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Yu Yu Hakusho: Spirit Crisis

Yu Yu Hakusho: Spirit Crisis


Set 15 years after the official conclusion of the anime series , a new chapter unfolds in the spirit saga, revealing with it a new mystery which threatens the fate of all three worlds. Are you up to the task of solving the mystery as a spirit agent?

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YuYu Hakusho (幽☆遊☆白書 Yū Yū Hakusho?, lit. "Ghost Files" or "Poltergeist Report") is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi. The name of the series is spelled YuYu Hakusho in the Viz Media manga and Yu Yu Hakusho in other English distributions of the franchise. Yu Yu Hakusho is property of Shounen Jump. I do not own.

Set 15 years after the official conclusion of the series , Yu Yu Hakusho: spirit crisis is set in the same universe as Yu Yu Hakusho Polteirgest report, although a few liberal changes have occured since the canon end of the original series. The story is set at Sarayashiki High School as opposed to the junior high school, characters such as hiei and kurama exist however they have no official involvement with solving crimes related to the spirit world. Yusuke whearabouts is currently unknown, he's listed as "missing". Genkai is still alive and teaching and lastly there is a team dedicated to policing supernatural phenomena, this team known as the "spirit corp" is open to humans, demons and celestials who've shown impressive spirit and moral potential.

The spirit corp founded by Koenma and the great spirit detective Yusuke thought it were a good idea to start a team of co-operative spirit detectives to oversee matters involving spiritual phenomena, a group similar to the original team formed by Yusuke, Kurama, Hiei and Kuwabara. The idea was to foster bonds between the races who share boundaries and steer those humans with spirit potential so that there could never be another Sensui or Toguro.

Unusual events are starting to spring up at Sarayashiki High, students have gone missing and some have cited unusual manifestations at night, Can you get to the heart of the mystery?


Humans- The race which inhabits the earth world. They possess both balanced fighting prowess and spiritual energy although they start off initially the weakest race, they have great potential.

Demons- The race that inhabits the makai or demon world.They possess great fighting prowess, they are strong against humans but weak to Celestials

Celestials- The race that inhabits the spirit world. Would fall into those who inhabit the spiritual world such as Koenma and Botan. They possess great spiritual power, they are strong against demons but weak to humans.

Elementals- Elementals isn't necessarily aligned with any race although they definitely can belong to any racial group, Elementals can either be humans, demons or celestials however they are blessed with the ability to command elements. Jin and Touya are examples of Elementals.

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Spirit Corps Organization
Spirit Corp Leader: Kyle Kensington
Spirit Corp Agent 1: Kimiko Sempai
Spirit Corp Agent 2: Mitsuki Tsukiyomi
Spirit Corp Agent 3:
Spirit Corp Agent 4:
Spirit Corp Agent 5:
Spirit Corp Agent 6:

Hiei's Apprentice: Hidori

Kurama's Apprentice:

Kuwabara's Apprentice:

Custom Character Template

Height & Weight: (optional)
Weapon of Choice:
Spiritual Talent: Explain how your spiritual powers work.

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Maiya couldn't believe he was getting all of this it had to be something with that freaky eye in the middle of his forehead. "You... must be some kind of demon freak that can read peoples minds", she said. How is she going to beat a demon, she thought to herself.

((sorry writers block))

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Character Portrait: Mitsuki Tsukiyomi
Character Portrait: Hidori


Character Portrait: Hidori

"Behold the power of the Jagan Eye.........just as soon as I figure out how to turn it on."

Character Portrait: Mitsuki Tsukiyomi
Mitsuki Tsukiyomi

Just because im small doesnt mean i cant to death..


Character Portrait: Hidori

"Behold the power of the Jagan Eye.........just as soon as I figure out how to turn it on."

Character Portrait: Mitsuki Tsukiyomi
Mitsuki Tsukiyomi

Just because im small doesnt mean i cant to death..

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Character Portrait: Mitsuki Tsukiyomi
Mitsuki Tsukiyomi

Just because im small doesnt mean i cant to death..

Character Portrait: Hidori

"Behold the power of the Jagan Eye.........just as soon as I figure out how to turn it on."

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