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Zombies VS Survivors: A Whole New Ballgame

Zombies VS Survivors: A Whole New Ballgame


It's 2020. The world hasn't changed from what you'd see today ... apart from everything being abandoned and in need of maintenance. Rabid zombies run amok among survivors and voodoo-summoned zombis. Can you survive, even thrive, in this environment?

930 readers have visited Zombies VS Survivors: A Whole New Ballgame since LungDrac created it.


It's 2020. A virus has infected most of America's dead through the soil. They've rose up from their graves and wander around, looking for live flesh to consume. If you've recently lain a loved one to rest, don't worry. They've still got time to rest until the virus-laden soil gets through their coffin. It's the long-buried dead you have to be worried about.

The Virus:

This nasty piece of work infects corpses through soil. As soon as it contacts what's left of the corpse it'll move to the brain and essentially take over, restarting the brain and forcing the deceased to get up and look for flesh to eat, no matter what state it's in. Missing limbs? Your torso? It doesn't matter to the virus. I'll make your dead body move as long as your brain is mostly intact.

The Zombies:

There's not much to these horrifying creatures. Their memories have been erased and their speed and intelligence depends on how much decay they've gone through (for instance, a recently buried corpse in dirt with no coffin will be mostly human minus their constant hunger for humans). Bare bones and ashes are safe from the virus, since ... well, how are those parts going to work without muscles and a brain?

The Survivors:

You know them ... they're the live people that haven't been buried yet. They're your family, your friends, your boss, your coworkers, complete strangers. If you're one of them, it's best to stick together and look for places heavily populated with live people. That will be your goal until you get there. When you get there, everyone plays a part to keep everyone alive.

The Zombis:

Every once and a while, you'll see weirdly clothed zombies that aren't interested in you. What are they?

These are zombis. A long time ago, they've been resurrected by dark magic to serve the ones they've been summoned by. Their owners have long abandoned them or died, and they roam around with zombies to search for a new purpose. Don't shoot! Zombis can be used to your advantage. If you manage to befriend one, they can scout out new places for you without alerting zombies to your presence. They'll fight along side you, too, and for the most part, the infected won't see it coming.

Those are your choices for what your character can be. Who will you be?

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Reaching the last level of the fire escape Dan pauses and looks at the sea of dead beneath him and sighed as he shook his head before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a small booklet of match's, bent picked up a red gas can uncapped it and proceeded to up end it, pouring the gas over the up turned faces a smile curving his lips as he watched the gas drench the undead beneath him. "I am not sorry for doing this to all of you, but at least your souls are already free." he stated as he sat the can down, opened the booklet pulled a match off lit it and dropped it onto the gas drenched zombies beneath him.

"May God take your souls in and may you live happily where ever you all are right now." he murmured as he stood there watching as they stumbled and growled while they burned, knowing that it would be a while before he could leave, he used a clean cloth he pulled from his pocket, which he held against his face to keep the horrendous stench of burning decayed flesh from clogging up his nostrils. With the stench having become unbearable Dan stood and headed back up the fire escape to the roof and breathed deeply of the slightly fresher air up there considering the stench of death seemed to permit the whole of the air as the wind blew.

"But it better up here than down there." he muttered as he moved to the railing that encircled the whole top of the roof and leaned against it to watch the stumbling shuffling dead below than turned his attention further out, seeking out the movements of other living beings, wondering if any were here or not. "Though it would be better to be with others, would it actually be worth it?" he wondered aloud.

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Character Portrait: Jordan "Dan" Hansen
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Character Portrait: Lewis Jackson
Lewis Jackson

Young but an experienced leader.

Character Portrait: Jordan "Dan" Hansen
Jordan "Dan" Hansen

Always on the run and look out. Never really settling down. Always looking over my shoulder. Wondering if today was the day They would show up.

Character Portrait: Xavier Choi
Xavier Choi

A survivor, a child

Character Portrait: Nelosikit

A zombi. Her summoner is dead and she's been left to wander the post-apocolypic world.


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Hello ^^
I'm kinda new here soooo nice to meet you xD

Zombies VS Survivors: A Whole New Ballgame

Hello, everyone! This is my first role play that I've ever hosted. Please, enjoy yourselves, and post at the pace you'd like to go.