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Yummy Love

Yummy Love


When a fire ruins their owner's Pastry shop and life, what are these six dolls supposed to do?

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Yummy Love
"Yummy yummy love, you can't live without it!"
Yummy Love is a pastry shop that is fairly popular in Seoul, South Korea. He does not only sell his pastries, but cook em right in front of you! The owner of the shop, a nice caring man, loved his shop to bits, but he had a little secret of his own. He had six little dolls that he made from scratch. They weren't really a secret, since the stayed at the shop window, but there was something about them that made them different. Now what made those dolls different from any other dolls was that they were alive. After the owner had accidentally feed them all different types of Korean pastries, they sprang to life. They were able to talk and walk, they could even turn themselves into a normal human being! But here's the catch, they live on whatever pastry that the owner gave them. If they don't eat that certain pastry at least once a day, they'll lose their life and crumble to dust. But the owner always cooked those pastries for his little dolls, but then a fire breaks loose in the shop during the night. The dolls make it, but not the owner. What were they gonna do? The only life source was gone? But then the cooks that worked for the owner come to the shop to see it burned. The dolls only have one choice, they're gonna have to make the cooks take them home!

!!!Each dolls can only eat one certain kind of Korean pastry, which I'll put right next to their name!!!

!!!Co-GM is Child of the Winged so listen to her too!!!

  • Please use the Posting Skeleton when posting. It'll make things easier.
  • Reservations only last 24 hours, okay?
  • No god-modding. No one likes a character who is perfect in too many ways.
  • Be nice to everyone, I don't want any fights, you hear?
  • Post daily, if you cannot or having personal problems, PM me.
  • When posting, post a good lengthy post. Word Count should be over 200.
  • Swearing is also encouraged, but not all the time. Don't say them repetitively.
  • When making your profile, use the character skeletons. I will not approve your character if you don't use it.
  • The will be romance in this roleplay, but remember not to be very explicit. Don't want any rule-breaking here.
  • When your RP is going towards steamy and 'private', please switch to PMs.
  • Warning, there is going to be many different types of romance in this roleplay. Homophobia will not be welcomed here.
  • Please have a icon for your character, I don't have a reason why, but I just like the icons to be there. But if you can't get one, it's okay.
  • Please, for the love of Shisus, please use the face claim that is given. I'll reject you if you don't.
  • This is a somewhat advanced roleplay. If you don't know how to use the codes that are given below, please leave.
  • Have fun!

  • The RP will start with the dolls waking up and finding the shop burned to smithereens.
  • After that, the cooks will go to work and also find the shop burned, that's when the dolls make themselves known to the cooks.
  • When the dolls transform into humans, they'll only be humans for 3 hours.
  • After the transform back into a doll, they will go into a extreme hunger.
  • When the dolls are in extreme hunger, they will need to be fed their pastry within a hour, so have their pastries ready.
  • When the dolls transform into humans, their clothes magically come off. The dolls are suppose to be small and so is their clothes. So when they transform, their clothes come off.
  • And their doll forms are a bit different from their human appearance. They may have a difference in eye color or hair length.
  • Dolls only have one name. A cute little name.
  • Also, the dolls are those Asian Ball-Jointed dolls. All four of them.
  • This shop looked like this and the owner looked like this.

Xiao Liu
[Taken by PrincessBoy]
Male/Uke/Falls for Cook 1
Can only eat Kkul tteok.
Face Claim/Henry from Super Junior M

Rae Hyun Kang
[Taken by jigokunoshinzo]
Male/Seme/Falls for Cook 2
Can only eat Hangwa.
Face Claim/Lee Hongki from FT Island

Jae Hwa Eun
[Taken by KiraArsenic]
Female/Uke/Falls for Cook 3
Can only eat Melona.
Face Claim/Ryu Ji Hye

Doll 4
[Reserved/Taken by Horseygirl]
Female/Falls for Cook 4
Can only eat Kkultarae.
Face Claim/???

Kibum Lee
[Taken by Neon.lynxie]
Male/Seme/Falls for Doll 1
Is known to cook Kkul tteok.
Face Claim/Key from SHINee

Alexander "Min" Woo
[Taken by Child of the Winged]
Male/Uke/Falls for Doll 2
Is known to cook Hangwa.
Face Claim/Minwoo from Boyfriend

Cook 3
[Reserved/Taken by mgoodwin2]
Female/Seme/Falls for Doll 3
Is known to cook Melona.
Face Claim/???

Cook 4
[Reserved/Taken by ???]
Male/Falls for Doll 4
Is known to cook Kkultarae.
Face Claim/???

Code: Select all
[center][color=#YOUR HEX CODE][size=200]NAME OF CHARACTER[/size][/color]

POST HERE[/center]

Code: Select all
[right][color=#YOUR HEX CODE][size=200]FULL NAME HERE[/color][/size]
[img]Direct image url. Doll Image here. Ball-jointed please.[/img]
[img]Direct image url. Human image here.[/img][/right]

            [color=#YOUR HEX CODE][b]Role[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Put your role here.[/size]

            [color=#YOUR HEX CODE][b]Race[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Put what race you are. Doll or human?[/size]

            [color=#YOUR HEX CODE][b]Pastry[/b][/color]
            [size=90]For Dolls, what Korean pastry you need to survive with? For Cooks, what Korean pastry are you known to cook?[/size]

            [color=#YOUR HEX CODE][b]Age[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Put age here. The cooks 17-22, Dolls 13-16.[/size]

            [color=#YOUR HEX CODE][b]Gender[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Put gender here.[/size]

            [color=#YOUR HEX CODE][b]Orientation[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Put sexuality here. Depends on Role.[/size]

            [color=#YOUR HEX CODE][b]Crush[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Tell me your crush.[/size]

            [color=#YOUR HEX CODE][b]Face Claim[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Put down your face claim. Asian please (mainly Korean, but I don't care).[/size]

            [color=#YOUR HEX CODE][b]Appearance Description[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Put down appearances that aren't shown in the picture here. Include doll description and human appearance.[/size]

            [color=#YOUR HEX CODE][b]Personality[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Put Personality here.[/size]

            [color=#YOUR HEX CODE][b]Likes[/b][/color]
[*]Tell me your likes.

            [color=#YOUR HEX CODE][b]Dislikes[/b][/color]
[*]Tell me your dislikes.

            [color=#YOUR HEX CODE][b]History[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Put history/past here. Please describe about before being a cook, becoming a cook at the shop, thoughts about the dolls before finding out they were alive. For dolls, when the were created, of course it goes in order. Doll 1 was the first created and etc. How do they feel about the other dolls? Stuff like that. Feelings about the fire and the owner.[/size]

            [color=#YOUR HEX CODE][b]Hex Code[/b][/color]
            [size=90]What's your hex code?[/size]

            [size=150][color=#YOUR HEX CODE][b]Theme song[/b][/color][/size]
            [size=90][url=Link to song]Name of Song by Name of Singer/Band[/size]

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Character Portrait: Xiao Liu
0 sightings Xiao Liu played by PrincessBoy
"Ne...I'm not very cute."

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Character Portrait: Alexander "Min" Woo
Character Portrait: Kibum Lee
Character Portrait: Rae Hyun Kang


Character Portrait: Rae Hyun Kang
Rae Hyun Kang

"Don't let that get you down."

Character Portrait: Kibum Lee
Kibum Lee

"YAH! Out of my kitchen! "

Character Portrait: Alexander "Min" Woo
Alexander "Min" Woo

"Don't look down on me cause I'm short!"


Character Portrait: Kibum Lee
Kibum Lee

"YAH! Out of my kitchen! "

Character Portrait: Rae Hyun Kang
Rae Hyun Kang

"Don't let that get you down."

Character Portrait: Alexander "Min" Woo
Alexander "Min" Woo

"Don't look down on me cause I'm short!"

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Character Portrait: Kibum Lee
Kibum Lee

"YAH! Out of my kitchen! "

Character Portrait: Alexander "Min" Woo
Alexander "Min" Woo

"Don't look down on me cause I'm short!"

Character Portrait: Rae Hyun Kang
Rae Hyun Kang

"Don't let that get you down."

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Re: Yummy Love

PrincessBoy,? I'd like to join the forum... but the layout kind of confuses me. Where are the rules exactly? I can't find it....

Eh nevermind. I found them

And if you just get rid of the heterosexual couple then you would only need one more character.

Re: Yummy Love

Have you tried posting in role players wanted?

Re: Yummy Love

Yeah...I guess I should... But then there will be three open spots. D:

Re: Yummy Love

I hate to say it, but I think you should re-open the reserved spots. ESPECIALLY if they haven't given you a character by now.

Re: Yummy Love

Oh, you don't have to join. This is for everyone. *shrugs* You can do it if you really want too, I don't care...

Re: Yummy Love

Hm... I think about it, Princey... I'm kinda swamped hur...

Re: Yummy Love

Oh, and speaking of Kpop. I have a RP forum open for new members. It's about Kpop although it's an advanced roleplay.

Here's the link --> We Are Paparazzi ♥

Thinking about joining? PLEASE, I MEAN PLEASE, read the rules before registering. ^^

Re: Yummy Love


Then you should know where my signature comes from. XDD

And yes, that is a cute song.

Re: Yummy Love


Anyways, My first KPOP song was Balloons by TVXQ. Best song ever.

Re: Yummy Love

Horsey, you can give me the pic and I might know who it is. :)

I'm sorry I haven't been on. I was at band camp and I'm badly burnt. Xd Band camp is over so I'll be on more. And there's actually one more spot open, which is cook 4. So, Cook 4 is still OPEN.

And on the talk of Korean idols, everyone should know who my ultimate bias is. If not, shame on you. The first Kpop song I heard was Mirotic by TVXQ surprisingly. Then it was SHINee Lucifer. XD

Re: Yummy Love

A goner... Yes most definitely. :)

Re: Yummy Love

SuJu and Rain were my gateway "drugs" Then I found Shinee and the others and I was a goner...

Re: Yummy Love

Ahh I see. Well that's okay. I love Shinee too but I didn't like their last mini album. BIGBANG is also one of my favorites. So is UKISS and Super Junior. Hehe I guess I have a lot of favorites hmm? But CN BLUE is what actually got me into kpop. Ahhh I love korean music haha.

All of the roleplays I was in aren't active at the moment... So I joined a bunch of new ones... Those aren't active either. I'm so bored TT_TT

Re: Yummy Love

I didn't get into F.CUZ... Well, let me rephrase that. I like their music but it's not an obsession...

Re: Yummy Love

Oh me too! I hate American rap but I love the Korean raps. I guess I just like their voices and the subject better. Personally, I love Jinon from F.CUZ. That's Amazingness right there. Then again, I love all members of that band since it's my faveee.

Re: Yummy Love

Agreed.... I think all the spots are filled... Wonder where Princey is...

Anyway, I love Zelo because he loves that little whistle he has in Warrior and he raps like a boss! I love rappers...

Re: Yummy Love

Oh I see. I've never really became a fan of BAP since I'm not really into the hip hop genre but Shindong's cool. In SuJu My favorite is probably Yesung... yup.... I wish we can start this roleplay soon.

Re: Yummy Love

Ah! Okay. And my biggest biases... Shindong from SuJu and Zelo from B.A.P.

Re: Yummy Love

Oh you were in Marked and Bitten too? That was Daesung from BIGBANG. He's probably one of my biggest biases :D

Re: Yummy Love

I noticed Kiseop in something we had signed up together for but never started... Uh, Maked and Bitten, I think..?