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Pamela Adler

"Normal was never in the cards for me."

0 · 484 views · located in Riddari

a character in “You've Been Selected”, as played by ChloeB223


She's A Genius || Do It Like A Dude

" wanted me to be normal? The bartender with the knife collection can never be normal."


Pamela Countess Adler

Pam, Pammie, Bartender, Addie or Tess


"Don't I look it?"



Photography for local paper
College Student



Pamela naturally looks unintimidating. Her body is petite and slim with long legs and soft curves. With her fair skin, almond-shaped honey brown eyes, high cheeks, and long and softly-curled honey blonde hair, it is hard for anyone to feel threatened by this pretty young thing - that is until she fixes you with the signature Adler look. There's a reason why the Adlers are not a family many decide to mess with. Plus, her there are toned muscles beneath all of that baby-soft skin and she's quite strong and agile once she steps from behind her father's bar. Ask the guy who got knocked out by her left hook!

☩Distinguishing Features☩
One of the most distinguishing features on Pam is her nose. From afar, it is rather thin and seems to simply fit her face well. However, once a little closer, you notice that it might seem slightly bumpy or maybe even a tad bit upturned. It remains cute, but not many have this facial feature and Pam is quite proud of it.


  • Being a bartender
  • Archery
  • Gunnery
  • Guinness Stout Beer
  • Bacon Cheeseburgers
  • Photography
  • College Life
  • Hanging out with her Dad
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Knives
  • Sparring with her Dad
  • Pecan Pie
  • Clubs
  • Knowledge

  • Secrecy
  • Womanizers
  • Self-Proclaimed Jackasses You're not really a just wanna be.
  • Frozen Yogurt
  • Mathematics
  • Her Parents' Over-Protectiveness
  • People Touching Her Knives
  • Drunk Bums at 4 AM
  • Writing Essays
  • Strenuous Demands from the Newspaper

She was supposed to be a Moor, but her father used his military connections with a retired hacker to take her name out of the list of kids who were supposed to get letters from MSS. It was tricky and they are still being looked at, but her parents wanted her to have a normal life and were afraid of what went on behind those doors. Naturally, she's far more curious than she should be and normal was never in the cards. She fired her first bow at six and was sparring with her father by the time she turned 10.

Losing the ones she loves|| Dark, enclosed spaces|| Anything happening to her parents because of their lie

All in all, Pamela is not just some artsy chick with a knack for photography or the pretty little blonde who could drink a good number of men under the table. She is her father's child and not one to be intimidated very easily. In truth, it is she that does the intimidating. She spent her childhood unable to simply be a normal child and play and be oblivious. Instead, she spent a good chunk of that time at her family's bar or sparring with her father, a retired military official. Pamela is tough and a take-no-nonsense kind of girl.

In her mind, Daddy knew best and he was the main one reminding her that she didn't have to take anything from anyone. It got her in trouble when she was younger and her smart mouth still gets to people now, but then again, it's the same reason why people like her. Because she's honest, blunt, and fearless. Cheap one-liners don't work well with her and if you're not careful, she'll have you sprawled on your back wondering how a tiny little thing like that could even manage to lift you.

One of the things that most family members and close friends can attest to is her stubbornness. Once Pam sets her mind on something, you'd be a fool if you believe you can change her beliefs. She does not back down very easily and is not easily swayed by people. She will see whatever plan she has to the end - even it turns out not the way she intended. Pam is also a very curious person. She is always seeking the truth, lying not ever being her forte despite the fact that her parents liked for her sake. She hates the act of lying and being lied, but her curiosity and quest for knowledge can lead to her sometimes believing the first thing people tell her, leaving her vulnerable and manipulated. And while it has hurt her in the past, don't think for a second that one of her tiny fist won't be happily acquainted with your face once the pain has been swallowed down.



☩All Relations☩

From birth, Pam's parents feared that Moorden would contact them for her. She was the granddaughter of a former lieutenant and at the time, the daughter of a newly retired city enforcer. Instead of being fascinated with dolls as a child, she was more entranced by her father's knife collection. While she was able to play with the other kids in school, her interests were far more different and her need to rough-house with the boys constantly had her bullied by girls. It became more apparent that one would take notice on her when she was around five and a girl at school slapped her. Pam shoved the girl so hard that she bust her lip and didn't stop pulling her hair until someone had to lift her.

She was also very curious for her age, always wondering about this and that. And it frightened her father the most. he didn't trust MSS to save his life and he would not just hand over his daughter. So, he set a plan in motion. He promised to teach a hand-to-hand combat for a few groups of older students and while there, he was able to contact one of his former colleagues. They were working on the letters that would be sent out to various families in the city and the friend that remains unnamed to this day saw that Pamela's name was on the list. It was a trick that probably would bite someone in the ass at some point, but they were able to clear her name from the list of prospective students and hopefully look innocent enough. Pam wouldn't know this until later.

For the remainder of her childhood, she was a guy's a girl. She played sports with the guys, went out and did "girl" things with the select girl friends she had, and just lived. Naturally, her curiosity never died and whenever she saw anyone from the military branch, there was always a tension that she could not describe. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that Pam always stayed on her guard. Her reflexes were sharp and she was always ready for something to go down and it wasn't just because she spent all of her time with her father at the family bar.

Despite her father's desire to keep her away from MSS and their training, she was beyond ecstatic to have him train her and they sparred constantly. Her love for knives grew and just like her father, she had a big collection by the time she turned sixteen. And while she isn't the best shoot, she is surprisingly decent at shooting. Of course, not being a part of the organization meant that she was living a pretty normal life. She graduated and started school last year as a photography major, hoping to become a photojournalist. Her curious nature attributed to that idea. It was during the graduation process that she discovered the family secret. Her little brother had gotten accepted into MSS and while they couldn't discuss much, his inquiry on whether or not she had been accepted at his age and her parents' sheepish expressions led her to questioning them until they finally agreed.

A part of her is even more curious about the entire process and what really happens. She always felt like she could have done more and now that she knew what she could have done or been, she wants in on the action - or at least to be in the know. It is kind of what her next article is about. Everyone else is in on this little unspoken law that no one discusses MSS or the secrets, but Pam has never been one for secrets. What journalist is?

So begins...

Pamela Adler's Story