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Kibum Lee

"YAH! Out of my kitchen! "

0 · 281 views · located in Seoul, South Korea

a character in “Yummy Love”, as played by Neon.lynxie


Kibum Lee

Cook 1.

“The best looking Human You have ever seen!”

Kkul tteok




“Please~ There is no such thing as love…” Doll 1.

Face Claim
Shinee’s KEY!

Appearance Description

Kibums appearance is perfectly flawless-His skin is milky white and smooth and no blemishes at all, His lips are very plumb and very kissable. His built is a little under average, only with certain muscles. He's roughly 5'6" and weighs a little under average. His hips have a slight curve to them, making him seem pretty feminine to a lot of people. His hair his naturally black but he dyes it to fit his style of the moment. His fashion sense is a amazing as people love his fashion.


He's very sensitive and wears his emotions on his sleeves, lots of things hurt him a lot. constantly feels like no one likes him, so he tries and tries to do everything right so everyone likes him. His heart can be weak, but he won't fall without a fight. He does have a stubborn streak that gets to everyone sometimes. He can be snappy, acting like a princess at times—okay most of the time. He get nervous easily and often. What is strange about him is that most think of him as a submissive boy…But in relationships and in most things he wants to be the one in charge.. When in charge he feel like his emotions can stay calm and he won’t freak. He loves having dominance and likes to be a big tease and flirt. Kibum is very loyal and loving…he is much like a mother in a way with young children…Do to his past he has a fondness for kids.

  • Singing, chubby cheeks, Dancing, having fun, cuddling, hugs, kisses, jokes, rapping, hip hop, being hyper, candy, smiling, cooking, rain, night, stars, moon and his umma.

  • Snakes, blood (faints at the sight of it), crying, being alone, being so sensitive, when umma is mad, and fighting.

Kibum had grew up in a nice rich loving Korean family, they were wealthy and well known for his Umma Who was a dancer. She married a regular Korean man who soon became a CEO of a business who deals with all types of industries in Seoul and the company has blossomed into different thing like fashion lines ect. When they had kids they decided to split up the company and its branches between the kids.
They married after 2 years of dating and gave birth to their first born son who is lead CEO of the company, he also deals with the branches that involve health (Like the hospital they have) and is happily married to Yoona
Secondly came Nicole the oldest girl. She is head of the beauty departments (like salons, beauty lines ect) Key often gives her input on the fashion lines they put out, she is also engaed to JinWoon

Next after was Key who held the family together with his loving nature. The boy diva helped his entire siblings with their work and was put in charge of the food industry area of his family. Though at first he hated cooking he now is glad he runs the food area. He went to America for a few years to learn to cook and become better and apply western and eastern recipes. Cooking has become something that keeps him smiling and he gets to cook for his family whenever they get together…Lately he got sucked into the pastry business and works in the shop so he can continue doing what he loves and to learn more
After came Amber the youngest girl. She is in high school and the branch she will own is still unknown

The last child is Yoogeun he is still a baby so his future is still unknown! Key is very close and loves this kid more than himself.When he was a new born he was really sick and Key was the one who stayed with him at all times.

While Bummie was in America he met who he thought was the love of his life who was a famous Korean singer on break…but after 3 month Kibum found him cheating and ended it…But it was all a misunderstanding and the boy begged for bummie back. But not wanting to be hurt he left after school back home to take over the food industry with his new learned skills. Now back in Korea he and his dorky friends that help his with his cooking plan to rule the food world! But everything goes wrong now that The boy he once loved is back and wants Kibum for himself again and even wrote a song for him…Key was thinking about saying yes…But when the doll appeared his mind changed. He knew that the doll was the one he should stand by…Though he hates the doll for instantly changing his fate and heart..

Hex Code

Theme song
Jung YongHwa- Comfort Song

So begins...

Kibum Lee's Story