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Zombie Academy

Zombie Academy


This is a school created after the zombie apocalypse to help the children and young adults that have survived thus far. But the students are sent out on missions through the years and not all make it back alive.

640 readers have visited Zombie Academy since SinAngel created it.


The Zombie Academy was created to ensure the safety of the people by the Government. When the world ended Settlements were built right away for the survivors. Protecting these places are tall gates with electric currents going through them and a barbed wire over hang facing the outside to prevent people and creatures from climbing it. These fences are up around every place the Government has created in order to them safe. In the year 2013 the war for the planet started. This beginning is 5 years later in 2018 but the actual story starts in 2023. That's when the stool has been fully established and running for near a year. Before the Academy was created and the kids started learn to slay the dead there was the Camp Walkers which was a camp that would teach you to kill the dead and that's it. The Academy on the other hand actually teachers the things school does as well as training to kill the dead.

The Characters below continuously show up through out this. They are the main charas (Luce and Ace mostly) and some of them are playable. I will now name them and the age they will be when you play them. You get to decide there appearance other than what is said below about them so if you wish to play them take note.
1. Melanie "Mel" 17
2. Claire 30
3. James 34
4. Blake "Ace" 29 (Remember he and Luce are interested in each other)

Four stealthy figures silently move through the streets eyes open as they look for any undead near. They’d been at it for a few hours as this was their latest mission at Camp Walkers. It was a camp dedicated to teaching people about the rising dead, or zombies seeing as people call them different things. The group consisted of 1 male and 3 female partners. The man is named James he’s 29 years old and his partner is a young girl of 12 years named Melanie or Mel for short. The other 2 ladies were partners as well and seemed different from normal. Lucifel was the younger one at the age of 19 years while her friend is 25 and her name’s Claire. Claire’s quiet and shy but very smart when it comes to these things and the two have known each other since childhood. Lucifel leads the group out into an area that use to be run by the government. Something had happened and that’s why they’d been sent out.
Lucifel bites her lip and searches the area with her eyes before speaking, “This is the location we’ve been given to scout.”
Claire rubs her arm her short dark brown hair framing her face making her chocolate brown eyes pop out against her very lightly tan skin. She speaks in a light angelic voice, “Something definitely happened here.”
James nods his red head in agreement then points at the tall bridge, “Mel and I will scout this way while you two check out the settlement.”
Lucifel shakes her head, “We’ll watch you guys to make sure you don’t get attacked.”
James studies the raven haired girls face as a strand of her locks had fallen free of her tight braided bun that made her golden tanned skin that shows her half Native American heritage with its light reddish tint. Her eyes shine a deep stormy grey blue that made him give up instantly, “If you insist Luce.”
The raven haired woman smiles happily and watches as James and Mel head off under the bridge. Just as they go under the bridge she spots movement not only in front of them but off towards the side coming around the bridge wall. Lucy stands there shocked. “Come on over the damned fence!” Claire hollers back as she turns and sprints toward the settlements fence.
Lucifel snaps back to herself and screams at the two, “Hurry your asses up and high tail it back to the fence NOW!!” After saying that she makes sure they’re turned and are running before she follows her partner. Her eyes are a light blue in color showing her panic as she launches herself up onto the fence. She grits her teeth climbing as she tries to figure out how to get in. It takes Luce a few seconds before she’s able to get over to the barb wire overhang built to keep people out or things out.
Luce climbs down half way then drops landing lightly on her feet. She turns and sprints into the compound dodging around a building. She discovers the undead are already in the area and they were going to have to do something fast! She bites her lip and picks up a shovel while running fast. Luce runs around the corner and straight into a zombie falling back, she curses turning the fall into a kick flip hitting it square in the jaw. She lands it and pushes herself up shoving the shovel into its neck only to break the handle in the process. She kicks the shovel tip into its neck taking the head clean off as the sternocleidmastoideus and other muscles are cut.
Grabbing the edge of the shovel in her fingerless gloved hands she heads towards a nearby trailer to get a top it. When she turns the corner she cusses under her breath eyes getting dark. Before her the area was filled with the undead and somehow her partners had all gotten there first while she’d been killing the dead. She groans cracking her neck then starts to run towards the building where there’s nothing to get up on. Lucy drops the shovel while sprinting letting it fly into a nearby zombie’s head. She gets low and jumps to grab for the roofs ledge. Barely catching it she feels hands grab her wrist helping her climb onto the roof without getting bitten as she smashes her booted feet into a head or two.
“FUCK!” Lucifel spins on the rest of the group screaming at them, “WHAT IN THE FUCKING SEVEN HELLS ARE WE GOING TO FUCKING DO!?”
Claire backhands her and glares, “Shut up and get a hold of yourself.”
The raven haired woman glares back baring her teeth slightly in anger. “I am in control and it doesn’t matter if they hear us now seeing as they’re already fucking surrounding us!” Her voice gets louder as she talks pissed.
Melanie grabs Luce’s arm and tugs it slightly and says with a soft angelic voice in a natural french accent, “Please mademoiselle do not be so mad.” Lucifel takes a deep breath before sighing as she runs her hand over her hair. Aggravation written all over her she slowly turns and looks around trying to figure out how to get them out with no casualties.
Suddenly all the girls’ eyes widen as they blush seeing a man walk around the corner of the house across from them. He pulls up a Sig 516 Patrol Rifle, 223, 16” rail (semi-automatic assault rifle) worth $1,379.99. well use to now it cost 1000 class gems. After the zombie apocalypse started people had to find something to use as money. It took a while as people used bartering for the meantime. When they finally decided what to use the thing that would work best ended up being glass gems. Thus here they are now deciding upon how to go about the appearance of this hot stranger.
Lucifel snaps back to reality as fear sets in when a rather large looking creature lumbers into the area. It appeared to be huge and clumsy as it walked along. The creature has a large bulky round body with short pudgy legs and long gangly arms. Its skin is pale and water soaked leathery looking while its head seems to limply hang there.
Luce sucks in a deep breath having no guns of her own to use on the huge beast. The young woman bites her thumb eyes flashing as she tries to figure out what to do. The man was down on the ground by himself trying to be rid of the wretched monstrosities. He didn’t look like he needed help with the group of walkers but with that mutant behind him he would. Lucifel jumps down and lands smashing a undead head as she pulls two katanas from her hips. She rushes slicing through the necks or head of the creatures’ on her way over to protect the man’s back as he takes down the big guy.
She reaches him and grins sassily at him slightly, “Sorry to burst your bubble hotty but there’s a mutie behind you who’d love a bite of that smokin’ gun there.”
The man chuckles at her words as he watches her saying, “The name’s Blake but most call me Ace and you?”
“Sweet Luce it’s a pleasure to meet ya but I gotta take this bastard out,” Blake turns reloading his ammunition as Luce takes up position behind him to take out the infecties. As he gets done he asks, “Can you use two handguns at once?”
She rolls her eyes, “Of course I can hun.”
He chuckles again liking the way she acted compared to some women. He had a deeper timbre voice he spoke with, “I have two handguns under my vest. If you can find the time to get them you can use them to dispatch the fecties off with.”
Luce shivers in excitement as he tells her the news, “Thought you’d never offer.” The young woman quickly kills those near and turns putting her swords away as she grabs the handguns which turn out to be 9mm pistols with silencers. She also grabs extra ammo off him shoving them in her bra as she turns and unlocks the safety to start shooting the undead again.

Scene End

The Zombie Academy chara requirements (remember good details) -
Nick Name:
Looks: (can use a pic. if you don't just tell body describe how they look during work and casual)
Clothes: (Pic or descript Casual and work)
Weapon/s: (What weapon type do you use most, specialize in)
History: (How they got where they are)
Job: (look at the rules)

Jobs- (There are more of these when the Academy students are sent out on mission. All grades 6 and up are sent out to fight.)
Field Jobs-
Tank: Leader of group. He charges in first taking the attention
Striker: Tank's back up. They either fight with him back to back or from the outside at safe distance.
Sniper: We all know what this is, the long distance shooter. There are two in every group sent out on a mission with the professionals.
Healer: In field Doctor. they know how to fight.
Strategist: Plans the Missions and how it'll run. They fight put try to stay out of direct combat.
Assassin: The best of the best. They're sly, fast, swift, and agile as they'll had you your but on a platter. They can do any of the other jobs perfect but can also go on a mission alone. Assassin is a job that only a few shall get. (Ask me first, also the other positions have to be taken first. Thus far only Ace and Luce are known Assassins.)
Other Jobs-
Construction Worker
Office Worker
Weapons Specialist
Black Smith

Toggle Rules

1. Listen to site rules
2. No killing others
3. Be nice
4. One job choice in field and maybe one other job choice in
5. Assassin is a job that only a few shall get.

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