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If you do not enter the tiger's cave, you will not catch its cub.

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a character in “Zetsukuro: Shinzui Kitsune Clan”, as played by Passionate Shadow


*under construction*



Name: Daisuke Ishida

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Height: Five feet, six inches

Weight/Build/Appearance: Daisuke weighs one hundred and ten pounds, and is rather gaunt in appearance. His entire body seems almost mildly withered in build, with sticklike arms and legs, a string bean body, and a short pipe for a neck. His fingers resemble hawk talons, curling and mildly crooked, almost ugly in appearance. When Daisuke inhales deeply, his ribs can be seen a little bit.

Facial Features: Daisuke has a pill shaped head with a face that is always kept clean shaven. His face has a hatchet nose, thin, slightly chapped lips, and mildly hollow cheeks. Said lips are usually pursed together in a look of speculation.

Eyes: Daisuke’s eyes are a glittering shade of Hunter Green, the eyes themselves being beady and having a stoic, empty look to them. It is rather eerie to look into Daisuke’s eyes for this reason.

Race: Human

Skin: Daisuke’s skin is as pale as milk in the sunlight and slightly papery to the touch, giving him a ghostly look.

Hairstyle: Daisuke’s hair is an inky black in color and short, but spiky and very messy, always sticking up and around his head in a perpetual crow’s nest. It is rumored that he never styles his hair.

Clothing: Daisuke wears a poncho styled cloak over his body that covers his entire form from shoulders to above his lower legs. Beneath this, he wears a skin tight vinyl suit that contains countless throwing weapons such as shuriken, daggers, rope, and paralyzing toxins. This is his day to day attire, and he does not change it except when cleaning it.


(Young Monk)
Daisuke’s family were simple restaurant owners, the sorts who were skilled cooks, but did not specialize in anything, placing them at the lower end of the social ladder. He never got to know his parents as his mother died in childbirth with him and his father, unable to deal with the grief of loss and look at the son who had killed his lover, gave him up to a Buddhist monastery so he would not have to be reminded of the pain of loss. Thus it was that Daisuke grew up surrounded by parental figures, but never knowing his real family.

For twelve years, Daisuke stayed at the monastery where he was given spiritual training, taught to be abstinent in all matters, and to show benevolence even to enemies. Through these teachings, he would often go to the nearby village with his fellow monks to distribute food or to chop wood, and he also avoided eating meat at all costs. Well, maybe he did try it once, but by then, his teachings about life being in everything had sunk in, and once he realized what he had done, he was filled with penitence! Daisuke’s life couldn’t be going better for the most part.

(Danger From Outside)

At the age of twelve, the village near the temple was taken over by a power hungry warlord, a move in his quest for more soldiers and women. Naturally, the ruler believed that he was entitled to everything, so he ‘asked’ the monks of the temple to give him their blessing so that the Heavens would smile at his work. Despite what the critics say, spiritual purity can make us do the right thing as well as the wrong thing from time to time, and when the warlord was refused, he sent his army to the temple on a mission that involved anything but receiving a blessing. In only a few minutes, the temple had been ransacked, most of the monks had been captured or executed, and the monastery was burning to the ground.

But where was Daisuke in all of this? With the aid of another monk, Daisuke had escaped the burning of the temple, and he was now on the outskirts of the land. The older monk told Daisuke that if he valued his life he would not return, but also to remember that the world was his home and that Buddha was everywhere. A building was only a building after all, but the spirit was eternal. Shedding many sad tears, Daisuke ran as fast as his legs could carry him.

(New Home, New Rules)

Daisuke wandered through forests, roads, and plains for days without any sort of human assistance, and he would have starved to death had he not been picked up by a man clad in dark clothing. When the miserable boy woke up, he was in a building that was most definitely not the Buddhist temple he knew to be his home. Everybody in here wore all kinds of exotic clothes, and as he stood up, he nearly fell into a trapdoor. What was this strange place?

He got his answer as the man who had rescued him came in. The man was named Yuuto, and he had saved him from starving. Surely the boy had not missed the food and tea that had been left for him on his bedside table?

Daisuke turned to regard this and saw that there was indeed food. Ravenous with hunger, he devoured every morsel. Despite his belief that he shouldn’t eat meat, he had abandoned it for a little while just to satisfy his cravings. When you were on your last legs, you had to do anything to survive, and you never questioned good fortune.

But Daisuke was truly in for a shock when Yuuto explained to him his living conditions: he had been sworn in as a kohai to the Yohebi shinobi Clan, and now it was time for him to learn the ways of the assassin. Daisuke, needless to say, was shocked, even horrified. Him, train to be an assassin? That went against everything he had been taught, valuing the sanctity of human life! And he would be doing this for profit, too! He couldn’t bear the thought of it! He flatly refused Yuuto’s offer.

Yuuto told him in no uncertain terms that if he refused to adapt to his new life, he would face execution. He knew their secret, after all.

Daisuke was trapped between a rock and a hard place. Either he could violate his principles, or he could keep true to his word and die. He had seen enough death and destruction in his life, so why not go with his fellow monks? But what about his own life? He was still a boy, and there was still so much to do. It was a problem, alright, one that should not be faced by a child.

In the end, Daisuke bit his lip and conceded. Yuuto ruffled the boy’s hair and told him that he could take the day off. Training began tomorrow.

(Passive Assassin)

For twelve more years of his life, Yuuto taught Daisuke Ninjutsu. Although highly skilled with his newly developed abilities and keen logic, Daisuke was not taken on missions due to his reluctance to genuinely kill his adversaries, preferring to incapacitate them and then leave them as sitting ducks for his comrades. A spiritual ninja, Daisuke also meditated to keep his mind sharp and to ease the stress of his new life. While meditation was important to all of the Yohebi clan, nobody quite carried it to the level Daisuke did.

After those twelve years, Yuuto died of stomach cancer and Daisuke, who had demonstrated the skills necessary to become a teacher, was given the test to become a senior. Many of the other members were betting that the passive ghost of a man would not pass, but in the end Daisuke demonstrated that the most silent one is oftentimes the one you must dread the most and was deemed an adult in the eyes of the clan. He was now free to take on students, go on the hardest missions, and generally do things on his own.

(Taking on a Kohai)

Years later at the age of 35 (the current timeline), Daisuke first met Tempo Musica in the forest when he saw what seemed like a female figure in a lake. He drove the figure away believing it to be attacking one of the clan members, but later on, Tempo attempted to sneak into the grounds and was shot down by Hitomi Shinkutaka. He did not pay much attention to the boy until Tempo went exploring in a weapon’s shed and knocked over much of the equipment, prompting Daisuke to find the drake child by a koi pond and give him a spanking for his misdeed. That was their first encounter.

Daisuke later encountered Tempo when the boy was lost in the mazelike corridors of the clan compound and guided him through them, eventually leading him to the bathhouse and having Yori and Hitomi bathe and dress him in preparation for a meeting with the clan Elders. Daisuke worked to convince the Elders that Tempo could be of some use to the clan as he could transform into a powerful dragon and that it was just that he wasn’t able to do so yet. If they gave him two months time, he could get Tempo to transform. Otherwise they could execute the trespasser. It was the best he could manage, and Tempo was allowed to live.

Over time, Daisuke and Tempo developed a mild teacher/student relationship, particularly when Daisuke defended Tempo from some of the clan’s children who would mock him for his pointed ears. Daisuke, who had previously been abstinent and alone, found a surrogate kohai in Tempo, even admitting that Tempo was a nice person, something which gave the mauve haired child inimitable pleasure. Daisuke vowed to help him transform and be accepted by the clan.

And this is where the history ends as the roleplay was cut off here.

Personality: Daisuke is stoic, calm, and dignified, keeping his opinions and thoughts to himself unless absolutely necessary, and when he does speak he only says the bare minimum needed before going quiet again. He believes that excessive words cause problems, so one should only say what is needed and leave it at that. He is also calm and composed to the point of appearing eerie, his expression unchanging and his voice always gentle and coordinated.

Daisuke is also heavily abstinent as per his Buddhist upbringing. He never eats meat or drinks alcohol, avoids taking drugs, and refuses any form of sexual activity. Daisuke even goes so far as to avoid picking flowers or plants from the ground, finding that everything in the Earth has life and that by uprooting them would be to disrupt their lives. Also, as mentioned above, he likes to meditate on a regular basis to keep his mind clear.

Daisuke even avoids taking life in combat, but that’s not to say that he can’t cause harm. Daisuke is an expert combatant and uses ‘passive’ forms of combat to render his opponent helpless or unable to fight any longer, leaving them paralyzed for life or simply fodder for his teammates. Daisuke is perhaps the only ninja in the Yohebi clan that has not directly killed anyone with his bare hands. Some have found his methods fascinating, while others look down on him, but his skill is undeniable.

Daisuke is a very wise person, but it can be difficult to get answers out of him. He will simply give you the barest, most blunt answer possible and leave it at that, and should you ask too many questions, he will simply tune you out. He does not object to people asking questions actually, but he does object to people who simply ask without trying to understand the answers they receive first.

-Daisuke uses a unique form of Taijutsu based around Chinese Chin Na. This grappling art focuses on small joint manipulation, especially the wrist, fingers, and pressure points on the body using natural, circular motions to compress bones. This style makes Daisuke a very ‘passive’ fighter.
-Daisuke is also an expert in Shurikenjutsu to the point where he can throw multiple shuriken with a single hand. For more aggressive opponents, Daisuke coats the blades in venom that, while it is not lethal, induces paralysis.
-Daisuke possesses abnormal physical strength despite his weak appearance. Although most of his body fat is gone, most of his body is pure conditioned muscle, and he has demonstrated the strength to lift objects several times his own weight and size when the need arises.

Character Relationships

Tempo: Tempo is the first one Daisuke has met who has caused him to open up his reserved personality a bit more. Daisuke initially only spoke more than necessary to Tempo because the boy incessantly asked questions and because he felt mildly sympathetic toward his plight, but over time he sort of grew on him. Daisuke has come to regard Tempo as a student and maybe even a little bit of a surrogate son. If only the boy weren’t so energetic and talkative, he might not be so exhausted with him.

Kodora: Daisuke finds him tolerable, if a bit on the odd side. Kodora always was the odd one of the bunch. Nothing special here.

Susumu: He helped Masao become sworn into the Yohebi clan and earn a chance to prove himself, something which Daisuke admires, but he wonders why the powerful man is always so fatherly in the deepest recesses of his mind. What could be the reason?

Yori: He’s noisy, but not as bad as people make him out to be.

Hitomi: She’s going to be a fine woman one day.

So begins...

Daisuke's Story