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Zero Escape: A Single Sacrifice

Zero Escape: A Single Sacrifice


Would you risk self sacrifice... to save another life?

1,218 readers have visited Zero Escape: A Single Sacrifice since AuraRift created it.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:




Why does nobody care?....
...Enough to save a life...
...They all just think of themselves!
If nobody cares enough to take a risk.
...To sacrifice for others!...
Then everybody...
...Deserves to die...


HoW dO you vAluE aNoThER lIFe?

These are the words scrawled across the wall as you awake in the small room, your reaction paints your personality as you react to the writings ink, as it is not ink at all. The words are painted in a sickly red substance. Surely not... blood? You don't have time to think on it too much before you notice something else. You're not alone. In this room with you are two other people. Normal folk... or so you assume. Suddenly the bigger picture hits you. In a room with two strangers? A red message painted on the wall using who knows what? How did you get here? Where IS here? Behind you is a single door mad of a shining white metal, upon the wall beside it there is a single keyhole. Above it there is a monitor which bursts to life at your gaze. It displays the image of a dark shadow, the silhouette of what you assume to be another person. The maddening silence of your situation broken by the shadows words.

"Welcome... to my kingdom!"


The voice is that of a woman and upon further inspection the silhouette appears to resemble the figure of such a few of the others in the room begin speaking but a disturbing and chronic laughter from the screen cut them off.

"Are you talking? I should think you probably are. You must be very confused..."

The figure appears to contemplate things for a moment before speaking.

"Well I suppose there's no real harm in saying this... So I'll put it very simply. Right now you're in a very dangerous room, you see it's slowly being filled with a VERY dangerous gas."

The silhouette snickers.

"Look below your feet why don't you?"

Obeying the command given you look downwards to see a grated floor with a strange mist like gas flowing upwards before fading into the air. Panicking you cover your mouth with whatever is available, hoping to save yourself when you notice something else, in the center of the floor sits what appears to be a large welding torch like apparatus built into the floor. Like some sort of... modified flame thrower, it's pointing straight upwards from the ground and sits upon its own podium. It's obvious now, what's in store for you... but the voice confirms it anyway.

"The gas won't choke you. Promise!" It shouts this in an eerily cheery tone.

"But if you haven't guessed yet this gas is extremely flammable and that torch in the middle ain't gonna wait forever!"

A dead silence falls across the room as you and the other two with you stare, pale-faced, at the screen.

"Put it this way, there IS a way out of this room and if you think fast enough? Then yes, you CAN access it." The voice pauses, a sudden serious tone taking over. "But if you don't... let's just say that I doubt a pile of ashes could successfully locate an exit."

The ominous tone left and the woman's voice turned cheery once again, it was high pitched and almost squealed at points... it sounded like a young girl more than a woman now that you thought about it.

"Now then. You have fifteen minutes before things start heating up. So I'd suggest you hurry up... after all... what fun is a game without any players?" The screen cuts out and silence fills the room as you turn to the other two "players". It's now or never and you haven't much time to make a choice. Find the key and escape. Then let the game begin.


Based on the "Zero Escape" game series starting with "999" and now also including the recently released "Virtues Last Reward" the story of each "Zero Escape" is a complicated and complex string of lies, treachery and misplaced trust centering around the nine people who take the lead roles in each release.

As the plot contains many twists, turns, secrets and even one or two spatial anomalies and time paradoxes listing every single plot point here would both spoil the experience and render the RP entirely pointless. However without spoiling anything I can give you the basic premise of what exactly is going on. For reasons unknown to all but the person themselves, the enigmatic character of "Zero" has kidnapped a handful of seemingly random people, eight in total, and trapped them in their facility to play a game of life and death. What does Zero want exactly? This is known only to Zero. Why does Zero want it? Once again, only Zero themselves know this. But... Who IS Zero? That right there is the big question. Again for their own reasons, the person who is "Zero" will be one of the nine people playing in the game. They will have their own feelings, thoughts and emotions and will be forced to risk their own life just as much as anyone else in the game set out before us. However secretly? The roleplayer controlling Zero will be a friend of mine who will join the RP like everyone else while secretly working with me to dictate the course of the RP and the challenges set out before themselves and the other players. Basically Zero is one of the other RPers and anyone who joins up could be the person I'm talking about so remember... if you join? You're just as much a suspect as anyone else.

But now I hear you asking... What challenges? What game? What exactly is this RP getting me into? I can answer all of these questions so I shall. The game itself is called the nonary game. It has occurred twice before in the past, set up both times by presumably different people. The point of the game? Escape the clutches of Zero and his facility with your life. Each game was set up differently. First? There was the Nonary Game in its original form which focused on a young man named Junpei and eight others as they played their game and attempted to escape. Second? Was the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition which focused on the efforts of Sigma and his, along with eight others, attempt to escape while being pushed to the boundaries of trust.

Now the game has been sparked up again, a new facility, a new catch and a new Zero. Throughout the course of the game the nine players will be split into three groups of three per challenge, your first grouping will be obvious, you wake up in a room with two others and are told to escape the room or be burnt alive before the true game even begins. However as the RP progresses new challenges will be presented to you and each time your group will differ. It doesn't matter who you're put with or what your characters preferences are, the choices are made by Zero and they are final.

So you're probably thinking, How do I know who's in my group? Why should I even play by this Zero persons rules? How do I win EXACTLY? Can I lose and what's the penalty for doing so?

All of these question are answered by one key component clamped upon each players wrist. You before every character woke up in the facility they were kidnapped during their day to day lives. Their kidnapping was done professionally and swiftly they were each bombarded by a stream of powerful anesthetic gases and taken to the facility and placed in their starting rooms with two other participants. However before this each of them had a single bracelet clasped tightly and mechanically to their wrist.


Each bracelet will display the players current points and the colour of said number shows the players group. Red, green or blue. Three players per group. Each bracelet is also equipped with a needle holding a powerful drug, if you disobey the rules in any way then the needle shoots out from the inside of the bracelet and injects you. The drug will then begin to collapse your lungs and stop your heart, the same thing happens if your point counter goes hits zero or lower, as such this injection is considered "losing". Oh and in case you get any ideas, there is NO cure, you WILL die if the injection is administered. Finally earning and losing points takes place in a bonus challenge at the end of every round. This challenge is simple and will be explained upon it first being revealed through the flow of RP.

Q & A:

As I understand that all of that was honestly very long winded and probably difficult to understand I have comprised a quick question and answer section covering all base information. If you have any uncertainties at all, please present them in the form of a question in the OOC and I shall answer them before posting them here aswell.

Question: Who is this "Zero" you keep mentioning?

Answer: Zero is one of the RPs nine main characters, he or she will act as if they were kidnapped just like all other characters while secretly working with me as the "evil mastermind" behind it all. Zeros roleplayer is a friend of mine who will be joining the RP like everyone else.

Question: Can you tell me who Zero or his/her roleplayer is?

Answer: No. This will be revealed much later.

Question: What IS the Nonary game?

Answer: The Nonary Game is the game set up by Zero, the players are a group of eight seemingly random people and Zero him/herself.

Question: What will I be doing in this game?

Answer: In three randomly decided groups of three, you will be placed into three different rooms with two doors each, the door you enter through will lock behind you and your objective is to escape through the other door. To escape you must find the key. The key will be hidden from you and may be required to complete various physical/mental/psychological challenges to find it. Once the key is found you may unlock the second door. These rooms are refered to as "rounds" of the game. Failure to complete a round or refusal to do as such will be considered losing the Nonary game.

Question: A silhouette is mentioned on a screen in the intro... is that Zero?

Answer: Kind of. The silhouette is an AI character controlled by myself. She is the voice of Zero and gives information on the Nonary Game to the other characters without actually revealing Zero's identity.

Question: What's this "bonus challenge" at the end of each round?

Answer: This challenge is known as the "Sacrifice bonus round", It will be explained through the course of RP. Refusal to complete this bonus round is considered losing the Nonary game for all three members of your group.

Question: So... what happens if I lose?

Answer: You die.


Answer: Your bracelet injects you with a powerful drug that collapses your lungs and stops your heart. You lose the game by (i) Hitting zero points or lower. (ii) Refusing or failing to complete a normal game round. (iii) Refusing to complete a sacrifice bonus round.

Question: Is there a cure to the bracelets injection?

Answer: No.

Question: So then... how do I win?

Answer: After you complete your starting room you will enter a large warehouse and meet the other players, the three doors to the first official round will be on your left, however on your right is a large metal door, painted with the number 9 and sitting beside a scanner. If you can get nine points on your bracelet then you may scan it, this will open the number nine door for exactly nine seconds. Only those with nine points will be aloud to pass through it before the door closes forever. Those who try to pass with less than nine points will immediately be administered the injection. Those who remain behind will be trapped inside the facility.

Question: What about the bracelets?

Answer: Those who win the games bracelets will unlock and can be removed. Once the nine door opens and closes all bracelets, on or off, will deactivate and all of the facilities doors will be unlocked for good to the point where not even Zero can tamper with them.

Question: So... how do I earn points exactly?

Answer: You will earn points through the Sacrifice bonus rounds. This will be explained through the course of RP.

Question: One last thing... What's behind the number 9 door?

Answer: Isn't that obvious... nothing but the freedom you deserve.


ZERO 0- Taken - ???

SILHOUETTE .5- Taken - AuraRift

PLAYER 1 - Reserved - AuraRift

PLAYER 2 - Open - ???

PLAYER 3 - Open - ???

PLAYER 4 - Open - ???

PLAYER 5 - Open - ???

PLAYER 6 - Open - ???

PLAYER 7 - Open - ???

PLAYER 8 - Open - ???

PLAYER 9 - Open - ???

Character Sheet:

Code: Select all

[center][font=mistral][color=Insert your first character color here.][size=200]‡Insert characters name here‡[/size][/color][/font]
[size=150][color=Insert your second character color here.]Insert character quote here.[/size][/center][/color]


[right][img]Insert character image link. To suit the series, anime pictures only.[/img][/right][center][color=character color 1][size=150][font=mistral]‡Who you'll be Meeting‡[/center][/size][/font][/color]

[color=Character Color 2][b]Nicknames[/b][/color]
(Leave blank if none exist)

[color=Character Color 2][b]Role[/b][/color]
(Player 1,2,3 etc.)

[color=Character Color 2][b]Age[/b][/color]
(Anything between 5 and 60)

[color=Character Color 2][b]Gender[/b][/color]
(Self explanatory, Male or female.)

[font=mistral][color=Character Color 1][center][size=150]‡Who I really Am‡[/size][/center][/color][/font]

[color=Character color 2][b]Personality[/b][/color]
(At least two well written paragraphs of decent length.)

[color=Character color 2][b]Skill(s)[/b][/color]
(No superpowers, perfect fitness or anything of the like people. I'm talking very basic things, your character is supposed to be a NORMAL person, but if they have one or two useful BASIC skills, go right ahead.)

[color=Character color 2][b]History[/b][/color]
(If I feel the rest of your profile is up to scratch and you clear it up with me beforehand then you may leave this blank and have it revealed as the RP proceeds. Otherwise 2-3 well written decent length paragraphs. Also no characters may be in any way related to the characters in "999" or "Virtues last reward" while the RP may be inspired and set in the same universe as these two games this does not mean you can simply make up things about canon characters, plus we don't want any spoilers... now do we?)

[color=Character color 2][b]Other[/b][/color]
(Other information you may find relevant to your character)



1: Be respectful to other RPers, save the arguments for your characters.

2: Because I'm certain SOMEONE will. Do not push the issue of who is playing as zero. It will be revealed somewhere down the line.

3: No "perfect" characters, we've all got our flaws.

4: At least try to keep the characters unique. For example if you see some emo character and plan on making one yourself either make something different or don't bother. I would never stifle someones creative vision, but if there's too many samey characters then I WILL take action.

5: Do not control another persons character UNLESS you have both mine and the players permission first. We don't want to cause some sort of confusing incident.

6: Here's a cookie to prove that you read this far. To prove that you did, please write. "I got a cookie, Yay!" At the end of your character sheet.

7:Try to remember the setting, you're a normal person who's been trapped in a facility and forced to play a game of life and death. Taking your characters personality into account, please act accordingly.

8: This RP is tagged as adult for the blood and gore that will most likely occur as things progress. NOT for any other reasons, if you catch my drift, in other words no extremely intimate encounters between characters, some kissing is the maximum, if you insist on more than please take it to PMs and not here.

9: This is an RP. Why do we RP? To have fun and express our writing abilities in a positive group outlet. So do try to enjoy yourself dammit.

10: That last cookie was a lie. A trick for those searching for cookies. Here's the real cookie to prove that you really read the rules. To prove you got simply put "I got the real cookie at the end of your character sheet.

Welcome!... To mY KINgdoM!


So... What's it gonna be?

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