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Vision without action is daydream. Action without vision is nightmare.

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a character in “Zetsukuro: Shinzui Kitsune Clan”, as played by Passionate Shadow


Name: Kaze Tatsuo[Wind, Dragon Man} (real name Katsumi)
Age: 56
Height: a little shorter than Zetsumie
Weight/Build: deceptively lean and sturdy, muscular yet well balanced all-round.
Eye Color: one violet eye, one blue
Skin Color: rose beige and fairy ivory.
Facial Features:

Hair: long, raven black

Pain Tolerance (optional): Years of training has taught him that pain is an effective comedic device when dealing with his students
Astrological Sign:
Favorite Food/Drink: green tea
Favorite Candy:
Favorite Color: the shade of orange the sky turns during the sunset
Favorite Number:
Favorite Time of Day: Sunset; it is when he feels most inspired and poetic
Favorite Animal: The fox; their mischievous and yet wise.
Favorite Scent: cherry blossom
Skills: The true number of skills he possesses is unknown, but he displays artistic ability in haiku writing, caligraphy, and painting
Talents: He has an unnaturally superb talent for telling awful jokes.
Hobbies: Telling awful jokes, taking care of younger students (always endeared by their childish wonderment and naivety), teasing his most advanced students (they are the best around; they can handle it), his various artsy practices.
Least Favorite Food/Drink: Saki
Least Favorite Candy:
Least Favorite Color: blood red.
Least Favorite Number: 1
Least Favorite Time of Day: twilight
Least Favorite Animal: flies

Weaknesses: The well fare of others.


Personality: Tatsuo is a cheerful man, with a sunny disposition and a fondness for terrible jokes. At first glance he seems to be a simple even clumsy fellow, if only for the entertainment of the children he often watches over. However, between his bad jokes and silly antics, one can find profound wisdom hidden within cryptic words. He takes great pleasure in teasing his most advanced students (read: Zetsumie), often shaking his head and commenting on how hopeless it is for them when his already difficult to decipher knowledge is missed. Tatsuo also walks with a cane, perpetuating the illusion that he is a weak middle-aged man. This is, however, a mere illusion. He very much enjoys letting others keep false perceptions, particularly regarding himself. He does not lie to them, he simply does not correct them. Tatsuo is in fact a master of his art, deadly and cunning as the dragon his name represents. His true potential is a carefully guarded secret, and his act is a constant defense, lulling anyone who may make the foolish mistake of challenging him into a false sense of superiority. In his hands, even the fragile looking cane he carries is a deadly weapon. Tatsuo will also only display his fearsome ability when protecting himself, or (much more commonly) protecting one of his clan. Though he is very fond of his students, he has no problems giving discipline, where discipline is due. One thing he simply will not tolerate is putting yourself or fellow members of the clan in danger, and shall deal with these matters swiftly and often more harshly than he would normally go about punishment. When older students, in their late teens even early twenties perhaps, commit lesser offenses, he has no problem swatting their backside as though they were half their age, even referring to them as a kohai (even/especially when they aren't), or little in some way. Overall however he is less strict than many of the other sensei ( when it comes to his fondness of watching over other's charges which he often dose), as he would prefer not to control his students through fear, but through trust and respect.
With his own charges Tatsuo seems to rely on character building exercises and often chooses to let his charges work at something until a lesson is learned through hard work and experience along with some self reflection. In deed there is a method to his madness and he could be painted as a 'tormenter' when he claims he's very often the more lenient of masters.


Commonly seen with a cane.


Tatsuo's family were originally from the lower aristocracy, but a scandal left his family in disgrace and reduced them to common roots. Rather than do the honorable thing and end their lives, they chose to continue living and rebuild their name. Currently, Tatsu is a generation down the line and his family is now breeding war horses. They're still not wealthy, but they are much better off than when they fell from grace.
A little bit before Tatsu's birth, his parents met with financial difficulties for a brief period and had to go to the Yakuza for help. The Yakuza settled their debts, but made them make a promise: they would give them something down the line. Now it's years later, they've been keeping an eye on the family, and they want their son, due to his combat skills and as part of the bargain. Naturally, you don't cross the Yakuza, but at the same time, they aren't just going to give up their son. One or more local criminals that have contacts to a much larger organization which chose to direct their hate towards Tatsuo's Family because of some incident the family may or may not of had a hand in. When Tatsuo's family was done away with Tatsuo fled to his only known relative. A Buddhist Monk by the name of Torushi. Torushi was a reputable kind hearted monk and helped the young Tatsuo out and taught him some martial arts as well as philosophical arts. It was a few years before Tatsuo left the monastery and traveled the land. It wasn't too terribly long before he got riled up in to the shinobi clan.

So begins...

Tatsuo's Story


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Zetsumie sat almost deathly still watching the young child before him cautiously begin to eat the supper Zetsumie prepared. The dark skinned man did not make one move towards the untouched cup and bowl. He seemed content to simply watch Masao nervously pick at his supper. In truth he was making observation and jotting down mental notes and little things he would have to help this boy improve upon.
Masao kept offering shy little glances towards the man over looking those brutal scars on what would otherwise be a rather handsome face. That serious predatory look left Masao feeling unsettled as he just stared him down. It was like a viper staring down a cornered field mouse. He surely thought this man liked to pick fights or was truly reckless in the face of danger. Something about those healed over wounds kept Masao wanting to stare almost transfixed by such an uncommon sight he'd never seen before and never that close. He did look away feeling ashamed however when he noticed Zetsumie locking eye contact with him. Once the boy finished his bowl Zetsumie pushed the still untouched bowl towards him. "Keep eating- your too thin." In truth Masao was looking rather ghastly on the verge of emaciation.
Zetsumie reached in to his coat and pulled out a small bound set of papers and a bit of charcoal and scribbled a few things down. He then moved to stand. "Stay here." He instructed before making his way through the building. He needed to inform the seniors of his new charge and the new member to their family. Most children avoided Zetsumie and many others preferred to simply step out of his way without notice. He had the sort of effect of an executioner walking through a crowed. Although Zetsumie's own master was associated with the council very much it was more often than not he was doled out the worst missions rather than favoritism. And for those that were voluntarily Zetsumie often opted for the most dangerous sorts. A few times he'd come back several days later than any of his comrades after having injured himself.
He paused stepping outside and seeing the little group congregating just outside the one building Seniors and Council members often chose to conduct their business, condensate, and plan. He was hoping to talk to his own master, Tatsuo rather than the actually clan leader- Tentei. Zetsumie often made a point of avoiding Tentei. Tenyei wasn't quiet old enough to be a senior and in fact was seen in his prime. However he was a great leader and wise well beyond his years; his qualities, contributions, and willingness to hear others out have helped him in gaining his current role as Clan Leader. The man also had no trouble putting his foot down with people like Zetsumie so certainly there was friction between the two, even if Tentei was only a few years Zetsumie's elder.
Zetsumie breathed in a breath watching the two young pups who seemed to be rather full of uppity energy judging by their body language. Zetsumie moved along the decks rather than stepping out on to the ground making his way towards Matsu. He had a feeling he was about to see a playground scuffle between the two pups. What they may have been squabbling about was still unclear to Zetsumie after all he only just arrived. But then again when he saw those younger than himself about ready to brawl in the middle of the compound Zetsumie couldn't help but intervene just a smidge to see what was going on. From what he knew of these two he had Mashio pegged as second blood and Akimoto as a first blood. Meaning Akimoto was more than likely an instigator where as Mashio was willing to step up to a challenge. "Hello there Matsu-san; Rained on ground hardens . " Zetsumie greeted putting on a somewhat strained smile which melted in to a slightly mischievous smirk. Like poking at a sleeping bear Zetsumie cleared his throat and called in a sickeningly sweet tone, "Aki-kun~! " He was teasing him even though he was only perhaps seven years his elder.


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Zetsumie had heard the offer from Matsu yet didn't quite respond. He watched the dual as it took place before them. "I'm curious as to whom the dispatch officer was." he stated rather than posing his words as a question. "If you were only told to bring one other, my concerns rest on the idea whether or not you were looking for a child to baby sit or looking for someone /to/ watch children." He said almost suggesting that if he were to take one of the two dueling he'd be putting himself up to the test of watching over them. If he wanted Zetsumie to come Zetsumie was taking it that he would be watching over some one. If Matsu wanted to bring all three Zetsumie figured Matsu would be watching over one of the two dueling and Zetsumie would be watching over the other.
Zetsumie pushed off the wall and took a few steps before he hopped down from the walk way and started towards the pair as the duel came to an end. An ever so faint smile lacing his lips on that marred visage. To be honest smiles really didn't suit the man and tended to give people and eerie feeling. "Aki-kun; you did well." he praised lightly as he stepped on over to Miya.
Without warning or ceremony he reached out and took her wrist and with surprising gentleness, turned her arm this way or that giving her a once over.
"Ichigo and his 'imp' may be queer but I'm sure you know as well as I, that the pair can help with many ailments. " Zetsumie said before gently returning to her, her arm and wrist. Zetsumie didn't quite care much for that short imp Ichigo kept by his side. Ever since he was younger he stayed clear of that short boy who still as tall as a nine year old runt. Nekura Naraku (Dark natured Hell)was the name of that strange 'creature'. The elongated ears and vivid flaming red locks were strange enough paired with those vivid green orbs. But the two preferred to live in a separated building in the compound off near one of the far walls. Now that Zetsumie was older he could look down upon that strange imp. Even Ichigo was a strange one. A flamboyant male with exceedingly maternal actions. It was no wonder he chose to heal their wounded or sick. Ichigo was willing to brave vicious storms that ripped trees from the ground to visit a sick member of the clan. A willowy slim build partnered with vividly bright kimonos and yukatas meant that Ichigo could often be mistaken for a you Maiko (Apprentice Geisha). It wasn't any of these qualities that struck Zetsumie off guard and made him cautious of the pair. It was the fact that time seemed to ignore the two. When Zetsumie was much younger he knew Ichigo looked to be in his very early twenties and Nekura looked to be a youthful eight year old at most. Now that Zetsumie was a deal older Ichigo still looked to be in his early twenties and Nekura has seemed to have aged a year if at all. "Even shinobi with otherwise fatal wounds are returned to near perfect health upon visiting them."
Zetsumie added as he turned on his heel and returned to the sanded wooden decks. "Matsu-san I've brought home a new child and I've yet to inform the council. I've already a child to look after for the evening. Come the morrow if you wish for me to accompany you, I will." He offered. Zetsumie was leaving this choice entirely up to Matsu If there was some sort of test involved Zetsumie wouldn't be meddling. Although he assumed by tomorrow he would be able to find someone to keep a watchful eye upon Masao if Zetsumie's presence was requested.
"Though a word of advice. . . " He trailed. "If the missive calls for physical skill as well as mental I suggest a sure decision where no wear or tear on your accompanying partner take place... Perhaps a little 'childish' but I think stone, parchment, shears would have sufficed. " He explained. A team should be well rested and ready to go with as little distractions as possible. " he concluded as he made his way towards the his destination.
Zetsumie poked around the council building and found Tatsuo nowhere in sight. With a heavy sigh of annoyance he headed off in search of the fossil. Zetsumie poked his head in to several dojos and saw a few different activities going on from grappling, to target practice. It was indeed nearing the evening as the sky continued to change. Zetsumie peered about through many areas indoor first before heading out side and spotting a small group gathered around a large Balance beam. The familiar sight of slightly crooked posture accompanied with a cane. Zetsumie paused and watched for a moment or so before slowly approaching the class that was more than likely soon to be coming to a close.
The hour was near of dinner time as Tatsuo walked around the balance beam, two of the students in his class demonstrating their balance while sparring. Ever so often the ebon haired sensei would give them a push with his cane to correct their stance, something the kohai had adjusted to. As the sun began to sink beneath the horizon, Tatsuo paused his pacing and gazed at the sky, set ablaze with orange subtly darkening with each passing moment. He lightly closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He then quickly turned and thrust his trusty cane out to catch one of his students as they lost their balance. With a careful push in the right direction, he got them back up onto the beam, "Mind your footing, kohai. Look only to your opponent, or the next thing you see will be the ground." His voice was gentle, not even a slight bit of scolding as he gave his correction, "The better you do, the sooner we can all go get some dinner. And I don't know about you," well, he did actually, "But I am famished! So," He gave the sparring kohai a light bop to the head each with his trusty old walking stick, "Try harder."
Soon enough Tatsuo noticed Zetsumie's approach, and he smiled, turning towards his oldest pupil, "Ahh, if it isn't my most hard-headed student. Have you come to train with the rest of the kohai?" He paused while the younglings failed to restrain a bit of giggling, "Or perhaps you come to inform us that dinner is ready?"
Zetsumie looked about to the mats they had on either side of the beam and raised an eyebrow. "I don't think they will ever learn that way Tatsuo-sama. " Zetsumie said not quite responding to such a jab. "Though I do believe supper is ready. " he added. "Some nice fried rice and steamed pork buns were what I saw when I was there. I have come to request audience with you master."
Tatsuo chuckled at Zetsumie's disapproval of the matts, "Why do you say that? As I recall, you learned rather well." As the younger teacher started to describe dinner, he could practically hear the collective rumble of his class's tummys. He... ignored it for now, instead more intrigued by Zetsumie's formality. Perhaps he simply wanted Tatsuo to send the children away, and deny the elder his most enjoyable hobby; embarrassing his oldest students, "Class is nearly done, my stubborn student. After that I will be happy to speak with you." He cleared his throat and turned back to his students, "Come now, we're almost done."
"Did I mention the tempura black tiger shrimp? Oh and I believe there was some crab Rangoon, Ichigo dafuku, Eel sishimi, fried dumplings, dango...." He trailed with a small shrug raising an eyebrow knowing full well what his words were doing and the power they held. "Oh and I believe tonight's green tea is sweet ginseng with jasmine. " he added in there recalling all the delicacies they were cooking up in the heated kitchen.
Tatsuo listend, and sighed in defeat. He could practically FEEL the burning, pleading gazes of his students peering at him from all directions. Acknowledging Zetsumie's check mate, Tatsuo motioned towards them, "I believe that's enough training for now. Go on, children, but remember to save some for your dear old sensei!" After a small stampede of hungry pupils, the two teachers were alone. He gave Zetsumie a light smack on thigh with his cane, "Well played."
Yes, seemed the stubborn little kohai had learned well over the years. Tatsuo always found ways to embarrass Zetsumie in front of the younger students, because Zetsumie was always his star pupil. The boy had tried keeping his distance and waiting till the teacher was alone to speak with him, but Tatsuo would just call him over. Zetsumie tried to hide, but Tatsuo always found him. It wasn't until Zetsumie was a sensei himself that he learned the art of avoiding Tatsuo's detection until he wanted his old master's attention. Now it was like a game of cat and mouse. Today, Zetsumie won. Tatsuo would just have to REALLY get him next time, "What can I do for you, my child?"
"When I learned I was over a water fall- when I fell I fell twice. " Zetsumie said if only a slight bit sour at Tatsuo for that. "Tatsuo-sensei I've come to inform you of something rather important- seeing as you are a council member and elder and all." Zetsumie explained.
"Eh, the water was blue, the matts are blue, close enough." Tatsuo smiled. Perhaps Zetsumie knew it was because Tatsuo had more confidence in Zetsumie's abilities, or perhaps not. The elder was fine with either way. When he heard something important, however, he nodded, "Come, walk with me. Tell me what is on your mind, my most stubborn of students." and Tatsuo started towards the gardens. Refering to Zetsumie in such a way was actually a term of endearment in Tatsuo's mind, but the elder could see how not many would see it that way. It was his hope that Zetsumie knew him well enough to know what was meant by those words.
Zetsumie nodded and followed Tatsuo along to one of the many garden paths of their compound. "I've brought home a new student to take care of... A new apprentice." To have an apprentice was something a bit more important than training an 'unclaimed' Kohai. To have an apprentice meant you were training someone to eventually fill your shoes. It was much more personal. You took care of your apprentice like he was your own- because they were. The last Apprentice didn't do so well.... or perhaps Zetsumie was to blame for not doing well enough in training his reckless pupil. "This one is shy, and quiet... very obedient I've mistaken him for a girl at first." Zetsumie admitted. "I'd like to make formal note that I have decided to take on this new apprentice." Zetsumie said knowing to topic held heavy on the good qualities as well as the bad.
"Apprentice?" Tatsuo repeated as if to be sure Zetsumie was clear. Carefully he listened, deep in thought a moment. Few were the losses the clan experienced that did not weigh heavily on Zetsumie's heart, but Zetsumie's first apprentice was particularly hard to lose. It was like watching his son raise a boy of his own, and Tatsuo allowed Zetsumie as much freedom as he could in teaching the young one the ways of their clan. Perhaps Tatsuo had allowed his own apprentice, Zetsumie, too much freedom. He did not blame the other sensei, at least he tried his very best not to, but it would taste a lie to say that he didn't feel responsible himself. If he had been more involved, maybe things would have been different. After a bit of thought, Tatsuo nodded, "Good. A new apprentice would do you some good, I think. I should very much like to meet the boy that my most thick-headed son will be taking under his wing." He nudged Zetsumie almost playfully, "Make sure he isn't too delicate to endure your training."
Zetsumie smiled feeling a touch of melancholy. "His name is Masao. . . and he looks like an apparition."
"Apparition, huh?" Tatsuo raised a brow, tempted to make a joke about that being a bad sign, but he opted to keep that to himself, "I'll have to see when I meet him. Is there anything else you wish to discuss with me?"
Zetsumie nodded. "Would you perhaps be willing to do me the favor of watching over the child on the morrow?" Zetsumie asked. "I may be called upon and I believe you possess the sort of gentle nature to show such a fragile boy around. " Zetsumie stated. "I think he needs a softer introduction to our family then what I have given him." Zetsumie was either cryptic or blunt.
"You've barely had the boy and already you need Grampa to babysit?" Tatsuo replied, "Though I suppose you have a point. He would indeed be in need of a more kind welcome to our family." He smirked, "Besides, it'll be fun to spoil the boy and send him home for you to deal with; actually... You'll probably break him if I do that, huh?"
Zetsumie chuckled, "Aye you can have your fun with spoiling the boy whilst I'm gone. Thank you."