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An ancient organization spanning many worlds sworn to propagate and preserve culture through histories, legends, language and lore.

The Vaennord come to realization of their purpose through a series of dreams called the “Vandi”, a form of spiritual awakening. While they are not a religious sect, the general set of beliefs follows a pantheon referred to simply as the old Gods ranging in gender, symbolism and origin.

Once vows are taken, Vaennord renounce their family names and become known simply as ‘Sister’, ‘Brother’ or ‘Vaennord’. As such, the congregation is promoted and made up of numerous families of reputation and high standing.

Leadership consists of a high council of senior members of the order put into position by experience, connection and reputation.

All though not forbidden, it is rare that the Vaennord marry or bare children. Their work becomes a passion that often surpasses mortal emotion. In addition, the counsil may send their members to any far reaches of all the known worlds to collect, preserve or restore knowledge. Vaennord can be expected to explore unknown worlds, recount wars or guard preservations of literature. A Vaennord’s life, in a way, stops becoming theirs in the pursuit of something higher.

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