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Ithilwen is a dark skinned, white and bobbed haired, three eyed magician. Her name is known throughout the lands and the realms. She keeps to herself in her tower beside the castle, and focuses on bringing her knowledge to higher and higher levels.

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Ithilwen is a dark skinned, white and bobbed haired, three eyed magician. Her name is known throughout the lands and the realms. She keeps to herself in her tower beside the castle, and focuses on bringing her knowledge to higher and higher levels.

This is a place for all of her pasts and futures.

Ithilwen's Stories

Ithilwen is a dark skinned, white and bobbed haired, three eyed magician. Her name is known throughout the lands and the realms. She keeps to herself in her tower beside the castle, and focuses on bringing her knowledge to higher and higher levels.


Ithilwen's Stories is a part of Zenith & Character Lore.

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The Land Hums
Ithilwen & Her Water Student

Long ago during the reign of King Yeibold, Zenith's 6th king, a young woman with three red eyes introduced herself to the kingdom. Within 3 days she could be found routinely feeding the stray cats of Zenith or meditating near the sea, in the forest, and in large gardens. All of her eyes would be closed and she would run her hands along the earth.
After 2 weeks, novice scholars, thinkers, conspiracists and the like would leave their activity groups with a feeling of enlightment or a look of embarassment. She would spend her time in the city squares displaying her skills with magic. Not for coin, but just to see the glow in the people's eyes and the smiles on the children's faces.
When a month had passed she had successfully read straight through 3 whole bookcases in the prestigious Zenithian Library and would be caught stroking and petting the feline ears of the Librarian himself. Lines would form around her whenever she dared to be still in public areas. They brimmed with mothers and fathers urging their children to the beautiful Triclops who's smile was as big as her dark hair was long, and who would happily heal their ailments for nothing in return.
The coffee-skinned female had a name for herself as fast as the moon went through its cycle. She was called a Gypsie, She of Many Eyes, Starfruit, and many more names. But her actual name was Ithilwen and she'd come to Zenith for its culture and its library.

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Over time, after much begging, stalking, and prodding from aspiring magic-users and scholars, Ithilwen finally broke and began taking on students. It mattered to none that she was only in her early twenties. Triclops aged slower than averge anyhow.

Sometimes Ithilwen would visit houses during the morning, hold demonstrations in seated gardens in the afternoons and spend her nights reading in the Library or listen to the librarian tell her things. The order of events was subject to change, or not happen at all. She still enjoyed time to herself.

Soon though, Ithilwen recieved her first Element Whisperer. It was a girl with beige skin, large green eyes and bluntly cut hair. Her name was Emut. The girl was frustrated. After taking to Water Whispering so easily and advancing with such promise, she had hit a rock of sorts and could not seem to progress any further. No matter how hard she studied, reviewed, or practiced, the water would no longer listen to her.
During the first week of lessons, Ithilwen simply ordered her to call to the water and when she would fail, the liquid splashing to her feet after trembling above her hands, Ithilwen made her do it again. It frustrated her pupil to no end.

Emut would focus all of her senses, perfect her stance and relax her hands. But again and again she wound up wet, watched the water deny her, or struggled to make it take shape. And there, sitting in her crosslegged position with all three of her eyes watching was her Teacher. But how could she call her a teacher? All she did was tell her to do something she knew good and well she couldn't do, and quietly sit there, judging her, when she indeed failed. Besides these moments, at the start and end of class, or when they took a break to eat and drink, she was lively and full of philosophical questions. She would play in the sand or squat down in the water, luring fish to her wiggling toes while biting into whatever food she had suspened in the air beside her mouth.

Week 2 came and brought many changes with it...

The sun was lazily making its way towards the middle of a slightly purple sky. Clouds were thin, wispy, and moved slowly across the blue canvas. There was a gentle spring breeze, carrying warm air and the smell of fish being hauled in by the men down at the port. It was early in the day so not many people were on the beach besides the fishermen, and maybe a few people out to enjoy the warm sunrise. Besides those beings, two young women were sitting in the sand close to the lazily lapping water of the sea. One was sitting and observing the standing female make fluid motions with her arms.

Emut inhaled deeply, held it, and then released it through gently pursed lips. She wiggled her toes in the cool sand and slowly flexed her hands in front of her breasts, a motion that made it seem like she were about to grab something tricky, Her eyes were closed and her form relaxed. After a few more inhales and exhales, she paused. Then, in a beat, she began something that looked like dancing. She swayed, turned and moved her legs and arms in fluid motions. Her feet were gliding over and through the sand while she circled her wrists and moved her fingers all while gesturing to the sea. When she would gesture to the sea, it would shudder and shyly rise to her prompting. Emut inhaled and moved more, furrowing her brows as she started to not gesture at the sea, but point and call to it. The water gurgled and would rise up but then drop back down. Exhaling sharply, Emut lifted her arms and-

"Stop." Ithilwen said firmly, watching Emut drop her arms and hunch over while panting. "Are you a Water Whisper or an Earth Whisper?" She said while standing, dusting sand off of her butt. She was wearing some velvety, royal blue top that hugged her breasts and formed a turle neck. It's sleeves only graced her shoulders. On her legs were something like cargo-shorts but more feminized and with many more pockets, they were burgundy in color. Her hair wisped near the small of her back in soft, dark brown curls. She didn't wear shoes.

"I'm trying! It just.. It's like it's afraid of me!" Emut whined, still hunched over but her attention on her Teacher.

Ithilwen shook her head and smiled gently. "Water is very soft yes? Wet?" She grinned "But it's not a rock or a pickaxe or a sack of butter. When you Whisper to it, you're not commanding it, you're forming a partnership." She said while approaching Emut with her hands on top of her head. "I've been watching you all week. What you're problem is, is that you are seeking to control something that cannot truly be controlled. Water is alive just as much as you or me. Would you like someone to come along, grab you by the neck, and force you to gyrate?!" She threw her arms out before dropping them and shaking her head.

Emut stood up straight and listened, wanting to understand.

"Your movements are perfect, truly. Yet, even when you relax and do that little breathing excersise, you're still tense. Give yourself to the water. Whisper as if you are seeking the water not for your own selfish will, but to spend some time with it." Ithilwen gave a low nod and slowly stepped back.

Emut watched her for a bit before looking down at her own hands as she flexed them. Then, she slowly started repeating her movements from earlier. This time, the water did not respond at all. Emut tried moving in more fluid motions, whispering louder, or focusing on one spot, but nothing happend. Soon, she stopped and simply stared out at the sea with her brows low and her breath coming in small gasps.

There was a long silence as Ithilwen rubbed her chin and gazed through her pupil. Then she perked up and bounced over "Do you even know how to dance?" She grinned, her hands flexing at her sides.

Emut squint her eyes and turned to look at Ithilwen as if she were trying to make another stupid joke. They'd been rolling in all of last week whenever they sat down for lunch and Emut was just about sick of them. They were only funny to her. "If this is another one of those dumb jokes.." She started

Ithilwen sputtered and laughed, remembering one of her jokes from last week. "Oh..huhuh..~ No!" She rubbed her cheek and let her smile fade some before coming back "As much as I wish it was, it's not! I'm serious. I must take you dancing! We'll take a break from this and we'll go dancing, okay?"

Emut's mouth opened and closed in an effort to object. But Ithilwen put her finger on her lips.

"Ssshhhh. I am the teacher and I know best..~ Tomorrow night! In the Pink and Blue Villa! A good friend of mine is aspiring to be a bartender. He's been spreading word to everyone so everyone will be there." Ithilwen shrugged as if it wasn't a big deal. But it was, and she'd been excited for this bash for over a week. "I'm gonna teach you how to dance." She said with finality. Then, with a wave, she hummed, hopped and swayed away.

Emut sighed and slowly sat down in the sand while rubbing her temples.

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The Pink and Blue Villa was alive with Zenithian nightlife. The area was large, grassy, and walled so that its guests were contained. There were bars and seating sections set up everywhere and like any party there was a main mass of bodies that moved to the low but skin tingling music. Trees were dotted along the walls, shimmering with glowing insects and blooming with luminescent flowers. The party was alive with color and a range of emotions. Beings could be seen stumbling and giggling with intoxication, preoccupied with another in secluded corners, or absorbed in the bass of the music.

Emut gulped at the entrance to the Villa before glancing over at the horizon. The sun was long gone. Usually she would be home, settled into a cup of sweet tea, relaxing, and enjoying time with her family. But not tonight. Tonight she was scantily dressed(at the prompting of Ithilwen) and nervous at the sudden change in routine. "How can someone so skilled in all things magic indulge themselves in things like this..?" Emut mumbled to herself while taking her first steps toward the mass of dancing people. She felt that Ithilwen would be right at the center of it. "She should be home.." Emut whispered to herself as she breached the crowd and had to almost fight her way through, her cheeks staining red as hands and body parts brushed her numerous times. Then, a blue skinned being turned to her and grabbed her hand to spin her this way and that before letting her go while chuckling happily. Emut teetered to a stop while trembling and hugging her hand to her chest "Studying.." She breathed.

"Emut!" came a familiar voice from the crowd. She spun and turned to meet the voice only to see a flurry of hands and three wide eyes. She was embraced, tightly and then held at arms length by her shoulders. It was a grinning and flushed Ithilwen
"You came! I thought you wouldn't!" She laughed, seeming breathless. "Do you like it?" her eyes widened eagerly and she bounced on her toes while her hips kept swaying to the beat.

Emut, her senses swirling from everything going on, furrowed her brows and looked her Master up and down. A blush crossed her face. Ithilwen was barely dressed. One wrong move and.. she dragged her gaze back up to three shimmering eyes "Uuuhhm.. It's nice..! A-a little skimpy for my tastes but.." She was interrupted by her Master's bubbling laughter.

"No! The party! Do you like the party?!" With a flick, Ithilwen turned her student around and hugged her inappropriately close. "It's beautiful isn't it? So many people enjoying themselves!" She noticed how tense Emut was but ignored it, continuing to bop to the low music and gaze at the people enjoying themselves.

There was a long lapse between shared words. Then Emut squirmed out of Ithilwen's hold and turned to face her "So! I'm here to learn right? Let's get to it then shall we?" She smiled an uncomfortable smile.

"Oh! Yes! Dance!" The female triclops snatched Emut's hand and pulled her close before sling-shotting her into a group of dancing peoples while she stuck close behind.

Ithilwen sang and danced and twirled Emut, encouraging her to let go.
"Let go..! And don't try to Let go! Just.. Let go! Feel it! You have to feel!" She would say in bits and snippets.
Emut was spun and twirled, dipped and hugged. It was extremely uncomfortable for her but after a while, her shoulders grew tired from being so tense and her feet started to her from trying to anchor herself in one spot. So out of exhaustion, she stopped caring and let herself be taken. Then, in her third hour of being at the party, she was giggling and dancing. She held hands with Ithilwen and warmed at the eager approval in all of her eyes.
"Yes! I see you, flower! Bloom!" Ithilwen grinned while swirling around her.

Emut grinned. She bounced. She was breathless. She felt weightless.

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"Whenever you're ready you can start.."

The sun peeked over the horizon and gulls cried while gliding over the shallow waters. The sky was purple and blue, detailing what time of day it was.
Ithilwen sat on a sand dune with her legs crossed and her hands gently holding her ankles. All three of her eyes were trained on her student, Emut, who was breathing in and out with her eyes closed and her palms facing the sky.

The Triclop's eyes fluttered in annoyance. "Emut. Enough of that. Let go.

Emut winced and glanced at her teacher. "Sorry.." She murmured while sheepishly puling her gaze away. "Habit.." She said to herself in a low voice. Then, standing up straight, she shook herself out and sighed while gazing out at the ocean.
Inhaling, Emut began to move. She slowly turned on the spot and made waves and circles with her arms. She pushed left, right, diagonally and forward while gently rolling her head. The water in front of her purred and jumped when she moved. It curled and rose as she swayed her arms and turned her fingers. And as Emut progressed through her dance, the water danced through the air as if entranced with her, eager to follow her will.
Emut herself grinned and laughed breathlessly, her eyes wide as she gazed at the water that moved to her signals. She felt as if a weight was lifting off of her mind, and restraints were being pulled from her arms.

Ithilwen grinned and watched as her student squealed happily and began dancing and twirling along the beach, the water twining through her fingers and curling around her arms.

"There you are flower.. I see you bloom.."