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Judy Eastand

Has short curly hair, and a bass with her at almost all times. Wears vintage rockn'n roll tees and is always listening to music.

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a character in “Youth Gone Wild”, as played by PansylovestheBeatles


Description: Has short curly hair, green eyes and pale skin. She usually wears tight jeans, vintage rock tee shirts and her trademark saddle shoes. She often has either a bass guitar or guitar on her at all times, and is ALWAYS listening to music, weather it be on her mp3 player or her vintage transistor radio or tapes or her playing it herself, she takes music with her.

Real Name: Judith Sarah Timmons

Stage Name: Judy Eastand

Age: 17

Height: 5'4

Weight: 131

Hair Color: strawberry blondish

Eye Color: green

Piercing/Tattoos: Has a tattoo of John Lennon on her lower back and has her ears pierced.

Influences: The Beatles, John Lennon in particular, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Bill Hayley, Eddie Cochran and all those other oldie rockers.

Preferred Music Style: Oldies to classic rock, has a very retro/vintage taste

Instrument(s): Guitar, Bass guitar, is learning at drums but isn't too good.

Band: Old time rock

Member's: Ethan( drums) Stella( back up vocal, rhythm guitar) Scotty(head guitar) Judy(bass and main singer)

Nationality: Born in England, raised in mainly America

If you don't have a picture, your Physical Description: Has curly strawberry blond hair that was cut short with green eyes and should wear glasses but never does for she finds them bother some. Loves wearing more comfortable but cool styles and loves the retro look.
Personality: She is very artsy and comes up with lyrics and songs off the top of her head but she is impatient, loud and moody. Most in her band consider her bossy and a bit of a my way or the high way type of person but she can show some sensitivity to fellow musicians.

Good Traits: Quick learner, can write decent songs and is a pretty good bass and guitar player. Is very appreciative of other an music styles and has a sort side for old people. Is sometimes considered an old soul.

Bad Traits: Is bossy, complainer, cold and likes to get her way. Is impatient and stubborn.

Addictions/Diseases: She smokes, has since she was in the middle grades and has ADD and trouble focusing at times.

Other Notable Talent/Abilities: Has a good since of humor and can easily get a crowd to laugh. Also she's a queen of persuasion.

Instrument(s) Model of Choice:Rickenbacker 4003 bass guitar

Amp(if there is one): Ampeg BA-108

Notable Clothes/Make-Up/Accessories: Wears saddle shoes, leather jackets and always a diffrent color beanie hat
History: Judy got into music at a young age when her father played her old music that he enjoyed. Judy got hooked at a young age and thought they just don't write like they did in the past anym more and made up her mind to write songs and play old music to create "real" music again. Her father, proud of her bought her a guitar and she taught her self with a few music lesson how to play. Sadly her father was caught in a shooting driving home from work and was killed when Judy was fifteen leaving her with her mother who she belived didn't understand her. She made the big choice to sell her guitar for a bass after much debate and has poured herself into music ever since.

So begins...

Judy Eastand's Story