Sibyl Delphi (born Jessica Gunn)

Feisty and competitive, she hears things that are there, and a bunch more that aren't.

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a character in “You've Been Selected”, as played by Abbi Normal


Name: Sibyl Delphi
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Bisexual

Given Name: Jessica Gunn
Code Name Details: The name was assigned in honour of the Greek oracles who heard and interpreted the Gods, in reference to Sibyl's ability to hear some types of electric/radio signals as sound through a bionic modification.
Division: Voyager (Fighter)

Weapon of choice:
Prefers heavy weaponry, incendiaries and explosives. Her personal weapon looks mostly like a typical shoulder-carried RPG launcher, but with a lot more lights and dials, and covered in little smudges of writing, where she'd written phrases all up and down the barrel tube with a permanent pen. These include everything from, "From what I've tasted of desire/I side with those who favour fire", to "Let God sort 'em out" and every level of taste between. She calls it Gilda and and isn't sure why.
Current Partner: Dorian.

Personality: Forgetful and flighty, because she's always mentally chattering away to herself, forming and planning new ideas, and one idea isn't even finished before the next one shows up, so new and shiny, and steps all over the one before it and she has to pursue the new one. She's excitable and constantly seeking novelty. Teachers and trainers have frequently mistaken her lack of attentiveness for inability to perform to standards, and when she was younger she had a reputation as "the slow one", that the other students would get on her back for. As such, she had a reputation as a scrapper. She's assertive and competitive and a little too cock-sure for her own good, a little too aggressive when pursuing her goals and plans. Her focus narrows in like a laser when things get really down to the wire, and she's good in an emergency.

History: Sybil was taken away from her family and into the dorms on her nineteenth birthday. She had a twin sister, Elizabeth, who she was once very close to, before the Moorden letter came, and part of her didn't want to lose Liz completely. Shortly after being selected and beginning classes at Moorden, Sybil was randomly selected as a guinea pig (probably one of several, though she doesn't know the others) for the early tests of what she calls her "Radio". Sybil was an alpha-tester of the Mark I Oracle Implant's first testing group. It worked, for the most part. However, there was a major side-effect. In addition to hearing electric and radio signals, the prototype implant also causes auditory hallucinations of varying intensity. The details are explained under "Other" below. Because of this, she had originally been slated to become a calculator, out of the line of fire, but having never been very good at her studies, and having been getting in a lot of scuffles with other young students that she held her own in much better than might be expected for a girl her size, she was reassigned to the more physical fighters.

Likes: Poetry and music, board games, animals that are not spiders. History of moviemaking and cinema, going back hundreds of years before she was born, the first silent movies, to the modern block-buster holo-movies she sees herself. She participates in kickboxing, fencing, and wrestling (but prefers the fencing most). She likes getting lost, so she can find her way home again. Her favourite food is sushi.

Dislikes: EMP bursts (they scramble her Radio for a time and cause her pain), desk work and detail-oriented jobs, people belittling her, waiting, not knowing things, her freckles, the way her hair is never as well-behaved as the other girls, raw tomatoes

Secrets: She still thinks about her twin sister a lot, even though the MSS wouldn't approve of Sibyl even remembering the fact she was a twin. Sibyl's always harboured thoughts of trying to contact her "Lizard-Breath". She's never made a move or done anything, no plans to, expects she'll probably never do anything unless something changes, but secretly does miss her twin.

Fears: Heights, and falling from them. Even balconies higher than the second stories of buildings trigger her vertigo and make her dizzy, confused, and panicky. Not planes, that's a different phobia all together. Planes are OK enough, Sibyl guesses. But heights, and falling from them: not happening. Spiders and insects are not her cup of tea either.

Other Affiliates: Elizabeth Gunn is still out there somewhere. So are their parents, one could presume, but neither of the girls were very close to their distant parents, who were afraid to get attached with their kids, due to (admittedly justified) paranoia that they would just lose one or both of them one day.

Height: 5 foot 6
Build: lean and muscular, flat-chested with narrow hips, with wildly frizzy, unruly red hair to her shoulders
Looks: ((character drawing in progress)) The exterior sign of Sibyl's so-called "Radio" enhancement is a small arc of seven tiny, round lights from the edge of her eyebrow and down her temple, a bit like the indicator lights on a modem. Her hair is vibrant red and her complexion so pale she's white as a ghost. Her eyes are green and white, her other features comparatively small in her childishly round face.

Distinguishing Features: Her face and fore arms have tons of freckles on them, especially in the summer, when she feels like it looks like more freckle than face.

Other: The auditory hallucinations caused by the prototype implant vary, sometimes according to stress or other outside factors, but sometimes on their own, but are never absent. At the very least, they come in the form of a low mumbling from which you catch snatches of phrases, as if listening to a crowd at a bit of a distance. The phrases are more or less without context, and are either short abstract phrases like, "cats walking walls" or something, or things that sound like excerpts from conversations you didn't hear the rest of. The voices aren't any gender in particular. If she's very upset or angry, the voices follow her mood.

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