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I'll be your sunshine on a cloudy day.

0 · 212 views · located in Zetsukuro

a character in “Zetsukuro: Shinzui Kitsune Clan”, as played by Passionate Shadow


Name:Takeo Takashi



Weight/Build: 97lbs, Gifted with a small frame with taught, yet small muscles, he was rather lithe in his build-almost weak looking since a few of his bones showed, like his ribs and other high points. He can be described as willowy.

Eye Color:Alternates between pools of grasshopper green and orbs of cool jade

Skin Color:Apricot cream, pale plains of creamy apricot enveloped his small frame. He was a rather strange, almost elegant color.

Hair:Jet black, inky. Takeo fashions it in to either a braid, or a loose tale, other wise leaves it down unless it's opted for special occasions. His hair reaches his lower back. Abnormally straight, his long, black locks resemble that of a cascading waterfall of darkness.

Facial Features:Large, curious, feminine eyes, childish face with small, cherub like appeal. He seems almost angelic with such soft features. Freckles speckled over smooth skin running across his cheeks and over the bridge of his nose. Various beauty marks lace his skin marking him lightly.

Typical Attire:Large Asian style clothing. From Gi’s to tabards and Chinese shirts. They fit loosely around his thin frame.

Personality:With timid natured Takeo can often be described as sweet, kind, and considerate with a gentle disposition. Takeo is a very opinionated individual who strives for knowledge in a vast array of fields. Inquisitive he likes to ask questions on things he dose not understand. He is willing to admit that he doesn’t know something when it comes down to it. He can be considered sensitive in particular aspects and tends to care how other view him and what they think of his actions but may stray away from that to be true to his own heart. Mischievous though most of the time Takeo is very well behaved boy; After all, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Naive Takeo is easily swayed by others as he seeks to do the right thing, just a few dropped words can easily change the boy's mind. Despite his general gullible-ness Takeo isn’t easily corrupted or led to do things which he knows are wrong. He has a great sense of moral judgment and proves himself truly innocent with a child's outlook on life. Chipper on most aspects of life Takeo aims for the silver lining in even the worst situations, good matured; he offers help to any one if he believes they may need it or if it really could help them out. Takeo is most definitely wise beyond his years. Takeo can be come very empathetic and emotional with sentimental topics holding a great value in them. When he is offended he will make a strong and bold statement about it and let you know if something you’ve said or done bothers him. He can be stubborn at times but tries to be open minded. He rarely ever tells fibs and tries to be an ‘angle’. He has a bad habit of judging himself yet shows to be prideful in his own accomplishments balancing it out with the humbleness to not draw attention to such things. Takeo dose not brag. Takeo shows voracious ambition for things he sets his mind to do. He doesn’t like to be told he can’t do something. He will rebel and try to prove others wrong and will try his very best to accomplish something. He has an okay grasp on his abilities as far as what he can and can’t do. However this doesn’t stop him from attempting things that are out of his league. Takeo is a young optimist with the imagination of a visionary. Takeo sets his mind on something it isn't easy to get him to change a decision he's made fully on his own for his own reasoning pertaining to his code of 'ethics'.
Takeo’s mother died due to birthing complications, leaving Takeo to grow up with his father. Toshi was a very wealthy Japanese business man and was a tiger of a father. He put high values on strong charisma, Valor, goodwill, Good manners, prominently exhibited or masculinity, fierceness, bravado, and stresses a moral code of moral code and stresses Courage, Benevolence , Respect, Honesty, Honor, Loyalty, Rectitude, loyalty, martial arts mastery. Toshi has made it a point to mold Takeo after these very principals he holds dear. Yet, somehow Takeo has always been a soft spoken individual with the back up of boldness characteristically of such principals. Toshi has also made it a rule of thumb to occupy Takeo’s schedule with just about every thing and anything under the sun. After all idle hands are a devil’s playground. Takeo has been enrolled in to a plethora of classes to be ‘molded’ and turned in to something great. Takeo has been through several language classes Including English Italian, Manderin, Korean, Latin, French, English, and Spanish. Takeo has studied vast tomes pf literature and creative writing. Takeo has learned to play zithers, Kokyū , Hocchiku, Flutes, organs, pianos, and all sorts of drums. Has been to a very strict boarding school and has had private teachers. Takeo has been through numerous martial arts schools as well. The boy has been sheltered for all his life and knows little about sex and thus doesn’t appear to have preference in either direction. Due to his father moving about the world from time to time and Takeo’s immense schedule He’s had little time to make friends and is socially awkward around his peers. Thing went along like so Takeo hardly saw his father usually they spoke during supper when Toshi made it a point to be around.

Pain Tolerance Minimal, easy to crack under pressure unless emotional distress, if distressed, it may be hard to get him to break down.

Birthdate: November 1st
Favorite Food/Drink: Okinomiyaki/ Strawberry Nectar
Favorite Candy: White Plum Suckle
Favorite Color: Heliotrope
Favorite Number: 27
Favorite Time of Day: Dusk
Favorite Animal: Tiger
Favorite Scent: Peaches
Skills: Sewing,
Talents: Drawing and singing
Hobbies: reading, Martial arts, antiqueing, and fishing
Least Favorite Food/Drink: Devil's Tongue/ Saki
Least Favorite Candy: Black Licorice
Least Favorite Color: Fluvid
Least Favorite Number: 3
Least Favorite Time of Day: Early Afternoon
Least Favorite Animal: Cidacads

So begins...

Takeo's Story