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"I like the way you die, boy!"

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a character in “You've Been Selected”, as played by Stilts




Age: 21
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Gender preference isn't something Icarus bothers his pretty head with.

Image Moor

Given Name:
Alias Kurtz. His parents weren't what you would call "educated" folk.

Code Name Details: Icarus was the mythic ancient greek seduced by freedom. The punk flew too high on his magic wings and, subsequently, was "burned by the sun." It is an ancient tale of hubris; similarly, Icarus was given his code name for the same relish for taking things too far. Although he has talent for fighting in the skies and in high stress environments, he likes to push his boundaries. The shrink who saw him last diagnosed him, in layman's terms, as unstable, volatile, and batshit crazy with a penchant for breaking daddy's rules. So far, he hasn't proven them right about the scorched ending.

Division: Military Branch: Air Force. Fighter.

Current Partner: TBA/KIA/Looking for fresh meat.

Delving Deeper Image


He's a take-no-prisioners, take-no-shit kind of guy. When Icarus decides on action, there's no room for hesitation until it's completed. Crass, rash, brash; he isn't fond of pulling his punches. He's "happiest" when he's flying, at his most serious when he's in a dog fight. Icarus works best when he's let off steam. He keeps busy; distractions are welcome solace. He can often be found in the solo training simulators of the Moor academy. Icarus can, but rarely does, work out in the open against armed opponents. Strangely, he prefers it, even as he knows sticking to the stealth, shadows, and sky far above the clouds is where the brunt his training is focused. Then again, risk was the reason he chose the Air Force and the armed division. Why waddle when one can fly faster than the speed of sound?

Alias was a sick child; he caught a strain of polio that had swept through his sector. He fought it, but was often homebound, stuck watching the suburb transport planes roar overhead. On a rare occasion, he would see the streaking military birds, uncloaked, returning to base. That freedom spoke to him.

Alias' father was a well-known boxer; the best bet in his sector's underground brawls. Mr. Kurtz was requested by MSS for his first child, and when Ailas was handed over, the bionic scientists were less than impressed. The slum kid was sharp, and he learned fast. The bionics helped to restore Icarus to his former strength and beyond, but the training beat out of him everything he once believed in. He saw the military for what it was; and dreams of flying for the joy of freedom were replaced with stratagem, method, tactics for defense and offense. His childhood ended as soon as bionic training began. The bionics heightened his reflexes and his strength. He should be grateful to have this chance at life; he shouldn't question it. To this day, Icarus finds it hard to empathize with others, or control his rage and reflexes, although he does still find killing in and of itself unsettling.

He's got a fist first philosophy. Brute force and speed, tempered with experience of the Moor's martial training, and .40cal hallow points are his preferred killing method outside of the Airman's cockpit. He rarely engages in physical combat in the field, as an air dog, he's used to manipulating the weapons of his bird. He has been known to start shit with the other Moors, and has a perverted pleasure of beating those who fuck with him red, black and blue. What can he say? He's in the profession of kicking ass. If some stupid fuck wants to 'challenge rank,' nipping at the heels of bigger dogs, they'll soon learn just how fast Icarus' hands can beat out the little bitch in them.

"Anyone who has proclaimed violence his method inexorably must choose lying as his principle.
Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it."


"My existence is murder, mutilation, and massacre.
My mortal skill, eliminating ethics and empathy, is a monument to how far humanity hasn't come."

- Distracting hobbies
- Toothpaste
- Competition
- Alcohol
- History
- Boobs
- Swimming
- Being fucked/with
- His property being touched.
- Not doing something
- Giving in, giving up
- Being told "no."
- Swimming.

Secrets: None in MSS are sure as to what became of to his last partner. The rumor mill of the academy is, of course, rife with possibilities. Did the Calculator quit, refusing to work another cycle with Icarus? Did they die in action, as some stunt of Icarus' went too far? Or did the Fighter kill the Calculator with his own hands?

Although he lives because of it, Icarus dislikes the "Moor" bionic order. It's a military advantage, but at what price? To him, this is far too close to messing with free will, and the natural laws of mortality and human rights that shouldn't be fucked around with. It isn't news; war and national interest never did pay that ethical argument concern. This mech-bio evolution is constantly evolving, shaky ground. Icarus believes it's just one small tweak, on flipped switch away from turning the wayward, disconnected children warriors from free willed, albeit propagandized, individuals to something far more sinister. He always wants to have the option of dereliction of duty, even if the price of taking such an action would be a worse fate than being some mindless drone. He was almost a vegetable once. He doesn't care to experience that particular sort of helplessness.

Fears: Swimming. For all of his skill on his feet, and in the air, Icarus can't swim. It's a lack of knowledge, as well as a aggravated phobia remaining from his childhood.

Icarus has a fear of being "decommissioned." It's the one thing that keeps him in line and somewhat amiable. Every Moor knows that's a bad thing. Especially if you're a fighter with rep for being a loose cannon.

Image Relationships



The Outside

198cm, 6' 5." 96kg/210lbs

Build: The sector Alias was chosen from is notable for it's warriors for a reason. Alias is strong: broad shouldered, solid, muscled, and stands at 6'3". However, he relies more upon his agility; his reflexes, honed by his bioengineering, allow him a immensely sharp ability to maneuver a fighting jet and cut his reaction time to half of that of a trained unaltered human. He has the favor of a body that has survived the grueling training modules of the "strength altered" Moors; therefore, he can sustain his vitality longer in the harshest of conditions.

Looks: Shaved brown hair, brown eyes, and a perpetual twitch of both a scowl and a smirk.

Distinguishing Features: Icarus has a tattoo of one of the old-world planes, on his right pec. From an era when war took precedence, and man still hadn't plotted and mapped every inch of their planet. It was his first, done by himself. It's a pretty shitty likeness.

His second tattoo is a plain text on his right shoulder, and it reads;

"To the heavens, Gods amongst Men.
Dream, beyond the country that is Sky;
I saw a dead man win a fight,
A charred Victory. "


Other Affiliates:


Sibyl Delphie
Za'Afiel Vulkn


Aiden Laurel
Cohen Bright
Dakota Kingston
Jessica Boone
Pamela Adler
Sandra McCay


Artists: , , , , , Alex Pettyfer.

So begins...

Icarus's Story