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Za'afiel Vulkn - Better known as Vulkn -

Just get out of my way already would you and give me some peace and quiet

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a character in “You've Been Selected”, as played by Lolkatlove


Za'afiel Vulkn
Sexual orientation:
Straight (or can he be persuaded!!??)

☩ For Moors ☩
Given Name:
Aziel Johansson
Code Name Details:
Za'afiel means ‘the wrath of god’ taken from religious background. Even at a young age Aziel always had a strong sense of justice, he would always try to apprehend or punish those who he saw hurting someone for fun and stood up for them not afraid to hold back on the punishment. For this he was given the name Za'afiel. However, he was also granted a second name of ‘vulkn’ which is the Danish word for volcano in that his temperament would often explode.

City enforcement, Fighter.
Weapon of choice:
Current Partner:

☩ Delving Deeper ☩
Personality: Aziel has a laid back attitude to most things in his life; he comes across as serious and uncaring however he is incredibly smart his mind working with logic more than feeling making him well known for his incredible battle strategies. He almost always ends up taking the initiative for problems acting first before thinking which hasn’t always been the best decision as it ends up with him needing repairs. However he will never rest to solve a problem and deem the justice that is required, that is one of his redeeming traits.

He likes things done the right way or not at all, if someone messes up he tends to have a rough temper as he can be quite hot headed if something doesn’t go his way or to plan. Getting him angry can be quite easy even if it means someone fell over since he thinks it’s stupid; however that doesn’t mean he wouldn't help the person up while muttering annoyance as he isn’t spiteful just temperamental. When his temper does go out of control though he can be rash with objects throwing them with little patience and even lacing deep threats to others, it gets worse if anyone threatens to hurt someone since his anger can be induced with protectiveness when it comes to the few people he actually gets on with. When this happens he can become quite sarcastic as it has always been in his nature to protect the people he cares about though that number in virtually 0.

Otherwise he tries to get out of doing extra activities which aren't expected of him as he is lazy, he also would rather not have more on his plate since he is forever busy keeping an eye on the public even on his time off due to his moral duty of being apart of city enforcement. Because of that however he can become stressed easily and therefore easier to annoy as there are always criminals in the city.


Aziel grew up in a simple but poor family barely scraping by for food; he was the older of two siblings, twins both boys and 3 years old when he was taken to the academy at 6. His parents gave him up to the academies custody instantly to their own joy at having one less mouth to feed so that they could afford to spend more on their own primal indulgences such as alcohol and substances. His brothers never left his mind until the years began to pass at the academy, his anger at being taken away from them being the only one who actually cared about their lives powered his strength abilities and ease to fighting in the first year causing him to be assigned best as a city enforcer due to his skill in hand to hand combat fighting rather than long distance. His lack of calamity definitely made him inappropriate to be a voyager should he ever have to negotiate.

His emotions only grew worse when his bionics were introduced at the age of 7, the pain and anguish that their introduction caused to his body was an altogether new pain for him. However to the surprise of the technicians and doctors that overlooked the implants not once did he shed a single tear from the pain his determination to remain strong eminent.

His temperament problems caused him to be isolated whilst living at the academy, many would not bother to talk to him those that tried couldn’t stand to be near him when he bit back. However, as time at the academy progressed and the years went on by the time Aziel was 15 this isolation and repeated training with little interaction other than in weapons training caused him loose a lack of caring in the things around him. He began to enjoy his solitude more than anything else often rebelling from instructions and doing things his own way. This lack of interaction also caused him to take pleasure in learning as much as could from his lessons striving to be the best moor that he could, his spare time spent observing the people around him with no one talk too elevating his perception of the world and to conquer various strategies for various imaginary problems he would task himself.

This abnormal personality did make finding a partner for Aziel incredibly difficult, he was paired many times from trial and error when he turned 15 but his temperament caused so many partners incompatibility. When he reached 19 he was finally given a partner who could match him, this man didn’t bat an eyelid at Aziel’s temperament or his tendency to ignore orders. However one day like all the other he snapped despite lasting over 3 months and is no longer Aziel’s partner. Aziel has been without a partner for 10 months now.

  • Reading philosophy novels
  • swimming
  • Being on his own
  • winter, he likes to wear warm clothes like jackets without feeling hot in them
  • Keeping to himself and not really interacting with people more than he needs too.
  • Animals
  • Has a secret passion for cooking and enjoys it when people enjoy his cooking but he doesn’t admit he cooks. His favourite food is salmon rice onigri balls
  • Coconut flavoured cake.

  • Being asked personal questions
  • Following orders
  • loosing at anything especially fights
  • His personal space being intruded on
  • spicy food, he just isn’t a fan.
  • Hot weather
  • Flimsy people especially girls that cry over everything
  • unnecessary noise

He enjoys playing poker and is actually quite good at it to the point that he plays professionally. The money he earns however just ends up in a tin in his apartment within the city as he has little need for it considering he works for the military and most of his needs are complied for. He thinks poker would be looked down on however since it is gambling so keeps it a secret hobby.

There is a bar that he doesn’t tell anyone about where he normally lies low at for some space.

He doesn’t hate humans as much as he verbally seems too. In fact he envies their lifestyles free of burden to responsibility.

Not Dying during a fight, it is all he knows how to do now and wants to die like a warrior. Though he knows this may not happen as a city enforcer as most criminals are no match for the moor.

Becoming close to someone as he knows he would only drive them away like every other person in his life.

☩ Relationships ☩[/color]
Other Affiliates:

☩ The Outside ☩

A peaking 5’9

He is lean but years of training have given him a strong body of muscles and his bionics hardening those muscles make his body literally as tough as stone so he is not one to be punched lightly.

Aziel’s skin has lightened through the bionics to the point he sometimes looks sickly pale in the right sunlight, however this paleness has made the piercing green of his eyes stand out so that they can be haunting at a first glance. He has a strong square jaw often covered in a muzzle of dark hair which he trims to shape preferring to have a beard than not. The dark brown of his hair looks almost black against his pale skin, keeping it short you can see his ears are visible.

Distinguishing Features:
Aziel does not really have many marks on his skin, he did once posess some freckles but they vanished when given the bionic implants leaving him flawlessly pale skin. However he did claim a tattoo above his right collar bone, it is ‘ 17/January/2033’ a date.




Vulkn finds it oddly fascinating how such a fragile looking man could seem so feminine yet have the ability to stand for his own in a fight if not win. It amuses him but he can relate to the guy wanting to beat up their class members from time to time. However his need to be a leader irritates Vulkn as he doesn't like to follow orders so he stays his distance knowing he would probably get into a fight with the guy should he try to boss him around, however when they do converse they are playfully sarcastic to one another.

An old rival from back during Owl's temporary 'Fighter' status days where he merged into Vulkn's class. The two butt heads a lot, Vulkn showed him up during a sparring match one to many times, and the Owl has held a bitter grudge ever since. It doesn't help that the Vulkn never hesitates to remind him of it.

Vulkn has had a number of trial partners but non of them have managed to put up with him the way Frost has, he welcomes this as he appreciates for the first time at not having constant change. He has grown used to her disinterested attitude and has learned that she can put up a fight verbally which he often fails to find retorts too. The only fights he ever looses. She has proven her worth as a calculator with her keen perception and their partnership is actually working.


Leo has always been a bit sensitive around Vulkn, Vulkn cant help but roll his eyes at the boy whenever they cross paths, he seems like he wouldn't be able to hold up in a fight so he wonders how he survives day to day.

As a fellow fighter class Vulkn has always respected Silver on a professional level. He had trained with her in his younger days and had found a mutual respect had formed between them though they never evolved into friends, more comrades who understood each other's point. He will still listen to her idea's when it comes to strategy and fighting out of this respect but he wouldn't be found having a drink with her as they both know that they don't really suit each other as friends.








Cohen Bright:
Vulkn hates this man, Bright's past of using if not killed (from the charity money) innocents and potentially created dangerous criminals have put him on Vulkn's black list. He thinks he is a vile man using people to climb in his career to such a degree and that he should still be rotting in jail, especially for creating dangerous criminals which he could turn back on in a whim. However as Bright works for the government Vulkn knows he cant do anything which irritates him greatly, so if they do ever speak Vulkn is rude and glares at him not hiding his hatred.

Vulkn has met Dakota briefly through his hobby of poker, the woman seems to love gambling so she often tends to turn up at the same spots Vulkn does for his poker enjoyment. Being a human he doesn't really know what to think of her, she can be a bit eccentric in her choice of clothing.

Vulkn doesn't really care about Aiden, the human sticks to himself so they have never really interacted.

thoughts. more thoughts.

Sandra McCay
Vulkn has met this woman briefly, she always seems straightforward and to the point which he appreciates. He understands that technically she holds a higher position than him in the military and to try and at least be respectful.

So begins...

Za'afiel Vulkn - Better known as Vulkn -'s Story