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"Be careful what you wish for, I bite."

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a character in “Zaragonzia, the world of dragons”, as played by Kaiuke


Tall male dragon with pure white scales. His teeth are roughly a foot long and can shred even the toughest of metals. His claws are almost as long, and have the ability to capture prey with their curved ends acting as hooks. His scales are harder then diamond and shine as though they are made of said diamonds. His eyes are a deep blue with green flakes, although it is abnormal in a white dragon to have multicolored eyes. His soft underbelly is protected by a softer, but still deadly set of scales that can scale a person if Teric chose to rub against someone.

Teric is 14 in human years, fully grown and weighs well over a ton. He can breath fire better then most as well as fly higher. His white color allows his to hide deep in the clouds undetected. He has no known enemies, apart from hunger and death.

~I'll try and draw a picture of him~


Arogant, stubborn, and loyal. Teric knows what he wants and does not stop until he gets it. People don't often try and cross him, but those who do are not repeat offenders. He does not let anything happen without his permission. Teric can befriend anyone, and is a very loyal dragon. However, on the flip side of the coin, he also holds wicked grudges that take eons to get over.

So begins...

Teric's Story