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Ayes Sutuk

"The gods do not exist. There is only man, the only thing he should believe in is himself."

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a character in “Zeelasa: War of Rifts”, originally authored by Syao4500, as played by RolePlayGateway



Ayes Sutuk

Thousand Bladed Eyes






Moonflower and Sun on each of his arms.

Pretty girls
good food
having free time
iced sweet tea

Complicated talk
Fighting girls

Ayes has learned to not trust people over the years.
He keeps up a mask of friendliness that hides his dark nature.
Cheerful most of the time
Protects the weak
Cautious but sometimes forgets to be
Does not feel much loyalty to anyone but himself

-Master swordsman proficient with any weapon
-Has genius level control of life force(mana)
-Able to divert life force to reinforce and strengthen certain body parts at a time, can extend this ability to outside objects and people. Alternatively, he can also weaken targets and block their flow of life force disabling their magic.
-Absorbs lifeforce from the starlight and surroundings. As a result magic attacks have no effect on him as he will only absorb it. He can then discharge that lifeforce as magic depending what kind of weapon he uses as a medium.
-When Moonflower petals are consumed, he turns into the Lion humanoid until nighttime, and vice versa when the transformation begins at night.
-The transformation gives him insane strength and increases his resistance to frontal physical attacks, but he has no control over it.

Kiem Goi Kiem(Sword to Call All Swords)-A magic item given to him by his father on his deathbed, a family heirloom passed down many generations. It can change into any weapon the user encounters, and despite its name, it can become weapons other than swords, it can even turn into technological weapons. The make up of the weapon, properties and powers of the weapon it changes into is exactly the same as the original. Ayes often likes to switch weapons each time he defeats an enemy, earning him the name "Thousand Bladed Eyes"

Two large kukkuri blades that he can thrown with precise accuracy. Worn on his sides. Durable enough to chop trees.

Originally from the Eternal Autumn Mountain, rumor has it that he was the last member of an ancient clan that had lived on the mountain for generations. The rumors were true, he was the last because he had killed everyone else. Ayes was the first one in ten generations that could transform into the legendary lion humanoid. One day when eating, he accidentally ate a Moonflower petal that flew into his mouth, it triggered the transformation. He lost control and the beast consumed him, going on a bloody rampage, and when the sun set that day, blood poured out of the gates. Ayes had not returned home ever since he was 18 and continues to wander the world, putting as much distance from his past as he could.


So begins...

Ayes Sutuk's Story


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Ulyssess looked down at the grave before him, it decorated with flowers, freshly picked, the grave stone of white marble and granite, his long white hair reaching his lower back yet looked so soft. He would slide the black glove from his left pale, slender hand with sharp black claws on them onto the grave stone, slowly sliding his hand over the top of it, so smooth and water from the rain tapped off of it, wetting his hand and he would look at the flowers so vibrate with red, white, yellow and blues only for them to decay instantly as his pale yellowish hues narrowed their focus on them.

He would then turn his head to his shoulder, hearing the taps and stomps of booted feet...''Sir! We have company!'' All of a sudden the pale man warning Ulyssess would stabbed in the chest with a pike. ''Rift walker killed.'' Then as the corpse of the Rift walker turned to black ash only leaving black blood on the pike itself as evidence of the dead rift walker's existence the soldier looked up and the smug grin disappeared.

Ulyssess would now slowly turn around and slipped his glove on again and his piercing eyes looked stared into the soldier's and he grinned sadistically. ''What a shame...he would one of my favored men...'' He would walk closer, his height easily towering the man's. ''S-stay back!''

Ulyssess would give out a short laugh and he suddenly became black smoke then reappeared at the side of the soldier to his fear and put his slender, clawed hand on his face. ''Decay...'' He'd whisper as the man started to decompose slowly to Ulyssess enjoyment, he'd slam the man down to the damp cobble walk path in the grave yard on this rainy day and bent down, madness in his raging eyes, the redness around his eyes and the black veins around them that spread outwards was a frighting sight.

He would grin, he was on top of the man, his feet at both sides of him and his hands on each side of the soldier's face, Ulyssess's face right in front of the man's his chilling breath giving the man reason to scream in terror...''Take the embrace of a dead man..'' He'd say and continue to use death magic on the man, to which the man's hands were on the wrists of Ulyssess, trying to push them from his face only to grow weaker, Ulyssess just laughed finding excitement from this activity...

This would when other soldiers came four to be exact, Ulyssess looked up at them grinning...''Will you accept him in his new form?'' He'd ask as his suddenly looked at the partially death cursed man, his jaw line revealing his bone structure and Ulyssess would kiss the screaming man's forehead, even went far to lick his fore head then...disappear in a cloud of black..

As the men finally ran to the screaming man, the left side of his face was bone...but he was still alive...screaming in pain and the men were shocked grabbing the screaming man and started to run with him in their embrace to the magic district of the city...

''It burns! Stop the pain!'' The death kissed man screamed, his left side of his face much like a corpse...

''Move! Injured coming through!'' They would all chant, town folk gasping a the sight, hiding their children's eyes from the sight and chatter started to go around the city...''A Rift Lord entered the city without being seen! We are unsafe! The Queen must know what to do!''

And so...the town's folk stood in front of the castle, Magic and machine wielders all alike..


Ulyssess appeared at the gate to his domain in the far west of Zeelasa and grinned as his followers bowed at his presence. He would nod to the subjects as he pasted the his adviser ran to him from behind...

''Did your trip go well Sir Furor?''

They would continue to walk, he would not answer till they were in his throne room.

''I shook the city with my presence...that is all...''

His Adviser would frown..

''You know what I was asking Sir Furor..''

Ulyssess would turn, using his left clawed index finger to lift the adviser of his up from the ground and put his pale face up at his.

''And I didn't answer...leave it alone...and me.''

He would flick his finger and the adviser would be ported of from his throne room within black smoke and he would sit in his chair, slouched and resting his chin on his palm and one leg crossed over the other...

''Oblivion is the fate of all things..''


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Ayes had a weird dream. Something about a creepy pale guy and rift raffs or some crap. The creepy dude looked and sounded like the kind of guy the village girls would be obsessed with, they've been reading some really shady books lately. He couldn't blame them, there wasn't much to do now that the harvest is over, besides the men aren't all that good looking here. At least they're not pale and don't spew cliche lines, he shuddered at the memory of his dream. More like a nightmare.He needs to stop spending so much time around the girls.

The sun was already at its highest point in the day, but it was still chilly. This area was forever in the state of autumn, the tress eternally draped in cloth of red. Nightly they shed their leaves to keep their roots warm, it gets freezing cold on certain nights. Ayes has been in this area for nearly half a year, the longest and closest he has been to home in a while. He hadn't bothered to actually visit it at the peak of the mountain, but instead stayed at a village at the base. The small house he lived in at the village was rented out to him with the condition that he helped the villagers with work. With the crops harvested, he had too much free time on his hands and became incredibly bored, ,maybe it was time to move on, he had already paid his respects at the base of the mountain. Coming up with his decision, he stood up, shrugging off the blanket of leaves that covered him and then made his way towards the village. A gust of the biting cold wind paid the forest a sudden visit and blew a layer of leaves into the air. Bodies could be seen, evaporating into a black vapor, mixing with the red to form some strange but mysteriously beautiful swirls in the air. The cold preserved the rift raffs quite well.

"Where have you been all day Eyes?" he was probably asked a hundred times going back to his house. He just grinned and said he drank too much last night in the celebration and got lost in the woods, he ignored the fact that they still couldn't pronounce his name right. The village was quite crowded today despite there being no more crops to tend to, everyone was up to their usual tasks. The baker was bringing out a batch of his famous steamed meatbuns, the girls were still grouped at the bookstore reading their new strange book that wasn't so new because they've read it who knows how many times. Everything was normal, as if last night's events never happened, and the party was days past. Ayes opened the creaky door to the small but warm cottage at the end of the street where he had been residing for so many months. He realized that this was probably the first time in forever that he settled down in one place for so long, and decided it was actually pretty nice. He might actually miss the calmness of living here, maybe he'll come back one day, marry a girl and end his life as a vagabond. Naaaaah, no way, the girls here are too religious, pretty but not his type. Besides this was too close to his past and he still had places to go, people to meet, and landmarks to see before he laid down for good.

Before leaving the village, Ayes stopped by and picked up a few meatbuns for the road, and several bottles of granny's delicious honeyed and chilled leaf water. He left without any goodbyes or tears, but looking at the village at a distance and the smell of the still warm buns and coldness of the bottles of leaf water made him feel incredibly sad. Farewells with crying people weren't his thing but he had warned the elder not to not allow anyone up into the mountain for a while, he understood what Ayes meant and where he was going. The elder told him he was welcome back anytime. Clever old bastard, he was the village elder after all.

Ayes turned to the direction of the big city, maybe he'll come back someday, but for now he is on the road again and this meatbun needs attacking.