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Yuji Fumma

The eccentric owner and "Natural Prince" of Yuma Cafe. A mafia boss's youngest son

0 · 133 views · located in Tokyo

a character in “Yuma Cafe”, as played by IceFoxJess


Name: Yuji Fuuma
Age: Twenty one
Role/Type: The Natural Prince/The owner of Yuma Cafe

Height:Five foot, Four and a half inches
Weight: Hundred and forty nine pounds, what? It’s mostly muscle.

Personality: To the customers and business associates, he is what you would call a gentlemen of sorts, a true “prince” with a smile or smirk. He has an air of security, of elegance. Like his father he has that under tone of superiority, and confidence. though unlike his “king” of a father he holds the slight modesty of a subordinate, knowing his place as the “prince“.

Though to the world and employees this sweet elegance is not all true. Behind it lies a young man with a temper, sarcasm, and a mischievous humor. Along with a bit of short complex, that's one of his many “buttons.” His upbringing has made him a little odd, with a blank out look on violence, and the world of the underground dealings of the mafia, morally stunted. He uses his connections to get things done, and when all else fails a little physical, and emotional “persuasion” is always an option. Though even if it’s hard to see, he cares about people, in his own way. He will not stand for the innocent to be harmed, and do what he can to prevent it. Yuji, underneath is truly a sweet, kind hearted guy, who’s life and influence has clouded his judgment and scar his soul

Once you earn his trust, you have his loyalty . Something he believes come hand in hand. Yuji, once you find his certain triggers can blush and become flustered at a drop of a hat, especially if he finds himself trapped, or in very compromisable situation that he was put into by someone else.{Oddly when it’s him doing it, he’s fine, probably because he detaches himself before hand.} Though another is, his elder sister...She always knows how to embarrass him in front of others.

Yuji tries to hid when he is upset, not wanting anyone to see him cry, for they might think him weak just like his mother always did...He truly is insecure about himself, of being weak. He doesn't need pity, everything he got he deserved...Or at lest that's what he believes

Bio Yuji is the third child born to Yuuno Fuuma, currant boss of one of the largest mafia syndicates in Tokyo, and Saiya Takura-Fumma, ex-Yakuza, and Ex owner of Yuma Cafe. He was always the smallest of the family, oftenly being pushed around by his older brother, sister and...even his mother. From a young age, his mother was always very cold to him, when she did treat him with warmth she always had another, alternative reason for so. His mother never treated him with love and affection, the only woman in his life who ever did was his elder sister. Always after one of his punishments, she would clean him up, and try her best to cheer him up, or just the simple matter of giving him a much needed hug. She’s the only person he’s ever cried openly in front of.

When Yuji was just thirteen his physical abuse by his mother escaladed to more then just beatings. The emotional abuse and beatings he had more then gotten use to, he deserved it, he humiliated his mother, he’s a pathetic weakling, a disgrace, but this, this made him sick to his stomach...His mask cracked. He tried his best to keep it a secret, feeling as if it was somehow his own damn fault, but one day, his brother was wondering where his mother and brother had disappeared to, they had been gone far longer then they should be...He walked in on them, and for the first time in his life, he hit a woman, his own mother, and threw her off his baby brother. After that everything that had been going on boiled to the surface, his father no longer left in the dark of his wife's doings. With this he threw her out and filed for a divorcee....

Yuji, didn’t know what to say or do after that, he felt so relived, yet so guilty. If it wasn’t for him his father wouldn’t be divorcing his mother, he would be happy. His father not wanting him to be involved in the separation, the boy had been through more then enough, and even though it was hard to see he felt guilty for never noticing until it was far too late of what had been going on in that house, sent him off to Yakura Academy, an all boys boarding school. Maybe someplace to just focus on his studies will help his son to cope, help him move on, while he handled that woman he once called his love.

After he graduated Yuji quickly moved into an apartment of his own, though even though he no longer lives on the Fuuma grounds, his father men still kept a watchful eye over the youngest member. Over that time he took on line class’s as well went to collage, graduating about four months ago, and getting his bachelors in business,, with a minor in marketing. With this he bought his mothers old store, at his father request. He knew his son wanted a business like this, though he had to help in the family business like he always did, and wanting his father to be happy he agreed, really what could go wrong with a cafe as a front?

Past Relationships: Yuji, hasn’t much of what you culd say a relationship history. The closest you could say was the girls his classmates would set him up on, but those rarely went where the girls wanted. He played the part of a prince, but thanks to his mother he couldn’t bring himself to think of the girls much higher without feeling a little ill. Though his slightly feminine appearance attracted admires of his gender. now this would catch him off guard, as another boy would leave notes for him, confess to him, it was quite...different. He had one guy he often called his best friend who became more at one point, but that was abruptly ended just as soon as it had started. His siblings ran him off, threatened him, that boy was not so much as allowed to ever look at Yuji again...They would not stand for it. After that Yuji stopped really having much of a love life....Though what startled him the most was the fact his father supported him having one...Including the fact of how he would set him up with people of either gender...

Crushing on, will crush on:{No idea just yet, probably the bad boy type latter on, but it’s pending. Feel free to have someone crushing on him first. ;)

Talents He is skilled at playing the piano, something that his father taught him, himself. One of his fathers men taught him the tricks marksmanship, something anyone apart of the mafia should know. Other then that his only other talent is cooking.

Personal Problems:
Brontophobia: Fear of thunder and lightning.{A mild case}
Altophobia- Fear of heights
Melissophobia- Fear of bees.
Taphephobia-Fear of being buried alive
Aichmophobia- Fear of needles
Arachnophobia- Fear of spiders.
He fears and hates his mother, he is scared of hospitals. Yuji’s also a borderline alcoholic and spends many sleepless nights scared that he will disappoint his remaining family.

Dogs, cats, and monkeys.
Most animals in general
Traditional clothing
Roses, bellflowers and Snap dragons
Getting his way
Romance comedies, action flicks, horror movies
Learning new things
Soft things
Dark stuff animals{He’d sooner cut his own tongue then admit this, think things along the line of skelanimals.}
Star gazing{Though it’s so hard to find a dark enough place to just lay back and stare at the night sky.}
{There's more but we’ll leave it at that for now.}

His mother
Himself at times
Innocents getting killed
Being called short
Being called a girl
Bitter foods
Broccoli and spinach
People staring at him when he works out
Too much sad slow music.
Black berries
{More things but left to be told}

Oh, yeah!
Has a scars on his back. , about four, they all from the same person, but he claim they are from a childhood accident. He has his right ear pierced twice, but only wears one ring at work. He keeps a pistole in his botom left desk drawer.

So begins...

Yuji Fumma's Story