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Z-Day New York

Ruined New York


a part of Z-Day New York, by Incognito.


Incognito holds sovereignty over Ruined New York, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Ruined New York is a part of Z-Day New York.

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1st Leiutennet John O'Riley [0] An ex-IRA sniper, stranded in NYC after his helicopter crashed...

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JackFaust your character is incomplete. I'm going to approve your application, but please visit the OOC thread and fill in the rest of the required information.


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A team of U.S. soldiers and police officers is hold up in the fortified Public Library in New York City. Sandbag bunkers littler the front steps and wood, iron, steel have been nailed and welded over the windows. The remaining forces gather on the steps to make their final stand against the ravenous undead hordes.
Or will this be their last stand? A surviving student knows about an underground maintenance tunnel beneath the library due to having worked there over one summer. If they can all get out of the library alive, it will be a struggle to survive and get to the Natural History Museum where another group of well-armed soldiers, survivors, and police have fortified a position and created a mini-town complete with shops, a hospital, and places to sleep as well as an armory containing enough ammunition to combat an army. The only problem is the Museum is an estimated 44 blocks away.

These are things your character can do. They include things like fast-reload, exceptional eyesight, being able to run extremely fast for short periods of time etc etc. They are all physical abilities of some sort and do not rely on knowledge.

These are things your character excels at. For example, he may be a medic, perhaps he knows how to hotwire any vehicle, or maybe he is a computer genius. Perhaps your character is a gun expert and knows exactly how all guns work and how to unjam or fix them.

Your character can have any ‘type’ of armor, as long as it exits in reality and your character can, within reason, acquire it. For example, it’s a given that a police officer or military man would have a Kevlar Vest. However, it’s doubtful that anyone but a police officer would have Riot Armor and it’s doubtful anyone but the military man would have Plate Assault Armor.

This can include Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Hunting Rifles, Light Machine Guns or anything else that may be bulky or slightly unwieldy. THE WEAPON MUST EXIST. I cannot stress this enough. I will be reviewing all weapons listed for authenticity before I approve applications. Also, no overpowered items like a grenade launcher… Note: Civilians do not start with a Primary Weapon. Also, you can drop your Primary at any time in order to gain Sprint ability so you can flee from danger. You can find another Primary at gun stores, crashed military vehicles, dead soldiers… etc.

Technically this should only include pistols, but I’m widening the range to Pistols, Sub Machine Guns, Shotguns, or anything else small and compact. THE WEAPON MUST EXIS. I will be reviewing all weapons listed for authenticity before I approve applications.

Anything you can beat shit with. But if I see someone list ‘Sword’ or ‘Katana’, they better have a damn good reason why their character has one. And don’t tell me your character bought one off the Internet because most of those aren’t meant to cut through real flesh and will break if used to do so.

These are items your character happens to have handy. It’s best to pick items that benefit your Advanced Skill. A medic would want a med-kit, and a mechanic/hot write ability would want a multi-tool. Items that compliment your skill will decrease your skill’s ‘cast’ time by 50%.

-No Godmodding
-Be respectful of others at ALL times
-Maintain an active presents in the RP
-Must have some Role-Playing experience.
-Mild sexual content is acceptable; the contents of this RP may not be suitable for children under the age of 18. Player digression is advised.
-Extreme violence present. May not be suitable for children under the age of 18.
-By partaking in this RP you agree that I am the GM and can kill/dismiss your character for ANY reasons I see fit. By partaking in this RP you agree to follow all the rules set forth above.

Creators Notes: This will be conducted over the website’s IM chat, since it’s the only way to incorporate the real-time actions and intense combat I want to portray.

Rank: (If Military/Police)
Skin Colour:
Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:
Skills: (You may have two skills only.)
Advanced Skills: (You may have one.)
Primary Weapon: (You may have 1 Primary.)
Sidearm: (You may have one Sidearm.)
Melee Weapon: (You may have two Melee Weapons.)
Equipment: (Multi-tool, First aid etc. You may have 3 items.)
History: (This does not need to be filled out, but I want you to have some idea of your character’s past.)