Unknowns journal 500 A.D. to present

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Unknowns journal 500 A.D. to present

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Nightmare on Sun Dec 24, 2006 2:22 pm


Woohoo. They made some dead guys birthday a holiday. And woohoo I got a magical bundle of papers. (Sarcastically) Could this day get any better? Ugh. I dont know how much I'm gonna use you but since this came from a friend whos probably gonna die in 70 years I guess i should be treasuring this...

Fine I'll use you might help my relieve some anger like she suggested. If there is a god he sure is cruel. give demon eternity to live and humans about 80 years to live. Oh well I'll spend that time with her and enjoy it. Who knows maybe one day I'll be killed and can join her wherever she goes.


Why is it that a thousand knights and battlemages cant stop me but a little girl can? I guess I kinda have a soft side for the "cuter" things in life. Since that day six months ago its been fun hanging out with her and playing with her. Maybe theres some way to prolong her life as long as mine... I hope so.


Finally found you you little pagerip. I dont understand why she game me something as small as you. I still cant believe I lost you protecting her from those thugs. Im getting a chain for you.


I met some girl that looks like a lifesized doll.. Frills,Curls and evrything. I wonder how they would interact if she was still alive. Theyd probably get along just fine... Maybe this is one of her grandchildren. It might be so since they act the same... I hope she dosnt reveal my location. I promosed her I wouldn't kill more people after I escaped. This whole thing is a big headache.

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