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"Remember when I said you could win?*Exhales Smoke* I lied."

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a character in “Yu Yu Hakusho: The Dark Tournament Returns!”, as played by Sneakyrio


Name: Genji

Age: 80

Species: Artifact Demon

Role: Team Koenma Fighter

Appearance: Genji is a lithe demon with odd proportions. He is very lanky and his body built thin, yet sturdy. He has peach colored skin and stands at about 6'4" weighing at about 167lbs. in total. Both of his ears are riddled with several different kinds of piercings and earrings of different makes and sizes. His entire body seems to be covered in black bandages. He wears a face mask made from a soft black material. When he does show his face, you can see many scars crisscrossing his face. His burgundy hair is in an elongated spiky style which is styled towards the front of his body. He wears a white Gi outlined in black also from his village along with grey and black tattered hakama kept up by a sash. He wears black tabi socks and wooden sandal boots that were also popular in his village. His most striking physical feature are his scarlet red slitted eyes. Genji is also displaying six katana on his person. He is often seen smoking from a jade pipe.

Personality: To say that Genji is laid back is both an understatement and an incorrect statement. Genji can usually be found in a position of lax, either slouching, siting down or laying down. His eyes always have a tired look about them. At first glance of Genji as a person, you might assume that he is a selfish asshole that doesn't care about anyone or anything. Now, while you may not be that far off, there is a whole lot more to him than that. It's hard to pin down what he's really like, seeing as he seems to change himself and avoid any lengthy conversations. He seems to be able to talk to people just fine, but seems to prefer to keep to himself. One thing that always seems apparent is his bombarding wit. Genji always has something sarcastic or insulting to say to someone. Whether he really means what he says is always left up to the person, for Genji rarely goes into further detail. He seems to have very little remorse, in conversation, on the battlefield and off of it. He says what he wants to say and doesn't care who's feelings he hurts. He kills easy and death doesn't really seem to faze him at all. He doesn't go out of his way to save people, but if someone needs saving and it happens to be near his objective or target, well it's their lucky day.

When speaking with an enemy, he seems to play the remorseless blood lusting psycho. He doesn't care about hostages and using people as leverage against him is useless. He never let's the safety of others or himself interfere with his mission. He is very good at following orders and always getting the job done in a very efficient way. He smokes from an elongated pipe profusely and it seems to be his main crutch. Sometimes, when you look into his eyes, you see nothing. Just the eyes of a man who died long ago, who's body just keeps moving because it doesn't know what else to do. He's also just too goddamn stubborn to change his ways now. The man is stubborn and biased when it comes to his own belief systems, he prefers to think that his opinions and his assumptions are resolute simply because he’s had to rely on only himself for so very long. It’s not an issue of elitism, he just knows his ideas and evaluations to be true in 90% of the situations that he’s faced. It doesn’t mean he’ll immediately cast aside an offering of ideas or leads but he’s one to always want and have the final say in expressing and acting upon them.

All in all, Genji is just trying to get by in life using the talents he was born with and the skill he was taught. He craves purpose and perhaps a cause that he could actually pledge himself too that he could actually respect. Or maybe someone to put the spark back in his eyes.

Fighting Style:
Demon Swordsman-
Genji is an incredibly skilled swordsman, being able to constantly alternate through six blades in perfect succession. He is able to manipulate his energy in all six of his swords and have them float and fight around him using nothing but his energy. Though most often he will simply use one of his swords just with his hand. He is not particularly strong for a demon of his power, but he is incredibly fast, being able to move at such high speeds that some people assume he can teleport where in fact he is simply moving incredibly fast.

He can also manipulate his demonic aura through his blades and on rare occasion, pipe. The truth is, being an artifact demon, Genji can manipulate his aura and use it to posses weapons and items and use them to his own will and purpose.

Sleeping Strike: Genji charges the opponent and slashes him. Though it appears he did only one slash, more talented apparitions could have maybe detected more. This becomes apparent when 16 separate slash marks appear on the opponents body.

Dragon Gale: One or more of Genji's blades seem to glow with a red aura, Genji then slashes at his opponents, releasing the energy at the opponent in a large red energy slash.

Will of Blades: Genji uses his energy to manipulate his swords to float and fight around him using only his energy.

Dragon Whirlwind: While holding two of his swords, Genji causes the rest of them to spin around him at an incredible high speed, causing him to become a humming red tornado.

Dragon's Breath: Genji manipulates his aura into his pipe and exhales an enormous amount of red smoke that obscures not only the area, but Genji's energy and scent as well.

Rain of Claimed Souls: Genji manipulates his aura into his blades and causes them to raise high into the sky. They then start to radiate energy which begins to expand. The energy forms into hundreds of red energy blades. They then all fall to the ground with great speed. The blades are a representation of every swordsman he has ever beat.

Soul Graveyard: All the blades are now stuck in the ground. If the opponent survived the first attack, Genji can then run around the area and use every single blade there. Each soul blade is only good for one hit though.

Soul Claimer: Genji's most powerful attack, it's pretty much a one shot at the moment because he uses all of his energy to do it. Genji charges one of his blades with aridiculous amount of his energy, he then stabs at his opponent. Two Japanese dragons made of red energy shoot out of the blade in a double helix pattern. They hone in on the targets energy and don't stop until they have consumed a soul. It is a dangerous technique that injures Genji as well.

Six Katanas of no real special significance.

A Jade pipe with an effigy of a dragon lazily spewing out smoke.

History: Genji doesn't really remember much growing up in the Demon world. He knew his mother was a low class artifact demon who's only real talent was craftsmanship. His father, however, was a Dragon. Mazoku Dragon to be precise. He raped his mother and Genji was the outcome. His mother tried to raise him right and taught him about smithing, but the village he grew up in simply shunned him. Mainly due to his eyes, marking him as a Mazoku half-breed. But, most of that part of his life is fuzzy and blanked out. He doesn't even remember what happened to his mother.....or the village.......where was that village? What he does remember is his obsession with swords. Swords of all makes and kinds, for some reason, he wanted them all. He studied swordsmanship from several different demon masters, but was expelled by every master for his sword obsession and battle lust. He ended up training himself and developing his own style and technique from the different pieces of the different masters.

He eventually made a name for himself for challenging different swordsman to duels and beating them and taking their swords for his collection. He was known as the Soul Collector, for the sword is the soul of the warrior. When he began to catch the eyes of some higher up demons, for his half breed nature, he was dubbed the Sleeping Dragon. That was the name that stuck the most. He soon became one of the most famous Demon Swordsmen, only really known as the Sleeping Dragon, his real name nearly unknown by everyone.

Recently he was contacted by Yuuta, a Reaper and pilot of the River Styx. She informed him of the situation and at first he told her to blow it out her ass. But when she said Koenma wished to speak with him personally, he accepted. When explained the situation, he agreed.

Reason for Joining: Besides pure boredom and the hope for something new? That he will find more swordsmen to challenge and kill. He is eager to add to his collection. The prize however? That is something he wishes to keep to himself.

Extra:Theme song My Spirit Will Go On by Dragonforce


So begins...

Genji's Story

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A rather handsome teenage boy with a binky and the word Jr. on his forehead sat a desk in a grand ofice in the Spirit World Sentencing Office. He looked incredibly troubled and worried. One of his hands was drumming his desk and the other held his face. He looked off into space, thoughts elsewhere from the mounds of paperwork surrounding his desk. The large doors to his office opened and a rather large blue ogre with one horn and a tiger skin loincloth approached his desk. When he was right in front of the desk he began to speak. "Um, Koenma sir. I was wondering....seeing as today is the day the tournament starts.......if you found the fifth member for our team?" The ogre asked cautiously.

The drumming stopped, and the Prince of the Spirit World cocked his head at the ogre. He looked at him very seriously and intensely......."..........No." He stated casually. The ogre nearly fell on his ass.

"But...but sir! We're going to need 5 team members in order to compete! How is it you couldn't find at least 5 people who are strong enough to be apart of the team?"

At this question, Koenma just seemed tired. "Finding strong fighters isn't the problem, George. The problem is convincing them to fight for us....well, fight on the same side as a Spirit Detective. Most human psychics aren't strong or talented enough and the Demons wouldn't be caught dead on our team......well save for Genji and Tora. But, Tora has more cause to protect humanity and Genji.......well he's not exactly the sanest of beings, even for a Demon. Akijo will just have to deal with only 4 members. Besides, we only need 5 fighters in the final round o the tournament. Let's worry about it when they get there......if they get there." Koenma slinked back further into his chair.

George simply looked troubled and looked down in thought for a bit. "So........can I come with you again?" He asked sweetly.

In response, Koenma simply slammed his head against his desk.



On the bank of a murky and misty lake, a rather large gathering of Demons of all colors and kinds stood about waiting next to a dock. They all seemed to be grouped up in groups of five or more, all talking about the same thing. That their team was the one who was going to win the Dark Tournament. It sounded as if they didn't even care about the prize, they all just wanted to prove that they were strongest. Or satisfy their own personal blood lust. All the demons seemed on edge and eager for bloodshed. All for one.

One red eyed, masked demon smoking from a long jade pipe sat in a slouching position up against a tree at the edge of the gathering. Six katanas were adorned on his person and it seemed he was........sleeping. Yet the pipe was still getting puffed and smoke was leaving from his mask. This demon seemed to be able to smoke in his sleep.

This was Genji, the first member of Team Shirahama to arrive. He was apparently the last of the team to be recruited. He was given a name and picture of his other teammates, like they had, but he had never met any of them. Likely neither had they met each other. He should have been vigilant for his team, as the time for boarding the ferry was a mere 10 minutes away. He would've, but he was fast asleep.

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#, as written by Byte
Life had seemingly gone in a spiralling mess of events for Tora when he had been contacted by, to his biggest surprise, the prince of the spirit world. Peace and quiet had made way for an ancient routine that the demon never thought imaginable for him to go through again. Training.

Tora hadn't had the urge to do such a thing in large amounts ever since having been brought into the monk's life. Those tranquil demons were never too fond of physical training for the purpose of fighting, but for this event, they gladly made an exception. Even offered to help the demon further his already great strength with their methods.

They wanted him to go, they wanted him to fight for the balance between all worlds.

A single, minor lightning bolt struck the ground of the murky and gloomy lake where participants would gather for the Dark Tournament. Along with it, arrived a tall giant of a demon. Most of them were, but rarely those who had a slight human appearance. Covered in a large, ragged brown cloak, the giant demon sniffed up some of the badly, but still humanly, aroma that filled the general vicinity of the lake.

“It has been too long.”

The giant muttered do himself as a weak smile formed at the corners of his lips, a metallic gauntlet revealing itself from underneath the ragged cloak, only to briefly run itself through blonde slicked-back hair before, once again, disappearing behind the curtains of the cloak that draped around its owner.

Human air, although this had been corrupted with the stench of apparitions, it was still as pure as ever. How long had it been? Probably much longer than hands could count...

Letting his gaze take in the surrounding area, the giant approached the large gathering of generic looking demons. Not many of his kind would choose to remain in a human-like appearance. Rather, revel in the horrific form they were born in. Claws, horns, tails, and unnatural coloured skin the strength of rock. How-


This, was Tora. Another addition to the Koenma team, and, as far as he was aware, one of the two demons, too. With the message, came a general description and names of the people Tora was about to meet. One of them, he actually managed to spot.

Latched away from the flock of generics, was a presence shrouded in shadows. Dull, seemingly spirit-lacking brown eyes settled on the stranger with the obsessive array of swords clasped onto his body. Tora recognized him to be the fellow demon named Genji, a temporary team mate and- Actually, that was all he knew. It would be a surprise if any of them knew who was who and what they've done.

Approaching his fellow fighter, Tora gently dropped himself opposite of the mysterious demon swordsman. Legs folded as arms firmly pressed themselves on said legs.

“I suppose that makes two of us.”

The demon began, briefly closing his eyes as a sigh left his mouth before opening and looking back to Genji.

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#, as written by Layla

"I want a girl with a mind like a diamond
I want a girl who knows what's best
I want a girl with shoes that cut
And eyes that burn like cigarettes."

"No, he screwed his daughter after he stole his wife's jewellery box before he sawed his family tree down with his brother's axe?" asked a scarlet haired girl. Serafina was not a mere ginger. No, such a word was too mild to describe the flaming mass of crimson hair that swept past her wide hips.

"No, no. You have it all wrong! He slept with Takahashi's daughter first," her drinking companion - a haphazard mercenary - explained.

"Man's got his priorities straight," Serafina said in reply, placing a palm over her ample chest before holding it up in the air and bowing her head. "Respect."

"Speaking of respect, I really admire you for joining that battle to the death tournament thingamajig. That's quite impressi-"


Serafina knocked her mug of beer over in her rush to get out of the tavern. She'd completely forgotten about the Dark Tournament, completely forgot about signing up for it.

They damn well better wait for her.

The weaker of the crowd stumbled in their rush to get out of 'Fire Girl's' way, as well as out of her sight. Some of the more ignorant, newbie fighters stared, perplexed by the petite lady armed to the teeth. The woman's left arm gauntlet rested rather absurdly beneath what looked to be a charm bracelet. A rose in full bloom was tucked behind her ear, the likes of which held almost a dozen studs, spikes and loops.

Serafina sashayed rather obliviously through the thick gathering of people, most of which were burly men or freaky, obviously not humans or ones who'd taken body modification a smidgen too far. Some gazed at her with interest, or just her feminine assets, in the case of the sleazier ones. Whoever they were, it was not easy to ignore a red haired, practically sparkling specimen of human. Especially when she seemed to be staring quite intently at every demon she passed. Almost as if she'd never seen one in her life.

Which, of course, you know, she hadn't.

"The hell is that?" she asked, suddenly, pointing at what looked to be a rat's tail coming out of a man with a donkey's head. "Does it hurt to sit down?"

"You little bi-" the demon began, pulling his arm back and clenching his scaly fis-

"Woah, don't wear brown armour if you have green scales, bro. It makes you look like a tree," Serafina continued, casually manoeuvring to the side to avoid the incoming fist. "Silver or gold might work better, depending on whether you're Winter or Summer toned." An amethyst ball of energy sailed over her, narrowly missing her head as she ducked. "Hey, sorry if I tried to help."

"No fighting before Hanging Neck Island!" yelled a voice. Donkey head huffed, snarling at Serafina before storming away none too happily.

"What an optimistic name," she said, referring to that of the island, running a tongue over the tips of her unusually sharp canines and smirking at some inside joke.

She swept her electric blue gaze over the landscape, searching for the manly men who were to be her slaves teammates. She ticked a mental checklist in her head as she gazed around.

Tall... Well, that just described about 99% of the competitors.

Demon? Yeah, great description. That was most of everyone.

Muscular. Woah, woah, stop! You're narrowing it down way too much, she thought sarcastically, mentally cursing the idiot who made her teammates' biographies. She could imagine what the little blurb for her might've been: female, human, hot.

Well, okay, the last one would've been a dead giveaway.

Tattoo of a tiger! There we go. There. We. Go.

Serafina spotted him immediately, his body language screaming 'No, I will not be your friend, lonely, crying little girl.' That or he was protecting his manhood. It was hard to tell. Either way, damn the boy had abs. Serafina ran her tongue over her lips, grinning as she caught his stoic gaze and dropped her right lid in a wink. He seemed to not react to the perfect mounds that were her breasts and her girlish - sometimes prostitute-ish - charms.

Challenge accepted.

The next was meant to be skinny. Apparently. Right, yeah, no. Besides Smokin', Stoic Abs over there, most of them were either scrawny or massive. Wait, nope. She'd lied. Serafina stared pointedly at a killer pair of calves as an attractive man walked by.

No, she was getting distracted. How unusual, she thought with a roll of her eyes.

Tall, pierced, scarred, spiked and red-eyed.


Oh, conveniently right next to Smokin' Abs, too! The demon was no chore to look at, that was for sure. She did so love tall, red-eyed non-humans, especially ones she could explore her fetishes with. Yes, he would go great with her hair.

Serafina dropped her left lid as she caught Demon Fetish's eyes, just to show off her ability to wink with both eyes. It was a skill she'd worked very hard to master. Very hard. Lots of things... Were hard. She could use one of them. Or two. Preferably with a pair of pogo girls on the side.

"No, please, there's no need to applaud," she said to silence as she approached her two friendly teammates. One of which - Demon Fetish - really needed to get a steak in him, unless the look on his face was not hunger but, hopefully, sexual arousal. Serafina reached behind her back to adjust Viridi and Ignis, twin swords said to have been wielded by Spartan brothers renowned for their swordsmanship. After it was wielded by Zeus, of course. It was said every single warrior who used the legendary twin swords thereafter lost no battles and killed at least ten thousand. It was rumoured to be able to cut through anything and everything.

So far, it had.

"You may call me 'your grace,' 'milady,' 'my queen' or 'damn fine lookin' piece of woman," she told the two. "This is Angel," she said, cupping her right breast. "This is Danger," she said, taking hold of the left. "You may address them accordingly."

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Something awoke Genji suddenly. It wasn't exactly a sound.....but something like a distant crackle of power. Apparently one of his teammates had arrived. In a very showy fashion apparently. Genji didn't care. He dumped out the ashes in his pipe and poured a dark red powder from a small container in his coat into the pipe. He then snapped his fingers and a spark could be seen coming from the pipe, followed by smoke.

He breathed the only air he's known for the past 6 decades and shivered in delight. He blinked his red eyes a few time, trying to get them in to focus. After awhile they finally did and he got a good look at the competition before him. He could describe them in one word.......Pathetic. He could probably kill most of the crowd in one attack if he chose. At the moment, was content with sitting back and relaxing.

The only other demon on his team sat down next to him. Height and face were right, even though most of his body was cloaked, so he guessed it was......Tiger? That was his name right? Yeah....yeah Genji was sure of it, his name was Tiger. Tiger then stated that there were noe two of them there. Genji slowly turned his head towards Tiger and blinked a few times.

"Good to know you have the ability to count. We're sure to win now with such a brilliant Demon on the team." Genji said sarcastically through his mask.

His head immediately jerked towards the crowd as he heard some cries and curses. Something in the air filled his nose, his stomach audibly growled, yet the smell also made him feel slightly sick. Human. The human in question was female, making it obvious who she was. The only description he got of her was human female. Its not like there a lot of those in a place like this.

She seemed to be looking at him oddly, she sort of looked a bit drunk with her eyes half closed like that. Though, there seemed to be a hunger in them.......also she wasn't bad looking, fairly attractive for a human. He personally preferred horns, tails and claws, but he could have some fun with her. She adjusted something on her belt, drawing his eye to it.....

Genius eyes went wide with hunger, but a different kind of human. She said something about addressing names or something, but Genji was too entranced by the two swords on her waist to care.

He slowly looked up to her from his seat. "So, Human. Those are some nice swords you have there....I like them. How about we play a game?" Genji then completely disappeared. The girl could then hear Genjis voice next to her left ear. "Its called A Arm for a Blade. If you cut off your opponents limb, you get one of their swords. As you can see...I'm very good at it......want to play?" It was apparent that Genni had gone from sitting in front her to standinf behind in the blink of an eye.

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Akijo made his way along, his hands in his hoodie pockets as he whistled a bit of a tune. He seemed almost out of place...Well.... REALLY out of place considering he was a human spirit detective, walking about on an island of DEMONS!!!! Not particularly a good combination in most peoples eyes. But then again as fate would have it, Akijo was not most people, he was himself, a spirit detective,

The young man stood about 6'2, his hair was brown, and tied back in a braid which went down to the base of his neck, his eyes were a dark blue color, his outfit didn't show much of his body. he wore a loose fitting hoodie, the hood down, which was blue in color with his family name across the back in gold. almost as if its shouting SHIRAHAMA at you. He also seemed to have some tape around his hands, which covered most of his hands besides his fingers. They were actually specially designed to increase the power of his punches by upping his level of Spiritual Energy in his hands. He also wore a black tanktop, a pair of simple, lose fitting jean pants, and some basic running shoes.

But under this casual outfit, was a body like stone, as a natural athlete and fighter, Akijo kept himself strong, and he came in at around a solid 180 pounds, with his body covered in taught, strong muscle which he used with his full skill to take down opponents.

He was searching for his team, a 6'7 demon with a tiger tattoo, a man with a shitton of swords and a pipe, and an, as he remembered Koenma put it "An eccentric red headed female with two blades" Easy enough to find he supposed.

And that is when he managed to find a miraculous sight. Looking at the three people Koenma had got for him for this fight. But as he approached he heard the woman's speech, and the introduction of her impressive breasts, which made hims stop, blinking in confusion as he heard this. He didn't know what to react to that, while he was not a shy young man. In fact quite the opposite most of the time, but very rarely had he heard a woman introduce her breasts along with herself.

"Uh, hey there. Names Akijo, I'm the Spirit Detective, are you three uh..." he said as he then pointed at the tall one "Tora." he said before he then pointed his finger to the demon with the pipe and multitude of swords "Genji." and then he finally brought his finger to the woman "And Serafina? Right?" he said as he looked at them, for some reason they seemed powerful, but they also seemed a bit off, and in all honesty. Akijo didn't know how to deal with them, but waited for them to answer his words.

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#, as written by Layla

"I want a girl with uninterrupted prosperity
Who uses a machete to cut through red tape
With fingernails that shine like justice
And a voice that is dark like tinted glass"

"So, Human. Those are some nice swords you have there..."

"Well, thanks, they're a family legacy. I'm pretty nice, too, thou-"

"I like them."

"Good to know, so I haven't had sex in like a wee-"

"How about we play a game?"

"The sadomasochism type? Because I can be really kinky if you want me to..."

He was gone.


Serafina pouted, now that was just cruel. Did Demons enjoy getting her lady parts tingling and then leaving her naked in the wind? She'd never been much of a fan of playing hard to get.

"Its called An Arm for a Blade," the Demon's voice suddenly cooed in her ear. She had to admit, he made her jump a little, which was really saying something because Serafina de Valeio jumped for no one. Still, she'd been hoping the words to come out of his mouth - if he had to talk - would be something along the lines of "I want to penetrate you," not so much "I want to chop you to peaces." But you know, one couldn't be too picky.

"If you cut off your opponents limb, you get one of their swords."

Woah, he was taking pain and pleasure to a whole new level.

"As you can see... I'm very good at it...... Want to play?"

"You know what, love?" she began, smiling sweetly. "I'm good, thank you. You can keep your big, long sword all to yourself." Then, Serafina paused, considering the thrill of the bloodshed and possibly losing an arm. Although, lacking one arm might make her a little asymmetrical, and it wouldn't really work with most of the clothes in her closet. Not that she'd lose, of course. "Maybe later."

Just then, a handsome male approached the trio - God, look at those biceps - and addressed the two Demons. She watched him, or rather, his butt, because he was providing her a lovely view of the world's greatest ass. Yes, she could work with this.

"And Serafina? Right?" he finally asked, turning to her. Serafina raised a sculpted, dark maroon brow, her hands on her hips.

"No, actually. It's Adam," she said sarcastically. She was the only female on the team and she was quite certain out of the names Tora, Genji and Serafina, the last sounded the most feminine, and she liked to think her hourglass figure kind of gave it away.

"Calling all Dark Tournament attendants! The ship leaves in five minutes!" yelled a sailor.

"So there are three of you, one of me, and a really nice cabin in the boat," she said seriously. "I think we all know what we must do to really get this whole team bonding thing going on."

"Calling Team Shirahama to board the ship!" the voice boomed. "You must board immediately or be left behind!"

"That strangely makes me want to not board the ship," she mused. Serafina reached over her shoulder to check that her twin swords were still there and Demon Fetish hadn't stolen them from her back. She eyed him wearily, and then she was eyeing an entirely different part of him. She was suddenly feeling incredibly warm.

No, who was she kidding, she was too hot for herself.

That or you know, she'd accidentally burst into flames. That happened from time to time.

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#, as written by Byte
From the sarcastic remark, Tora quickly deduced that the masked demon seemingly didn't care much for anything. Or it was that he just despised obvious statements.

Either way, the taller demon merely nodded as per acknowledgement. The only thing he could do, as they were hastily approached by one of the human members of their team. Sera... fina? Was it? Well she certainly matched the description that Tora had been given. Loud, bombastic and in your face. Also, obnoxious flirt.

Though not even he could deny the chance of sneaking a peek at the handsome redhead. He had forgotten the beauty of mankind after spending so much time in the demon world.

Couldn't say her outer beauty matched that of her inner. Tora felt watched, uncomfortably watched. Well- can't comment on it being rude, since he was guilty of that pleasure as well. Briefly, though, since he wasn't as enthralled by the human girl's looks as much as Genji was.

And- in those few minutes, the giant demon was able to mould his very first opinions on those he'd be spending the majority of his time with.

Genji was, to nobody's surprise, your typical demon. His cold and harsh tone really did nothing more than emphasize on his lack of a conscious.

And Serafina... Ah, yes, the token girl of the group who had a serious love for taking everything to a whole new level of 'flirty'.

“Safe your murder games. We're already short on one member.”

Speaking of which...

Their appointed leader arrived in the middle of, what could only be described as a tense scene. What was his name? Akijo, right? Yeah, it was. Spirit Detective and leader of their warm little group.


The man in questioned gently bowed with his head to the human boy who, obviously, had some trouble trying to figure who was who.

Tora was genuinely curious whether this person was able to lead this team properly. From first glance, this boy appeared to be nothing more than your average cocky kid. Who knows, humans kept surprising you, didn't they?

“Calling Team Shirahama to board the ship! You must board immediately or be left behind!”

Tora took that as his 'Saved by the Bell' signal, and slowly rose from his meditating position to board the wreck of a boat.

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Akijo looked at them. His eyes watching them all, the girl, the demon in bandages, and The Large ass demon who seem oddly calm, and relaxed, especially compared to these other two, and the only one who seemed normal, he also noticed the girls eyes on him, particularly his backside, he was wearing some normal jeans, so, he didn't think his ass was THAT obvious. But he ignored it.

"Well Adam, you can tell Serafina that Akijo Shirahama is waiting for her" he said with a bit of a smirk, before he looked at Tora, just giving him a nod, but then his eyes fell again to Genji, and he didn't know how to react, he heard his words, and how he was talking about limp severing, and also just about how Serafina spoke back, he was growing worried quickly

"Calling Team Shiraham to board the ship! You must board immediately, or be left behind!"

And at that, he looked at them "Well, I suppose we get on the ship. I'm sure Serafina could catch up eh?" he said to her as he chuckled. before he made his way again to catch up with Tora, who was already making his way to the rather, how could one say... Not as safe as one would hope, looking boat.

But as he did this, he ran his thoughts through, and the fact that he was actually a member short for this, he then looked up, and spoke just loud enough for the Tall demon next to him to hear

"Did Koenma really send me here to fight, or is he just sending me to my overly dramatic execution" he said as he sighed and hung his head, his hands falling back into his pockets, before he heard the burst of flame behind him as he turned and looked at her.

It was in that moment he realized why that girl was there, her flames were HOT!!!!

Hot enough for him to feel at the distance he had already put, he then looked at Genji, due to the numerous amounts of swords upon his personage, he imagined he was some sort of demonic, quick sort of demon swordsman, as compared to Sarafina, who just seemed like she would hack your limbs off and then rub herself to your face. But that was a different story.

His eyes then turned to Tora, he had never heard of this guy, and in all honesty, he wondered what he could do, he was large and strong looking, much like him, but bigger, but he wondered what he could do, but he assumed time would tell as he made his way to the boat, as he knew Koenma would have his head if he failed to even make it to the tournament

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"You know what, love? I'm good, thank you. You can keep your big, long sword all to yourself."

Genji just gave her a very level look. That was not the answer he was hooping for. It seemed this girl really didn't have what it took to survive here. Well, it was no matter. Genji wasn't really asking, once he has decided on taking someones swords, he took their swords, with or without their willingness to do so. He was about to adress her to this fact....but it seems she had begun to think it over, and smiled at the thought of it.

"Maybe later." she stated seriously.

Well, maybe there is something too her after all. "I'll hold you too that."

As he was still standing there, looking like a predator drooling over his next meal, his nose caught a scent that was most foul, yet familiar......Spirit Detective. He looked up to see Shirahama Akijo, this team supposed leader. He was a fine enough specimen of human, sadly he had no weapons of any kind on him, so he wouldn't get to play his third favorite game with the other human, just the girl then. He could tell that the boys power was rather impressive. He also seemed rather comfortable being surrounded by demons, unlike the girl who seemed more in heat and awe. As he pointed out his name. Genji answered by puffing out "I'm Genji" in smoke in Japanese kanji. He snickered a bit at Serafina's answer, always enjoying the company of a smart ass. They would get along too well.......until he cut her into pieces and claimed her swords for his own.

A large foghorn sounded and an incredibly large rusty barged broke forth from the murky mist of the water, pulling up to the dock and lowering a large gangplank. A large demon with an eyepatch, a busby hat, a hook, a peg leg and a short, stout pipe came up to the side of the boat and addressed everyone in the crowd.

"Alright ye swabbies. Ye have 5 minutes to board before I leave ye all behind!"

"So there are three of you, one of me, and a really nice cabin in the boat," she said seriously. "I think we all know what we must do to really get this whole team bonding thing going on."

Genji released another snicker as the two males of their group set off for the boat. He turned back to her and he noticed she was eying him. Her eyes then trailed down him and was staring at his crotch. The air around her began to grow hotter, and she seemed to start.......smoldering.


He looked at her and spoke. "So, it seems I really light your fire, eh?" he began to snicker, almost maliciously. He then eyed her in a way he hadn't before. He gave her a look of pure, primal desire. "Maybe if your a bad girl, I'll show you why your kind use to worship mine." From the between he bandages on his face, a long pink, forked tongue popped out at her, then retreated back in.

Soon they were all upon the ship, waiting on the far end, backs against the railing. You don't stand around with your backs open on a ship filled with over eager demons. Genji was siting down, legs sprawled, puffing on his pipe. They had been sailing for about 10 minutes before that same weird looking pirate demon came up on the loud speaker.

"Alright, me hardies. It's going to be some time before we get to the island. So, we set up some entertainment for ye all so you don't get to rowdy." The entire ship then began to shake violently. The middle of the barge began to open up and extend over the water. From the middle of the ship, a large fighting ring began to extend from the middle and lift high into the air. Stairs could be seen attached to either side. All the demons began talking and cussing and making confused noises.

"You see, we have had way too many teams show up for this tournament here, seeing as we all thought it would never be again. And, 15 teams have already been chosen. There is only one spot left. So, we are going to be fighting the preliminary round of the tournament here on me trusty ship. So, each one of you lot send up your best fighter and we'll be fighting this thing Battle Royale style. Whoever is left standing at the end of it, there team gets the spot and a ticket to fight on Hanging Neck Island!"

Some of the demons begn to cry out in outrage, some stated it wasn't fair, others however. "Yes I do prefer larger battles, one on one always makes me bored." Stated a demon well over 10 feet tall with seven large spikes on his head. Another one who looked like a sort of demon werewolf stepped up as well. "An excellent chance to sharpen my claws!' A third demon with no pupils, a large cloak, 4 arms and 5 rows of razor sharp teeth began to speak. "Now I get to kill as many apparitions as I want to, after I turn that human boy Shirahama inside out of course." The three of them entered the arena along with at least 20 others.

Genji simply scoffed, put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes. "Not worth my time, one of you go up. And don't worry if you lose. If you do, I'll simply kill every apparition here and say were the right team. So, no pressure." He then began to puff lazily from his pipe.

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#, as written by Byte
“Did Koenma really send me here to fight, or is he just sending me to my overly dramatic execution.”

“What if he send you here to win?”

Tora couldn't believe that someone so doubtful had been their appointed leader. Just great. Just. Great.

“Don't worry. I think they fear you more, than you fear them.” The giant remarked as both he and Akijo boarded the ship to Hanging Neck Island. Tora may not know anything about Akijo, but he sure knows what to expect from a Spirit Detective.

Strongly gifted psychics who were hand picked by Koenma to clean up potential demon mess. He'd observe for himself soon enough if this boy lived up to the title he was given.

Considering they were the first two of their team to board, Tora made subtle gestures to seat themselves at the end of the cranky little ship. Best to not turn your backs on demons, especially ones who have a certain hatred for you.

The ship had set sail, and the group had made themselves perfectly comfortable with keeping their asses against the railing, lest they drop the soap. Tora had, once again, taken a meditating position. Eyes closed, though his mind far from empty.

The Dark Tournament... It wouldn't just be a friendly little spar. Death was going to be an inevitable ending of every fight. The demon had no doubts about himself and Genji, he was certain they were both familiar with the concept of ensuring victory. The two humans, however...

“Alright, me hardies. It's going to be some time before we get to the island. So, we set up some entertainment for ye all so you don't get too rowdy.”

Hmm? What was that?

Not too long after the captain's announcement, the ship shook with all its might to reveal a hidden, circular platform. Stairs unfolded from the sides of the ship, crawling upwards to connect to the large platform that stood in the middle.

Not many would have to guess what was coming next. Elimination round.

Huh... Alright, who was-

“Not worth my time, one of you go up. And don't worry if you lose. If you do, I'll simply kill every apparition here and say were the right team. So, no pressure.”

The one person Tora could hope on taking this round, just scratched himself off the list. A deep elongated sigh left his mouth as the giant rose from his seat and entered the arena. “It has been a while, I could use the warming-up.”

Standing at one end of the platform, Tora glared at each apparition that had entered the battle. Low-ends. They were weak, even he could tell such a thing from glancing over them.

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Genji was rather glad when Tora stated he would step up. He was eager to see what he could do. He was confident in Tora, there was a quiet strength there in him that Genji could sense. He knew Tora was up for it, he was Demon after all. These two humans would still have to prove themselves. Though, Genji felt that Tora was a little too reserved. He seemed like the kind who would hold himself back to better assess his enemy. An analytical type, Genji hated fighting them, they were usually too easy to kill. Hope fully Tora wouldn't waste his time on this lot and take them all out swiftly.

All 24 of the other demons began to slowly form into a small group on the side of the ring opposite from Tora. They began to whisper to another. "Hey, let's all team up on the one from the human's team." said a large one horned demon. "Yeah, that way, no matter what, no humans will be in the Tournament! Don't want a repeat of the last time that happened." said a much smaller demon with goat legs. "Yeah, then, we'll start on each other." Said the werewolf demon from before. They then al began to snicker with one another.

The captain picked up the mic. "Alright..........ATTACK!!!"

The demons then all charged at Tora as a cohesive horde. "I GET TO KEEP HIS HEAD!!!!" screamed one. "ONLY IF YOU GET THERE FIRST!!!" yelled another. Claws, fangs, blades and other instruments of demise were brandished, looking to make their ways through the flesh of Tora. They would soon be upon him. What could Tora do?

(Hopefully take them all out with one shot)

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#, as written by Byte

In an instant, Tora was about to be swarmed by a whole pack of demons, like wolves that would team up, only to argue about who gets the prize.

Even in an official fight, demons lacked honour. How-


The giant stood, unfazed by the solitary group attack. His body slowly emitting pure white sparks of electricity that grew with each tick. Until-

In a matter of seconds, a bright flashing sphere surrounded Tora and the circular platform. A roar of thunder growling loudly as the attack hurled the majority of apparitions into the air, all turned into black, electrocuted crisps of carcasses.

As the sphere evaporated into smaller sparks, only one demon remained. Well, two, actually.

“Hmm? You survived? It really has been too long.” Tora muttered, the corner of his mouth revealing a sly smirk.

“This be the end for puny little betrayer demon!” The ten feet tall and spiked-headed one announced as he charged head-on for Tora, the demon crowd cheering and yelling random manners of killing 'Tear out his spine!', 'Remove his head!', 'Rip off his limbs!'

Sorry, can't hear you over the sound of cracking my neck nonchalantly.

“Me turn you Swiss Cheese!”



Another white flash enveloped the two fighters, once again simmering down to reveal the giant apparition falling to his knees, and, like the others, been turned to a crispy black corpse as a gaping hole in his torso could be seen when the smaller, humanoid demon retracted his right arm from spike-head.

“Size isn't everything, low-end.”

With complete and utter silence, Tora took his leave from the platform and rejoined his team. His simply nodded to Genji.

“Well me hearties, sad to say: The humans win.”

Though, demons were never one to hold promises... As was inevitable, and painfully obvious, the remaining demons gathered around the 'guest' team.

“Don't think you've won that spot yet, humans.” A scrawny, gargoyle-like demon cackled, licking his long nails as he hungrily glared at what he intended to kill.

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#, as written by Layla

"She moves through moonbeams slowly
She knows just how to hold me
and when her edges soften, her body is my coffin.

I know she drains me slowly
She wears me down to bones in bed...
must be the sign on my head, it says,
"Oh love me dead!"

So this was why she wore custom made and fireproof clothes.

Not that she wasn't proud of her body, of course. Because, huh, who wouldn't be? She was hot as hell. Serafina licked her lips as she eyed the demon in front of her, who was most certainly from hell. No, not a pun at all. Anyway, point was, bouncing around and kicking ass without a bra on?


Serafina felt the ends of her hair turn to fire but luckily for her, she hadn't entirely imploded into flames, rather she was simply... Preheating.

"So, it seems I really light your fire, eh?" Genji spoke suddenly. Serafina raised an eyebrow in reply. "Maybe if you're a bad girl, I'll show you why your kind used to worship mine."

Serafina grinned.

"Can't wait," she replied.

"Jesus christ, what is with all this commotion? Do you know what a lack of beauty sleep does to my skin? Woah, woah, stop. What is with all this dagger and ball throwing? Shit. What the hell?" Serafina ducked as what looked to be... A very vital part of the ship sailed over her head. "Calm your man sword, guys. This is no way to treat a lady." She caught the five Shurikens that came rushing for her skull and tossed them back with a vengeance, slicing cleanly through a hairy throat.

"It's way too early in the relationship for kinky roleplays." She caught a dagger that came flying at her abdomen and threw her arm back, throwing it into its owner's ribcage with a swift movement. "Yeah, I'm going back to bed." Serafina walked down the stairs, to her bedroom, and shut the door.

“Don't think you've won that spot yet, humans.”

The gargoyle abruptly doubled over as a heated - a few hundred degrees past boiling - arm reached through his ribcage and clutched his heart. He croaked as his vital organ was ripped from his chest and dropped to the ship deck. Serafina rubbed the back of her neck, rolling her head and wiping the blood on the very literally heartless demon's pants.

"Crap," she said, looking at her hands. "I'm gonna need another manicure."

A demon leapt from seemingly nowhere, aiming for the back of the flame haired girl's head. Serafina swung around and knocked the demon's head back with her elbow before slamming her palm into his nose and shoving her thumb into the crook of his throat to knock the breath from his lungs. "Don't worry, guys," she said, fiddling with what looked to be... A music player. "I was smart enough to bring the soundtrack." She placed the object on a table.

"Now," she said, her lips lifting in a grin. "We may begin."


Serafina sighed blissfully at the sound of Viridi and Ignis being unsheathed. She clutched the twin swords in her hands, grinning manically, her eyes blazing with something crazed, something thirsty, something inhuman.

A creature that was more bear than Demon and easily triple or at least twice the size of the red haired killer swung its giant axe into her neck. Serafina pivoted to the side and snatched the creatures wrist, jerking him in the direction of his swing and letting gravity take its toll on the great weight. She tucked her emerald jewelled sword - Viridi - beneath the demon and it impaled itself on the large sword on its way to the ground. Just then, Serafina buried Ignis into the arm of someone hoping to catch her unguarded. She ripped Viridi from the fallen demon, simultaneously twisting Ignis' razor sharp metal in her second attacker's arm, savouring the sweetness of the demon's deafening howls of agony. With another jerk of her wrist, she tore her sword through his arm and buried it into his side, straight through the gaps of his ribcage and through the softness of his heart.

In that moment there were snarls of blazing fury as three demon lunged at her, supposedly the teammates of the fallen demons. She laughed, a feminine ringing that was both adorable and unnervingly insane at the same time. She wondered, wondered, wondered, wondered, if she might defeat them without her twin swords.

Serafina decided she would try.


Viridi and Ignis slipped into their sheaths.

A punch was thrown at her and she spun, crushing a centaur-like creature's thigh with her boots made for crushing ribs in a back kick. She held her hands over her chest to catch a spinning ball of blue energy that came barrelling at her. The power seared her palms and she grinned, the ball of energy in her hands shivering as it was consumed by a crimson power and turned into a red ball of energy. Serafina swung her arm back and threw it at her snake-like opponent as one might toss a softball in a game that was not one of life and death. Her opponent was pushed back and there was a sickening crack as his spine fractured against the ship railings and he fell over the rickety ship. She drew a dagger from her boot, quick and practiced as she sliced her final opponent to indistinguishable pieces.

She could've given them quicker deaths, but where was the fun in that?

Just then Centaur came at her, his sword blazing with an amber light. Serafina ducked to the side and grabbed Centaur's hand, twisting his thumb in a wrist lock as she slammed her open palm into the joint that held her opponent's upper arm to his lower. His elbow popped as it was shoved inwards and he let out a feral cry as he dropped his sword. Serafina grinned as she caught his falling figure from behind. She buried her thumbs in and under his eyes, ripping his eyeballs from his socket. She moaned at his cries before slitting his throat with his own sword.

"Come on, don't tell me that's it," she said, dropping the limp body and eyeing the remaining survivors daringly. "Can't take on a little 120 pound human girl?"

A chain made of amethyst energy wrapped around her ankle, pulling and dropping her to the ground. "That's the spirit," she laughed.

Rat tail, donkey head, green scales screeched down at her - and now apparently hyena's scream. By then, she'd already managed to curl most of the chain around her lower leg, not that Donkey Face seemed to notice. "So we meet again," she said sweetly before tugging viciously at the chain and sending Donkey Face to the floor. "Seriously, brown does not go with green." She swivelled around - ah, the beauties Contemporary Dancing teaches you - with elegance, wrapping one long, slim leg around Donkey Head's neck. Not before twirling his own chain around his neck, of course. Serafina clutched his head between her legs ferociously. "Unless you're a tree or a cactus. Then okay." The chain disappeared as Donkey Face tried to draw a breath. He groped at Serafina's leather clad jeans as she continued with her sit ups.

", anyway, I said, 'like hell I'm going to strip right here. Right now. On this tavern table in front of those creepy old men. Not before you buy me six barrels of whisky, anyway.'" Serafina untangled herself from his unconscious body. She scribbled numbers into his bare chest with a knife. "By the way, name's Serafina. Call me."

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The Spirit detective heard Tora's comment before he smiled a bit, before he looked at the tall demon as he leaned upon the bow railings "You know Tora, your probably gonna be the single thing which keeps me sane this entire tournament." he said to him with a smile, before he listened a bit more to Genji and Serafina converse.

He wondered the Dynamic between these two, for a moment, it really seemed the two would about stab each other and laugh as they splash around in the others blood, or they would grab each other and began a passionate make out session the like of which exsistence has never even seen before. It was strange, in his mind, to say the least.

At this point he then seemed to notice that there were some demons, of the more, freaky veriaty, talking big game, including the Monstrous one with horns, talking about ripping him inside out. At that point he was gonna walk forward before he saw Tora step up. Which made the spirit detective cross his arms and smirk a bit, as he leaned back against the railing, and wanted to see how Tora would work his magic.

And so he watched, as each white flash rang out, defeating any foe which came into his pathway, even the Shit talking one, which made him sigh a bit, he wanted to deal with that one, but he soon watched him walk off. Akijo then smiled a bit as he saw him walk back "Very impressive" he said with a chuckle. Before he heard the Gargoyle

"You haven't won the spot yet. Humans"

To which he was about to step up again, only to hear the sword of swords getting pulled from there sheaths, as his eyes then turned to Serafina, to which he raised a brow again.

Now this he would have to see.

And see he did as he watched as she tore apart every demon which stepped forth, including not even killing the Centaur. Which made him chuckle a bit, but as he then thought it would be over, he then saw more step up, including some Rock looking guys, a demon who appeared to be made of wood, and a couple scantly clad women who looked like gorgans from Greek myths.

"You ssssstill haven't secured your spot yet" one of the Gorgan woman said.

Akijo could not help but grin as he then slid his jacket off, tossing it down next to Tora as he then exposed his large, defined arms, for all to actually see, as he then began to flex his arms as to warm them up, before he adjusted his arm tape, which covered his knuckles, and went a bit up to his forearms before he looked at the demons with a bit of a glint in his eye, one which he showed when he was about to enter a bit of a fight "Good" he said as he then jumped in, flipping back as he then sprang up on one foot.

As he landed, he then spun around at the wood demon, his leg covered in a dark blue spiritual energy which he collided into the Wooden one with initial force enough to crack its back, but then the spiritual energy kicked in as the arbor beast exploded.

But as this happened he raised his arm up and caught the big stone fist of the Golem demon, holding the demon up with his left hand, as he then pushed it off, before he spun around, as his hand began to glow with a bright burst of his energy, before he stepped in "SPIRIT STRIKE!!" he yelled out as he punched down into the golem's chest, which cracked, before the energy exploded out the back, leaving a large gaping hole in its chest.

As he stood back up, he then felt snakes wrap around his body as he looked at the two girl approach, hissing and staring at him, before he simply smirked "Ladies, please, I don't have the highest standards, but i prefer girls with straight hair" he said as his body began to glow a bit blue, before he clenched his fists and then closed his eyes, for a few moments, before he opened them again and spoke "Spirit burst!" he said as a burst of his energy shot from his body as it incinerated the snakes wrapped around him, before he stepped up and grabbed one gorgan girl, grabbing her snake hair as he pulled her and tossed her into the other, before he stepped in with a second Spirit strike, punching both girls and sending them off the boat. As he then dusted off his hands and smirked a bit

"So, any more arguments if we are staying or not?" he said as he made his way back to his team.

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Genji sat there with his eyes closed, wondering which one of his teammates were going to step up to the challenge. He had nothing to prove to himself by killing off a bunch of weaklings, but he was more than curious about the strengths and weaknesses of his new team. He believed that the Human girl.........what was her name? He believed that the Detective mentioned it.......ah, he'd remember later. He knew she had something to do with fire and knew she was a swordsman of some kind. The Detective, being what he was, would most likely have attacks based of pure Spirit Power, but the specifics of his abilities were largely unknown to Genji. The one that was the biggest mystery, was Tora. Being a Demon, his powers could be anything and he had revealed so little about himself so that he could count.

To Geji;s sincere surprise yet largest hope, Tora stepped up to bat. Now, this would be interesting. As the Demon's charged him, Genji watched on eagerly, wondering how he was going to kill them. When his body suddenly emitted a massive Arc Blast and char-fried his assailants, Genji was impressed. "Someone of his strength with the power of Lightning...." Genji said to himself. He could tell that Tora would be an invaluable ally.

When Tora came back down, the other Demons began to surround the group, making it clear what their intentions were. "I do believe they stole my idea......we'll have to make them pay dearly for that. Genji stated. The others began dealing with the rabble accordingly, Genji didn't really feel like helping out much. Though, when about 25 demons charged him, looking for blood, he didn't have much choice. From his sitting position, he simply sighed, and flicked open one of his swords open with his thumb.

Several of the demons leaped into the air, other charged half-cocked. Genji suddenly disappeared. Flashes could be seen coming from the group, and little Genji shaped blurs could be seen appearing and disappearing from different points of the horde. 4 seconds later, Genji was behind all of them and they had froze. They stayed that way for five more seconds. One of the demons who had stayed behind that was clad fully in samurai armor was not 5 feet from Genji, staring at him in horror. "What...what just happened?""Just give it a sec...""No seriously, they're just-"No no, hold on." Genji interrupted him.

Genji then fully sheathed his katana until it made a distinct clinking noise. Right after that noise, all of the other demons suddenly fell apart into separate chunks, purple blood spraying everywhere. The demon then visibly wet himself. Genji looked back to the demon. "Heh, took me a whole three months to get that one down. Honestly they make it look easier than it is. The real tricky part was your armor. Went through about a dozen manikins before I cinched that one." stated Genji rather casually. The Demon looked incredibly confused, then, his armor began to fall into perfectly cut pieces until he was completely naked. He was visibly shaking and making a small distressed noise. Genji's eyes suddenly grew wide and a sort of mania settled into them. "Woops.." Genji whispered, then disappeared.

He then reappeared behind the demon, his arm sticking through his chest. "Missed a spot. Genji said, almost deadly quiet. Genji withdrew his arm and let the demon fall. He flicked his arm a few times and blood showered off of it.

He overheard The Detective ask if anyone else had a problem."Who are you talking to Detective? Everyone's dead." he told him, chuckling to himself.


It wasn't long until the mists cleared to reveal a large, lonely island in the middle of a storming sea. It looked like it was about to rain. The island had two tall mountains on it. Both curved, one more so, looking like a Hangman's Gibbet. The boat soon docked at the island and a human man in a red and black servant suit greeted them. He had a sort of knowing smile on his face and was not at all surprised by the carnage on board.

"Good evening Gentlemen, my Lady. If you would please follow me to the hotel." He turned on his heel and began walking up a large path to the interior of the island. Soon they came upon an incredibly large and fancy hotel.


Upon entering, the lobby was rather ritzy and filled with dozens of people in rather expensive looking evening wear. They murmured to themselves as they walked in, drinking their brandy's and smoking cigars. "Huh, I thought they'd be taller.' said a rather gorgeous blonde women in a scarlet dress. "Now now, be nice to them Caroline, they're all about to be dead." stated a rather portly bald fellow in a blue suit. A man with a thin mustache smoking a cigar standing next tot hem eyed the group. "This looks to be a very interesting year..."

The original servant who showed them here seemed to have disappeared, and another one appeared in front of them in a light blue bellboys out fit. Oddly enough, he had the same face and creepy voice. "Let me show you to your rooms Gentlemen, my Lady." He then turned around and walked to the elevator.

When they reached the 19th floor, the door opened and he showed them to their room. Room 1911. He opened the door for them, revealing an incredibly large living room like area. There were several dark red leather couches of varying shape and size around a Mahogany table. The floor was maroon with gold trimmings. At the back was an incredibly large window with a windowsill that showed a view of the forest and the beach of Hanging Neck Island. Six doors lined the large room. One led to a massive master bathroom with a Jacuzzi. The other five led two Master Bedrooms fit with King size beds with adjustable settings.

When they entered, there was a knock on the door before it opened. A man in a waiters outfit...that looked oddly identical to the first two men, came in with a tray of coffee. "Coffee, Gentlemen, my Lady. Compliments of the Hotel." he placed them down on the table. He then left.

Genji plopped himself down on one of the large sofas and picked up his cup. He sniffed it a few times, then took a sip....then kept drinking it. "Heh, not fucking bad."

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#, as written by Layla

Oh yeah. She was going to get a lot of ass.

Lesbian, lesbian, lesbian...

"Don't bother, ginger. I'm not even remotely bicurious," a girl Serafina had been trying to read spoke.

Challenge accepted.

Serafina grinned as she sashayed her way across the hotel lobby, drawing multiple pairs - and the occasional one eyed Jack - eyes to her hips. Who was she kidding? She had amazing nether regions.

They were showed to their room by yet another creepy staff member. She narrowed her eyes as she poked the waiter who looked identical to the first two men in the middle of his forehead.

"The hell," she muttered. "Did twenty babies pop out of their mama's birth canal at the same time?"

She eyed the gold and crimson interior that was almost eerily identical to the gold ring around her pupil and her fiery hair. They must've been attempting to design the room to reflect the team but decided Akijo wasn't hot enough to be the main meal and the other two demons were creepy as fuck. Then they found Serafina and thought holy shit.

"Heh, not fucking bad," Demon Fetish commented from his seat.

"Yeah, I know. I'm pretty bangable," she said absently as she surveyed the rooms. Then, she found it.

"MINE!" she yelled as she leapt into the massive master bedroom with the jacuzzi - a freakin' bloody jacuzzi - diving dramatically to the floor and rolling a few times before double flipping into the triple king sized bed. "But," she said as she raised herself on one elbow. "You are welcome to join, my strangely attractive possibly not men."

Serafina rolled onto her stomach- Pardon, abs, and crawled sexily to the edge of the bed, making sure the mattress really pushed up and emphasised her breasts. Not that they needed emphasising.

"I am the only woman on a very large bed, surrounded by three very large men." Serafina gasped and feinted dizziness. "Oh woe is me. Whatever shall I do?"

Oh yeah, she knew just what she would do.

Serafina stood from the bed and unclasped her thigh sheaths. She tossed her boots aside, revealing an ankle clad in a dozen knives and darts. The weapons belt fell from her hips and then her pants came off. Her arm gauntlets slipped off next, revealing more daggers beneath. Serafina forgot about Genji's obsession with her twin swords as she slipped them from her back, revealing another less rare pair of swords underneath. Her leather top hit someone's face, revealing knives strapped to her sides which she dumped on the floor with a clang.

Reaching into her lacy black and red bra, Serafina pulled out a few more weapons. She unwrapped the whip from her hips and tossed that aside. She reached into her hair to pull out some poisoned pins and unraveled a cord of tough wire - for strangling, of course - from her wrist.

So it wasn't a charm bracelet after all.

When all her weapons were off, Serafina unclasped her bra and chucked it in the general direction of Tora's face. She shimmied out of her matching panties and chucked them at another teammate.

Then she slid into the jacuzzi - already filled and bubbling with warmth.

"Oh my arms do ache from the mini warm up we had today. They ache too much for me to bathe myself," she moaned, then proceeded to roll her eyes. "You wish. Get your own boobs."

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#, as written by Byte
A good thing everyone else took out the rest of the trash – Meant they were willing, and able for this tournament. Also, meant Tora didn't really have to do anything besides fighting of some of the minor flock of goons that, sadly, had the misfortune of attacking the giant with lightning on his side.

Everything after that was mere waiting, waiting, being guided by some oddly, and creepy, identical people and take in the view of their assigned room.

Well, give them credit for ecstatics. A welcoming change from the jagged rock bed that Tora had to sleep on during his time with the monks.

How- “Flamboyant.”

The demon remarked in his trade-mark, neutral tone.

It was a little too perfect, the place had an eerie, creeping feel to it. Apart from the reminder that not all humans were peaceful creatures. Then again, here, the line between demon and human was so blurred, it wouldn't come as a surprise if all those horse-jumped rich people were demons in disguise.

“You are welcome to join, my strangely attractive possibly not men.”

“I'll pass,” Tora retorted, raising a single eyebrow at their slutty princess for the week.

Seriously, what was her obsession with turning this mission into some sort of sex-party? Nonetheless, it didn't help Tora's attempt to keep away from this sort of thing when Serafina had to dress down in public view.

– Dammit.

He actively had to look away from that, gracefully side-stepping the thrown bra before dropping on one of the blacker-than-black couches.

“Any news on who we're fighting?” The demon asked nobody in particular, grabbing a cup of coffee and slowly proceeding to drink it.

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Akijo walked in as well, his hands up over his head as he saw the repetitive amount of servants. "did these servants come from the Agent Smith demon matrix package?" he asked as he then chuckled, watching them as they where lead to there rooms.

After settling into the room he took a deep breath, noticing how nice the room was, before he noticed how Serafina was stripping down naked with out a care in the world, while he didn't feel terribly awkward, it was more odd then anything. But he turned his vision away for a moment, only to recieve a pair of panties to hit him in the side of the face, as he then sighed as he pulled them off and tossed them over to the bra. Before he grabbed a cup of coffee and took a sip of his own, but for a moment he really hoped this wasn't some sort of special demon coffee.

He then heard Tora's words "Well, I think we may not get anything til tomorrow, when the official bracketts are released?" he said as he took another sip of the coffee before he then looked at Tora.

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#, as written by Layla

"Don't tell me not to live,
Just sit and putter,
Life's candy and the sun's
A ball of butter.
Don't bring around a cloud
To rain on my parade!"

These people were obnoxiously boring.

Nice to see, nice to touch, but they can't enter and they can't push.

My arousal is dying as you speak.

Serafina rolled her eyes, then rolled herself out of the jacuzzi. Patting herself partially dry, Annalette waltzed her naked self out of the bathroom and sat herself down on an oh so plush sofa beside Genji. Oh, yeah, this was nice. She swung her long legs around so they rested in Genji's lap and arched her back over the arm of the sofa to bat her thick eyelashes at Tora.

"Shoulder massage?" she asked, pouting and blinking. "Oh and feel free to grind those legs. They feel as great as they look."

"Well, I think we may not get anything til tomorrow, when the official bracketts are released?" Sir Team Leader asked. She figured that was something he should know but what she was really concerned about was why they were so concerned about the tournament when they were in a luxurious resort such as this. She closed her eyes, deciding to thing about manhoods instead.

'I think we may not get anything till tomorrow' = 'I think we may not get any ladies till tomorrow.'

'Official brackets are released?' = 'My man parts. Boom. Puusshhh. Ohhhhh. Screaming.'

"Please tell me more, tell me more, does it have a car?" she sang absently, feeling Genji's legs with her toes. "Anyway," she said, her eyes opening once again. "Since we won't have to kill anyone - emphasis on the have to, we still can, right? - till tomorrow, shouldn't we, you know... Swim. Make hot, sweet love under the moonlight? Frolic in a garden of daisies and give birth? Yoga?"

Serafina rolled on her side to get a better look at Tora. "You look like a Dolly Llama. Care to show us some of your bendy Pilates poses? And is anyone else hungry? Because I am sta-"

Thump thump.

Serafina leapt onto her feet, holding her arms out in front of her, ready to fry whoever came through the door into a crisp.

"Luggage drop off!" called a voice before the door opened to reveal... A mountain of luggage bags - branded, of course.

"Finally!" Just dump 'em anywhere."

"Yes, miss!" the bell boy chirped, pointedly avoiding Serafina's eyes, opting instead for her naked ankles.

"I know, I only packed twenty-six bags," she sighed, holding her left breast, or her heart, what was the difference? "It broke my heart to leave behind most of my closet."

When the bell boy left, she tossed a massive bag at each of them. "It was hard but I did it. I packed some extras for you guys because like hell am I going to be seen with people who look like they dressed for last year's edition of Vogue and..." She gestured at Genji. "Demon cosplay. Like, at least go for L from Death Note, you know?"

"And the frack is that," she glared at Tora. "You're dressed for comfort. Nobody dresses for comfort."

"Also, Aki-paki," she began, eyeing Ajiko, or rather, his hair. "Your femininity made me think you identified as a female so there're a few stilettos in there. It's not my fault if you're prettier than the Queen. I think I packed a little Lolita dress in there too cause I thought you were a nine year old girl. The one in front of the nine got all blurry after I chucked the piece of paper I don't give a shit about into a really wet stripper," she explained.

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As Genji was enjoying his coffee, humans were rather good at making odd drinks out of odd things weren't they? Right, as Genji was enjoying his coffee, everyone else began to make themselves at home, some a bit more than others. Serafina immediately began to strip. It took some time too, she seemed to keep a quite a few blades strapped to her person at all times. No wonder she was so slow. It's a wonder she doesn't fall down awkwardly and slice off one of her tendons. Genji mused over the image of a screaming, naked, blood splattered Serafina, seeing the life drain from her eyes. Genji chuckled a bit at the thought. Before he knew it, she was naked, in the.......jakuzi? Genji was pretty sure they were called hot springs. Stupid humans with their stupid made up words......stupid.

He came back to reality once again when his teammates began discussing the tournament roster. "They're probably not going to tell us until we're actually in the ring. Want us to fight blind, not know what to expect. Essentially try to make the matches longer. If I remembered the rules correctly, since we were the last Team to arrive, then we're the first to fight.......excellent." Genji stated rather eagerly.

He soon found Serafina caressing his legs with her feet, naked. Finally, a human woman who knew her place.....being naked and massaging him.....which is what Genji just described in his head a moment before.......well now he was just confused. Right when he thought he had it, Serafina leaped up from a knock at the door. At the door, apparently, was a mountain of bags. Why there was a mountain bags, Genji could not say.

Serafina helpfully pointed out that they were hers. Somehow, seeing her naked touching herself made him remember what she had been saying on the couch and in the tub, which made Genji rather.......frustrated. He then found a bag being thrown into his face, which he caught.

"It was hard but I did it. I packed some extras for you guys because like hell am I going to be seen with people who look like they dressed for last year's edition of Vogue and..." She gestured at Genji. "Demon cosplay. Like, at least go for L from Death Note, you know?"

Genji looked to Tora, the eldest of the two demons. "Whats Cosplay, and who is this El person? And what is a Death Note? Is that a note you leave for when you die? I thought that was called a Will."

"And the frack is that," she glared at Tora. "You're dressed for comfort. Nobody dresses for comfort."

"Also, Aki-paki," she began, eyeing Akijo. "Your femininity made me think you identified as a female so there're a few stilettos in there. It's not my fault if you're prettier than the Queen. I think I packed a little Lolita dress in there too cause I thought you were a nine year old girl. The one in front of the nine got all blurry after I chucked the piece of paper I don't give a shit about into a really wet stripper," she explained.

Alright.......Genji had had enough. It had been way too long since his last smoke, like an hour at least, and he had taken a massive onslaught of this girl since the moment he met her. Now was the time to say some things. Genji closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. He then opened his crimson eyes and stared at Serafina. "Right then, a few things." Genji then disappeared.

He reappeared standing right in front of her. "First off, I have no idea what the fuck you just said. I don't know what cosplay or lolita or stilletos or anything else that spewed from that mouth of yours. Human cultures have a shorter life span than a Makai Insect without a whistle in the World of the Living! Why can't you just stay the same for a couple of centuries before you go reinventing yourself every five fucking months!? Second, I am not here to entertain you! Everything I wear has an incredible sense and purpose behind it! Even my bandag-ESPECIALLY THE BANDAGES!!"

Slowly, the bandages on his right and left arm began to slowly unravel, revealing more bandages underneath. An odd red energy seemed to glow from the underside of the unraveling bandages. Tora could see that the energy formed into symbols for an advanced Demonic Sealing Technique, meant to keep in random energy.

"Third! If you want to rutt, then just grab your partner by the crotch," Genji then grabbed Serafina by the crotch, firmly."and say 'Let's fucking rutt!!!' Why do you humans have to dance around everything like your children 'round a maypole in spring? It's utterly ridiculous! It's a massive waste of time! I'm surprised you get anything done with such short life spans!"

The bandages that were unraveling, suddenly rewrapped themselves and seemed to squeeze tighter against his body. Genji went to his knees, and it looked like small little red lightning dragons were dancing across his skin and hurting him. After a few seconds it stopped. Genji's head suddenly became much clearer and realized he was now on the floor in front of a still naked Serafina, his hand still at her crotch. He quickly let go and stood up. He shook his head a few times.

"Um, I'm sorry. I'm not entirely sure what came over me there. I don't usually talk like that.." Genji then looked at his moist hand and wiped it off on Serafina's breasts, then turned so everyone could see him. "I'm going to bed. I need to clear my head. Don't enter my room for the next 6 hours, lest you die from asphyxiation. Pleasant fucking dreams" Genji then picked a room and shut the door behind him.

Genji was then sitting on the bed, the room filled with smoke and Genji hungrily puffing upon it. He thought to himself. "There is only one explanation from my seal and me acting that way....someone was messing around in my head......but who? And why? Guess this tournament is a little different from what I imagined..."


Mysterious People

Unbeknownst to the Team, but beknownst to us because we can see past the fourth wall and stuff, two mysterious figure clothed in shadow stood outside there window.

*Giggle*"The bandage man is so fun to play with! I hope i get to play with him more ways then one."*Giggle* stated a small, female figure."If only that stupid spell didn't stop me, I bet I could've made him rip out that sluts throat!"*Giggle Giggle*

A second figure, much taller with a more masculine build spoke. "Now Sin, you know we're not allowed to do that. If you did, Mother would be very mad at you. Besides, wouldn't it be better to kill them in the tournament, with millions of screaming fans watching every one of your movements? I know I'll enjoy it when I rip that red eyed weakling in half..."

*Giggle frak'in Giggle*"If I didn't know better, I would say Ophrys was jealous." Sin stated coyly. The man scoffed. "Please, like I could ever be jealous of that swine. He probably won't even get through the first round of the tournament, too bad really."

The two then embraced each other and began to kiss passionately.


Yuudai & Usagi

In a dark room, a rather attractive young woman with a tattoo over her eye was smoking a cigarillo on a comfortable red leather chair. She was wearing a black and red business attire with a skirt. She was looking out her window at the Ocean. The moon was high in the sky and was perfectly in half. She blew out the smoke and a very smug smile appeared on her lips.

A knock sounded at her door. "Come in." she more demanded than stated, facing away from the door.

The door opened and an incredibly tall and handsome man walked in wearing a long trench coat. He too, wore a smug smile. "I just got the Roster for the tournament. Did you know that the Special Guest Team has a Spirit Detective on it? He asked with a small smile on his face.

The woman immediately turned around in her chair. She looked furious for a split second, but then calmed down to the smugness that was her usual. "Yes, I am aware those stupid fools on the Black Black Club went behind my back and okayed the Spirit Detective. They think it will drive the betting up. The man looked at her confused. "But, Usagi, isn't that you wanted to happen? He asked her in a knowing tone, sitting across from her.

"Of course it is, I'm just upset I didn't think of it myself. Yuudai chuckled to himself. "That's the Usagi I know, so obsessed with winning. So.....who are they going up against in the first round?" He asked. Usagi simply smirked.

Team Kemonogatami.

One of his eyebrows simply went up. "So soon? I thought you would want them to last longer than the first round?" "If they can't beat that bunch of hasbeens, then they don't deserve to be here!" Usagi said, slamming her fist on the table. Yuudai didn't react at all.

"Very well."

Meanwhile, In the Hotel Room...

Just minutes after Genji left the living area, an odd scratching noise could be heard from somewhere in the room. After a few moments of searching, the group found that words were being carved into the marble walls. After a few moments, a sentence was visible.

Sleep well, for tomorrow you face your worst nightmares............Team Kemonogatami.
Your Lucky I don't slit your throats now, because theres not a thing you could do to stop me

Suddenly, everyones coffee cups split in two. Then several cases of Serafinas luggage were slit into five seperate pices in the blink of an eye. As well as a small cut on each one of their left cheeks.

Are Akijo and his team prepared to fight in this tournament as a real team? Who were the mysterious Sin and Ophrys? And how can Team Shirahama hope to combat a threat, they can't even see? Answers and more, NExt time on Yu Yu Hakusho, The Dark Tournament Returns!