Colten Gray

"I give and give and I suppose..That very well may be the source of my shortage of ammunition."

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a character in “Zombie Town, U.S.A.”, as played by CussingChild


Name: Colten Gray:

Age: 19

Appearance(Pictures are allowed ofcourse.): Image
Grey eyes. Shaggy dark hair. Lean and muscled.

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 187 pounds.

Clothing: Red, worn out old sneakers. Vintage slim, dark jeans, dirty and torn in places. Black leather belt and holster. White t-shirt. Dark brown cargo jacket. Black clothe mask that covers the lower half of my face.

Weapons: Colt 1911, it had been my fathers before he passed. Cheap katana bought as a child from a Romancing the Stone. A 6 inched Buck's camping knife.

Other equipment of note: I never go anywhere without rope, meager supplies are all carried in my ratty old cargo pack.

Skills: Trained from a young age by his semi insane military father. He learned quickly how to defend himself. He's a great shot with a pistol and can handle himself with pretty much anything but shotguns. He's skilled in hand-to-hand combat. He's quite skilled with talking and is quite agile.

Personality(This is important. Stay true to who your character is.): Colten is indifferent. It's a world where it's easier to tell yourself you don't care that everyone is dying and that your world is going to hell, than it is to come to terms your world is slowly deteriorating around you and be faced with the hurt. He's intelligent for the most part, not so much book wise, but street smart. Cunning and witty. He's strong natured and his determination and willpower allow him to shine in desperate situations. He struggles with anger however and it could very nearly be his downfall, or greatest strength. He's charming and respect and honour are things he values greatly.

History: His mother died of cancer two years before the apocalypse came about. His father died shortly after it had begun, he was shot by government personnel, they had thought to massacre the whole city, as they had believed it was risky to let a compromised populace live. He wandered the coutnryside until he heard of civilization in Colorado. He heeded the call. Wishing to make sure that goal was accomplished.

So begins...

Colten Gray's Story