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Upheaval: A Tale of Surune (accepting character apps)

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The story will center around the massive port city of Talmaje. Like stated before Talmaje is the center of all trade, slavery, thievery and piracy of Surune. Talmaje is under Barillan Imperial rule currently but has been allowed to continue it's shady nature, but the imperial military is a constant presence on the streets. The city boasts a huge coliseum where gladitorial like games are played. The city may be under Imperial rule but is ran by the thief and assassin guilds. Some of the main guilds are The Chthons (an exclusive assassin's guild who's members take on snake personas), The Crimsonblades, The Horde (a druakkin guild). Can you make it in this cut-throat city of power, greed, lust and adventure

1) Humans (Infali)

2) Fanthars- Tall and heavy oxen-like humanoids, males stand 6'2''-7ft. tall and weigh around 250+ lbs., females are usually slightly smaller. Male Fanthar's horns are kept sharp and are tattoed while fanthar females are rounded and adorned with rings and color bands. Fanthars are known for their hardwork, they are expert forgers, farmers, craftsmen and leatherworkers. Fanthar live in small villages lead by a council of elder fanthars. Fanthar families are large with extended family often living together, a usual fanthar woman will have 2 to 3 children in her lifetime. Fanthar's love food, family and Wutar (fanthari beer). Fanthar serve Olgrom and Ghanlaa (husband and wife dieties). They are a peaceful race but are great and fearless warriors when defending their homes and family. Though most Fanthar still live in Fantharhaa, the beautiful golden plains on the western border of Alund, fanthars have migrated to most human cities and work as craftsmen and such.

3) Druak'kin (druakkin)- much like dungeons and dragons kobold race. They are small and gangly with only the blue and white druakkin being of near human stature. Red druakkins are the cruelest of their kind and are highly resistant to heat and fire. Green druakkin can breathe water and are expert swimmers. Blue druakkin can leap high distances. Black druakkin are usually merchants and apothecaries, their fangs and claws are tipped with a neurotoxin that causes temporary paralyzation. white druakkin are the largest and bulkest and are highly immune to cold and ice. Other colors are rare and there are no known metallic druakkins. Druakkins are originally tribal and still live that way in their homelands. However Druakkins have fully submerged themselves in most human cities. Talmage, the largest trading city-state in Surune and the capital of piracy and slavery, they match the human population in numbers. Druakkin magic only exists to a select few shamans. Druakkins serve a large dragon pantheon.

4) Aellons- winged humanoids. Aellons are a mysterious race, once great numbers have dwindled over thousands of years of war. Aellons live in the highest mountains in tall multi-tiered cities above the clouds. Aellons vary in many colors and appearance but they have broad brillant colored wings while female aellons' wings more subdued. A fierce race very few Aellons associate themselves with other races. Aellon's have keen eyesight and are great archers. Aellons stand on 2 taloned feet, large birdlike eyes, and well toned bodies . Aellons are herbivores consuming no meat, though rumors spread they are bloodthirsty. Aellons love knowledge and have large libraries. Aellons serve the elemental goddess Avala.

5)Perhondi- dark skinned humanoid race almost identical to humans. perhondis are believed to have branched off from the human race some thousands of years ago. there are great differences however. perhondi are known for their large bright amber eyes. perhondi have a keener eyesight than humans being able to see 6 times better than humans in low light. they also are superior to average humans in strength, dexterity and constitution. Perhondi are Tachymetabolic, meaning they are at a constant high metabolic rate and therefore cannot stand long periods of time without food. Perhondi also produce strong pheromones towards a target of their choice. Perhondi mainly inhabit the equatorial region of Surune and the Startorn Isles.

6) Anakim (Giants)- very rare. The anakim used to be the most powerful and beautiful race. After the rise of human kind Anakim grew greedy and jealous of human beauty and enslaved mankind. Finally the human kingdoms united under King Danic over a thousand years ago and the Great Ash Wars ensued. Giants raided and destroyed many human cities but finally as a last stand at the great citadel Belas Nor (Tower of the Eagle) King Danic slew the anakim king Muryn. After their defeat, King Danic with the help of his friend the great wizard Arnacal sealed the remaining giants behind the Wall of Severance banishing them into the frigid northern Myrjuundal Glacier. Becoming adjusted to their new homeland they survived and numbers are finally growing, They have come to call their new land Tooresh. Anakim are massive standing around 15 to 18 foot tall. Many anakim are fair haired but red hair is also found most have bright blue eyes. Anakim are highly resistant to cold.


Divan- Divans are divine healers blessed by their deities. Much like the cleric class in dungeons and dragons or the white mage in final fantasy.

Elementalist- derived from avatar the last airbender. Elementalists have been touched by one of the divine four elemental gods and are granted powers from one of the elements earth, fire, wind or water. they are a mix of fighters and wizards usually using their weapon as a conduit. Elementalists are very rare in the world of Surune.

1)Alund: Created from the great city-state,now capital, of Talmasas under the throne of the Great King Danic. Alund was once the gleaming beacon of freedom, being the only consitutional monarchy in all of Surune. Alundian citizens' voices could be heard through their elected senators in the Alundian Senate, the large dome building in the center of Talmasas. Alund's citizens are a wide and all encompassing society. Alund resembles a mix of anglo-saxon and greek society. Fourteen years ago however all this changed when the Barillan Empire of the Northeast invaded. The aged King Leyed and his wife Diedre were killed in the initial invasion when the royal castle was struck by bastillas. As a sign of "good faith" Barilla has allowed Alundian citizens to continue on with their lives but have banned all religious practices. However Barilla soldiers constantly patrol the cities and land ruling with harsh consequences for dissention against the empire. Rebel factions are currently in constant battle with the Barillan occupiers.

2)Barilla: This expanding empire of the cold northeast is centered around the dark city Esgaariond, nestled at the feet of the Caprathan Mountains. Ruled by Emperor Cemarus Sorn. Barillans are expert and fierce warriors, they resemble a mix of russian, roman, and spartan society. Barillans are a cold people and live and work to fuel the machine of the Barillan Empire. They have conquered 50 percent of Infalanthe and have trading alliances with the rest. Barillans have dark eyes and dark hair and pale skin. Barillans are not allowed to worship any gods but only the fuel the engine of technology and warfare.

3)Tasche: resemble early eastern europe or croatia. Tasche was a peaceful small country known for its fertile farmlands. 12 years ago the Barillan empire first started their expansion and crossed the Sargal Strait into Dorvans the capital and begun a campaign of slaughtering and occupying Tasche. Now Tasche is considered a territory of Barilla with its citizens being used as slaves to fuel the expanding empire

4)Valonya: sister nation of Alund to its east split only by the Bastalan Mountain Range. Valonya was allowed to keep its statehood making a trading alliance with Barilla. It's capital Melbana, sits next to the large Valon Lake. Valonya is ruled by King Ossun Telrath.

5)Fantharha: large golden plains (about half the size of Californiathat) border western Alund. This is the last remaining homeland of Fanthars. Barilla has begun its military campaign against Fantharha but are finding hard resistance from the Fanthar tribes.

6)Hondharen: Large Northwestern Mountain Chain, homeland of the Aellons. The capital Valathiya location is uknown. Hondharen consists of about 6 city-states.

7)Attraya: Northern highlands. The Attrayans resemble a mix of the germanic/celtic tribes infused with the american indians. Fierce warriors they have forested highlands of North Infalanthe. The Attrayans are under constant attack from Barilla who sees them as barbarians. Attraya has no actual capital only a league of clans. Attrayans serve a large pantheon of animal and elemental dieties.

8)Bederos: northern land that sits just below Attraya. These broken plains are the homeland of the greatest horsemen in Infalanthe. Bederos has allied themselves with Barilla. Ruled by King Brega Stormhurn. Bederos resembles a darker version of Rohan's people.

9)Purndale: a free league of cities and small towns in the Purn valley north of Alund. They are fierce rivals of Barilla and defend their land strongly with their rangers. The capital is Bloodmeet.

10)Perhond: powerful nation that lays at the southeast side of the Gulf of Lunara. Mostly inhabited by the Perhondi and is known for its expert shipbuilders and stonemasons. Perhond resembles a mix of west african and babylon society. On'Bessada is the large, colorful and bustling capital city. King Joram Madii rules over the large kingdom that covers desert, mountain, and islands all. Perhond have a weak trading relationship with Barilla.

Surune Deities:

Urun: Great Father, The Great Balance
Aslos: God of the Underworld

The Greater Elemental Gods:
1) Surune/Gaea - Goddess of the Earth
2) Bremos- God of Fire
3) Avala- Goddess of the Air and Aellons
4) Nevhal- God of Oceans and Water

Lesser Gods 12 Gods of the Pannaerath:
1) Dyscii- Urun's consort, Goddess of family, motherhood hearth, love
2) Camalon- God of the Sun, Courage, Athleticism,defense and honorable warfare
3) Suliya- Goddess of the Moon, time, astrology, law and order,
4) Hunur- God of War, Strength, Tempests, bloodshed, violence , beasts
5) Ryleen- God of Magic, alchemy, chemistry, math, knowledge
6) Denala- Goddess of all animals, the hunt, archery, nature protection
7) Avarice- Goddess of Lust, wine, the vices, beauty
8) Gagarion- God of stonemasonry, blacksmiths, forgery
9) Drastar- Messenger of the Gods, thieves, commerce, speed, masks, mysteries
10) Lisana- goddess of celebration, music, art, light
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oh yeah i might wanna post what the character applications should have on

Physical Appearance (include height and weight):
Small Bio:
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my character is

Race/Sex: human/male
Age: 16
Physical Appearance: Mist stands 5 ft 7 in and weighs about 150 lbs., he has a buzzed jagged mohawk that is dyed a pale blue. He wears a mix of mesh and leather banded light armour that doesnt hamper his movement. He has piercing blue eyes, hes very handsome though he has a few scars from the street life. Mist has several tattoos but his most notable is simple silver eagle at the base of the back of his neck.
Personality: Mist is brave sometimes foolishly so, hes brash and quick to run his mouth and never backs down from a fight even if it's against his odds. Mist has not let the street life of Talmaje get to him completely and still is very optimistic that he will escape the hard life on the streets.
Small Bio: The farthest memory Mist can remember is 6 years ago when he woke up as he was being pulled onboard a druakkin slaving vessel from the sea. From there he was brought as a slave to Talmaje where he was purchased by Lord Sarva, a massively obese druakkin who is the head slaver of all of Talmaje. Mist served as Sarva's messenger and after 4 years of service Sarva for the first time ever released the boy from his ownership. Mist has been on his own for the last two years, he has taken residence in an old abandoned warehouse where he overseas and protects a small group of street kids.
Equipment: two twin dirks, his banded leather and mesh armour, 6 throwing darts, darklockpick set, small backpack with a days rations and various personal items, a grappling hook and rope
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