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wip. don't look!

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a character in “You've Been Selected”, as played by Artik




☩ Basics ☩

Title: Demon of Souls/Curses

Nickname: Zale or Zalen seems to be the most common, but there are plenty of other and cruder names he's been called.

Age: The body of the human he resides in was 22 when it became a host. Zale himself is an indeterminable age.

Gender: Male

Race: Demonic

Sexuality: Questionable at best.

Face Claim: Hollow Ichigo | Bleach

Demonology: Soul-Eater
Soul-Eating is an expression that is as close to what demon's actually do as possible for humans to understand. What Zale's purpose is to consume as many souls as possible, as they act as a sort of 'rechargeable battery' that fuel his vile existence. However souls never truly just vanish, hence the hunger for them. They are necessary for survival, at least in Zales' case. The more souls 'ingested' the more powerful he becomes.

Heightened Physicality || This includes, but is not limited to your basic physical advantages such as increased speed, strength, and durability. Depending on how many souls recently consumed, Zale's power's fluctuate. However, typically he rests a healthy and supernatural point somewhere past peak human potential.

Regenerative Capability || Given which persona his host body is attending to, it seems to almost always naturally heal itself at a rapid pace. An educated guess would suggest decapitation and cremation to ensure a fatality.

Fear/Illusions Manipulation || Put very simply, through physical contact, Zale is able to discover what it is you fear the most, and make you believe you are immersed in that very fear. Be it snakes or clowns, death or the unknown - you will be trapped in a personal nightmare so long as you remain in contact with this cursed demon.

Weapon: Fear, and a Katana - serrated for good measure.


☩ On The Outside ☩

Height: Six feet, two inches.

Weight: One Hundred-Seventy-Five lbs.

Eyes: Ethereal Gold, Glowing yellow, Creepy as fuck. They change with his personality. You'll know what I mean soon enough.

Hair: Zale ironically inhabited the body of a 'Ginger'. Hah...Who said they had no souls? Liars. He has thousands. It's also white on a occasion (his hair that is.) me, it's complicated.

Build: Thin, spindly, and extremely deceiving.

Distinguishing Features: Uh, perhaps the toothy mask, or the glowing eyes just weren't enough for you. If that's the case, then wait 'till you see the raging personality disorder.


☩ Delving Deeper ☩

Personality: Made up of all the clashing and lingering bits and pieces of souls' consumed. It's quite a clusterfuck.

Dorothy || -- The soul of the original man that Zale inhabited so many year ago still clings to his body. There are rare moments, quite rare indeed, that the man - who no longer remembers his name or much about his life - scratches the surface of Zale's consciousness. When this happens, Zale will appear very human, and very vulnerable. Lost, confused, and desperate the lingering pieces of a human, who was once upon a time, a solider relive his last moments before a demon stole his life. Despite the effeminate name, dubbed by his fellow personalities, Dorothy is what remains, the last slivers and fragments of a once moral, and honorable man. In lieu of his 'death', or rather 'consumption', it is understood that for the sake of their collective survival, Dorothy stays away from Kansas.

Lion || -- Selfish and fearful, the Lion puts it's purpose and safety before that of any other. He is the lone survivor, the one that hunkers down and endures all the other's sacrifices. He is, in a sense, the end game. Lion is treacherous, deceitful, greedy, and as one would expect - cowardly. He despises the other persona's, content only to consume what souls he needs to live, and to otherwise slink away in the shadows.

Tin Man || -- Heartless, the Tinman can only be described as such. Empty, and emotionless this persona is one for logic, and calculating strategy. Methodical to a fault, his actions are measured, remeasured, and twisted to suit his own purposes. That being said, the Tinman lacks passion and drive, only fueled to consume and do its duty when one of it's compatriots has already thrust Zale into a situation. Scarecrow is cold and calculating, but he lacks adaptability, not quick enough on his feet in the heat of battle - thusly, he tends to stay on the sides lines, lurking somewhere in the back of Zale's subconscious.

Scarecrow || --Brash, impulsive and reckless. Sans a level head or a brain, Scarecrow is one to act before thinking. Similarly ruthless, blunt, and arrogant, he is known to tempt fate and flaunt a self delusional sense of invincibility. Aggressive with scant care for consequence, this persona does his very best to usurp control, though the generally the collective opt to hold him at bay unless he's needed.

Oz || -- Zalenetsu himself, in all of his demonic glory, is cursed to share a body he stole with that of the soul he stole it from - and many more. His sole purpose to is rid himself of such a curse in a full fledged liberation. The journey toward such freedom however, is a violent and bloodthirsty one. Angry, fierce, and notably neurotic, this persona tends to reign supreme but is aware that it's co-inhabitants will not remain complacent forever. Driven to murder his demon kin, to collect more souls, and to break the hex set on him - his place in the Tsukikari is a selfish endeavor, but the more they kill, the more souls he gets.


  • Chess: Treating it as a microcosm of life, Owl enjoys the aerial view of the board and the opportunity to play pawns as he sees fit. Ultimately, it's a game that offers a mental challenge, testing his ability calculate his opponents next move. He feels it helps keep his head sharp.
  • Storms: Particularly when he can be out and about or flying in them. As much as he is a tactician, there's something he finds thrilling about immersing oneself in reckless impulse every once and a while. It's one of the few things that still makes him feel truly alive.
  • Famous Last Words: This hobby can be summed up in the sense that he collects history books of all kinds, typically biographies. As macabre as it may sound, Owl finds the words people choose to say in their final moments absolutely fascinating. For example, Marie Antoinette on her way to the guillotine, accidentally stepped on her executioner's foot and said "Pardon me sir, I did not do it on purpose."
|Cinema, tinkering with his tech, free running, his hair being played with, museums/art, crowds of people, hot chocolate/tea, star gazing.|

  • Being Wrong: A frustrating combination of remarkable intelligence and unfaltering obstinance - Owl will not easily concede to being told he's wrong. And if by some unusual manner you manage to prove him to be false, there is a distinct chance that he will be quite bitter for a while. However, rationale and logic will eventually motivate him to apologize, even it not directly and even if it is in some unorthodox manner.
  • People Who Are Careless: Which defines to most Fighters as far as he's concerned. As much as they are a crucial part of the system, it absolutely drives him up a wall every time they throw themselves blindly into action.
  • Chaos: Obviously a control freak, Owl likes everything to be in working order. That applies to cleanliness just as much as it applies to unexpected tech malfunctions. He doesn't like when things are out of place or don't act how they should, or how he expects them to. Granted, the boy can adapt - he just prefers not to have to, and he shouldn't have to if he prepared properly.
|Vulnerability, bad hygiene, the illusion of freedom, being lied to, drastic change, losing, wearing shoes, shaving his scruff before a flight, being left out.|

  • Validation: A lot of what motivates Owl is a need for validation and praise. While he may pretend not to give a shit what people think, in reality he puts a lot of stock into others opinions. At least, other's he respects that is. It's a major part of why he works so hard, he hates to fail and hates to disappoint.
  • His Name: Before he left home, his family gifted him with a simple ring he wears around a chain on his neck. His name is etched lightly on the inside, so he never forgets.
  • Hideout: there's an old rundown and abandoned airplane hangar on the far east side of town. a little ways out of made with out-dated tech. he spends a good chunk of free time there, just getting away from the noise and chaos of the city, as well as slowly trying to fix it up.

  • Validation: A lot of what motivates Owl is a need for validation and praise. While he may pretend not to give a shit what people think, in reality he puts a lot of stock into others opinions. At least, other's he respects that is. It's a major part of why he works so hard, he hates to fail and hates to disappoint.
  • His Name: Before he left home, his family gifted him with a simple ring he wears around a chain on his neck. His name is etched lightly on the inside, so he never forgets.
  • Hideout: there's an old rundown and abandoned airplane hangar on the far east side of town. a little ways out of made with out-dated tech. he spends a good chunk of free time there, just getting away from the noise and chaos of the city, as well as slowly trying to fix it up.

  • Failure: While most of his sub-division act like know-it-alls, part of why Owl pushes himself to do better, and to know more is become he is terrified of fucking up and disappointing others.
  • Losing Control: As already explain briefly, Owl inwardly freaks out when he's lost control of a situation. Certains nervous ticks and mannerism's kick in and he doesn't know how to handle it, other than struggling to regain control.
  • Swimming: He fell through the ice while skating at a young kid, and despite knowing how to swim, he still panics when a situation calls for it. It's not something about himself that he advertises, either.


☩ Relationships ☩

Family: N/A

Romantic Interest: N/A



☩ Dossier ☩

Brief History: As the only child his parents could have, it's safe the say the Devereaux's were devastated when their boy was taken from them. His father holds a significant position in the government, and fought to have his son returned to him. Alas, his efforts were in vain because by the end of the year his, the once rambunctious Matthieu had already begun to shrink into himself. His mother couldn't cope and instantly began distancing herself, her selfish behavior enraged her husband and fights at home erupted often. Charles Devereaux was furious at how quickly his wife had given up hope on their boy, while he still struggled to some some political or societal loophole. The more time that passed however, the more his efforts dwindled - but in a last ditch effort he gave his son a ring with his name engraved in it, so the Moors could never truly take his name from him. By the time bionics were introduced to Matthieu's body, his parents had split up - as if being with one another was a constant reminder of what they were rapidly losing and what once had held them together. Unhappy at home earlier than most, Matthieu ceased visiting his family a year and a half sooner than was required, opting to focus more of his energy on his adjusting to his bionics and learning how to control them. As new study habits formed, the boy slept less and less - a slightly delayed precursor to his codename.

Around age eleven was when really Matthieu began to grow into his personality. He often made bets with his peers and struck up competitions to see who was better. With each bitter loss, or pride pumping defeat - it only fueled him to work harder. This tendency resulted in him being originally designated a fighter, in terms of subdivision. A mistake not often made, Matthieu began to struggle and clash with his overly impulsive and hot-headed peers. It quickly because obvious that he didn't fit in, an older student, one who had become a bit of a mentor to him suggested the change of designation - the school complied, and back in his element Owl excelled much more rapidly. When he received his upgraded bionics at thirteen, the boy was already tinkering and itching to get some hands on practice with the newer, more advanced tech. Soon enough Owl was given his trial partner. A fighter that was dubbed Codename: Panzer - why? Because the kid was built like a fucking tank. Panzer was one of the fighters Matthieu had clashed with early on in his training and their trial ended rather abruptly and badly. In a David & Goliath-esque styled conflict, the much smaller, lithe calculator played the warrior's strengths against him. Matthieu taunted and taunted until mid-sparring match, Panzer barreled headfirst towards his opponent, blindly angry. The young man unfortunately underestimated the strength of his newly equipped bionics as well as the speed of his would-be partner and collided into the nearest sleek metal plated wall, snapping his neck and putting a mean dent in the wall. After the incident, Owl was a bit different, more careful and noticeably less cocky. He'd never meant to get someone killed, and the disappointment in himself lingered through his next partnership that also ended due to incompatibility. From then out, more and more time was spent in the air - training for their actual assignments kicked in full gear. For the last year, Owl has been paired up with lucky partner number three and despite some personality based conflicts, the two work together like a well oiled machine. She/He may drive him nuts with his/her devil-may-care attitude and behavior, but no one can argue that they don't get the job done, and done well.


So begins...

Specter's Story