu, a male genie who she fell deeply in love with. Setsu was a very sly genie, and all it cared for was getting it's freedom from the lamp that it stayed for many years. Setsuko's first wish was to become a notorious actress, which she got after finally landing a role in the biggest teen film, Hugs and Kisses. She was very famous for being the nice girl of Hollywood, which she loved dearly. Setsu and Setsuko became close friends. Setsu told her about his wish to become a human, as she listened to him intently. She had an idea, wanting to be with the genie forever. Her second wish was for the genie to be able to love. The genie did indeed fall in love, but instead of falling in love with Setsuko, she fell in love with a mortal human that went to the same Preforming Arts Academy as Setsuko. Heartbroken when Setsuko found out, she wanted nothing more then anything for the genie to be in love with her, so her final wish was for them to swap places, with Setsuko becoming a Genie. The genie got what he wanted, freedom, while Setsuko got what felt like an eternity in a lamp. That eternity waws simply contemplation about what she has done wrong, falling for Setsu's tricks. She had promised to never treat her master like that, whoever that may be. And so, she eventually met her new master. Her master was her first master that she has had, so she wanted to make a good impression. She has a lack of knowledge about Genies herself, however she knows that eventually she will disappear from the world, until another person finds her again.

So begins...

Setsuko Hadoken's Story