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[Mulitverse] Valgaav Xel'Naga

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[Mulitverse] Valgaav Xel'Naga

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SSJHunterKiller on Sat Oct 21, 2006 1:33 am

Name: Valgaav (Val) Xel'Naga

Age: Approximately 3,000 years old

Race: Mazoku/Ancient Black Dragon hybrid

Power: Incredible strength and speed. Val has control over a massive arsenal of spells ranging from a simple lighting spell to the incredibly powerful Dragon Slave. As a result of the Ancient Dragon blood in him, Val has limited transformation abilities. Val can grow black dragon wings, a black dragon tail and transform his left arm into that of a black dragon. (All scaled down to fit on his humanoid body)

Weapons: Tokijin, a sword forged from one of his own teeth before he became a hybrid. Tokijin is able to cut through any manmade substance and is almost unbreakable.

History: Valgaav was born as Val an Ancient Black Dragon before the War of the Monsters Fall, a war between the two ancient races the Mazoku and the Dragons. After hundreds of years of fighting the Dragons eventually emerged victorious, severally reducing the number of Mazoku (to less than one thousand). The two main dragon clans that fought were the Black Dragons (Few in number but incredibly powerful) and the Gold Dragons (Many in number and also very powerful, but just shy of the Black Dragon's power.) Once the War of the Monsters Fall was over, the Black Dragons sealed away an extremely powerful weapon that helped them defeat the Mazoku, the Galvayra, The Bow of Light. A single shot from this weapon could easily destroy five Black Dragons. Years passed and the Black Dragons begun to grow in numbers, which frightened the Gold Dragons because they were afraid they would lose their place as the rule caste of Dragons. The Gold Dragons set a plan into motion and wiped out all the Black Dragons, save for one, Val (who was a teenager by dragon standards). In a four on one battle Val was severely wounded and found shelter in a canyon. As he lay there dying, one of the five Mazoku Lords, Gaav, approached him. "You want revenge, and I can give you the power to take it, all you need to do is serve me." Val accepted Gaav's offer of power and Gaav pierced Val though the heart killing him, and shortly after resurrected him as Lord Valgaav. Valgaav and Gaav fought together for years until Gaav was killed by a fellow Mazoku Lord, Hell Master Phibrizo, for Gaav's betrayal of the Lord of Nightmares. Valgaav set out to bring about the destruction by reviving the demon lord Darkstar and absorbed a small about of the demon lord’s power. Before his plan could come to pass, the gate that Darkstar was to come from was closed using the five Darkstar weapons, Gorun Nova, Galvayra, Razud Mezegis, Nezzard and Bodigar. The final showdown was Valgaav infused with a portion of Darkstar's power vs. a powerful sorceress by the name of Lina Inverse. Valgaav easily had the upper hand until Lina casts her ultimate spell, the Giga Slave, which grants the caster all the power of the Lord of Nightmares. Valgaav was easily defeated but instead of dying was reborn again as the same creature he was, but with a heart that had no anger, rage or hatred.

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