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Zenith Rising



a part of Zenith Rising, by Exodyus.

Descorp Hq- Rhynn's Hammer Mobile Island

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Mobile island fortress, point defences and patroling guards.
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Descorp Hq- Rhynn's Hammer Mobile Island



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#, as written by Grahf
The Whisper caught an updraft, the small twin rotor craft rocked slightly, to the groaning displeasure of it's sole occupant. Sleek, black and armed with a CIWS 20mm auto-cannon, the Whisper was perfect for the kind of mission it's pilot was on, search and destroy....capture if possible. Banking to the left, the thud-thud-thud of the blades cutting the air, the craft headed towards it's destination, as the pilot thinks back on the least few hours.


"What do you mean 'expendable'? You tellin me I got carte blanche to off some civvies, as long as they ate toting one of these parasites about? How is that even legal?" the speaker was a man named David, or Relic as his business associates code-named him. His tone suggested both confusion and incredulous. "See, last I heard, they hung you for murder. I don't do well with neck ties, 'specially not the lethal kind."

"Now, now. Leave the legality of the situation to us, Mr. Peirce." replied the small man in his fancy black suit, a faceless corporate drone. "These are wanted criminals, possessors of dangerous weapons of mass destruction. Rather than a would be a hero."

"Don't feed me bullshit and tell me it's Corn Flakes. Heroes get to be heroes by not survivin'. 'Sides, I figured this Op was gonna be quiet, hush-hush crap. You DO want these 'weapons of mass destruction' for your vaults, so the science boys can put 'em out on store shelves next spring, right?" Relic was no fool. He did dirty work for a company responsible for the manufacture and sale of some of the nastiest weapons mankind had to use on itself. These people wanted these parasites so they could turn a profit...before someone else had the same idea.

Before the drone could argue, a set of hands began to clap. Slowly, accompanied by slow even steps, "Bravo. Bravo, give this man a cigar. Relic, you have been with us, what..ten months? And you already see right through our bullshit. I am glad we hired you, honestly, I am." the speaker came from the shadows, from a place where David KNEW there was no door. The Boss liked to mess with people. "Yes, we want the shards. And if we can't have one can. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yeah Boss, crystal. You want to be the biggest kid in the sand box, and don't want anyone else to get the new toy. I get it." he tried for calm, indifference, but knew he came across afraid and snarky- because he was afraid, and didn't like it. The Boss had a way, some strange thing he did, that let him see inside you. The dead eyes, the mask of skin, it all seemed to fall away and let the black thing within see your very soul. It had happened the first time they had met, David hoped to never have a repeat.

"I am glad we can see eye to eye on this. Failure is not an O͆͑͐̒҉̡̼̺͍̘̰̳͚P̨͋ͩ̍̃̐̇ͫ̐ͯ̓̃̈ͧ̾̆̄͏̛̻͔͖͓̲̟̻̭T̍ͫ̀ͫ̿͡͏͓̬̼͍̥I̴̧̢̪͓̖̘͙̞̹̺̹̦͑̓͑͐͋ͅǑ̝̬̠̲̣̗͔̩͗̋̀̎̂̃̀̽ͯ̍ͭ͌͘Ņ̢͇͇̟͈̠̫̲̤̞͓̞̬͇͚͍͙̺̘̮ͩ͌͊ͮͪ͢" the last word caused the air to distort, seeming to flex and bend before rippling back to normal. David noticed his breath coming out faster, and with little puffs of steam- the ambient temperature had dropped several degrees. Nox's mask of flesh smiled, and the monster even winked before stepping back into it's shadows to disappear. "Bring me a sample, or bring me ashes. Do not fail me."

"We will be providing you with top of the line gear and a hefty service bonus-" the drone begins, speaking in the same overly calm voice that they all used. David tuned him out, focusing on the spot where the Boss had faded. That thing was scary as hell. In the first meeting, as the creature named Nox peered into his soul...he got a peek right back. It was part of the deal, how those things worked. 'Gaze into the abyss and the abyss gazes into you' kinda shit. What he saw still gave him nightmares.

Nox was old. Older than this world, hell maybe as old as time itself. That thing had seen planes and universes grow and die, it's taint spreading always in chaos. Operating from the shadows at times, running the show at others, it was never far from the point of the most carnage. The peek in David got showed him more than he could understand, leaving him with more questions than answers...but it was enough. He felt to know the whole story would be the death of his mind. His time spent here, working for what he thought of as the devil, was fine- the work was challenging, the pay was good, the perks were endless. ALready he had ben upgraded twice...they implanted special armor plates in his body, grown from his own DNA to resist rejection. These people were top of the line...but greedy.

"You will be fitted with an Ocelot Pattern suit, and granted any weapons you need. More will be available by drops. Is there any questions?" the drone finished up, as David snapped back from his daydreaming. The drone was just a 'bot. A computer with a face, supposed to be easier for the public to interact with. WHoever thought that was an idiot. Just standing there, blinking even though it's optics needed no moisture. The drones were creepy as shit. PR was full of morons. "Mr. Peirce?"

"Stop calling me that. I told you, Relic will do, it's the name you fools print on my checks." he sighed, pinching the space between his eyes. Talking to the Boss left one with a slight headache, worse yet if he talks in that...odd way. Throbbing in his temples, he just wanted a shower and a bite to eat. "Yeah, I got I got time for chow?" he nodded at a wall clock, indicating the time.

"Departure is in four hours, be at the pad or pay will be reduced. The deployment of one Whisper Class air striker has been allowed." the drone nods, and turn to go, leaving David alone in the room. Today just was not looking to be a fun day. He would be issued an information packet at the time of his launch- these corporate types were so paranoid. As of now, this Op was in the black- Need to know, only. If you didn't need to didn't. With a grumble, and a small sigh, David exits the room, hoping to grab a quick snack.

He was reminded of a similar mission, one of his first. Sneak into a hive of dangerous Xenos, steal an egg...get out. He had lost half of his team in the first hour, the rest on the way out of the nest. His survival was only made possible by tripping the last member of the those things would be slowed. This time there was no one to trip..he was going alone. Things were going to be mighty interesting.