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Katchina Dwam

"Not even the purest river can purge this plague.. Then it shall be I whom start the curve."

0 · 348 views · located in Hugoton Kansas (Near State Border into OK)

a character in “Zombie Apocalypse: Part II”, as played by Vio-Lance


Name: Katchina Dwam

Age: 16

Weight: 125

Height: 5'4

Blood Type: AB-

Katchinah is a rather odd looking girl, especially in the U.S. She stands a brief 5'4, and weighs close to 129 pounds. Her skin is almost a reddish color, and is very healthy looking. She has tribal tattoos on her face, neck, and even her upper body. Her hair is a dirty blonde and is held on her head by a tribal bun, with braids hanging off the side of her head, beads and charms embedded in them. Her body is lethe, slim, and fairly muscular for it's size, although she's not buff or anything; Just fit. She has a good running build, despite being rather short. Lastly, she lacks any true feminine features, as she's flat chested, and her hips are quite narrow. Her face has a few piercings, including her nose and lip. She also has tattoos that cover her face, although they are more symbolic than anything. Around her neck are many charms and trinkets; some looks priceless, while others look absolutely worthless. They all have some kind of meaning to her. Adorning her upper body, is a dirty tank top, that is loose upon her. She also has a heavy duty leather knapsack that she carries. Around her waist, she has a leather belt, which has a few visible pieces of equipment upon it, as well as her trusty tomahawk. She wears a pair of khaki short-shorts. Lastly, she wears a pair of well worn boots, which have bright beads over the laces.


Tribal Tomahawk - a truly robust, handcrafted hatchet, with a flat hammer-head opposite side to the blade. The weapon has a solid hickory handle, as well as a crude iron head - making it nearly immune to rust. The weapon has a fierce honed edge, and has enough weight behind the weapon to be thrown with extreme lethality. While Katchina prefers to fight in close-quarters with this weapon, she is no rookie at throwing this weapon either. It is easily her most adept weapon.

Jack Knife - A simple broad-bladed knife with a sturdy grip. The compact weapon's blade is six inches long, and the handle is five. The carbon steel blade is highly durable and very sharp. Katchinah usually finds a pole or rod to fashion the knife to to make a spear, but she's fairly adept at fighting with a knife... not that you'd ever want to in a zombie- apocalypse.

Lupara Double Barrel Shotgun - A rather uncommon weapon seen in the modern world today, the Lupara is a side by side double-barrel sawed-off shotgun. The weapon was used for concealable firepower like most sawed-offs, but the Lupara adds just a little bit of class to the weapon. The weapon is known for having very little choke, meaning wider spread.. increasing chances of a headshot at shorter and medium distances, but completely inaccurate at longer distances. Katchinah carries this weapon on a specially made thigh holster.

Yew Compound Bow -
A simple compound bow with flexible yew wood, and high tensile strength fiber-string. The weapon is made simply and effectively, having a draw weight of 125 lbs. katchinah is a trained marksman with the bow, but no master by far. She can safely hit head sized targets at 90 feet. She prefers the bow because of the rather quiet nature of it. She uses simply red plastic fletched arrows, and carries about fifteen with her.

One heavy-duty leather knapsack.
48 12 gauge buckshot (50 including the two in her Lupara)
One change of clothing.
One silver Zippo lighter
A well-used whetstone.
A magnetic compass
A two-liter bottle half-filled with water
About five blocks of instant ramen noodles. (Ten servings)
About 25 Feet of twine
One scavenged road flare

Kacthinah is a very brave, stalwart girl. She has little fear for the living dead. She's very up-front, and never really shy. But she isn't super serious. In fact, she's quite nice, and even a bit playful. She feels compassion for most living things, and cares for all of the people around her. But when shit hits the fan, zombies hit the ground. She is a very fierce fighter, letting tribal cries and screams echo through the air as she defends herself. You might even call her a barbarian, or somesuch because of her rather savage way of combat. She speaks English, though when she speaks it, it is rough, and very tribal sounding.

Kacthinah was born in Brazil, as part as one of the many indian tribes around. She grew up without her father, whom was a man of the Peace Corps, and left her mother while she was pregnant. Growing up in the less civilized places of Brazil, she grew up to be a natural tribeswoman. Even as young as eight or ten, she was out with the rest of her tribe, whom hunted the wildlife for food. Growing up without a father made her strong in the sense that she was independant, and caring enough to take care of those whom couldn't themselves. However, her father returned shortly for her and her mother, wishing to bring them back to the States. Katchinah would only agree to the agreement because she cared about her Mother.

While back in the states, she was slow to pick up on the culture... and really didn't like it anyway. She was very stubborn about her growing in the states. She stuck to her past life of tribal living. She would often catch small creatures in the area, and kill and eat them. Least to say, she was the weirdest girl in the neighborhood. Of course, as the zombie-apocalypse broke out, not many people cared how she acted. When her parrents didn't return one day, she grew worried, especially since the lurking threat of undead was very real in their urban household. Finally, after four days, she finally left the household, scavenging what she could from it and the houses around it, before heading south, towards Mexico.

Relies heavily on close range combat.
Has no modern firearms set for long range combat.
Overconfident and a bit cocky.
Prefers combat over survival.

Very strong in close combat.
Is unafraid of the living dead... or even death.
Very agile and endurant; lots of stamina.
Fairly stealthy and subtle... when she wants to be...

So begins...

Katchina Dwam's Story