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How would you know if I got smart with you?

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a character in “Zetsukuro: Shinzui Kitsune Clan”, as played by Passionate Shadow


Name: Kodora ( TigerCub)
Age: 36
Height: 5'4
Weight/Build: 164 lbs, Well balanced, with toned muscles giving a good range between flexibility, power and strength.

Skin Color: Soft almond cream
Facial Features:small nose with smooth skin, the edges of his eyes seem to narrowly tip up wards giving off a cat like effect. With dark hair and ice blue eyes he can give you the feeling of being prey.

Typical Attire: Mid lengthen sleeved coat and tops with kung fu pants usually accompanied by a sash.

Strengths:Kodora takes the art of deception in to full scale and usually exceed expectations. Best at slight of hand, mind ticks, pick pocketing, and with the skills of lock picking he truly fits the description of a rogue.
Weaknesses; Kodoras weaknesses are some times his greatest strengths. He loves mind games and is deliberate with what he dose. A slight off set word in the right time could cause a thorn to arise in this tiger's paw.
Pain Tolerance (optional): Kodora tends to stay from anything that could mean direct pain. Though he tends to be a bit suborn as well.

Birthdate: October 13
Favorite Food/Drink: Tempura Black tiger shrimp
Favorite Candy: Midori
Favorite Color: The night sky
Favorite Number: 14
Favorite Time of Day: early mourning and late evenings
Favorite Animal: Tiger
Favorite Scent: Honey
Skills: Kodora tends to use the cunning arts. He is well educated in locks, and pressure point able to block blood flow, and able to dislocate bones with a small processioned strike.
Talents: Teasing
Hobbies: Trying to get a smile and or laugh out of Katashi.


Personality- Kodora Is rather calm yet plays the role of some one who isn't exactly all there up stairs with his sudden strange acts and behaviors. He tends to be a bit comical at the very least using humor to lighten darker subjects. He's very giving and caring at that. He uses a good deal of tough love; or the idea that he's cruel to his students to be kind in the long run. Kodora is not a nice guy. Sure he can be kind but he isn't nice. At least not usually. He'll stand up for what he thinks is the right course and stick to it but lays in wait for a good opportunity to do so rather than boldly or blatantly stating such. He's a wordy sort and avoids physical conflict and at the same time loves to stir the pot. He's a mischief maker and an instigator. he mainly abides by the rules of the council unless he know he can get away with something small.
Habbits- Kodora tens to puff on a glass dragon pipe when agitated or nervous. He also takes sudden long walks or paces about. Soft eyes always alert and at attention.


To come...

Child Hood:

In a small village on the coast of Japan, lived a young boy by the name of Tora. He was like many of the other children throughout the village, with a family that made their living by fishing. At the age of three, he hardly could help with anything about the home and was usually sent in to do easy things, like picking wild berries, hanging and bringing in laundry, and what not. Most of his time was spent out with the neighbor's children.

He was one for slide-of-hand tricks and knew quite a lot; amazed the other kids nearly every single time. Of course, he learned these tricks from his elder brother, who rarely visited. For now, he sighed, a bit lonely sitting outside his home and watching the sun make its decent closer to the sapphire sea. Why you may ask? Just yesterday, his sister had gone off with some foreign men.

She hadn’t returned yet; Tora didn't know it, but his parents had sold her off to some traders. She wasn’t the only one who was carted away either. Many of the village's young maidens had just been recently sold off. The villagers were desperately trying to come up with some payment, to pay off a ninja clan to ward off some bandits that came around every so often to terrorize the town. They came and burned down houses, ruined food supplies, and many other horrible things. Tora was simply upset that his sister hadn't come home to keep her promise to him; she had promised to sing to him. And after all, a promise was a promise right? She had to come back!

He'd been having nightmares over the past few days of vast, furious, and untamable fires. The small child shook the imagery from his head.

"Tora-kun!" He heard his mother's voice call to him. Gently, the dark haired child moved to stand with a smile. He dusted off his ragged yukata and darted that way. She was cooking fish over an open fire. She smiled, seeing her darling child and turned, pushing back some of his long hair and slipping it behind his ear. Her gentle caresses continued as she stroked his cheek and set her slender hand on his shoulder. Tora had moved in to her sweet, soft touch. He loved her touches very much too; they always seemed to sooth him.

"Do me a favor and fetch some berries, please? Try to be back before the sun starts to set." she said, handing him his usual basket.

The small child started off with a nod and 'yes ma'am'. The boy had darted through the city streets, weaving his way through the small market crowd, trying not to run smack dab in to anyone. He wanted to help his mother cook tonight, so he as trying to hurry on his way. He loved helping her make her delicious dishes. Due to the fact his family ran a small inn for travelers to take rest, he knew his mother would serve a large variety of dishes. They weren't exactly poor or wealthy, but they did have life as 'merchants', despite the ruffians that ruined town in their leisure time. He knew his father would come home from a long fishing trip too, so that excited him even more.

He darted out in to the edge of town in to the Forrest’s snare. He easily found the bushes he harvested from. Most of the wild berries weren't ripe just yet, so this task would take some time. He found a large bushel of darker colored berries and started picking just the right ones. Slowly, as time slipped by, the sun faded into its bright pink, orange, yellow, and purple hues, streaking through the sky. Kodora knew it was getting late, and decided to head back. He returned to his mother's side in the kitchen with impeccable time. She praised him for such a good bounty and headed off to start working with the berries. Tora sighed softly, feeling bite of loneliness stab him in the side. What was this feeling he wasn't accustomed to? Whatever it was, it hurt. He studied the grain values of the floor below before suddenly his world got smaller.

"There you are~!" A strong, heavy, almost gruff voice called. Tora squeaked as he was tossed slightly higher in the air and spun around before facing this bear of a man. Kodora giggled gently and squirmed a bit, dangling in the air as he was held out.

"Papa~!" he cheered before he was hugged close. Tora nuzzled into this huge muscle bound man covered in hair. He took in that familiar fishy smell, the smell of salt, and the stiffness of his clothing; all feelings that were somewhat soothing the younger. He was set down on his feet and a huge heavy hand set atop his head, ruffling his hair. Tora wavered with his balance, but easily steadied himself out.

"Papa..." the younger called sweetly yet a tint of melancholy laced his voice. He also had a saddened expression too.

A heavy hand was set atop his and the taller bear of a man drew a breath in, his chest rising to speak to the younger boy before suddenly a shrill scream came forth from outside. Tora watched as his father turned and bolted to the door and swung it open. Tora's eyes grew wide at the site of a barraged of flaming arrows falling from the sky above; the door was shut immediately. Within seconds, Tora was scooped up in to his father's strong arms and he was tucked close. He was carried down in to the cellar and set down in the cramped area. "Stay put, stay silent until you hear me call for you." he said voice stern voice as he closed the top and threw a rug over the floor door. Tora's eyes widened in confusion and fear; he ran up to the top of the stairs and pushed against the door but found it locked. He began to tear up a bit, crystal balls sliding down his face, yet he remained silent. It wasn't long till he heard loud crashes over head. He heard his father and some foreign voice, but couldn't make out the words. It sounded like chaos out there! Then, he heard his mother's voice scream in agony. He felt his heart skip a beat, hearing her cries and pleas of mercy and pain; repeatedly, calling out for help or for someone to 'stop'. This lasted a few minutes before he heard the last scream then silence. Furniture and there various heavy objects were scrapped across the floor over head; he heard glass shatter. Someone was most likely ransacking the home and destroying everything in sight. Tora staid down there, every now and then hearing far off screams.

Tora huddled close to himself, bringing his knees up in to his chest and listening desperately to every sound; soon, hearing nothing at all for several minutes before a loud crash of glass. He winced in the dark, cowering silently. Within minutes, smoke started to enter the room as a far corner in the back suddenly caved in with ash and flames. Tora cried in fear and tried desperately to open the latched door over head. The smoke started to fill the room and he began to cough heavily he was beginning to hyper ventilate from the fear and smoke. He called for his parents’ aid, but none had come. Just silence as the vicious, unforgiving flames grew closer yet. He could feel cold sweat run down his skin as he tore open nails, clawing away desperate at the trap door. Fingers bleeding, he kept at it, crying louder and louder till his throat was raw. The heavy, thick, black, ominous cloud drew in around him, blinding him from most of his surroundings as the heat intensified. He coughed more as some of the flooring over head caved in and his sleeve caught fire. He put it out quickly in his dismay and stared to try and crunch up into the very top of the small stairwell. He looked up and cried, ashy smoke filling his face, and his tears leaving heavy streaks. There was a bit of wood just about to cave in; he cried, knowing what would happen when that bit fell. He'd be crushed under smoldering embers! He cried again for his mother and father, he even cried for his siblings, yet no one came. He watched with sheer terror as the wood above him cricked a bit as the flames wore away the wood; he cried and cried and cried to the best of his audibility.

Then suddenly, the door behind him was opened and a darkened figure reached down, scooping him up in to their arms just before the floor caved in on his very spot. "Shushhh..." a cool voice cooed as his head was pressed in to their chest, preventing him from seeing much around. “Everything's going to be alright." this strange figure added before carting out of the burning building. Kodora tried to look around frantically, but the other kept his head close. He was able to see a small glimpse of his mother on the floor, naked and bleeding beneath a fallen flaming beam next to his father's decapitated body. He closed his eyes, turning his head in and crying in to this strange person's chest. He coughed violently as he did so.

It wasn't long before they were at the forest's edge. Tora was laid down gently on the ground; he coughed a bit as he suddenly saw a few others dressed in dark covers run up. He coughed a bit more, trying to look about. "Rest," the one that saved him called softly as a hand was set to his chest. "Take a deep breath now." she said gently. Her partially gloved hand was covered as she set it just above Tora's chest. A small ball of blue light lit up and seemed to swirl around. Tora's eyes lit up and he gasped at the sight, never before in his life seeing such a thing. As he gasped, this veiled woman pushed the orb in to his chest and over her hand upwards, gliding across his throat removing the orb from his mouth, only now it was dark and black. She dispersed it as she closed her hand. Tora could breathe much better now and he panted from the lack of air. "There now... what you name sweet thing?" she asked softly as the others seemed to be taking some sort of roll check/call. Tora sat up just a bit on his elbows, eyes half-lidding. "T....Tora." he managed out in a rough vice, throat clearly destroyed. A green glowing hand was set to his throat and suddenly that felt better too. "My, what a powerful name for such a cute kitten...I think I'll call you little Kodora instead..." was all he hear the woman say before he blacked out, her soft laughter seeming to echo off as he slipped in to utter darkness.

So begins...

Kodora's Story