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Zombie Survival!

Zombie Survival!


The world is in utter choas. Zombies have reached a class 3 outbreak level, aproaching 4. The military is in fragments, and all that remains are bands of surviors left out of the only quarentine zone in the Contig. U.S. (DC)

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First off, RULEIOS!

1. No Godmodding. Sheesh, leave some zombies for the rest of us.
2. "When all else fails, refer to the guilde" is my motto. If you hear information that you believe is invalid, then point out where the right info is.
3. This is based off of Max Brooks Zombie Survival Guide, where his zombies are real zombies. You dont like it. Go back to your zombies that can fly, wield weapons, and kill men without trying.
4. Be fair. Dont kill other players on purpose. "Friendly fire" or accidental gunshots are acceptable, given they are fine with both parties.
5. Dont whine if your character is killed. Bring in another. There are no limitations on characters in this roleplay.
6. Have fun. Kinda self explainitory chief.
7. Be realistic. You dont carry a damn Lowes in your knapsack. Nor do you carry an armory. Dont use any futuristic guns, or super secret guns. I'm nerdraging the second I see someone with a railgun.
However, if you are in a house, holdout or "Fortress" you may have an excess of supplies, but NOT INFINITE

First off, let's have your character. (Doesnt nessicarily have to be in this order.)
1. Apearance- What your guy, girl, or it looks like. Clothing is included in this section.
2. Personality- What your guy girl or it is like? It can be as simple as friendly, and optimistic, or a complex detailing. (I prefer the later, but whatever. Your character.)
3. Style- How do you prefer/specialize in killing zombies? Picking them off afar with a high powered rifle? Smashing their skulls in with a crowbar? Be creative.
4. Weaponry- What weapons you have. These include:
-Ammo Savers, AkA, melee weapons (Dont have to have if your secondary is a melee, but by all means, have two melee weapons if you want.)
Having links to pictures of your weapons would be absolutely fantastic.
5. Other Misc. Equipment- What other do you have beside your means of turning zombies back into corpses?
6. Family or other party members? (You dont have to apply this if you're solo.)
7. History- You wanna let us in on what your character has been through? Is he an ex-marine? A ruthless killer released during the confusion? A crazed postalworker? Be creative!
8. Your part in this new zombie filled world.- Are you a survivor trying to live to see the day where no more zombies are present? Perhaps a raider wanting to take everything the survivors have scrounged. It's your choice. (Zombies are NPCs. Sorry.)
9. Miscilanious- Info that you might want to share that isnt specified by other categories.
10. Your knowlage on Max Brooks zombies. This falls into 5 categories, and you'll just have to put this somewhere on your character page.
1= "Who is this Mack Brook guy, and why is he making zombies?"
2= I've heard friends talking about it, but never actually seen the book.
3= I've seen the book, maybe even skimmed a few of the pages.
4= I've read, and partially memorized the Zombie Survival Guide.
5= I've read, memorized, and live by the Zombie Surivival Guide.
For the sake of confusion avoidance, we'll all start in the same state (I randomly selected Ohio). Weither your driving a truck, on foot, or maybe even in a chopper, is up to you.
Ironicly, the year is 2012.
Lets get started!

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From the rooftop of a small building, a man stood over looking the shopping center across the street from the house in front of him, his tattered trench coat blowing slightly in the breeze. The A of the WALMART across the building was badly cracked, as if someone had shot a few bullets through it. The building itself looked abandoned with all the lights off, if it wasn't for the horde of zombies that were making their way in.

The red haired man grinned slightly. He could guess that the reason the zombies were making their way into the building, was because there were survivors in there. Of course he could be wrong, but it had been a while before he had seen another human who wasn't half decayed.

There were too many of them for him to start taking them out now, that would be suicide. He was going to have to reduce their numbers. Taking a look around, he could see bodies littering the street as well as wood and bits of metal, possibly fallen off some of the buildings. Jumping to several more houses away a distance away from the shopping center, he jumped down onto the ground where he could clearly see there were no zombies around. Taking a look at his surroundings, he grabbed a few pieces of trash before tossing them atop two zombies. Taking his bottle of whiskey he sprinkled it all with the alcohol, before lighting a match and dropping it on. It flamed up immediately, and quickly started burning the wood and the bodies. Climbing back up onto the roof he ran back, before any zombies might show up and catch him.

Looking at the shopping center, he grinned. "Now let's see how many of them get attracted. And then, it's show time.." He rested his hands on his katanas, eagerly watching.


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As Courtney walked into the store she noticed it looked empty there were lights on and a dead corpse sitting at a desk but she was the only one inside. Courtney looked around to see what she could scavange she saw beverages,dog food,bread, when Courntey finally got to the canned food she threw as much into her backpack as she could not even reading the labels.

When Courtney finally got done putting the canned supplies into her backpack she started looking at the store's surrondings the store was small it had some posters on the wall like ads for beer or other drinks Courtney noticed that the electricity in the building started flickering. Courtney grabbed her backpack and went to meet up with Tucker.


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Joey looked down his rifle sights, placing accurate semi-automatic shots down the isles and around him, the zombies dropping one by one. There werent ALOT of zombies, but there were more than "A few". His rifle echoed loudly through the store, accompanied by the minute talking between his group of non-infected, and the zombie corpses hitting the floor with a "Whomp". The dead continued to push towards their location, shambling in their direction.

TAK! TAK TAK! TAK! TAK TAK TAK TAK TAK! TAK TAK CHIINK! Joey's rifle clicked as the last round in the clip was expelled from his rifle. "Damn it! Reloading!" One of his hands fell back to the stock of his rifle, holding down his clip release, letting the clip fall straight down. Then, his hand shot down to his revolver, whipping it out, and pulling the hammer back. BAAOOM!. His revolver sounded like a hand cannon, and the way it made almost a perfect hole in the zombie's forehead made it seem that way. He placed the revolver on the countertop, reaching down to his bandolier, pulling a new T.A.R. clip from it, and sliding it into his rifle, and chaimbering the first round. He then stuck his magnum back into it's holster, resuming his deadly barrage of fire.

He looked over to the rest of the survivors with him, watching them dispatch their own man-munchers with various weapons...None of them needed help right now. Hell, they were doing pretty good for themselves! He hoped that this pattern would keep up for a while....that and and zombies would come to an eventual stop.

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Character Portrait: samueal marh
samueal marh

hes a bit unfriendly to strangers and once you gain his trust, he’ll protect you to the best of his abilitlys. Not very talkative. when in a “safe zone” hes mostly asleep or eating or cleaning his weapons, he’s always try to conserve and won’t use bullets

Character Portrait: Kale Lakes Adams
Kale Lakes Adams

skin color:Nougat|Hair style:Messy|hair color:Brown|Fast Strong|clothing: A white button up:black jeans:Black sneakers|white dusty socks|has a m191 pistol and a baseball bat|He is kind and social and will try to get on anyones good side|had a good kidhood

Character Portrait: Bailey Drake
Bailey Drake

Average sixteen year old girl.

Character Portrait: Jack Thompson
Jack Thompson

Skinny and covered in piercings, topped off with a discolored mohawk. He looks really pissed for some reason. Oh, right, zombies.

Character Portrait: pvt.James Wiilkins
pvt.James Wiilkins

Wilkins USMC

Character Portrait: Bard The Bastard
Bard The Bastard

Bard kills the heck out of everything with his fist. Yeehaw!

Character Portrait: Luis Black
Luis Black

Just trying to survive.

Character Portrait: courtney simmons
courtney simmons

one tough chick

Character Portrait: sam



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Re: [OOC] Zombie Survival!

For real a gun store named Guns&Gear near my house sells every gun I have. Well.... not every gun he does not sell the 308. but he does have one in the store and he sales ammo for it.

Re: [OOC] Zombie Survival!

Pretty nice, pretty nice. I have to ask though, why an AR-15? I know they're more accurate than the M4 or the M-Suxteen...

I also have to ask where the hell is everyone getting assault rifles from? It's not like they're sold everywhere in the U.S? Give one to my guy! As a common Civilian, I only have access to civilian weaponry.

Re: [OOC] Zombie Survival!

So what do you think???

Re: [OOC] Zombie Survival!

I'm not sure but I think they can get into all three. And I'm almost done.

Re: [OOC] Zombie Survival!

Yeah, I set that up just now.

And do hurry. I'm eager to look at your character. I'm a little worried right now, as so far, all we've attracted are a scrub and some special ops army chick. Do they even let women into special Ops? I mean, I KNOW they dont let women in the Seals, but you know about the Rangers, or Delta Force?

Re: [OOC] Zombie Survival!

Vio you need to set the RP so that you have to look at the person before letting them in. Sorry it is taking me so long, I am going into detail with this one;)

Re: [OOC] Zombie Survival!

Haha! The board is ready! You all probably see it now. It is titled


Please join, and make a character whenever you wish.

Re: [OOC] Zombie Survival!

Please let me know when you do. So what are you going to do Athrun Zala.

Re: [OOC] Zombie Survival!

I may or may not make a new character. I never really got to play with him so, I'll have to see the story.

Re: [OOC] Zombie Survival!

Mnnnn....Soon, I suppose. Just give me a few minutes to find some appropreate pictures and write up another introduction.

Re: [OOC] Zombie Survival!

When can you start the next one?????

Re: [OOC] Zombie Survival!

Ok. One thing I was thinking you could do with the storytelling bit is send us a PM when you think we should come across something special and when we need to run into something hard and you can tell us what it/they are.

Re: [OOC] Zombie Survival!

No, according to the Zombie Survival Guides, animals infected by Solanum are killed, but not reanimated.

Re: [OOC] Zombie Survival!

One more thing I was thinking was that 10 out of 100 zombies can run. Nothing more then run though. Do animals get turned into zombie animals too?

Re: [OOC] Zombie Survival!

I would not say more then your character role but I think that you need to be a bit more storyteller.

Re: [OOC] Zombie Survival!

I DEFINITELY understand you there. He was new, and I didnt want to be mean...but then again, that's why I'm not a good GM; I'm too nice. But anyway...

And lets I should play more of a Storyteller role, rather than a character role?

Re: [OOC] Zombie Survival!

One thing that I think should be in the rules is that people need to keep track of there ammo and that we need RP-ers that know a bit more about RP-ing. I'm not trying to be rude or anything but it was really had to know what was happening with at0micb0mb123. He did not give good detail and was godmoding alot with his female/male, like when the what was it five men tried to sexually assault her? My father is a police officer and I am a police explorer, I know what would have happened and she would not have won. One more thing I think is that you should step in a bit more and tell us if we found to much while going through a store/home because this does not take place in the first few days of the outbreak. It would be hard to find any good supplies and accessories.

Re: [OOC] Zombie Survival!

Add another level of challenge, huh? Well...I guess that if you have fully automatic weapons, then number doesnt matter if you're I'll think about it. What else ya got?

Re: [OOC] Zombie Survival!

One thing I was thinking was that 1 out of 10000 people can't be infected and get stronger and fast. Now I'm not talking about no superman strong or anything, closer to double their strength. Past that I liked the RP as it was.