Juliet Little

"My new life begins now - I'm never going to be anyone's 'traffic chick' ever again!"

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Name: Juliet Little

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 23


Personality: Julie is a woman who does not learn from experience. This flaw haunts her through every aspect of her life and she's aware of it, but makes the same mistakes as though they're all bad habits. She's too trusting of people despite how many times others screw her over, yet she's distrusting of every relationship and makes the same mistakes that end all of them. She has the habit of getting roped into a relationship because of their appearance and not their personality and will know that they are not right for her many months before it ends. She's organised in some aspects of her life and a total wreck in others. She makes lists and post-it notes which she sticks around everywhere to remind her of things because she knows how forgetful she is, a habit her mother forced upon her. When it comes to outings and events, she is always late and disorganized. When it comes to work, everything is on time and to the best of her ability. She's also a total klutz who breaks everything. And she's a terrible cook who always burns the rice.

She worries about her appearance constantly and won't leave the house without her make-up on and her clothes neat and presentable. It's because of how much she stresses about her image that she enjoys voice acting instead of being in front of the camera. She doesn't have to worry about presentation. She's currently battling against her addiction to social media.

Despite her seemingly shallow attitude, Julie is deeply passionate about environmental issues and has volunteered in undeveloped countries. She's a vegetarian and has a dozen rules in place to make sure she lives more eco-friendly than most.

To sum up, Julie seems like a charismatic and intelligent (in the book-smart sense) person when you first meet her. Get to know her, and you'll become aware of how much of a self-destructive stress head she is and how she can be a complete ditz, which she is aware of, but can't seem to break away from.


- That crappy music that plays on commercial radio stations that go DUV DUV DUV DUV DUVDUVDUVDUVDUVDUV ding DAHAHDHADHADOASDNS y'know the ones?
- Fitting in
- Voice acting
- Travelling
- Nature (particularly animals)
- Boardgames
- Being in a relationship


- Mumbling
- Snakes and spiders
- Keeping secrets
- People with complete disregard for environmental issues/social issues like racism, sexism, etc.
- Being unproductive
- Cold weather
- Her old job

Occupation: "Traffic chick" - Radio Presenter (*ahem* Late occupation - she'll find someplace else to work. You'll see...)

Background: Julie has lived a fairly comfortable life. She's lived in Queensland, Australia, for as long as she can remember. The eldest of her three brothers by six years, she was both a good and terrible role model by studying hard and coming out as the top of every class... then sneaking out to parties and coming home with hangovers she was too young for. Her rebellious phase eventually ended after she broke away from some bad friends and her boyfriend for two years (who was a prick, but an attractive one) cheated on her and they separated. Unfortunately, her bad luck in relationships did not end there and after a string of twelve or so unsuccessful attempts at romance she finds herself swearing off men - a vow which she always seems to keep for a month at most.

While that issue was (and still is) ever present in her life, she majored in broadcasting while doing a media and communications course at uni that lasted three years. She was immediately picked up by a station that came to the university to find a talent and with her scores being the highest in her class, she was given away. She's been working as the "traffic chick" for two years now (as well as other odd jobs, such as filling in for sick people etc) but Zeritau will be her big break. She was pulled aside by her boss and asked if she could be their inside eye to the project and instead of doing traffic she'll call up and report on her experiences with monsters, even going so far as to upload vlogs on the station's website. Julie highly suspects that the reason they asked her to do the videoing is because of her face. When she comes back, she has to have a presentation prepared. If she can do this, her popularity among listeners will certainly grow and he'll be willing to let her co host with a much more well known radio presenter in a talk show.

Though she's in the broadcasting industry, her passion is voice acting. She has too little faith in herself to audition for something big and instead lends her voice out to independent animators online as a hobby. She's also taken singing lessons ever since she was a small child but is too shy to show anybody and is just grateful that they helped train her voice.

So begins...

Juliet Little's Story


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Oschenhauer started to take fraying steps through the eating hall; she orbited the tables and barely noticed the chairs, in some cases stubbing her toe on a chair or pulsing into a worden frame by coincidence. She was caught up in a storm of peach, white, blue, green, red and yellow faces, locomoting quickly towards the exit; they leant like skyscrapers over her; often it felt like she wasn't notices at all. She aligned to the somewhat magnetic flow; the voices coagulated into one monotonous mumble but she might hear the occasional murmur. The ferreting floor quickly came dimmed with footprints. Suddenly as voice, undimmed in its competing enthusiasm, started to inform everyone dogmatically through the tannoy, without a trace of indolence from the long journey. Oschenhauer looked up in order to locate the speaker:

"Can we have everyone's attention here?", Oschenhauer was hesitant to pause, and due to the large cogency of the people: she found it arduous to do so regardless.

"Please remain quiet as we explain some final things." Not many fell quiet,though Oschenhauer was already soundless.

"We will lead you all to your new homes so we ask everyone to remain together to prevent anyone from getting lost. But we will explain some new things here, the currency this town uses will be known an Rell. Rell is a currency planning to be used by both monsters and humans, you will all receive 100,000 Rell and you are all expected to work to earn more. Now, please follow us as we lead you all to your new homes."

There were a few phantasmal screams. Going along her path: she wondered if this would be commonplace. The only boon of transport she carried was the satchel on her back.
Somewhat miraculously: Oschenhauer reached a wall. She affected the wall by trying to steal the paint with her nail. She regarded it curiously, and continued to hug the wall as she walked in order to map it out. Her nails became somewhat sore when they transitioned from a mortar surface onto a metal surface: she'd found a door that seemed to have its own habit of becoming agape and shut. She'd seen nothing of the sort, and unlike the boat which she was quite well versed on: she couldn't know the door.

When the mouth of the door opened: an orange faced being with a peculiar orifice on his forehead, trembling hands and large claws, entered into a dimly lit sort of cage which the door had opened up to. Oschenhauer tried to be noneffective; arms hanging at her sides like limp weights, and planted her back against the wall to lean backwards.

"I'd rather not go in here by myself; I'm agoraphobic" it argued, volume uneven.

Another orange faced being with and extended nose pursued the first being into the lift

"You're not going alone; of course I'm coming as well!" the other monster scolded with a stiff authority and cogency.

"Why is no one else using the lift?" the initial monster queried, frowning in the general direction of the second, putting his hand on top of his head and cycling it.

The monster gestured with its hand towards a nearby window: "Perhaps they'd like to appreciate the view", it contemplated.

"Or perhaps it's because this is the disabled lift and the disabled people would take longer to get here." it extended on the options, almost as if haggling.

Oschenhauer looked up at them at this point with narrow eyes. Her upper lip stuck out for piscean effect.

"You look like an angry fish." the first monster criticized of her. 'Would you like to use this lift as well?"

"If it is not a bother" she responded with a spark of enthusiasm. Quickly she rebounded off of the platform and adjoined to the lift group with an electrical faculty. Once in: the door closed slowly after, until the light level was low, intimate and caliginous. The agoraphobic monster must have felt a melancholy, for it shivered. On the machine before the door: the agoraphobic monster chose out a button and pressed it acutely with his index.

"Lift going down" ; Oschenhauer couldn't tell who was speaking. The person giving on-board instructions was clearly a male. This voice was dimmed, electronic, generic and feminine. It came from above; she found a speaker, noting it as a probable source.

The room looked metropolitan; there was a plastic wall of foamy marble and a defective mirror. A black bar went to the edges of the lift; it was beveled twice.

Air ran through the room and she could only feel part of the front due to the two gargantuan windshields. Static and silence passed through the room while the lift was travelling. There was an illusion of a fine, fine second that passed to another fine, fine second that was in fact one second. The lift scratched at something minutely; behind the doors she could hear cars hurrying and a second wave of people jargon. The orange monster, brown in the arcs cast by the lift, grunted, and thus spoke:

"Well; I guess that means we've made it in one piece" he seemed to confess this with some guilt.

"It's an irrational fear, the doctor said" the non-agoraphobic monster cajoled him, putting an arm around his shoulder blade.

The agoraphobic monster perceived the small Oschenhauer again, smiling obtusely and warmly, and inquiring:
"Will we see you again?"

"I can hope so" Oschenhauer responded with a fleck of light in her voice, "For what it's worth: it's been pleasant meeting you"

"I'll bet you don't say that a lot" the monster noticed, with lucid humor about his investigation.

"You was would be right", and with that, Oschenhauer beamed at the man. The lift became agape once more, and the couple of monsters departed. Oschenhauer looked around: there were limousines, Beatles and automobiles in a disparity of colors, though mainly white red and black. There were people walking around, navigating the maze of cars like ramblers, perhaps in order to find a vehicle that belonged to them. The doors almost closed on Oschenhauer before she remembered to get out.

She took an inquisitive gaze both ways, discovering an abrasive and burnished metal stairwell existing dead-left from which people had descended. She resolved that this was it; this was where she may depart. Then, she became once again not entirely convinced once she noticed the anarchistic roar of an engine, pulsing with metal envy.

"So, where may the people leave?" she observed.


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Oschenhauer was finally there: at an abode, a garden for her possessions. She briefly recollected what she’d just activated.

A noise apparatus was sounding on her wrist; today could very well be the one of which it was willed for the wave machine, the boat, to start undulating and moving away but it was the wristwatch that came out as the successor of the noise, circulating and giving decay at regular intervals. The wristwatch was slightly coarse from non-use and the salt crunched about under the level of the minute-hand as it ticked. It took her back to when she was at the port, having just left the mariner. The far sea bore some waves that clashed with the distant granite rocks and incinerated into but foam.

Out the window there were also ice clouds to burden the civilians with a wintry attack. She remained superstitious of pollution in Watauchi; her first impressions with it were not good.

There were a few too many chemicals in the food, chemicals in the air, chemicals in the buildings, chemicals in the asbestos, chemicals in the pipes, chemicals in the sea, chemicals in the road, chemicals in the people, chemicals in the drinking water. Oschenhauer exclaimed about the chemicals; spurned them, burdened them with being the acrid killer of such a beautiful country, she knew from the few mountains she'd seen that the original inhabitants, now specters as they were belated by the great enterprise of civilization: were much better. Her first impressions made her eyes sharp, relentless; they looked like they’d turned into guillotines that diced the area around her with an immense caliginous fray. The result was a coup de grace on the fragile, inspired emotions of the monsters around her; seeing her undid their day, which was quite blithe, up until that universe called Oschenhauer had to ruin it for them.

Oschenhauer had left the boat, drumming her feet across the metal walkway. She’d recalled the man behind her stared largely down at the little cockroach, making marmalade out of the small substance in between his clenched fists; it was probably substituted for some sort of vicious scolding he would have gave to the little pipsqueak. Oschenhauer discontinued the noise when she was on left ground, and with no one in front of her: she quickly assailed the furthermost pole that was on the walkway after zipping over to it, like a grasshopper and a thunderbolt.

Now: there she was, in her house. Her conversation with the man was brief, but it was informative. It may have been the facts that had made her day blue as well. Now: she’s been looking at her watch, trying to escape the gnawing feeling of dread which came with the reason in the man’s words. She was in a clustered street, she owned a property, there was no front lawn; but all of this seemed irrelevant when the man said:

“There is no higher education for Ids included in the Zeritau project. It sounds immoral, but please try to understand: we don’t know how to finance it, we don’t know how tangible it is, we don’t know what to put on your curriculum.”

The real confusion came with what “Finance”, “tangible” or “curriculum” even meant. Oschenhauer didn’t know about economics, she didn’t know about politics, and she knew nothing of a “curriculum”; Oschenhauer was home-schooled. She remembered how the commune had seemed to encourage her and her friends to part ways to go travelling; and then: she felt that she was ruined, spurned.

“But with being spurned” said aloud, and her frown seemed to somersault into a smile: “Comes freedom”.

She was in her house, lying on her floor cross-legged as no appliances were installed, and she furrowed her brow at freedom. There were no appliances or surfaces in her house at the moment, expected to pay for those on her own; however: she had an oven, shower, kitchen desktop, washing machine and bed. How terribly empty it all was. She was in fact mediating on freedom as she respited there, with her eyes closed so that she wouldn’t have to believe that she was there. She’d haphazardly placed the credit card containing her Rell on the floor.

She embraced that word: freedom, that material world with no metaphysical “laws” that caught her up in real chains. Anytime, anywhere, any place, anyhow, any when; people would object, but these objections would be nothing but noise. Then: she realized that in this world: others could do the same; people that were not virtuous, those who craved infinite simplicity, infinite peace or silence. Those silence-people were to get arms, and legs, and build up the means to silence; no other means to definite silence was there, than death. Furthermore: death to Oschenhauer, as she herself was quite boisterous.

Oschenhauer no longer could stand the thought of a concrete wilderness; she’d hoped for it to be liberating, but in the end it just felt dangerous. Oschenhauer wanted freedom, not dangerous freedom.

“But freedom is danger, and makes us thirsty to oppress other freedoms” Oschenhauer piped up. If Freedom were a person: he or she would be a vicious, megalomaniacal killer; it would be a highly seductive, tempting person who would reel you in and moments later leave you as a cadaver.

After that: she stopped thinking about freedom, as she no longer wanted it to occupy her time.

She got to her feet: she would go outside and properly explore the neighborhood. Surely there ware non-indoctrinated citizens out there too, who were looking for an honest friend. On this impoverished street: it was more than likely.


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"Hell-o, d'you recognise me? It's Jules, your local traffic chick --- aaand I have some exciting news for you. Has the mess on Mitchell Freeway been cleared? Is the traffic light on Bo through to Blackbourne? Has the entire week been accident free? Well - I wouldn't be able to tell you any of that. Why? Hm, that must be because I'm right here at Japan's very own Watauchi City!"

A camera raised above the heads in a crowd, shaking about in crazed celebration. Above the buzzing chatter, the shrill "whoooo-ing" of a woman could be heard. The camera suddenly ducked back down from view.

"That's right, I've been sent on a very special mission to report not the traffic of this fantastical place, but the progress of the experiment. Will humans and monsters peacefully coexist? Well, you and I are going to find out. You, from the safety of your own home, and me - from, aha, right here at the front lines."

"Can we have everyone's attention, please?"

"Looks like the experiment of the century's about to get started! Wish me luck!"




Juliet Little re-watched the footage for the eighth time, sitting cross-legged on her bed. Every few seconds, she would pause the video, her heart would drop, and she'd play it again. Photos were ugly, but not as evil as film. A film was hundreds, no, thousands of pictures all jammed together to make one, big, moving photo. So many unflattering moments were immortalized and all you had to do was pause for one to be revealed.

She fell back on her bed, raising the camera above her head. After preparing a big, attractive grin, she pressed record.

"Well, this is me!" she chirped painfully, turning the camera left to right to see the bare room in its entirety, "Small, grey and boring. I only just moved in, so..." she faltered and seized up for a moment. After some time she swallowed, then breathed in before grinning and beginning again with forced enthusiasm, "Well, this is me! Small, grey and full of potential! Things are pretty hectic right now." Her eyes glanced to the clock in the room. "I'll explore tomorrow. Need to find a job, too. It's a new beginning, alright. Well, this is really exciting, and I'm so happy to be apart of this. This is Jules signing off from the first day at Watauchi City - g'night, Australia!"

As soon as the camera stopped recording she sat up, peeled from her bed and knelt down beside her laptop in the corner of the room. She plugged the camera in and began syncing the footage to the computer before standing and glancing back to the clock. She wrote on a sticky note and left it on her lava lamp beside her bed. After a moment of dawdling without reason, she took her pyjamas and toiletry bag from her unsorted luggage and brought her phone with her into the bathroom. A notification went off in her pocket and she ignored it. While showering, another notification startled her.

She walked into the kitchen, her damp hair creating a wet patch on the back of her pyjama shirt. She opened the pantry to see what was already stocked; canned food, porridge, sugar, rice and pasta. She took out the containers of rice and pasta and weighed them up in her hands as she made a decision. When she went to put the rice back, it lightly tapped against the shelf. This tap was just enough for the container to slip from her trembling hand and hit the ground. The hit was just enough for the lid to pop out and the contents of the container to go spraying all over the kitchen floor. That was just enough to make Juliet curse. Repeatedly.

A notification - a text message.

She snatched her phone from her pocket and looked at the screen. She paused, her lips pursing as she saw what messages she had missed. She checked the time then unlocked the screen and dialed a number.

["Good, it's you. Wait, we'll put you on hold."]

Juliet walked over to the table, placing the container of pasta on its surface. Her long fingernail tapped the side of the plastic impatiently in time with the second hand of the clock upstairs, a complete coincidence. Her breath was too loud.

In a snap, music and laughter sounded over the phone. Her drooping eyelids opened and her head perked, her slouched shoulders rolling outwards.


Two voices chimed, followed by a chorus of cheering children.

"Heyyyyy!!" Juliet responded, her character dramatically changing from the agitated woman she was just before.

["Jules, are you there?"] A cheerful male voice asked.

"Yes, I'm here."

["How's our favourite traffic gal doing?"]

"Good, good thanks. I'm good."

["Soooo, I heard you have something very exciting to tell us."] A woman's voice. Provocative. A much more mature tone than Juliet. Speaking of, Juliet had no idea what she just said.


["You OK?"]

"Oh - yes!" Juliet eased herself into talking naturally, "I'm great, just -whew- flat out at the moment. I just arrived in Watauchi City, and I got my house, and rice is everywhere -"

["Is that a joke?"] The woman laughed before asking.

"No, really. Rice is everywhere." Juliet lowered the phone and ran her toes through the grains. "[("Di-")]I doubt you can hear it, but just know [("Uh-")] that things are working out [("Did -")] exactly the way I expected them to."

["Did I hear Watauchi City?"] The man at last managed to cut in with rehearsed interest. ["You mean, the city created for the Zeritau project?"]

The formalities are over. Onto the story.

"You heard right, Reg!" Juliet squeaked, "I'm here with 900 000 other humans AND monsters at what may be the biggest turning point in human - and monster - history! Or at least, the most incredible."

["That. Is. Amazing! Wooow, can you believe it?"] The woman. ["Can you tell us about the process? We're all yearning to hear what is happening."]

"Well, we've each been assigned a house. We have our own currency, too - Rells. Everyone starts off with 100 000 - everyone, regardless of what social standing they had outside of this city." She paused to think. "Tomorrow, I think I'll be looking out for a job... along with everyone else in the city. Haha."

The man laughed. ["But you have a job, you're with us!"]

The woman joined in laughing. ["You're OUR Jules!"]

Juliet mimicked them. "That won't help me here!"

The laughter faded out and the man's tone softened, but Juliet could sense another change in his voice. A subtle, hurried one. He was drawing the interview to a close. ["Well, we just want to let you know how brave we think you are, Jules. It's incredible what you're doing. Is there anything you want to say about it? What do you think about the entire situation? You're there, do you think that humans and monsters really will get along?"]

"Well, I..." A notification. "... I haven't seen any issue so far."

["Uh-huh. None?"]

"None. I..." Juliet looked at her rice covered feet, her toes curling. "... I think if monsters and humans can live together happily, then... people should, too."

["Aww. Ain't that right."] Any sentiment that could have been was immediately washed out with electronic music and exaggerated empathy. ["Well, that's all we have time for. If you want to see Jules' fantastic adventure, go to the website http://www.93.8/JulesZeritau.com.au. She'll be updating her Vlog - daily, is it, Jules?"]


Harsh laughter sounded through the phone and Juliet coiled away. ["Sounds about right! Check it out!"]

["Well, thanks for your time Jules."] The man. ["We'll see you... when will we see you?"]

"In two years."

["Whoa! Don't go forgetting us!"]

I don't know you.

["Right, see you not-so-soon!"]




Juliet was greeted by her notifications.

Mum (12), Liam (4), Ruben (1)

She rubbed her throat and opened the messages.


Hey, Julie, I've been thinking. The long distance relationship? It doesn't work with me. I know you waited for me while I was in Canada, I know, but this is something completely different. I just want to have the freedom to see others while you're gone without feeling guilty. Heck, this is two f**king years, for christs sake. You've got to give me a break!



Hey Julie, I'm sorry. I didn't want to do this over text but you were too excited when you got on the ship. I didn't have the heart to do it then. But this is good for you too, right? Now you don't have to stay lonely while you're there. I mean, it isn't every day that you get the possibility of screwing around with a monster, right? Go find one of those cat boys you like so much, you freakazoid haha.



OK, fine, I was being rude. I just want to say that you're amazing, really, and I am going to miss you. But the thing is, the longer you're gone, the less I'm going to miss you. I don't want to miss out for someone who may not be the one, you know? You know it too. If when you come back and we're both lonely, maybe we can try again. I just don't want us both to be waiting for nothing.



I can hear you on the radio. It's good to hear that you're having fun. I'll miss your voice telling me to turn right or left at Blackbourne. :)



The smile blurred.


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Juliet's body woke before her head did. Her toes and fingers twitched, her eyebrows and nose scrunched and her hips shuffled her further beneath the sheets. She remained on the edge of sleep, enjoying the feeling of drowsiness, until she was disturbed by something wet bubbling at the side of her mouth and dampening the pillow. She grunted and rolled over, wiping her lips with the palm of her hand. Her eyelids opened reluctantly to make out the hazy yellow shape of something on her lava lamp. Her squinting, sleep crusted eyes tried to make out her own handwriting from where she lay, but she gave up after a short time and plucked the post-it note from the lamp and sat up on her bed. She fetched her glasses from the bedside table and cleaned them carelessly on her shirt before popping them on and focusing on the single word that had been underlined a dozen urgent times.


Juliet glanced at the clock in the room. "F**k," she said and dashed from her bed to her closet.

The morning routine was a mess, but a familiar one. She rinsed her retainer, turned on her hair straightener, brushed her hair as she chucked porridge and milk into a bowl and threw it into the microwave, ran back upstairs to speed change and briefly straighten her hair then ran back downstairs just in time to beat the microwave all while commentating with the occasional "F**k", "Motherf**ker" and "AGH".

She ate her porridge leisurely over fifteen minutes, responding to her mother's texts and checking out her vlog that she had updated last night after editing the footage for two hours. The video had turned out decent as an introduction and many had already commented, more than she had seen the other night. (The young woman had forced herself awake despite being exhausted from the flight, constantly refreshing the page to see the new comments. The thought that people were watching her video while she was trying to sleep kept her up even later.) Most of the commenters were people responding to hate on the Zeritau project and the monsters, the other majority of the comments were from people genuinely excited about the project, and... ah, there they were. The comments that completely ignored what the video was about and instead focused on her. Comments on topics such as how hot she was, or how fake she was, and a particularly raunchy comment about how someone can't wait to see her get her freak on with... ... ... how many likes did that get?!

Juliet shut her laptop and dumped her dishes in the sink with such force, the bowl chipped. She staggered over to the bathroom and scrubbed at her teeth until foam spilled down her chin then put in her contacts. She smothered her flushed face with foundation, dabbed an annoying pimple on her forehead with BB cream before hiding it beneath her fringe, hid her red eyes with eyeshadow and mascara and painted on her lips. At last she sprayed a cloud of perfume and walked through it on her way to grab her camera, recorder, resume and handbag. She left the house, locking the door behind her, then turned her camera on and realised with a stomach churning jolt that she had forgotten to charge it the other night.

"Aw," she blanked out, then tossed her head back wildly to the door. She waved her tense hands around in circular motions as she shook it away. "Aw, it's fine."

She checked for food between her teeth in her phone before smiling sheepishly at the camera and pressing record.

"Hell-o!" She waved. "I'm back again. I told you that I was going to go exploring and well -" she pointed the camera down at her feet and clicked her heels together, "- I've so far made it to the front doorstep. Haha." The camera raised and panned the streets. "People are already out and about now." The place felt so empty compared to the cities that Juliet was used to. Perhaps because of the significantly smaller number of people inhabiting it, but that was not all. In cities, the atmosphere was buzzing with energy, like everyone was out on their own mission. Here, nobody had found that mission yet. This is something that Juliet silently contemplated to herself, but did not say aloud for the camera. In a panic, she realised that she had remained silent for too long and had a low battery she needed to conserve. She immediately focused the camera back on her, but found that she had nothing to say, so turned the camera off.

Some time later, she walked out of a small store with a map and flier in hand.

Longer than expected afterwards, she stood in front of Matauchi's broadcasting station.

She pushed through the glass doors clumsily and approached the front desk, where a woman with lilac tinted skin typed away at a computer. Juliet plastered on a big genuine smile and leaned over the desk as she addressed her. "Oh, hello there. I'm here for the job interview - for the radio host? I'd like to fill in for the human position."

"Do you have any prior experience in this line of work?" The woman inquired with a sideways glance.

"Oh - uh, yes, hang on a minute, haha," Juliet fetched her resume and held it out, uncomfortably adverting her eyes as the woman took it with two extra hands and continued typing. "There!"

She skimmed it then handed it back. "First door to your left. Good luck, kid."

Juliet laughed airily as she took the resume back, tucking her hair behind her ear. "Thank you..." she drawed out as she disappeared through the next door. All the seats were empty. Juliet's eyes scanned all the seats hopefully and she was about to sit down when a lady with bleach blonde hair burst out of the bathroom, shaking her nearly dry hands in front of her. Juliet paused mid-seat, something she had no reason to do. The woman spotted her and her pink lips spread out into a charismatic smile. She wiped her hands on her thighs and approached Juliet with outstretched arms.

"Oh, hello there!" The woman called out with a strong Australian accent to her in mock-surprise. Juliet, finding herself cornered, walked up to her. "Are you here for the job too, love? Human or monster?"

"Hi!" Juliet greeted her confidently with the same forced surprise, grinning until the woman shoulder hugged her and was unable to see her uncomfortable expression. "And it's human - I'm a human."

"I know, I know love. I was joking, joking." The woman rubbed Juliet's arm good-naturedly, laughing loudly. "It's so easy to tell. Did you see the receptionist?" She whisper-shouted into Juliet's face.

"Aha - you're Australian?" Juliet asked. If the woman wanted small talk, she could humour her for a few minutes. This would be her first face-to-face conversation in days.

"So are you!" The woman's eyes and mouth stretched open. "Did you recognise my voice, love?"

"Your accent," she answered matter-of-factly, "You don't notice it until you step off the country. Should I recognise your voice?"

The woman gasped, waggling her finger. "Do you listen to the radio?"

It was obvious that the woman was a radio presenter, Juliet knew that much. She had interacted with many just like this woman... wasn't getting away from these people the reason she signed up to Zeritau?

"You're a radio presenter?" Asking obvious questions she already knew the answer to, because the listeners wouldn't know. These habits worked their way into her life.

"Of course, of course! I go by Liz, have you heard of me?"

"Liz, that's -" Juliet's insides squirmed with dread and she shifted her weight to her other foot. "Neo?"

"Mm-hm," the woman nodded with a glint in her eye, "And what station are you from, love?"

Juliet laughed - a defence mechanism. "Well, this is funny," she began, pretending to be embarrassed. "I work for 93.8." The woman's smile didn't drop, but instead turned hard. A tension settled over them and Juliet felt cold sweat pricking her forehead, followed by alarm bells ringing in her ears for her threatened foundation.

"That is funny," Liz began. Juliet smiled and gulped, the woman in front of her transforming into a spray-tanned sweet dipped in venom. "Ha! I suppose this makes us enemies now, doesn't it?" Juliet shook her head, a very small "Ahaha, no..." escaping from her lips. A burst of laughter shocked her and Liz repeatedly slapped her arm, giving a slight pain, as she repeatedly assured her, "I'm joking, I'm joking."

"I know," Juliet said and giggled unconvincingly.

"So, who are you then?" Liz asked, careful not to smudge her make-up as she wiped away tears with the back of her thumb.

"Julie. I mean, Jules. Sorry."

"Haven't heard of you. That's an issue, seeing as your profession calls for you to be heard." Those dismissive words had a bite. "You're a traffic chick, aren't you?"

Juliet was honestly shocked and impressed. "Ye - how did you know?"

"All traffic gals sound the same, love. Ha! What're they doing, sending you over to do a journalist's job? They must be terrified of sacrificing one of their leading talents to a monster's belly."

Juliet looked around in a panic for any monster that could have heard the loud mouthed woman, but there were none. A small flame whispered into her ear, but she waved it away and started stiffly, "That's -"

"I'm joking!" Liz barked, then chuckled in annoyance. She got out her cellphone and began to text something, muttering. "It's a joke. Geez." Juliet's mouth hung open as she watched her. "Stop that, you look stupid." She shut her mouth and bit her lip, her cheeks glowing. Something was definitely off about this woman, but now it was confirmed. Juliet really, really didn't like her.

"OK then," she said and went to go sit down, but before she could something stopped her.

"Well, it's obvious who got the job. You might as well be off."

She turned around sharply, an offended gasp caught in her throat. Her eyes darted to her right as though looking for someone to back her up, but she was alone. "Excuse me?" Liz just raised an eyebrow expectantly. Juliet stepped towards her, disbelieving. "The interview hasn't even started."

"Oh, don't look so hapless. I'm not being rude, just compare our qualifications." Liz scoffed. She turned her phone around for Juliet to see her vlog playing on the screen. "You're pretty though, I'll give you that. There's a reason they want you out here on camera instead of in there behind the mike."

There are moments in life in which you are so angry, you stop. You stand there, unable to move, doing nothing but sucking in oxygen to fuel the fire that rages behind your unblinking eyes. Juliet was in that moment. Functioning off too little sleep and balancing a stackful of bad days precariously upon her shoulders, the little flame had grown and found the strength to roar in her ears. This time, she listened.

"Fine," she replied softly.

Liz smiled in relief. "I knew you'd understand -"

"I wasn't talking to you."

Liz blinked, then laughed cruelly. "Then who are you talking to?!"

"That's it," Juliet flopped her arms at her side and shrugged. " ... You know what? I'm going to take a holiday from all of this bullshit. I don't even like this job, anyway. I don't like the way you speak. I don't like how I speak. This is it." Her hands motioned dramatically and her volume raised with passion, "No more radio, no more men, no more crap. I'm stuck in this bloody metropolis with FREAKING MONSTERS all around me -" she let out a short, honest laugh and her eyes lit up with the ridiculousness of it all, "I am so far removed from my old reality, I don't need any reminder of it! My new life begins now - I'm never going to be anyone's 'traffic chick' ever again!"

Liz stared at her, her lips slightly parted. Her dumbfounded expression soon morphed into a forced smile, "You done?"

"I am!" Juliet confirmed with a huff and her hands on her hips before storming over to the door, "Thank you!"

She swung open the door for an attractive silver-haired man with cat ears to nearly topple on top of her. "Oh! Hi, I was applying for the monster -"

She shouldered past him and ran out of the studio.




"What have I done?" Juliet moaned into her hands. She sat on the edge of a fountain, purposefully looking at her knees to avoid gawking at the different monsters that strolled past her, something that had gotten her in trouble before. The city felt more like a city already, like everyone had found their purpose in the short day it took for Juliet to lose hers. Everyone had taken down their 'staff wanted' signs and it turned out that most had been employed before anyone arrived at the city! Apparently, she had failed to fill out a specific form she probably lost, leaving her unemployed and at the mercy of whatever jobs were available whether they suited her skill set or not. But... just because this didn't turn out the way she wanted to, didn't mean that she should be discouraged! She walked out of here, it's not like anybody rejected her! She'd have to start handing out resumes next, that's all... oh, this took her back to her highschool years. There was no way that she was going back to working at a fast food joint, with all of that... meat and... ugh... no freaking way.

She glanced up to see a child throw a candy wrapper over his head, then notice her watching and stick his tongue out at her.

"Pick it up," she demanded sternly, death glaring the boy.

"No!" The boy replied with a little cheeky grin that made Juliet want to kick his face in.

"Pick it up. Something will choke on it." And then I'll be choking you.

"I want snakes to die!"

A reptilian man flinched from the boys claim and the mother hurriedly swooped him up under her arm, glancing at the eight foot tall creature nervously. Juliet raised from her seat, inwardly sighing as she felt the wet patch on her behind, and snatched the candy wrapper from the ground.

"Educate your children, would you?" She snapped at the woman and sat back down with a plomp. The sticky caramel left on the wrapper stuck to her shirt and she pulled it away, disgusted. She hid her face behind her hands and counted to three and smiled, taking the camera out of her handbag. She turned it on and pressed record.

"Well, I didn't get a job today, but -" It ran out of battery. "... It's fine."

Before she could put it away a rock, launched by the same littering child (but Juliet was not aware of that, as she didn't have the time to look) hit the camera. The hit was just enough for the impact to startle her. She was startled just enough for her shaking hand to send the camera flying. Luckily, her reaction time was just fast enough for the camera to be caught, however, unfortunately her coordination skills were just terrible enough for her to go sliding into the fountain in its place.

With her feet sticking up in the air, her camera saved and her head underwater, all Juliet could think was how lucky it was that she saved the camera... that was until she saw the familiar shape of her phone lying beside her.

Juliet's frustrated scream could be heard echoing throughout the entire city that day.


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Character Portrait: Anima Character Portrait: Juliet Little

0.00 INK

#, as written by Zalgo
Anima awoke as the morning rays made contact with it's smooth green form. The light refracted through it's semi-translucent mass, casting a wondrous cascade of shimmering green light all across the walls. It yawned and stretched it's tentacles out, it's body shifting as it pushed up from it's resting position.

"Ahn~ What a night."

It looked down at it's chosen resting spot. The bath tub seemed like the only real logical place to rest as it gave it a place where it could lay down and not have to worry about it's slime overflowing thanks to it's handy drain. It knew the house was probably going to be quite covered with slime before too long but it was still concerned about keeping up appearances. After all, what would happen were it to invite others over? If every time it opened the door slime flowed out into the street it's neighbors might find issue with that. With so many worries just thinking about them had Anima look down with a sigh of exhaustion from it's own troubles.

It was the start of a new day. Anima was rather excited to see where it'd be working. It'd finally be out on it's own, making friends and building a new life. Even if things didn't begin in ritz and glamour for it it could definitely appreciate the simpler novelties this city had to offer. As a farm slime the wonders of big city were sure to impress. It could only imagine all the neat things it might see on it's way.

Out the front door Anima began on it's way. It brought along with it it's bag of money which it held like a small purse in front of it. It begun down the street and continued on for some time. It was only after a while did something dawn upon Anima. It did not know the directions to the hospital it worked at. After some more traveling it came to a mortifying deduction: It was lost.

All at once it's fortune started down a steep decline. As humans passed by it they kept giving it weird looks as it went about in almost a panic. Anima was somewhat afraid of approaching these strangers as they didn't look too kind. Everything was much more scary as it lacked any certainty and was starting to fear it'd never find her way. As one man walked by it shyly came up to him, it's head low as his appearance intimidated it.

"H-hello sir, m-may I-I Puh-pl-please a-ask i-if-"

"Ugh, leave me be."

Before it could continue stammering out it's request in it's quiet, squeaky little voice the man coldly dismissed it with a look of disgust worn plainly on his face. The stranger turned and continued on, lengthening his strides to avoid any further contact with the pathetic creature.

Anima's confidence at this point was shot into tiny pieces. It just wanted to find a corner in which it could curl up and hide at this point but it couldn't even find that. Soldiering on out of desperation Anima continued approaching passersby, attempting to ask for directions to the hospital. Each time it was rejected with varying degrees of disgust as the normal human folk which seemed quite concentrated around this area all found it's form to be quite outside their realm of relatable monster morphologies.

"Get away from me you gross ball of goo."

"Ew! Disgusting."

"It even leaves a trail of slime. revolting."

"Take your damn slime somewhere else."

And many more such responses to it's pleas were all it received in return for it's efforts. After being told off by a tall lady in a sundress Anima couldn't withstand the pressure. All this negativity, all this loneliness and all this fear gripped it's poor little metaphorical heart. Putting itself close to the wall so it was relatively out of the way Anima huffed deeply, holding in a deep despair. This was until a strange young man approached it.

"Why hello there. What's the matter?"

The kind voice spoke. The fellow leaned down to eye level with the slime. He had a warm and friendly smile as well as short blonde hair. His clothes were definitely street clothes, nothing appearing much too expensive. Overall he had a casual and open demeanor which really helped Anima open up towards this decent stranger.

"Well you see I- I was just trying to find way my to the hospital when-"

As it was talking it was much too wrapped up in it's plight to notice the man reaching to grab it's bag of money before it was too late. With a sudden violent jerk the man yanked the bag from it's gentle, noodly appendages and set off in a dead sprint.

"Wah-Wait! Don't take that! Please!"

Anima cried out as it started trying to pursue the thief. By the time it had traveled the length of one of the outdoor tables in front of the cafe the man had already turned a corner and bolted down some filthy alleyway. As it became clear that it couldn't catch up even if it tried Anima slowed to a halt, the weight of it's situation crashing down on it emotionally.

Some time later...

Anima had wandered the streets until finally happening upon some place where people wouldn't kick it if it stopped moving. Anima sat at the edge of a fountain where another person seemed to be sitting. It didn't matter too much to Anima right now though as it was about to collapse, not from exhaustion but from sorrow. It simply sat down and looked down as it noticed the occasional droplet of goo dripping from it's face to the ground. It was tears of slime building at the corners of it's eyes.

As it saw that it was crying despite it's attempt at carrying itself with maturity the walls keeping it in broke down, letting the tears flow free. It covered it's face with the ends of it's tentacles, the green semi-fluid tears running through the spaces between it's limbs. It could help itself not but to let the soft squeaky sobs force themselves through. Even though it mainly took in air from all surfaces along it's body it found itself gasping in between bouts of intense crying.

Everything about coming to this city had just come out so much different than what it had hoped. All it's reservations had only been validated and compounded upon. It wanted to come out and see the world of the humans with it's own two eyes and now that it has it's begun to wish it had just stayed home at the farm where it knew it was loved and safe. It was a place where all was familiar and all it's friends were there.

In the first days it already had so much independence thrust upon it and Anima has made nothing but failure from it. Out in the city it was cold, not in temperature but in spirit. People did not take a liking to it's kind. It left Anima to wonder if there was something wrong with it. It was supposed to go and spread good will for slime kind and all it had done is made a fool of itself and lose what little it had to take. All it wanted to do was go home but no one would even give it the time of day. So much was so wrong there was little option but to simply let it's emotions flow as tears onto cold grey concrete.

As it was rather absorbed in it's own misery it had failed to notice the human woman nearby almost entirely until she let out a tremendous frustrated scream. Anima jumped in surprise at this sudden outburst, Letting out a short sharp squeak of surprise. Looking up through teary eyes it saw a woman filled with both anger and sadness. A sort of anger at the world which could only go unsatisfied. It was intimidated by this person given it's experience so far but not enough to flee. Despite it's general lack of observational abilities when it came to reading humans Anima felt that the woman did not seem to mean it any harm, at least not in a sufficient enough capacity to scare it away.

Tentatively it waited to see if the woman would react to it's brief note of surprise. It's head was hunched down by it's shoulders and it looked up at the lady through it's big, shiny, teary eyes which glistened as the light refracted through the slime. It's shy, worried face looked up at her like a rabbit cornered by a hunter, it's eyes seemingly pleading for her mercy if nothing else.


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0.00 INK

It was the start of a brand new day for Dan. Today marked the first night he has stayed inside Watauchi, and the start of his job. Before he had gotten on the boat, he was filling in a forum about his job preferences. Sadly there weren't many jobs that required full time physical labor so the second best thing he could do was be a cashier at the cities local SupeRdupeRmart. Of course he had half an hour to arrive so he was in no real rush.

Putting on his clothes, a large black coat, purple undershirt, brown pants and a cap. He then left his room and went downstairs to brush his teeth before heading to the kitchen and fixing himself a cup of instant noodles. Although he could head to his job in ten minutes he would rather take the time to exercise and explore the city for a bit. Once he left his home, cup of noodles in one hand, and a bottle of water in the other hand. He then began jogging as he decided to drink the contents of the cup instead of using a utensil.

As Dan was jogging, he could already tell that things in the city were not doing so well. he could hear insults directed to monsters, monsters directing insults to humans that insulted them. Heck even in the distance he could see a man robbing some sort of green slime monster in broad daylight. He was to far away to attempt to try and catch him. As if things couldn't get much worse, he heard a scream in the distance, a scream of utter anger. "What is going on in this city?...we have already begun the second day and already people are being assholes and people are randomly screaming in anger. Good grief, now I am curious to see what that scream was all about." He spoke to himself as he downed the last of the noodles in his cup and tossed it into a trash can that was a few feet away from him.

Dan soon arrived at a park which was where the source of the scream came from, looking around he noticed a fountain and near it he saw a woman who had her head sticking in the water and the same green slime monster that he had just seen get robbed was also there looking incredibly scared. He felt bad for the monster, already getting robbed by some random robber and it looks like it had the living daylights scared out of it, well since this program wanted people to get along then he was going to do just that. He began to walk over to the woman first and offered her a hand. "My name is Dan. Dan Irving. Sorry to randomly appear out of nowhere but I heard your scream miss. In any case nice to meet you." He decided to introduce himself to the woman then turned to the slime and did his best to give some sort of comforting smile. "Hey there, my name is Dan. Dan Irving. Sorry for what happened to you, I never expected this city to already be filled with people like him. Anyways nice to meet you...um...slime person?" He then greeted the slime, although he was confused on how to adress it.


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0.00 INK

Julet's mouth emerged from the fountain and sprayed out the water that had washed down the wrong pipe when she had gasped at the sight of her precious phone. The first thing she noticed was how freezing her head was and how warm the water was compared to being outside and assaulted by the breeze when she was wet. She smacked the video camera on the side of the fountain and tossed around to save her phone, that was already beyond saving. After attempting to revive it by pressing every button, slapping it against her palm and kissing it, she gave up with a furious scream that hurt her own ears and slumped over on her knees, the fountain splashing a torrent of water over her head. After her immature outburst, things became strangely silent. The silence activated her social awareness and the heat and colour left her body to flee to her head. She was too embarrassed to move - a mortified statue.

A glinting lime colour caught her eye and she raised her heavy head slightly from her hands to glimpse at the one beside her. She winced at the bright light that flashed in her eyes and reclined slightly before she adjusted to the sparkling creature in front of her. It was a monster, and though Juliet thought herself used to seeing monsters, every new species surprised her and this creature was no exception. It looked to be made of green jelly and caught the light from the sun like a stained glass window, reflecting a pretty green ring onto the surfaces around it. Juliet's sullen eyes fluttered up with a discrete interest to the creature's soft, pitiful gaze. Its childlike face was dripping with slime and Juliet's stomach dropped when she realised it had been crying in her presence while she had been too wrapped up in her own misery to even notice.

"Ew, gross. What is this slimy stuff?"

"Ick, don't touch it!"

"Where's it coming from?"

"There, a slime."

"So gross..."

The passing conversations of humans and monsters alike drifted towards the pair and Juliet's currently buried fury began to seep back through her cracked persona yet again. Her mesmerised expression turned sour and she shifted to hide it from her observer, wiping the snot on her lips away with the back of her hand. Even she, a human, was more disgusting to look at than the lustrous creature looking down at her. People's prejudice was even more disgusting than anything!

She swallowed her anger and glanced up at the sorrowful monster, a twinge of sympathy in her heart. She mentally shoved her own problems aside and forced a watery smile and croaked, "Are you O-"

Juliet blinked as a large masculine hand suddenly came into her line of vision, held out in a gesture that suggested that she take it. She almost did, before spying the snot on her hand and remembering how horrible she looked and how embarrassed she was. As the man introduced himself, instead of taking his hand she stood clumsily and hid her burning face behind her hands, shuffling back into the fountain on impulse and finding herself back beneath a jet of water. "Ah!" She moved forward and gripped his hand with her pruney snot-free fingers, nervously forcing herself to laugh despite her bad mood and situation. "Oh, thank you. Sorry you had to hear that."

As he helped step over the edge of the fountain, she took in his appearance. He was a rough looking guy that was barely taller than her, which she could blame on his spiked hair. The lack of difference in height between her and someone with such an intimidating appearance prodded at her insecurities about her tall statue and she looked down at her feet, not wanting to feel worse than she already did that day.

"... what happened to you, I never expected this city to already be filled with people like him." While already listening to what the tall dark stranger had to say, these words snipped Juliet's last remaining string of patience for people that day.

"Wait, something happened?" she blurted once the young man was done with his introduction, her cheeks still glowing. Her eyes flashed with anger as she looked between the man and the slime before she focused on the slime with concern, "Who made you cry?"


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Character Portrait: Anima Character Portrait: Dan Irving Character Portrait: Juliet Little

0.00 INK

#, as written by Zalgo
Anima looked up into the eyes of the woman as she looked to it. As Anima was not expecting someone else to approach it the arrival of a large man surprised it, causing it to let out a sharp squeak. It was quieter than the first time when the woman erupted in anger at this wasn't as much of a shock.

"Hey there, my name is Dan. Dan Irving. Sorry for what happened to you, I never expected this city to already be filled with people like him. Anyways nice to meet you...um...slime person?"

"Um... It's Anima. Ah, m-my name that is! My name is Anima."

It spoke, it's greeting broken up with short heaves brought upon by it's sobbing. It's gel quivered with sadness despite the attention from a couple humans making it all the more self-conscious. It shrank a bit down from Dan as his size made it feel small. It wasn't particularly large but this hatted stranger made it feel quite insignificant with his large size and frame.

"Wait, something happened?"

People were intimidating when they spoke so sharply. Though the intent of the woman's words were pure her spontaneity kept giving Anima a bit of a jump. When the woman's eyes settled on it's own green ocular organs it raised a tentacle to wipe the stream of slime tears which poured so readily from it's face.

"Who made you cry?"

"W-well... You see, I-ah I was supposed to go to my new job out at the hospital but I- I didn't know the directions. I can't find my way and I tried asking for directions b-b-but the people wouldn't tell me and t-they... And-and there was a man and he wasn't like the others, he was nice and didn't sound mean b-but he was because he took my bag which had all my money in it. I- I told him to stop but he wouldn't stop. He didn't listen and now I have no money to buy things. I..."

Perhaps describing all the terrible things that had happened to it wasn't the best choice in terms of getting calmer. It was afraid and feeling hurt by those who had taken advantage of it and now someone was lending a metaphorical shoulder to cry on. It almost became a literal shoulder as Anima started forward, reaching it's noodly tentacles out towards the woman. Before it could pull the lady into a hug however it's own fears halted it just short of her. It felt a pang of guilt and worry that if it touched her then she'd be made at it for touching her without permission. It didn't know much about humans but it knew that some species disliked physical contact, females especially. The folks down at the village where home was were understanding but it'd had some negative run-ins with strangers in the past as a result of it's lack of understanding personal space.

Awash with sadness and fear simply couldn't keep it's feeling held back any longer. As it was leaning over before it's inhibitions seized it no longer had the strength to hold it's gooey upper body up, simply falling down before the woman's feet in a pool of it's own tears.

"I just wanted to see the world of humans and make friends and prove that slimes aren't just for eating! Other monster's houses had things but I had much less things and it's so empty It makes me scared at night and when I wake up I went outside and- and the city was so scary! Nobody likes me, nobody wants to be my friend, everyone tells me to go away and I'm lost but no one will listen and they just hate me and then the mean man took my money! I- I just wanted to buy things so people would be impressed by them and would want to come over and be friends! Now I'll never make anyone happy! I'm scared! I'm lonely!
I miss home and I can't stop crying and I don't mean to be burden and I'm very sorry... I didn't mean to bother I... I just...
I'm so sorry."

Anima simply erupted into a wailing mess on the ground, covering it's face with it's tentacles in shame as it babbled on almost incoherently. It didn't want to make a display of itself but it's despairs had simply cracked through the dam that kept it in check. The quivering green mass started to curl into a human's fetal position, it's whole form shuddering with each heaving sob. At this moment it just wanted to be sealed in a box where it couldn't be seen as the embarrassment of it's behavior stung like fire. There was no way it was going to recover from this whole situation and build their impression of it being a self-dependent and emotionally strong entity anytime soon. At this point it was all it could hope for to try and keep them from being utterly disgusted by it.


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Character Portrait: Anima Character Portrait: Dan Irving Character Portrait: Juliet Little

0.00 INK

Dan was not sure whether to laugh, or to remain polite as he watched the woman shuffle back into the fountain and continued to soak herself. In the end he just simply remained quiet and hoped that the wet feeling on her hand was just water and not snot. "No problem, just offering a hand to someone who was having a bath in the fountain." He joked.

One the woman was back onto her feet, he listen to the slime who introduced itself as Anima as it began to tell its story. It seemed like Anima was pretty scared about coming to the city, and was pretty depressed about everything that happened. Dan felt more bade for the slime as with a small sigh he reached into his jacket and pulled out a few thousand Rell. It was not much but he could begin making nice with the monsters. "Here you go Anima, its not much but at least you can buy something with it..." Dan stated as he held the money to her but then realized one little thing, if she was a slime the money would get ruined. "Um...I just now realized that if I handed you the money it would get ruined. I am not sure how you can hold it but maybe we can find some kind of container to hold it in for the time being. Regardless this money in now yours, I hope this helps for the time being until we catch the guy responsible for taking your money..." Dan spoke as he looked around for something to house the money. If only he had his cup with him, that would have been a nice container.


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Character Portrait: Anima Character Portrait: Dan Irving Character Portrait: Juliet Little

0.00 INK

Juliet's face grew more numb the longer the little slime spoke, to the point that she was no longer aware of the expression she was wearing and could not find the strength to control it again. She simply stared at the quivering mass of green jelly that had collapsed at her feet, too dazed by what it was saying to try to interrupt with reassuring words or reach out and hold its ha - tentacle, or anything. Everything that the slime, Anima, it had called itself, said went against everything that she had believed that this city stood for - the entire project stood for, the entire reason she had agreed to take part in it. The journalist in her heart had already began furiously grafting Anima's words into her flesh and the burn only fueled her anger. She thought she had a bad day, but people would be willing to - or at least, too polite to not - listen to her rant about it, maybe give her some advice on how to fix this problem. How would it feel, to be in that sort of situation, and be too afraid to ask for help, and to apologise for being a bother just because of your species?! Juliet had strived too hard to fight against such lingering discrimination issues, and she was not about to let history repeat itself right in front of her.

"Oh my gosh..." She kneeled beside Anima, briefly reconsidering trying to touch its sticky form, before reaching out an arm around her shoulders and giving her a reassuring (yet cautious) half-hug. It wasn't as gross as she'd imagined it to be, and she was already wet and unpleasant to look at as it was. Dan had already jumped to Anima's assistance and was handing over a couple thousand Rell. Juliet was genuinely touched by this kind gesture, displayed by a man who appeared so intimidating, and now felt under pressure to show Anima the same generosity. However, this was a problem that could not be solved with charity alone. "Sorry, I haven't got anything." She apologised briefly to Dan when he expressed his concerns of the wellbeing of the Rell, her mind too troubled by something else. "The thief isn't the only criminal, here."

With her arm still around Anima, she began to speak with decision. "I can't believe this... You have to report this. If this man robbed you in pure daylight, you must have gotten a good look at him. You have to go to the police, as soon as you can." She looked up at Dan seriously. "You said you saw it happen, didn't you? It would be a good idea to go with her, as an eyewitness. Two alibis are better than one." Especially when the one who is sinned against is discriminated by the entire city. That thought sparked something inside of her and she started to rant with passion, "That's not all you have to report, Anima. Your house - look, I read the information on the housing, of the project - studied it, even, before I came here - and if it's really that much of an issue, if it's empty, you have to report that too. That's not legal, they said in the forms that they are required to give you all the basic furniture and appliances that every house needs, and they have to be of decent quality. I overheard that a woman reported a faulty oven, and some people are coming to replace it. If you report a problem it will be inspected and they'll give you an apology, I'm sure. If someone dared play favourites..."

She closed her eyes and let her head cool. If she had only went for the broadcasting job instead of storming out of there, she could have brought up this issue on air... no, it was fine, she had the rest of the world to educate on this. Her silly vlog was about to become a news report. She got up from the ground and moved over to her handbag, taking out her map. Her fingers left wet patches which would cause it to crinkle when they dried. She was about to hold it out to Anima when she thought otherwise and turned sharply to Dan, holding it in front of her for him to take. "Here, I bought this earlier. Get to the police and..." she glanced warily to the slime, "... Anima to the hospital. I don't need - well, you need it more than me. And, oh -" she rummaged around her handbag to dump a thousand Rell into his hands. "That's for you too, Anima. Here, I'll give you my ph-"

The memory of the tragic death of her phone almost caused a dry sob to escape from her throat.

"... my email." She dove back into her handbag yet again to get her pad of paper, but she had seemed to misplace her pen. Lipstick wasn't an ideal choice, but worked more or less. "Here - just... keep me updated, and I'll want the map back." She shoved her email in his direction while being distracted by another thought and tossed her head around to Anima. Her eyes and tone immediately softened. "Is there any way I can contact you, Anima?"


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Zalgo
Anima looked up from below and listened to them. It was overwhelmed by the outpouring of generosity shown to it by these two perfect strangers. Both Dan and the woman who's name it had yet to learn were exceedingly kind. It felt sort of bad for taking so much money from those with such golden hearts.

In face of such positive treatment Anima though still watering at the eyes was able to compose itself enough to carry out a coherent conversation. It lifted itself from the ground, facing towards the two saintly humans.

"I- I'm so thankful I- I can't even say. Thank you! You both are so very kind I..."

Anima turned it's eyes to the ground, bowing it's head to them in humility.

"I sort of feel bad for taking so much of your money. I may have lost a lot but that is no reason for either of you to part with your Rell. You are both so kind, I just hope I'm not being too much of an imposition. I don't want to ruin your day, I just want everyone to be happy."

Just then the woman put her arm on it and got real serious, something which mildly intimidated it into listening closely.

"I can't believe this... You have to report this. If this man robbed you in pure daylight, you must have gotten a good look at him. You have to go to the police, as soon as you can." She looked up at Dan with a firm expression. "You said you saw it happen, didn't you? It would be a good idea to go with her, as an eyewitness. Two alibis are better than one."

"That's not all you have to report, Anima. Your house - look, I read the information on the housing, of the project - studied it, even, before I came here - and if it's really that much of an issue, if it's empty, you have to report that too. That's not legal, they said in the forms that they are required to give you all the basic furniture and appliances that every house needs, and they have to be of decent quality. I overheard that a woman reported a faulty oven, and some people are coming to replace it. If you report a problem it will be inspected and they'll give you an apology, I'm sure. If someone dared play favourites..."

It just remained still and nodded along with what she was saying. It was a lot to absorb all at once and she made matters sound quite dire. Talk of police and reports all in a serious tone which held Anima's attention captive. It couldn't respond to much of what she said as she had gone on in her rather fiery speech leaving Anima in wide eyed pause.

"Is there any way I can contact you, Anima?"

At last the woman finished on a question, waiting for it to respond. While Anima didn't see this person in a negative light in any sort or way she certainly had a lot to say, confusing it a slight bit with the flow of information, parts of which it had yet to become familiar with.

"E... Mail?" It worded out loud, not familiar with the technology she had spoken about.

"Ah, I do have a mail box. It's red and sort of box shaped but not really box shaped. I read that humans communicate by passing letters to each other through a post office. That's that place where humans take people's letters to other people's mail boxes, correct?"

Anima had read up on the human world but there was much to their realm that it had yet to understand. With large curious eyes Anima stared up at her, tears no longer running from it's eyes.


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Rosaline made her way to the park and glanced over the bustling activity within. She could feel her heart rate increasing, her eyes lids fluttering momentarily before closing them and taking in a deep breath. You can do this, just take it in slowly and calmly and everything will be fine. With this she perked her ears up, put on a wide smile and skipped in. She takes a few moments to set up her phone before throwing her arm up with it and then streaming.

"Rose here at the Watauchi City park to do my part to bridge the gap between all people!" Rosaline says, exuding a high amount of energy. She grins, spinning about before sitting in the grass and places a hand on her chest. "Because in reality, what is it that makes us different? How we look? How we act? We all fear, we all hurt in some way, we all cry, and we all love. You, my lovely viewers, will see that we too are..."

She pauses for a moment as she begins to take notice of a small group of people gathered around a slime. "'Ey, what's goin' on over here?" she asks. She pops up to her feet and wipes off her clothes then walks over to see what the commotion is about. She quietly slipped in and looked about at everyone. The human male was familiar, she recognized him from the boat, and had a sinking feeling she, at one point, nearly whacked him with her tail. The air was somewhat tense, something had happened here and she was uncertain as to what. She bit the bottom of her lip, took a deep breath, exhaled, and...

"Hello~! I'm Rose, such wonderful weather we are hav-" she paused again and looked at Anima's helplessly tearful face. Then looked over at Juliet who was somewhat wet from the fountain, the grin slowly fading from her face. She squints one eye and tilts her head to the side quizzically, one ear flopping to the side. "-iiinnnng... oh... dear... you guys... didn't get into some kinda fight did you?"


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When Dan received the map of the city, began examining it for directions the police station. The city was quite large since it needed to house a large number of people but before he could even spot the park they were at, he soon had a few thousand Rell dumped into his free hand followed by the woman's email address. "So you need me to take Anima to the police department to file a report then take Anima to the hospital? Well I can do that, I might be late for my job on the first day but better late then never I suppose. Alright then, I will send you a message when we get to the police department then another one when we reach the hospital. Afterwards we can meet at this park again so I can give you back your map." Dan spoke before turning his attention to a voice.

When Dan turned to face whoever called out to them, she appeared to be human but that did not matter to him. "We did not get into a fight miss, we are just simply helping this slime after it got robbed. I am going to escort it to the police department." He called out to the woman before turning his attention to the map and soon located where the hospital and police department was, he also found out which park they were at. The Zullion Park, it was a name at least. At least they were just a couple of miles from the police department, maybe a ten minute walk at least.


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Juliet nodded distractedly at Dan, her molars pinching the side of her tongue. She shook her head slightly at herself and spoke gratefully and with decision, "Yes, thanks. That's the plan. Thank you." She turned her head slightly to view Anima, her eyebrows creasing in concern for how little the slime knew of the world it had volunteered to be a part of. She smiled kindly and tucked her wet hair behind her ear. "Well, some people still do... I guess. The only thing you're likely to find in your letterboxes now are bills and shopping catalogs. Besides, I won't be able to send letters when I don't know where you live or your postcode." It was unlikely that Anima would be aware of its postcode. Juliet's smile turned to an unintentional grimace as she waved her hands. "You don't have to tell me, it's fine. Just stick close to this nice man and you'll be safe."


She raised her chin with a jolt to look at the one who had chimed out a greeting and observed the newcomer warily for a maximum of two seconds. It was a tall female with bright red hair, who was taller than both her and Dan yet with her youthful features could be determined a girl, rather than a woman. Juliet first recognised her as human, until she noticed the pointed ears and something long trailing behind her... a tail? The girl's smile fell when Juliet's eyes locked with hers, like she had been presented a cake then discovered it to be iced by toothpaste. Juliet couldn't help but clasp her forearm and shrink, feeling both small and unattractive compared to the tall stature of the girl and clean and preppy (and dry) presentation. She distracted herself by grabbing her phone from her handbag to check the time, then remembered that the luxury of being always informed had been recently crushed. She swapped the phone for her sunglasses and hid her eyes behind them.

"And I had an accident, that's all..." she continued on from Dan's explanation. Her eyes flitted around as though looking for an escape route. She needed to get out of there before they attracted any more attention and more people came to gawk at her embarrassing state. "Well, anyway, I should get going. I'll see you later, Dan. It was nice meeting you. I'm honestly glad people like you are still around, after only meeting people like Liz - I mean, hearing about that thief." She instinctively touched Anima's shoulder briefly. "I'm glad I ran into you too, Anima. If you need anything -" She paused, realising that she really had no way to contact the unlucky slime. She couldn't remember her own address, and she didn't have a job that it could meet her at. "- I live at the street where -" There was nothing remarkable about her street, either. "- I'm sure we'll see each other around. Good luck." She turned to leave but almost bumped into the tall girl, Rose. She smiled up at her and waved casually, "Thanks for not ignoring us or just staring. The weather is pretty nice. See you!"

She began fast walking away, waggling her fingers over her shoulder, before speeding up her pace until it almost became a jog. After that little piece of drama, she was back to square one, or, square -1, now that she didn't even have a phone to be contacted with, making her life just that little bit more difficult. She still needed to find a job, a goal she had set for herself that was to be completed by the end of that day. She helped Anima, and that meant she could help herself - or, she should have been able to help herself. Helping herself was something that didn't come as easily as bending down for others. She just needed to get home, clean up, print off more resumes and collect the map from Dan. The position of the sun suggested that she'd have just under half a day to find a job, something that she was more than capable


Juliet halted, turned her head, and took three steps backwards. There was a sign hanging in a window, the bold words Help wanted, inquire within. printed on it in dark ink. Juliet hesitated to celebrate, wondering whether it had been left up by accident. Surely, a sign like that in a busy location like the one she had been trying to hurry through without attracting attention had already caught the eyes of other job hunters that had started much earlier than she had. How long had it been up for? Biting her lip, she looked up at the building. The Sleeping Squid Inn and Tavern. Her tongue ran over her teeth, one eyebrow raising with disdain. Her interest was already wavering just from reading that name. It sounded like a location in one of those roleplays that her brother Ruben was so absorbed by. A job at a tavern with a name like that suited some half-elf mage-in-training or wannabe pirate king rather than a city savvy woman like Juliet who had a reputation to preserve. She clawed the back of her hand with her fake nails, inhaling sharply. She didn't have the luxury to be picky about this! It was a job, wasn't it? Wasn't she just thinking about how much she needed one? She wouldn't be able to help herself if she always let her fear of judgement get in the way. Come on, you said your new life started now! Break this looping habit, already!

"Alright," Juliet breathed, taking the advice of the flame flickering by her ear for the second time. "New life, alright. I start my new life as a... dungeon master, wizard, pirate or whatever." She moved closer to the sign and read it over again for the sake of confirmation. Yup, it definitely said what she already knew it said. She raised her sunglasses and settled them on top of her head then shielded her eyes to get a better look at the inside of the tavern. It wasn't that busy, but she supposed it would be unlikely for an inn to be filled with people so early on in the day. The traffic would pick up during the evening, she was sure. Other than that, it looked clean, well-furnished and somewhere she wouldn't have minded to visit even if she wasn't job hunting, well, if she hadn't been warded off by the name. It was decided. She'd rush back home, shower and make herself job interview ready, check the emails that Dan would have already sent by that time, pick up the map then run back here and pray that the spot hadn't been taken in the time it took for her to do all of that.

Just as she had decided on this perfect plan, Juliet made eye contact with someone on the other side of the glass. Someone who had most definitely noted her interest in the position, and someone she swore lurched slightly towards her as though they were about to charge over. Her paranoia slapped her across the face and she jumped away from the window, looking down at her damp clothes and wiping at the smudged mascara beneath her eyes desperately. She couldn't run, that would look strange - but she wasn't ready to show herself to a possible employer, not looking like she was now!

Please don't come over please don't come over please don't walk over please let me go home and shower please -


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Chester began to go through the files on the computer at the booking desk and he vaguely remembered someone on the boat mentioning that all those who registered an email with the directors of Zeritau would receive more information by email after moving in to their new homes. He quickly went to his email service and checked his inbox. Sure enough there was an email from the directors with the subject line “New Job” He clicked on it to find the usual welcome information and kept scanning until he got to the information about his job.
“Your job title is General Manager. Your duties will be the similar to your previous position, however, you will be in the primary person in charge. You will be responsible for insuring that other employees perform their jobs properly. You will also be responsible for filling the following positions: Cook, bartender, security, and wait staff. We have already hired a young college student, Ericson Thomas, as a bell hop, but he is equally qualified for a waiter position as well, so you may want to work out an alternating schedule to foster growth in the industry.”

Chester was a little relieved that he wasn’t going to be stuck here by himself, but he was also a little irritated that the directors hadn’t bothered to fill some of the major positions.
“Crap! I can’t believe this! I gotta find a cook, bartender, a bouncer and some wait staff. Oh and while I’m at it I gotta run the front desk as well. Not that anyone is gonna be coming in to an Inn when the whole town is getting brand new houses.” He muttered as he put his face down into his paws in frustration.
It was then that he heard quite a bit of commotion outside, but the walls were insulated well enough that he couldn’t make out what was being said. He glanced out the tinted window and saw a group of people gathered around a feminine-figured slime at a fountain. He went back to checking his email when he saw one of the people from the fountain come walking toward the Inn with a determined look on her face, though her makeup suggested she had been crying. He couldn’t blame her, right now he wanted to cry with how hopeless his situation was beginning to feel. As she walked closer, he also noticed her clothes were damp and dripping a little.
“Did she fall into the fountain?” He muttered to himself.
The woman walked past the window, then he saw her take a few steps backwards to look at the sign in the window. Chester got excited and his tail began to twitch as if it had a mind of its own. He saw her peer into the window and she made eye contact with him. In his excitement he got up to go out and greet her when he noticed the woman jump backward. He figured his cat-like appearance must have been a bit frightening so he slowed his pace. He walked out the front door and his acute hearing picked up the woman's whispered chanting “Please don't come over please don't come over please don't walk over please let me go home and shower please-”
He was already out the door and turning back would look odd, so he tried to ease the woman’s discomfort.
“Forgive my intrusion, miss, but I couldn’t help but notice you taking an interest in my “Help Wanted” sign. Normally I wouldn’t approach a random person like this, but I just found out this morning that I’m severely under-staffed, so I’m a little bit …desperate. I have positions available for a cook, waitress, bartender and even a bouncer if you’re interested. I understand if you’d like to go change into something more comfortable first, it looks like you took a nasty spill in the fountain there, but rest assured that your appearance won’t affect the interview in any way. The dress code is pretty casual around here.” He extended his paw for her to shake. “My name is Chester, I’m the general manager here.” He said with a grin that exposed his sharp, pointy teeth, yet still came across as endearing.


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#, as written by Zalgo
"Well, some people still do... I guess. The only thing you're likely to find in your letterboxes now are bills and shopping catalogs. Besides, I won't be able to send letters when I don't know where you live or your postcode. You don't have to tell me, it's fine. Just stick close to this nice man and you'll be safe."

Anima nodded to the lady before looking up to Dan. "Okay. Again, I cannot thank you both enough for just how kind you've all been."

"Hello~! I'm Rose, such wonderful weather we are hav-"

Anima turned to see the being who had greeted them.

"-iiinnnng... oh... dear... you guys... didn't get into some kinda fight did you?"

"O-oh no, not at all. These most wonderful people were helping me."

Anima was quick to answer, hoping the person hadn't drawn the wrong conclusion from the scene. It's new acquaintances were quick to also confirm there was no ongoing situation there.

Of course the woman who stopped to help her bid her farewells, rather quickly it seemed but all well enough.

"I hope to see you again too. Good fortunes to you as well."

It turned it's attention to the new lady named Rose who had approached. She was quite tall with pointed ears and a tail, clear marks of a non-human. Anima wiped the tears from it's eyes with a tentacle, the slime mixing into the slime on it's limb and dripping off the end.

"Hello. My name is Anima. It is good to meet you Rose. These people were helping me after I lost my way in the city."

Anima motioned to the man near it.

"He is Dan. We are going to go down and report what happened."

Anima worked up a smile to present to Rose. With such wonderful company it was starting to come free from the gloom which had cast it's shadow over it's day. Though one of it's new acquaintances had left it was enjoying the company it still had. Perhaps the metaphorical rainy day it was having would end in a rainbow after all.


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"We did not get into a fight miss, we are just simply helping this slime after it got robbed. I am going to escort it to the police department."

Rosaline blinked at his words, running that thought through her skull. Robbed? There is already robberies going on? Where are the police, where is the law period? Her tail and ears twitched in a jerky motion as she tries to process a clear injustice. She had gotten ready to respond before hearing the woman explaining her state as an accident, then leaving the scene, taking a broken phone with her. She clutched her own phone and looked at it. Is everyone having a bad day?

"Y-yeah, sure," she muttered in response to Juliet as she left. She watched briefly then looked around for any patrol, any officer of justice. It would appear this experiment may have forgotten a few... features. This is ridiculous, back home this would never be tolerated, never, never, never! I cannot believe this! She narrowed her eyes staring off and scanning the surroundings, the creak of the plastic in her phone coming to her ears to break the tension. She holds it out in her hands and realizes she had still been streaming, she fumbles with it nervously before cutting the stream. I can't lose it here, just put on a smile and be warm and friendly. They are reporting this, they have it handled. No need to... take matters into your own hands. Rose takes a breath while holding the phone to her chest, then turns to the slime who had begun speaking directly to her.

"Hello. My name is Anima. It is good to meet you Rose. These people were helping me after I lost my way in the city."

Lost your way..? Rosaline forced on an energetic smile and perky expression, something a figurehead like her has learned to play for years. "That is really quite considerate of them, Anima! I'm really sorry I only came in at the end of it, if only I didn't oversleep this morning I woul-," she cuts herself off and shakes her head and forces a chuckle. "What an interesting name by the way, if my older brother was here he'd probably say something along the lines of how it means life or soul. He's a book reading type... and I'm not exactly sure where he is right now... maybe helping grandmas across the street or cats out of trees." She had previously been mad at her brother, but then found herself giggling on how silly it'd be to be mad at him in the first place. He was definitely nicer than her older sister, and spoke more than her younger sister.

She takes another breath and takes a courteous bow. "It is nice to meet you, Anima, I hope that this issue gets resolved. If not, well, count me as one who's willing to speak out as well. Not to brag, but I got a bit of a voice, and I'm willing to use it against injustice." She then turns to Dan with another bow. "As for you, sir Dan, it is comf- er... it is great that you guys are sticking your necks out for Anima, I mean, it really means something and-" Her phone lets out a cheerful chime and she slowly looks down at it.

1 New Message from Big Sis

I saw the stream and found it concerning. Are you safe? If this turns violent. You can tell me and father. We will support you.

Her eye twitches, this was the last person she wanted to see the stream. No, no, no, no, no! You just want an excuse to wage war against humanity! She takes a breath and responds.

Totally fine here. Just a bad day for a few peeps but we are handling it. Thanks for concern tho sis, love you!


She sighs, hopefully diffusing another disaster with that. Last thing she wanted was the rest of the family getting involved...


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Dan waved goodbye to Juliet as she left. But before he could get a move on, the woman who he originally thought was a human came close and began to talk to Anima. Once he got a closer look he noticed the tail jutting from behind her. He decided let the two of them chat for a bit, he was not in a hurry. As he listened to their conversation one phrase in particular raised his eyebrow. "That is really quite considerate of them, Anima! I'm really sorry I only came in at the end of it, if only I didn't oversleep this morning I woul-," She then stopped and shook her head. He guessed she meant beat up robber, heck if he was much closer he would have done the same thing.

Once Rose finished speaking to Anima, she turned to Dan with another bow and thanked them for helping a fellow monster. "No need to add the sir, just Dan is alright. Anyways don't mention it, the reason why we are in this program is because we volunteered to see if monsters and humans could co-exist together but it would seem most people here had a sudden change of heart. This is no trouble at all, all this is doing is make me late for my job on the first day but getting Anima to the police department and the hospital is more important than punching numbers into a cash register. Anyways, Anima. We should get a move on, it was nice to meet you Rose but I should get a move on before I get too late for my job. I rather not get fired on the first day then go searching for a new job, Feel free to tag along if you want." He stated before turning around and motioning to Anima to follow him. Of course he was not sure how fast slimes could go so on the safe side we walked at a slower pace.


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Damn it - she was staring. Juliet's eyes scanned the friendly cat-man for anything that she could focus on without appearing too fascinated or rude and fixated them to his eyebrows for just a moment too long, long enough for it to now be weird if she quickly looked away. At least they were close to his eyes and he wouldn't be able to tell what she was focusing on. Meeting new monsters was a hazardous experience for a curious human such as her, as she'd always find herself gawking at anything unusual. In fact, ever since she came to the city, she had even found herself secretly observing other humans just in case she missed anything that could be considered monster-y. She knew that to stare or comment was considered rude by the more easily-offended monsters and thus had been trying her best to not look at the more obviously monster-y city dwellers at all - but even then, that was considered rude by others! Alas, it was too late, a habit had already taken form, much like the habit of saying 'sorry' to others she barely brushed, in paranoia that they may be offended in some way.

Thankfully, she didn't have to explain the puddles that she was leaving in her wake. He already knew the reason behind her dripping clothes, something that took her by surprise and urged her to turn her head and see how far the fountain was from the tavern. The ambitiously spacious park was just across the street, and the fountain was still within eyesight. Her tired feet were disappointed by the lack of distance she had walked while she had been lost within her mind, as in there, they had walked a lot further. A relieved smile tugged at her lips as she saw a sturdy figure with large strides shepherding a little gliding green humanoid blob. Two short breaths escaped from her mouth, a low, barely registered sound that didn't have enough effort put into it to be considered a chuckle. Calmed, she gave her hopefully to-be employer a charming half-smile that almost matched his level of charisma.

"Hi, Chester. I'm Juliet, it's nice to meet you." She accepted his handshake and restrained from flinching upon feeling his claws, her fingers only twitching slightly, "That's unfortunate, really... don't worry though, you're not the only one. Everyone's been having your sort of day." Her chin dipped slightly in an unconscious gesture towards herself. "I - I am interested, in working here. I mean, obviously, I can't go for an interview like this - no matter what you say about it, I'm not going to make a mess on your floors - I was just curious about the positions available, and I think I qualify for about two of them...? Just keep me out of the kitchen." She laughed, the way people laugh when they're taking too long searching for change at the shop counter, and smiled again, glancing up at the top floor of the building to avoid making eye contact for too long. Then, with a jolt like she just remembered something, she brought her notepad and... agh... lipstick out again and scribbled her email down. "Here - I, I really want to organise an interview if that's okay, I can't do it right now. I'm expecting a couple emails from someone soon and have to meet him again later... but I'll be free after that, and it looks like you need staff as soon as possible - so is it okay if I drop by in the evening? If not for an interview, just to check this place out? You can email me an interview time that suits you if you like, I'm sorry, my phone's inactive." She held out the page, her head slightly tilting to the side without her notice. Her heart was holding a dance party and everyone was invited. Juliet was feeling inclined to have a boogie herself. She'd wait behind closed doors, of course, it wasn't like she was even hired yet.


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"Here - I, I really want to organize an interview if that's okay, I can't do it right now. I'm expecting a couple emails from someone soon and have to meet him again later... but I'll be free after that, and it looks like you need staff as soon as possible - so is it okay if I drop by in the evening? If not for an interview, just to check this place out? You can email me an interview time that suits you if you like, I'm sorry, my phone's inactive."
Chester took the piece of paper and made sure he could read the thick lines of the lipstick writing. “That shouldn’t be a problem, I don’t think we’ll be all that busy these first few days. Any time you want to stop by and check the place out is fine.” He smiled at her. “You probably want to go get changed, I know I can’t stand to be wet like that for very long, so I won’t keep you. But at least it’s a warm day, so you might dry off a little quicker.” He waved goodbye and went back inside.
He did his best not to get too excited by the prospect of another employee. He still needed to find a few more people to fill the remaining spots, but this was at least a start. He looked back to the email he had received earlier. “Damn, of course it doesn’t say anything about what day or time this Ericson guy is supposed to start and there’s no contact information either. Lovely.” He sneered as he glared at the email again. His mind began to ponder promotions that he could try to get some business through the door, if nothing else just into the tavern. He got onto a word processing program on the computer and printed out a sign in big colorful letters that read “Grand Opening Drink Specials. This Week Only!” and he hung it on the front door in the hopes of getting some new faces in the tavern.