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Zion Colony

Zion Colony


An RP about surviving on a space colony

875 readers have visited Zion Colony since Protagonist created it.


The Future is Now.

200 years ago, the human race made contact with an alien race known as The Ammit. They did not come in peace. Indeed, they never even bothered to even try to communicate with us. They fired guided missiles filled with nanotech/biological weapons and attack drones at our world from beyond the Oort cloud. Though their forces were powerful, their true might was not in their weaponry but in their sheer relentlessness. If we survived one wave of attacks, they would send another the next day. Every human on Earth was dead long before the aliens even set foot on our world.

However, before the end, some forward thinking NASA teams were able to create an evacuation mission. It was a massive success, 5,000,000 people managed to make it out alive by jumping on a space ship and escaping to a nearby alien world known as Xeria.

Though the escape was fairly successful, the alien world of Xeria proved more hostile than previously imagined. The atmosphere is somewhat toxic, and the humans proved to not be the top of the food chain in this world. More than half of the colonies established fell apart.

We are one of the colonies that survived: Zion Colony. Now, about 45 years after landing, we've finally planted roots into this world and are starting to look outside our borders.

Playable Races:

Humans: Don't forget the homo sapiens! Humans are pretty self-explanatory. Humans are native to Earth, and landed here with an intent to settle. Humans aren't very strong or very fast, but they do have a bit more endurance than most native wildlife or the native Xerians. Also, humans have the greatest understanding of Earth's society. Even though most of the people who lived on Earth have grown old by now, they were sure to teach their children about Earth. The planet's atmosphere is slightly toxic to humans, but not quite bad enough to necessitate breathing masks. Instead, humans have to take pills every day to flush the toxins our of their body (if they stop taking them for a few days, they tend to get sick and eventually die).

Androids: Androids are mechanical constructs. They do have emotions (or at least the ability to simulate them), though they occasionally develop unusual personalities that range from "Quirky" to "Extremely practical". Machines do not have rights as of yet, but are protected as the corporate property of our colony, so harming them is legally no good. They have to obey the 3 laws of robotics, though their laws only apply to human members of our colony. Shooting an alien to protect a human, for example, would actually be encouraged by their laws. They also could attack humans that aren't apart of our colony if there was some cause for it.

Xerians: Xerians are the native sentient organism. Before humans arrived, the aliens lived in paleolithic tribes that ranged in character from Na'vi to Predator. Once humans started landing, some Xerians began spending time with humans. Eventually, many Xerians began immigrating into human colonies. Unfortunately, they still suffer from a second class citizenship, but they are slightly better off than the Androids. Anti-descrimination laws are currently in the works, and our own colony is a bit more forward thinking than most. Xerians have blue to green skin, tridactyl hands and feet and eyes that look amphibian in nature. They have certain biological benefits that humans do not have. The atmosphere is perfectly breathable to them, and they also heal much faster than humans can (a .22 bullet wound goes away in about 2 hours or so if they don't bleed out first. If they lose an arm but don't bleed out, it'll usually grow back in about a year). However, their largest benefit they have would be that they know this planet like the back of their hand. They knew what kinds of plants are edible, they know how to grow crops here, they know which wildlife is hostile, how to domesticate alien wildlife, ect. This comes at a slight trade-off though, they don't understand a lot about technology or human civilization. They are as alien in our colonies as humans are outside them.

Cyborgs: The invention of machines that can interface with human biology had an obvious advantage for humans. A human who can be a mobile platform for android like-technology cuts out quite a bit of hassle associated with using an android. Their cybernetics power off their human body parts, which means you don't have to carry around chargers for them. Also, androids are considered servants, where as Cyborgs are not (they share the same social status as humans) and are usually trusted more than androids.

Xenoborgs: Many Colonists enjoyed working with Xerians, who were able to survive on this planet without a relative ease. It wasn't long though, before they began to seek out agents who had the benefits of being a native organism along with being able to serve as a mobile tech platform like how an android does. Scientists began experimenting on volunteer Xerians and began to adapt cybernetics to alien biology. It worked. And thus, the Xenoborg came to be.

Hybrids: By some miracle, (one that scientists are still trying to wrap their heads around) humans are able to interbreed with Xerians. Said hybrids have human hands and feet, a very pale skin tone, and the unusual eyes of aliens. They have half the regeneration powers that Xerians have, and have some of the endurance that humans have. Because humans and Xerians are different species, hybrids cannot reproduce. They also have another problem: they have a certain difficulty breathing the atmosphere, even worse than what humans have. The reason for this is that their hybrid biology leaves them able to be attacked by alien pathogens, but rather unable to defend against them. So, they have to wear Quarian-esque breathing masks at all times. Being outside of one for more than a few hours may have very negative consequences on their health.

Occupations: (Just suggestions)

Patrol: Not quite a space marine, but they are combat specialists. More like Space Cops than anything. They are trained in the use of larger weapons such as shotguns and submachine guns (characters who aren't patrol or hunters can only use handguns). They are usually used to protect the colony from threats, and protect expeditions as well. They eventually upgrade Rangers (comparable to SWAT), and then Marines, and then SEALs.

Hunter: A person who hunts the local wildlife for food. They also are good at scavenging. They tend to use bows or archaic weapons. In a pinch, they also help with security. Security can also help them do their job, as well.

Psionics: Used for various purposes, some people have been given PSIONIC POWERS through science. Please state what your powers are, though, if you're going to go this route.

Medics: Sometimes, people get hurt. When this happens, we must turn to the Medic! The medic is great at healing the various injuries that people get when they're off exploring dark caves and abandoned colonies. They're usually equipped with emergency healing equipment to help get people back up to their feet.

Engineers: Engineers are able to take apart, repair, and build equipment. They're great if there's buildings being attacked, or there's vehicles on our side that need repairing (you'll be every pilot's best friend). Or if something needs building in our colony (IE, a fence or a turret or an auto-farm). You're also good for salvaging equipment if we run into ruins or anything. Engineers are usually equipped with tools designed to repair things, such as a wrench.

Pilots: People who direct vehicles. This is a general term, meaning everything from driving a humvee to driving a helicopter. This allows you to serve multiple purposes, actually. Depending on what type of vehicle you choose, you might be a pack mule or a transport or aid in attacking or any combination of the sort. A motorcycle brings different benefits than a jeep.

Cavalry: Similar to a pilot, except you ride a native animal instead of a vehicle. Most cavarlymen are Xerians, as they tend to know more about domestication than humans or androids.

Prospector: Your job is to find resources. It takes a certain amount of skill to harvest that which we find, especially in caves. So, we need you guys to go pick them up. You're usually equipped with some sort of mining tool.

Scientist: Scientists are good at making people smarter. They can do research at home in the colony, or be brought on an expedition to study what we find right on the spot. This allows us to build bigger, better tools or have a greater understanding of the world we live on, or learning how to domesticate alien wildlife. In edition, scientists can also hack into machinery. Hacking into a machine will cause it to shutdown, and all the power to be drained wirelessly through your hack tool back into our colony.

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Tools/Weapons: (note: the most powerful weapon you can start out with is an SMG. Even that's only if you're in patrol. No two-handed guns if you're not in patrol)

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