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King Cobra Hybrid

0 · 164 views · located in Yellowstone National Park

a character in “Zoology: Yellowstone National Park”, as played by Animality Opera


N A M E : Shinji
A G E : 17
G E N D E R : Male
S I Z E 5'8" and 127 lbs
S E X U A L I T Y Tentatively heterosexual

P E R S O N A L I T Y : Above all else, Shinji is selfish. There is little he would do if there wasn't anything in it for him; his actions are largely based on what would benefit him most. In this respect, he can come off as cowardly, far from reluctant to flee the second he feels threatened or disadvantaged. He is mildly egotistical, yet simultaneously somewhat of a perfectionist. He strives to get things done right the first time, and easily becomes frustrated if things don't go according to plan. Though thoroughly kept under lock and key, Shinji has a temper, so if stressed out long enough or just the right buttons are pushed he can lose it - something he hates doing. He likes to be on top and in control of himself as much as others. This is not to say he's a leader, he just likes to know he has the upper hand. Shinji is rather shallow in the sense he values all things beautiful. Though he can seem cruel, he is not heartless, but in most cases kindness will only come with hard-earned respect.

B I O G R A P H Y : Shinji is one of the original hybrids, but has always kept his distance from most others. He's only actively sought out the company of other snakes, hybrid or otherwise, and was certainly one of Dr. Preston's less affectionate creations. Unlike a number of the other hybrids, Shinji felt very little attachment to Liam. When the hybrids from the zoo were seized by the government, Shinji was kept for observation and testing, but was fortunate not to have many scars to show for it and eventually escaped with the few others who had also survived.

Once led to Yellowstone, Shinji took to the wild. He usually tries to avoid humans but has been known to run into trouble from time to time, not always unintentionally. Many of the animals natural to Yellowstone learned quickly to leave him alone.

L I K E S :
β˜… Other snakes
β˜… Warmth
β˜… Getting his way
β˜… Grass - the taller the better
β˜… Beauty
D I S L I K E S :
β˜† Cold
β˜† Rain/Storms
β˜† Ugliness
β˜† Very loud or high-pitched sounds
β˜† Stupidity

A N I M A L :King Cobra
S C I E N T I F I C N A M E : Ophiophagus hannah
L I F E S P A N : 20 years
C O N S E R V A T I O N S T A T U S : Vulnerable
A P P E A R A N C E : The world's largest venomous snake, in cobra form Shinji is a formidable 13 feet long. His scales are dark olive green with pale yellow bands down his body, and his eyes are amber brown, appearing almost gold in sunlight. Like others of his species, his fangs are over a centimeter long, and he carries the telltale cobra hood used for intimidating threat displays.
B E H A V I O R : Like most snakes, Shinji is quicker to flight than fight, so to speak. Much of his sensory intake comes from his forked tongue, which picks up scent particles in the air and can locate their source. He is also equipped with incredible eyesight, able to detect movement from around 300 feet away. These features in combination with his intelligence and sensitivity to vibrations in the ground enable him to easily track prey and avoid danger.
H A B I T A T : King cobras populate dense highland forests, preferring areas dotted with lakes and streams.
M A P: Distribution Map
D I E T : The king cobra's genus, Ophiophagus, means "snake-eater" in Greek. King cobras primarily eat other snakes, in particular rat snakes. They may also eat lizards, birds, and rodents.
O D D F A C T : Bioacoustic analysis of the "growl" of the king cobra has shown it differs significantly from other snakes. A typical snake hiss has a dominant frequency span near 7500 Hz, whereas the sound a king cobra makes consists of a dominant frequency around 600 Hz.


So begins...

Shinji's Story