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Valley of the Kings (Rpg)

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Valley of the Kings (Rpg)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Pantsmaster on Thu Sep 13, 2007 2:54 pm

In the Year 1907, Egypt , In a small town Gaijh, just west of the Valley of the Kings. A Group of trucks filled with diggers zoomed throughout the streets. They spent three days digging. On the third night, a loud noise erupted and all the people of the town ran to the edge of the cliff it sat on. The blasting from the dynamite had cleared lose matter witch uncovered a new smaller gap in the valley walls. In this large gap, three stone pyramids where half beared in the rock wall. In the first one, in the deepest room of it. The room was lit by torches being carried by three men. A women with black hair was feeling the walls and checking the floors. A fat older man with white curly hair and a big goatee stood in the room. He was wearing a white dress shirt and was looking a Large featureless stone sarcophagus in front of him. There where also three coffins on each side of the room that where also made of stone.

Fat Old Man: hmmm. How odd? These coffins are not like the other coffins I have seen, there is no gold or any fancy to them. This one has the word "Darkness" engraved all over it. Except..for this one small square indent on its chest. It just says "The vile may open" hm.......mmmmmmmmmmmmm This is too odd.

Girl: Why so? Most tombs have the greatest treasures in them.

Old Fat Man: We are hear to learn, not to loot. Grave Robbing is against the law.

Girl: Im just pointing it out. (Thinks: You idiot! Of coarse Im going to steal it whatever is in it. That is how I got this nice necklace! (She looks at the silver pendent on her neck.) Ill just wait till he falls asleep tonight.) What dose The vile may open mean anyways?

Old Fat guy: I think it means that only some one with negative intentions can open it my dear. But such a nice lady like yourself cant do that.. This entire so odd. Most are decorated and have artifacts that are beyond moneys worth! But this one is different.

(While the old guy looked around the room. The girl walked up to the coffin.)

Girl: What is written on the other coffins?

Old fat guy: Something that makes even less logic. It says "Minnion". It is written all over it..But like the large coffin, It has a indent in the chest . This one says "We only listen to the vile".This is one big bumstear.

(He scratched his chin and looked at smaller coffins. The girl put her hand on the large coffin. She brought her hand to the indent in the chest. It started to glow.)

Evil voice: Mwhahahaha!

Old Fat guy: What in the good name of marmalade is going on?

Girl: What the hell? What is going on?

Men: It is a curse! Aaaaah! (The three men holding the torches ran for the wide door at the back of the room. It shut before they could get there. The smaller coffins started to shake violently. And sinister cackles erupted from them. The Men screamed like girls.)

Old Fat guy: This is more frighten then the time a big spider got in my car.

Evil voice: Hahahaha

(Around half an hour later a man whos close where all ripped up and he was bleeding, Was walking into town. He stumbled and hit the ground. A local ran up to him.

Local women: What happened to you sir?

Man: We....e.........ah...cof.....(faints) the entire town was stirred up by it and helped him to the local hospital. There had always been rumors that bad things would happen if to much was uncovered. All would suffer. This time was upon them. Word spread around the town fast about the event.

-No godmoding
-No Controlling other peoples chars without there permission.
-Dont just go and spawn random encounters out of nowhere.
- If you fighting an foe whos Hp you dont know, just dont say you killed it in your post.
- Also dont say you attack did something amazing like blow through his face or ripped his arm off.. I would really like if you posted your attack, Ill explain what I mean below.
- If you have any ideas about the rp or something you want to happen, just post it or pm me.
- You can join any time after the rp starts, dont even bother asking, just make a profile and I will give your chars some extra stuff to get up with the times.
Now lets move on to making a char in the this rp rpg.
( You can have up to two chars)
Species: (In this you can be human, something from Egyptian mythology or of your own creation.)
Appearance: (you can base you appearance on one description of picture or change the chars appearance with what they have equipped.)
Bio: (Log or short.)
Money: (Every Char starts with $30. Dont worry, you will get more.)
Items (story line): These items may have come with your char(s) when they entire the rp like a family heirloom or something. Most of the time these should have no effect on your rpg stats, if they do they should have a negative and a positive effect. Like Immune to fear but is instantly effected by poison or +1 atk -2 Hp and so on. They can however have effect on the rp side of this.

-Weapons: (every char can start a basic weapons. See below.)
- Body: (Every player starts with cloth cloths.)
- Trinket: (Every player can start with one of the three fallowing, see below for there properties. Lucky Ring, Anti Fear Ring, Element pendant.)
And stats, every player starts with these stats
Lvl: 1 0/20
Hp:10 (hp- hit point. This is your health.)Atk:1 (how strong you are without a weapon.)
Dmg-? (this is you atk and the atk of any weapons you have equipped added together.)
Dfe:0 ( This is damage you can shake off.)
Spp:5 ( Spirt points are used to execute unique moves.)
Luck: 1 (This affects what items you get, if an attack just might hit you or not. If you find a doller on the ground.)
And that is it for stats, lets look at equipment/ items and unique moves.
Also if you dont want to remember this, I will keep track of it to.
When you char starts they get four skill points and every time they level up they get 4 more.
Each stat costs so many points for it to be raised.
1 skill point = 2 hp
2 skill points = 1 atk
2 skill points = 1 Def
1 Skill point = 1 Spp
1 Skill point = 2 Luck

So when you start off, you could level up your atk twice.
(Note about shop. As the rp advances, there will be new things added to the shop list.)

Weapons in the shop----------
Basic weapons (pick one of these to start off with. I just give you the stats, you can name them, what they are like a sword or gun ex. and there appearance.)
((all weapons will have stats. Atk, Rng (range, witch come in melee , meaning you have to be within touching distance of the target. Short range, witch would be a hand gun or bow. And long range with would be a rifle or a really good cross bow.) Cost (how much money you must spend to get item.) Effects: (this weapon might have something like ...all kinds of things.))

Small melee weapon (I.e, Knife, Dagger, brass knuckles, kung foo attack.)
Atk: +0
Rng: Melee
Effects: You may attack twice with one of these.
Cost: free (when you start.)

Medium melee weapon (ex.sword, mace, stick, leg.)
Atk: +1
Rng: Melee
Cost: Free (when starting.)

Large Melle weapon: (ex.Large axe, claymore , pike)
Atk: +3
Rng: Melee
Effects: When you attack with this weapon, it can provoke the target to do a counter attack.
Cost: Free when Starting.

Small ranged weapon: (ex.Short bow, magic spell, sissy pistol, sling with rocks. Also ranged weapons have unlimited ammo.)
Atk: +0
Rng: Short.
Cost: free (when starting.)

Medium ranged weapon: (ex. bow, Hand gun, throwing javelins. Magic spell. Also ranged weapons have unlimited ammo )
Atk: +2
Rng: short
Effect: When you use this weapon, you can not fire it next turn, this represents loading your weapon, but you can use it as a club, it gets +0 atk and Rng is Melee.
Cost: Free (when starting.)


Band aid kit
cost: $2
effect: when you use it, you get +2 hp.

Strange Medicine:
cost: $4
Effect: Cures any status ailment.

Lure Jar
Cost: $5
Effect: When you use this jar, all non humans are drawn to this jar and run over to its side, drawing there attention for a few turns leaving them open to a attack!

Leather jacket
Cost: $10
Effect: You get +2 hp

Desert robes
Cost: $5
Effect: Bashing type attacks get -1 on there attack. Damage from Sand Storm hazards are reduced by 2

Lucky clothing
Cost: $5
Effect: Really nice looking cloths that give you +3 luck


Lucky Ring:
Cost: Free (when starting.)
Effect: A snazzy ring that gives you +1 luck.

Anti Fear Ring:
Cost: Free when starting
Effect: You cant be frightened.

Elemental Pendant:
Cost: Free when you start.
Effect: You can absorb a amount of one of the four basic elements (wind , fire, water, earth.) To increase your Spp by 1 (not its total limit. Like if you had 2/7 Spp remaining, you would get +1 so it would be 3, but you can also use this power many times.)

Now on to Combat.

We will have will (just random stats)
Will is got into a bar fight with a drunk thug. Will is one movement away from the thug. When ever a fight brakes out, I will tell you how far every one is away from a foe or foes. On your turn you can make a move action or a use item action and a any action. A move action is when your char moves one movement at a target like will can do in a second. A use item action r3places your move and lets you use an item on you or a target that you can touch. Then after doing one of those, you can do an anything action, witch you can move agin, use a item , attack or do nothing. So lets get back to the battle.

Wills post-
Will looked the drunk thug strait in to his eyes. Will charged up to the thug and drew his sword and slashed the dirty punk. (Move, atk, his total damage is 2 so this damage hits the thug, if it had any defense or a ability, then this damage would be reduced. Be he dose not so he takes a sword to the face.)

Gm post (that would be me.)
The thug was thrown back by a sword slashing at his flesh. It cut across his chest. The tug got up and threw a punch at Will. ( Move ( you dose not have to move on your move action.) Atk, The thugs dmg is 1, Wills Def is 1 so the two negate each other and no damage is done. Then in the turns to come, Will thrashes the thug up. Get the idea?

Now one last thing on this list of disgustingly long post. That is unique powers.
You get one when you start and every time you level up. You get to make the effect and its cost and I will tell you if its too strong, too weak or just right.

Places in town-------------
Shop-Buy stuff.
Inn- For $5 Get all rested up, a good meal and then some.
Hospital- If you chars are seriously injured ore an the verge of death, if you get them hear fast enough, they may live to see another day.

Also, If any foes are defeated I will post there stats on this so you can see there stats next time you fight them.

Hear is my two main chars
Name: Ben Cane
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Personality: Ben tries to acts like a hero
Appearance: Ben has long light grey pants and a brown short trench coat. He has green eyes and short tangled brown hair.
Bio: Ben wishes to be a know well throughout the wold as a brave hero. He and his friend Kasha where traveling to china and decided to take a break at the small village Gaijh.
Money: $30
Items (story line): -

Weapon- Short Sword ( Medium Melee weapon.)
Body- Cloth Cloths
Trinket- Lucky Ring
Lvl: 1 0/20
Atk: 2
Spp:5 (His unique ability is called Cleave. It costs 2 Spp and during his next turn, he can attack twice.)
Luck: 2

Name: Kasha
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Personality: Kasha Thinks inwards when it come to money but most of the time she tries to help out. She is a sucker for high quality cloths.
Appearance: long brown hair and was wearing a tight red corset with black strings. She was wearing a black skirt.Bio: She came along with Ben.
Money: $30
Items (story line): Velwar stone, A unlucky trinket that she has come by. It gives her +1 Spp but - 1 Luck.
Lvl: 1 0/20
Spp:8 (Her unique ability is Healing voice. It cost 2 spp and heals a target by 3 hp.)
Luck: 0
Weapon: Pesky Fire balls (count as a Small ranged weapon.)
Body: Cloth Cloths
Trinket: Elemental pendant.

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