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Re: Unnatural (IC)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby sweet_angle66 on Mon Apr 09, 2012 9:18 am

“There are only ten minutes left of class. Once you have completed the test, please bring it to the front and then you may leave,” the teacher spoke as he took his seat behind the wooden desk. As soon as the man had made himself comfortable enough Arthur rose from his chair. He was swiftly followed by Taylor and her two clones before the rest of the class began to one by one make their way to the front of the classroom. Each student placed their finished tests on a neat pile on the corner of their teacher’s desk. As Taylor placed her test down she couldn’t hold her tongue, “Can’t wait to see what I get.” She smirked at the teacher who just glared at her over the top of his glasses before pushing them further up his nose.

I think I did well…a hundred percent for sure. I did study hard after all.

Noticing Arthur already heading out into the corridor Taylor picked up pace and shoved a few students rather aggressively out of the way. Just as he was about to make it around the corner she reached forward grabbing the nerd around his shirt collar before slamming it up against the locker. There was a loud thud as his tiny body hit the metal but lucky for her the sound was drown out by the school bell ringing to signal students and teachers that next period will be beginning shortly. She stood right up against his body as her eyes quickly trailed left and right to make sure no one was in the hallway yet as she pulled his lips towards her. This time it was just a quick peck as she didn’t want to get caught. As soon as their lips parted the seal had broken. “Thanks Arthur, see you around,” she gave him a quick wink before making on her way.

“What?..” Arthur scratched his head in confusion. “OH MY GOD! Did Taylor Jenkins just kiss you?” His best friend Earl seemed to have popped out of nowhere. “Um…I don’t know. What are we doing?” He watched Taylor strutted away from him as he touched his lips. “Going to French. Are you feeling alright?”

“That’s how we get shit down around here,” Taylor spoke smugly as Daisy and Tiffany joined her side as they moved of to their next period. However, as they passed the chemistry lab something caught her eye. She stopped in her tracks causing both Daisy and Tiffany to pump into her lightly as they came to a halt as well. Their eyes followed her gaze as they just stared blankly at the kids sitting in the back row. Taylor had a mild flash back to the night the meteorite had crashed, she remembered seeing each one of those kids faces. Well, look what we have here. Looks like that party in the woods made people now thinking social structure doesn’t exist in school anymore. Jocks hanging with the freaks… Her strain of thought was interrupted as the chemistry door sprung open causing the three of them to jump a back from surprise. She stared at the boy leaving the classroom in a rather hurry. And would you look at that, there is that little shit who kicked the rock and put me in hospital for a week.

Is that why you couldn’t come to the skiing trip we had planned?

Taylor frowned before lightly but still hard enough punching Tiffany in the arm, “NO! Let’s go…” she lied before pulling the two girls by the arm towards their lockers. She glanced back at him for a few seconds noticing him looking a little in agony. Did all the fame from the incident go to his head. She smirked before turning her head away. Once they had gotten their gym gear they headed towards the girls change rooms. They spent the walk in silence, well at least that’s what it looked like to everyone else.

Wow! He is such a hottie.
Meh…his alright. Remember Jake, now he was a ten plus for sure.
OMG YES! You were so lucky to have dated him.
Don’t you mean, he was lucky to have dated me.

The three burst out with laughter before entering the change room. It looked like they were the first ones in there. They systematically threw their bags on the bench before stripping down. The school’s gym uniform consisted of short dark blue shorts and a white t-shirt with the schools crest printed on the right side of ones chest. Although they preferred this uniform over the regular school attire they couldn’t stop themselves from making some slight alterations. To many the shorts were considered to be rather small but according to them it wasn’t short enough. They cut both the shirt and shorts smaller, so that they were now showing a bit of their stomach and the shorts were just long enough to cover their bums.

As soon as they got dressed they made their way outside hearing the school bell ringing again which alerted students that the next class will begin in ten minutes. The three seemed to half skip towards the physical education teacher looking rather blissful even though they were about to work up a sweat. They stopped a few steps away from Mr Quin as Taylor stuck her hand out towards him holding a note between her pink painted fingernails. “Me, Tiffany and Daisy can’t participate in gym today because our asthma has been acting up again and so our doctor prohibited us from any physical activity.” Mr Quin snatched the note out of her hand, reading it over before he locked eyes with her. “Will there ever be a day when you three will actually do some exercise? Take a seat on the bench, but make sure you don’t break a nail,” he mocked before turning his back on them. “Just remind for you about were that money for your new football field is coming from Mr Quin. In a snap of finger it can all be gone,” Taylor held her ground as he turned back towards her his face now red with anger. “TAKE YOUR SEAT…I don’t want to hear another word from you.” She observed a slight change in his voice and realised her comment had finally caught up with him. So with her usual flick of her hair she twirled gracefully around and made her way to the benches.

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Re: Unnatural (IC)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Kallas Redwater on Tue Apr 10, 2012 3:00 pm

Ivan Followed the notes passing from one to another and another guy coming into class late. He too took seat on the back row. Ivan saw him make a paper plane and asked himself why this guy was even here if he was going to do stuff like that. Afterall it would have been so much nicer for all sides if he'd just skip school. Being distracted by the guys passing notes Ivan had a hard time concentrating on what the teacher was saying and writing down.

Then a girl came into the class. Making Ivan wonder whether if the others were beginning to take the idea of fashionably late to a new level. The girl asked the jock next to him whether he had the notes. "Yeah, he has notes, just not the ones you'd want." Ivan thought to himself. Then the guy suddenly seemed to be in pain and packed up his stuff as quick as he could and left class. A few seconds after the guy had left Ivan spoke to the girl. "If you want you can copy my notes, but next time you might want to be on time, so you won't need a 'hero'." As he said the word hero his tone dropped to near cynical. He was just done with all that had happened during this class and it didn't help that he was going to have gym next. "Why would one deliberatly make a class that promotes aggression and jock dominance." Ivan thought with the foresight of gym as the next class.

As class ended Ivan was still through his patience and he quickly packed his stuff. "Meet me at lunch in the cafetaria, last table in the back. There you can get a copy of my notes, if you still want them." He said to the girl and the blonde jock who he promised to give a copy of his notes. That table in the cafetaria was the general location for anyone to be during lunch if they wanted something from Ivan. He stood up and walked out of class, straight to his locker.

He quickly changed bags with his gym bag and went to the change room. There he changed into his gym clothes as he heard the school bells ringing. There was a uniform, but he couldn't care less about it. He wore black shorts that were knee-lenght and had a blood-red tribal patern on it, black sneakers with some red streaks on them and, to really get on the schools nerves, the white uniform t-shirt with it's little crest, but with the sleeves torn off.

Ivan walked outside and was still early enough to hear three girls get on the nerves of the gym teacher. When he heard one of the girls talk about the money for the new field he though: "The only time you want the man to grow a pair and step up to his students... Ah, well, that new field should keep the jocks happy and out of my way." He walked past Mr. Quin who needed to vent his frustrations, and did so on Ivan. "Mr. Blackheart, I see you still fail to wear the school uniform, do you want to fail PE too?" He said. "Quincy, you know I normally don't care a single bit for your class, nor about what you say. But today I feel the need to vent some frustration, so hold your damn voice or I'll kick it a few octaves higher." He said with some anger in his voice to Mr. quin. The only good thing about today so far had been that he hadn't destroyed anything yet.

Ivan made a quick glance at the girls on the benches, vaguely remembering seeing one of them near the meteor. With the things he was experiencing ever since the question whether she experienced something too was burning on his lips, but she was one of those popular girls, one of two cliques he didn't want to be associated with. The other one being the jocks. So he turned his head towards the still quite empty field. "Maybe today would be a good time to test what I can do with these powers." He normally wasn't too good at sports, averaging out on par with the mainstream of the students. This meant any big improvement would cause suspicion, but that didn't matter to him at the moment he just wanted to try some stuff out.
there are things in this world that poeple mustn't touch....WHO CARES!!!

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Re: Unnatural (IC)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FunnyGuy on Tue Apr 10, 2012 10:22 pm

When Michael finally reached the nurse’s office, he took a seat on the cushioned bench made for students waiting to be helped. His hands were held against his head tightly as the pain didn’t seem to die down. He gritted his teeth together as he tried desperately not to yell out in pain. The nurses being too busy to be up front and the bell ringing didn’t help at all.

“Help…” Michael could barely speak as the pain intensified more when his muscles began to ache as well. “Help!” Michael yelled at the top of his lungs as tears welled up from his eyes. The school nurses that had been tending to other children and talking away soon took notice. Upon seeing the teen in pain, two of the nurses approached him.

“What’s wrong?” One nurse queried.

“I think he might have a migraine.” The other nurse said before walking away and coming back with an icepack and putting it against my forehead. “Is that better?” The nurse asked, but Michael was basically paralyzed in pain. The icepack was beginning to numb his head pain, but in order for him to be ok, he’d need to be put in an ice bath. “Is it a migraine?” The nurse asked before Michael grabbed the icepack himself and pressed it hard against his right temple. Michael thought the pain would never go away, until he blacked out.

When Michael woke up, he found himself lying down on a some kind of resting bed. His eyes shot open and he grabbed his head immediately, but it seemed that pain was gone. It wasn’t just his head either; Michael’s entire body felt fine.

“He’s waking up.” One of the nurses said as she walked to his bedside. “You passed out. Are you ok?”

“Um… Yeah.” Michael said as he took a deep breath. Thought the pain was gone, Michael didn’t feel like himself. Maybe the painkiller finally set in, or maybe the nurses had given him something. Though it wasn’t allowed, Michael still didn’t rule that out. Whatever it was, he liked the feeling. He felt better than he’d been in entire life. From excruciation to euphoria. “I’m better than okay. Thanks.” Michael said as he sat up and smiled with relief. “How long was I sleeping?” Michael asked before the nurse looked up at the clock.

“Only about thirty minutes. Do you think you can go to class?” The nurse asked, as she didn’t really believe he could be fine after the pain he seemed to be in. She had considered calling for an ambulance.

“Yeah, I’m good for now. I’ll take an icepack just in case though.” Michael said before the nurse signed a hall pass for him and gave him an icepack. As he entered the empty halls of the school with the icepack and hall pass in his hand, he couldn’t help but be worried about that pain returning. Michael decided that he’d take it easy for now.

It wasn’t long until he entered a whole new classroom with woman of Hispanic decent teaching the class. There was writing on the board in Spanish. This had to be the easiest class if you picked the right partner for the day, or the hardest if you picked someone who didn’t know anything at all. Michael wasn’t the greatest at speaking Spanish, but he could read and understand it enough to actually get a decent grade in the class. The laid back environment was also a breather after doing chemistry. He took a seat on the far left side of the class room and flashed his note to the teacher who just smile and nodded before returning to the lesson. He wasn’t too far back, but there empty seats behind him, which he didn’t want to rudely occupy.

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Re: Unnatural (IC)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Bromander Shepard on Wed Apr 11, 2012 7:24 am

Jason stared on in shock and concern as Michael seemed to almost double over in pain before making a hasty exit. A quick glance around the room showed he wasn't the only one staring. Behind him was Dante Devorox, the beautiful star pupil at the Mixed Martial Arts center as well as the twin sister of one of the other hottest girls in school Andre Devorox. Jason, Dante and Andre had met on several occasions but calling them friends was a stretch. They knew who the other was and been at the same parties on a few occasions but that was about the extent of their familiarity yet something told Jason that was all about to change. Jason quickly jotted down a quick note on the inside cover of his notebook that read.

"Hey, I remember seeing you and your sister at that party two weeks back. The one with the meteor. Lets meet up after school. Benelli's pizzeria. Gotta ask you something."

Jason turned to her and handed her his notebook with the notes they had taken and the note he'd just wrote down.

"Here you can borrow my notes. Give em back whenever."

He said with a casual smile before he got to his feet. He gathered up his things and tossed them in his school bag and was about to leave when his teacher spotted him.

"Mr. Wheeler... Class is not over. Where do you think you're going?"

Before he could answer the bell rang dismissing the class. The teacher just glared as Jason chuckled and headed out of class.
I should go.

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Re: Unnatural (IC)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby emotionless on Wed Apr 11, 2012 3:24 pm

"If you want you can copy my notes, but next time you might want to be on time, so you won't need a 'hero'." a guy named Ivan said. Dante only knew him by name so she wondered why he was being so short with her. For a moment she considered asking him but then let it roll off. He was probably just having a bad day. She knew about those.

“Okay, thanks Mr Hero” she said with a small smile. Though he said she shouldn’t need one, he had essentially offered to be hers. She couldn’t help but smile at the irony of it.

Jason, someone she had met on several occasions turned to her and handed her his notebook with the notes they had taken. She was surprised he was being so nice since every time she had made an attempt to talk to him it seemed as if he just didn’t see her. Then again, what could she expect? She just shrugged at her thoughts and smiled at him

"Here you can borrow my notes. Give ‘em back whenever." He said as he gathered his things to leave.

“Thank you Jason” she said with a smile and a wave. She flipped thought the notes and noted he had written one on the side for her.

"Hey, I remember seeing you and your sister at that party two weeks back. The one with the meteor. Lets meet up after school. Benelli's pizzeria. Gotta ask you something." It said.

She hesitated. There was no way he was actually asking her out….or was he? She shook her head and bit down on the smile that formed. Even if he wasn’t interested in her it would be nice to have a new friend.

She headed to her next class, gym, and spotted her ‘hero’.

“Hiya Mr hero. Looking forward to gym?” she asked as she caught him looking out at the field.

“I got the notes from Jason by the way….thanks for the offer though. Your right…I need to get to school on time…I just have some issues coming here every day ya know? After a while it wears on you…and I feel like something isn’t right today” she said talking to him as if they had been friends for a long time…she was just like that. Always sunny, always nice.

Andre showed up to school at what had to be the beginning of second hour. She had been dismissed for the day at her dojo, but she fully intended to go back and finish her job. Her master was just too concerned about her school. She was passing with all A’s but she had to admit she was wearing thin. She entered the building and gave her admit slip to the secretary before heading to her second hour class which was French. She spoke French fluently and didn’t need the class but she enjoyed the hell out of it.

“bonjour mademoiselle Joslin, comment allez-vous aujourd'hui? nous sommes en train de travailler sur nos adjectifs droit aujourd'hui? Andre said in fluent french.

((Translation : hello miss joslin, how are you today? we are just working on our adjectives today right?))
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Re: Unnatural (IC)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Jaybt9 on Thu Apr 12, 2012 1:25 am

“Good morning, Miss Dias. A little late aren’t you?”

“I guess so.”

A female student with black layered hair, and skin like bronze, hurried to the desk to sign herself in on a piece of paper. The “tardy sign-in” as it was displayed in black, bold format. Quite a few students had signed in before the late student, arriving up to 1 hour earlier, or a half an hour after class had began.

“Are you okay?” the woman interrupted, causing the student’s head to lift. “You have been late to school 3 days in a week since Spring Break. I’m beginning to worry about you.”

“There’s nothing to worry about.” the student responded in a fast pace, “I’m fine. Just having some conflict with work and all. Nothing drastic.”
The late junior signed her name on the paper: First name “Antoinette”, last name “Dias”. Antoinette or “Toni” informally, took one last grin at the woman standing at the front desk before zipping past her to her upcoming class. Toni wanted to force some “delight” into the situation, so the woman in front of her wouldn’t be “on her case” like she was with the other students.

In reality, Toni was in good condition, and her family was living alive and well. Ever since her encounter with the meteor, however, her life had began to shift to an awkward direction. She hadn’t experienced any physical changes in her skin, or her hair. However, what she had planned on doing that day was much more energetic and “zealous” than what she had expected.

Ever since this experience, her attire has been unusual. While Toni does have an interest in wearing leggings, tights, and pants, now they have been worn everyday in school since spring break. In this case, she wore black spandex leggings and a red and white stripped jacket, covering her legs and arms. Under her jacket is a black long-sleeved turtleneck.

Also a part of her attire is a pair of gloves. Since spring break. She has been wearing various colors of gloves everyday in school. Today is black leather gloves to match with her leggings. She has been overly cautious lately about people touching her, and refuses to let people do so in school. Thankfully she went through Physical Education her sophomore year, so she doesn’t have to go through wearing uniforms and letting her skin be exposed to the school.

Toni hurried to her upcoming class: Spanish. Nothing spectacular. It was just something she wanted to get through. Plus a language course was mandatory for her. She figured that Spanish class would be the easiest option of the other three choices: French, German, and Latin. Sign Language was also an option, but Toni didn’t care too much about that course.

Toni took a sketchy landing next to the door of her Spanish class, checking her attire to see if none of her skin below the neck was bare. She took one deep inhale, exhaling slower in speed. She was situated enough to enter the classroom.

As soon as Toni entered the room, people near the door glanced over to her, including the teacher. Toni already knew that the teacher was going to have something annoyingly witty to say, and surely Toni would have to indulge in it.

“Arriving pretty late aren’t you, Miss Dias?” the teacher uttered out in her obvious "salsa" flavor.

Toni just chuckled with a one-sided smile, handing her teacher the note just to be more straightforward instead of gathering up an awkward conversation. Toni took a steady stroll towards the middle of the classroom, waving to two girls as she passed by. Toni placed her things, and her behind, at a seat behind one of the girls, while the teacher continued once more with her teachings.

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Re: Unnatural (IC)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby sweet_angle66 on Fri Apr 13, 2012 8:49 am

Taylor leant back on the bench and pulled out a packet of gum from her shorts. She stuck a stick of berry flavoured bubblegum in her mouth before handing the rest of the packet towards her girl friends who appeared to be busy giggling over something that had been carved into the wooden bench they were sitting on. Although the laughter was almost quiet Taylor couldn’t help but tell them to quiet it down further feeling a light headache coming on. She rubbed her temples with her fingers. I really need to work on being able to shut off some of their thoughts. They don’t seem to shut up. Her strain of thought immediately stopped noticing her two clones now staring at her angrily. “It’s true; you guys are giving me a headache….”

“Oh my God, look at this guy,” Tiffany interrupted them, as all three heads popped towards where Mr Quin stood seeing another student arriving to gym. “His not even wearing the right uniform at all…but who cares about that have you seen his well-built arms…dam.” Tiffany and Daisy on cue seemed to break out in a childlike laughter while Taylor just stared at the boy. Where have I seen you before? Hm... She pondered the question for a moment as she watched Mr Quin telling the boy off for his uniform. Once Mr Quin was done, the boy seemed to have decided to realise his own frustration on the man. “Wow, and he has quite an attitude as well.” The two continued to laugh. As soon as Taylor heard his voice she remembered back to the night of the party and seeing him standing inside the crater talking to another boy. Weird how all these people seemed to be crossing my path all of the sudden. Maybe it’s got something to do with this....this thing. Her eyes trailed over to her companions who were still laughing before looking back at the boy just as he glanced over. She decided to hold his gaze not wanting to seem as though she had anything to hide.

Only a few minutes later the rest of the class seemed to have final arrived and Taylor lost focus of the boy as some girl began to talk to him. She decided to just ignore the thought that there might be some reason why she was seeing these students all over school all of the sudden. She returned her attention back to her best friends as they seemed to have calmed down. “HEY MISS JENKINS AND ACCOMPANY GET YOUR ASSES DOWN HERE I GOT A JOB FOR YOU!” What’s his deal one minute he wants us to sit here quietly and the next he wants us over there...make up your mind old man. Tiffany thought as they got off their seats and strutted towards Mr Quin. Taylor gave him her usual ‘I’m better than you’ smirk as she made her way to his side. “What would you like us to do Mr Quin?” She spoke mockingly as he just rolled his eyes at the three before distribution stop watches to them. “Your classmates will be running around the track, I want you to time them and write down the scores on this sheet. Are you able to handle it or will you suffer an asthma attack?” He turned away from them and headed towards the starting line of the track where the rest of the class stood waiting. What a jackass! The three chuckled to themselves, this time Taylor joined in.

They moved towards the finish line and reset the watches as they waited for Mr Quin to get the rest of the students sorted and running.

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Re: Unnatural (IC)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FunnyGuy on Sat Apr 14, 2012 5:05 pm

While Spanish class went on, Michael chilled out in the back. He wasn’t paying too much attention, especially with the bigheaded guy blocking his view. What Michael was truly focused on, was what happened not too long ago. His head had been pounding as if there was a battle royal being held between his thoughts, and now he felt like his mind had been cleared out. It was strange feeling, as if his head was vacant. When hearing the teacher speak up a bit during the lesson, Michael looked looked up wondering what she could be addressing that was so important.

“Whoa…” Michael said in a low voice as he watched the oddly dressed Antoinette Dias get talked at by the teacher, Mrs. Rivera. The bigheaded guy sitting in front of me looked at some of the class and snickered.

“Who forgot to tell her that it’s spring?” None other than Andrew, the boy who threw the party during the meteor joked. Some people laughed with, and Michael managed a smile. He looked her up and down before returning back to his thoughts. She was part of the popular crowd, so Michael just figured she was trying that individuality thing by not wearing her uniform like some people. The uneventful Spanish class spanned on for its hour before the bell rang out throughout the school.

Michael had been oddly silent throughout the classroom, just thinking a lot about what happened in Chemistry. Why were Jason and Ash so curious about what happened at the meteor? Yeah, maybe they had migraines, but something else had to be up. Michael could only guess it was a way for one of them to climb up the social food chain throughout the school. On his way to his next class, if he could call it that, Michael ran into a member of the crew team: Colin.

“Hey how you feelin’ vice president?” Colin asked. It was a running joke within the crew team to call each other by titles from alternate cliques. Michael smirked before making himself stand in a stiff upright postion.

“I, Vice President Michael Hayes…” Michael started laughing before he could finish. “I feel good. So good, that I might skip my study hall to go make up this morning’s practice.” Michael said before looking around.

“Just keep yourself out of trouble, VP. I have to walk across Campus, so catch you later.” Colin said before punching Michael’s shoulder and walking by.

“Seeya, Clarinet Boy!” Michael shouted before laughing through the halls. He really wanted to see his face, but that would only embarrass Colin more. Instead, Michael walked to the classroom holding his study hall. He’d see who was covering the class today before entering. If it was a prick, he might have to actually go in and stay there. Michael’s study hall was right before lunch, which meant he could probably get two hours away from school. He approached his classroom with caution, slowly walking toward it. Michael wondered who could be covering study hall, when the worst of the worst of teachers stepped out of the classroom to look at the students passing by. Fuck… Mr. Williams.

Michael pretended like he wasn’t going straight into the classroom, and instead made his way to the water fountain.

“Shit!” Michael said under his breath before leaning against a wall in the hallway. Mr. Williams scowled at the teens passing by before returning into the classroom. There was no way Michael was going to sit in there for an hour with that man, but there was no way he could just sign his name and walk out either. If Michael was going skip this class, he’d need someone to sign his name for him. Who the fuck would do that though? Michael doubted anyone who was going to actually attend would sign his name. He thought for a moment, only to remember that Mr. Williams had an odd soft spot for that popular girl, Tiffany. He let her get away with anything, because he was apparently best friends with her parents who had gotten him out of a bad financial spot when he was divorced. Michael was Vice President of the school and basically a jock, so maybe he could actually arrange something in his favor.

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Re: Unnatural (IC)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Kallas Redwater on Sun Apr 29, 2012 5:42 am

Ivan leisurely waited for the rest of the class to come onto the fields and for them to actually get something to do, when the girl from chemestry came up to him. She sexplained that she didn't need his notes anymore because he got them from one of the other guys, nothing that was more attention grabbing than elevator music, but then she said something didn't feel right today, it came so unexpected that Ivan couldn't keep from saying what he thought. "Something hasn't been right for two weeks already." When he realised that he had said that out loud, he quickly added: "But thats not something I'd like to discuss, at least not here and not now."

Finally they could begin, after Quincy got the three girls from their seats and passed them some stopwatches. He walked to the starting line, and looked at the others standing in a starting position. He just stood upright, as if he wasn't planning on making any speed at all. But he was too busy with his thoughts to care about that. "Let's see how quick we can go. Though I can't controll kinetic enegry as well as I want to to move quicker, my muscles will use the T-energy directly instead of burning carbonhydrates, meaning I can sprint indefinatly... As long as I have enough T-energy stored to do so at least. As I speed up air friction will begin playing a role, if I generate some kinetic energy to force the air quicker away from me and at the same time absorb the heat energy that is formed by the residule friction I can go even faster. At least thats theory, this will be in both meanings of the word the first field test."

Then Mr. Quin gave the starting signal and everyone was off, jocks at the front and the rest, including Ivan behind them. The first few meters he ran at his normall pace. After the first few meters he took a deep breath and thought: "Let's do this." Followed by him bursting into a sprint, quickly overtaking any and all who were running in front of him. Every time one of his feet touched the ground it seemed as if he went a bit faster, combined with the low air resistance it made a strange sensation for Ivan. As he crossed the finish line he showed little to no signs of exhaustion. After he had stopped he looked back at the rest who were still running. "That was kinda cool to do, but I better not do that too often, poeple might catch on to it." He thought as he looked at the surprised face of Mr. Quin and a few of the jocks, who had just noticed what happened.

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