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Samantha Dott

"That gotta sting!"

0 · 472 views · located in The Town of Mikana (Modern)

a character in “Zodiac's Arrival”, as played by sweetshearts


Samantha Dott


Nickname: Dottie, Dot, Sammie, Sam

Age: 14

Grade: 9th, Freshman

Race: African/Native American

Nationality: American

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Profession: Babysitter

Zodiac: Scorpio


Physical Appearance: Samantha is small, barely 5'1, towered by everybody in her grade. She weighs about 105 pounds, many people pick her up while playing.She has a wide nose and full lips that she loves. She has an oval face and light skin. Her eyes are a dark brown and are round shaped. Her hair is a dark brown, it's naturally kinky so she either wear it in her natural curls or straighten it, though braids and buns are also two styles she loves. She has a bit of an hour glass frame but is still very thin so it usually doesn't show. She has no scars or birthmarks but does have a mole on her upper arm.
Armor/Outfit: Her mother is in love with guns and usually has hundreds of bullet proof vest lying around so she wears the bullet proof vest. She also will put on bicycle gear such as knee and elbow pads. She wears black pants and a blue shirt while in her "armor". She always wears sneakers and will wear black ones with her "armor". On normal days she'll wear anything loose and girly. Crop tops and high shorts/skirts are her favorite things to wear.

Personality: Samantha is usually the quiet one, never talking unless talked too. She never says anything unless she hears of something she is passionate about or hears about something she is against. She is very emotional and will be saddened when ever somebody shows disinterest or hate to her. She'll start bawling if you start to be mean to her, even though she can be mean herself. She has a bad temper and will start getting angry whenever somebody disagrees with her. She is very obsessive about things, especially people she loves or cares about. She's protective and very loyal, you just don't mess with people she loves. She is secretly a hopeless romantic and very flirtatious, she loves the thought of being in love. Lastly, she hates being lied to and will distrust someone very quick when somebody seems to be not loyal.

Personal History: Her family was kind, but much more lively then her. They'd forced her to do many "adventurous" things and speak to people a lot. She hated this. When she was picked up her family protested but finally thought that being around more people would open her up. Samantha has been known for being the shy type of person, but that hasn't stopped her from having friends. Ever since a young age she would have friends all around her. She was always a protective and loyal spirit which helps her keep friends. She's decent at school, never getting below a B-, she really doesn't hate school at all. She is not the most popular person at school but is definitely not the one to be seen around nerds, geeks and loners.


Powers: She can create ice and freeze things, the thing is the ice is not made of water but poisons that causes a few seconds of horrible pain.

Strengths: She's quick and can smell a liar from a mile away.

Significant Flaws: She isn't physically strong and is bad at close-range fighting.

Additional Details:
*Loves Babies and little Kids
*Gets crushes on people easily

Relationships with Others:

Aries- "The sweetest person ever. Cuter then a doll baby!"
She is really friendly to Haruka.

Sagittarius- "I see him around, he's nice I guess. Maybe we'll be friends."
She does not speak much to Daniel but doesn't see him as someone to hate, but she realizes when he's acting a different way around his friends.


Pisces- "I have the highest respect for her and thinks she is a beautiful person. One of the few people I won't speak out against."
She respects and admires Ariella, usually being nice around her.


Libra- "He's cool. I don't talk to him much though. I'd wish he'd talk to me."
Has a little (or big, she doesn't know) crush on him, but would never admit it.

Gemini- "Poor thing, he talks less then me! I'd love to know more about him."
She doesn't speak much to Kaleb but she'd love to be his friend, she really does care for him.



So begins...

Samantha Dott's Story