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Isaac Tennyson

"Hey, how are you? I'll give you five bucks to mow the lawn for me!"

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a character in “Zodiac Kills”, as played by torinoko_angel


The Facts

Name: Isaac Tennyson
Nickname: "I Say"/"Izzy"/"Iz" ("Wizard of Iz")
Role: Sagittarius
Age: 19 (but kind of immature)
Isaac is on the shorter side, but his personality makes up for this. He has shaggy, bright blonde hair and long bangs, which he keeps up with hair clips. His eyes are somewhere between blue and green and he's relatively pale.


Everything Else

  • Eating
  • Karaoke
  • Animals
  • Talking
  • Aries*
  • Water guns
  • Video games
  • People in general
  • Sleight of hand magic tricks (Cards, specifically)
  • Decisions
  • Chores
  • Meat (he's a vegan)
  • Loud things
  • Work, period
  • Dolls
Personality: Isaac's honest, outspoken, carefree, and intelligent, although that doesn't necessarily translate as smart. He's kind of immature, but difficult to drag down, and a total drama...king? He spends a lot of time hanging on Aries, but he likes the others a lot, too, even if they hurt his feelings. Isaac's also very energetic.
Strengths: Singing (yet again), forgiving people, jigsaw puzzles, gymnastics/acrobatics, he's a great people person (or so he thinks).
Flaws: His compliments usually end up sounding like insults and he can't take a hint when someone wants him to leave them alone.
Best Gets Along With: Aries*
Other: His ambition is to become a famous pop star; he has the charisma for it.
Special Skills: He's extremely agile and quick, so much so that he wants a prehensile tail.
Writing Sample: "Aaaaries!" Isaac ran through the house, slamming doors open in his mad search for his buddy. "Are you hiding, bro? Come out, we need to do the dishes! If you've got a good hiding spot, at least share it with me!!" He put his hand on the knob of another door, but the handle wouldn't budge. Isaac frowned and jiggled it, then kicked it, then spazzed out and went all ninja on it, only succeeding in bruising himself. Aw, come on! Now I have to know, he thought, pulling a playing card out of his pocket and sliding it between the thick oak door and its frame. The poorly made lock slid away, and Isaac dramatically kicked open the door to reveal a large room with a high ceiling. This by itself was not particularly interesting, but what was disturbing was the fact that the walls were lined with shelves from floor to ceiling, and on those shelves were hundreds of old-fashioned ceramic dolls, all staring down at Isaac with their smooth, blank eyes. At first, Isaac didn't react (he was too busy taking it all in), but in a moment he emitted a high-pitched, girlish squeal and bolted out of the room and right into Aries. "What's going on, Iz?" Aries asked, glancing into the room and shivering. "God, what are those?!" "They're scary's what they are! Why the heck do we have a room full of dolls?!" Isaac muttered, still a little freaked out. "We should ask Leo," said Aries, "but for now we need to do the dishes." "Do we hafta? Rachel said she'd do it if we didn't want to..." "Yes. Now let's go." "Yokay..." The two walked down the hallway and back toward the kitchen, but Isaac looked back at the door to the creepy room...and stuck out his tongue.**
(Two days later: Leo checks out the room and there's NOTHING THERE.)

*(Once his character is taken; apparently the signs are extremely compatible and I think the characters will get along well.)
**(The grammar in the speaking parts of this isn't great, but that's because that's just how Isaac talks.)

So begins...

Isaac Tennyson's Story