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Vanguard Prime - Welcoming in an old Friend.

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

Vanguard Prime - Welcoming in an old Friend.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Sun Feb 05, 2006 3:11 pm

As the man that Han knew as Kiyoshi walked on to the bridge of the Rysen, everyone, including him, could feel his presence. It was one that demanded respect, but also returned it to others. Han looked him over and smiled.

Han - Dark blue hair, huh?

The reflection of the people in front of Ethan was in his sunglasses. Han stood in the middle, Lisa stood next to them holding a child that he assumed was theirs, Base and Stacy stood close together, and then the rest of the senior crew on the bridge stood behind them.

Ethan - I thought it would be good enough of a disguise for awhile.

Base smirked as he crossed his arms.

Base - Not like there's a whole bunch of bad ass ace pilots who wear dark sunglasses all the time.

Stacy playfully hit Base with a nudge of a shoulder, everyone knew Base was just playing, but Stacy still had to try and keep him in line. Lisa smiled as she looked at the man she had worked for as a secretary on L3 so long ago.

Lisa - We never believed that you were dead.

Ethan shook his head and held up his hand to stop her from talking.

Ethan - You should treat things as if I was dead. Right now I think having 'Kiyoshi' around would add more danger to any situation than good. I'm not exactly a favorable person with the masses.

Han - That whole being a leader of a rebel organization that gets the blame for having someone drop a colony on Asia, and causing a massive death toll in space, all for what you claim was to make peace, which we didn't really get, thing.

Ethan - That's correct.

Han - You sure have become humble in these last three years.

Ethan - Technically two. I was in a coma for one of those years.

It made sense to him now. That's why no one could find him; Kiyoshi was in some hospital in a coma for a year.

Han - Anyway...I know catching up isn't why you've come to space. I don't think you'd go through all of that trouble to hide yourself from Val on Earth and then just show yourself like this.

Ethan - That's right. I saw that the Solar Cannon had been repaired and that the FRE were going to try and use it. If anyone was to stop it, why not someone who was part of the original mission to put it out of commission in the first place. That and someone who is technically already dead is more expendable than those that still alive.

Stacy - But your not dead Kiyoshi! You've just been hiding.

Ethan - When I came out of my coma there was only one person I cared to find. When I had to give up hope finding her, part of me did die. The world went on with out me, as it should have, and I didn't need to come in and mess up all of your lives again...I was and am dead.

Han - And you prefer it this way...

Han's words came out cold. Out of everyone on the ship right now, Han knew Kiyoshi the longest. He could see that Kiyoshi hadn't changed, he was always running.

Ethan - It's important that things stay this way...for at least awhile.

Han - We don't need you protecting us...Kiyoshi.

Ethan - My name is Ethan now. Ethan Teir...rank Leutinant.

Base - Hah! Same rank as me.

Stacy - Base...hush.

Han - You don't want to be Captain Kiyoshi Kazami anymore?

Ethan - My ship was decommissioned, my forces disbanded, I'm a captain of nothing.

Han - All the same, Ethan. We don't need you protecting us.

Lisa stayed quiet as she cradled Aaron. She could tell the anger that was behind Han's words. She was sure Kiyoshi...Ethan...could recognize it too, but she stayed quiet.

Ethan - There's more Han.

Everyone in the room, but Han, had a looked of confusion. They were wondering what Ethan had meant by "there's more". More what?

Han on the other hand had a look of fear. His knees became weak. Sweat began to run down his brow. This could be the most devastating thing he had ever heard. Ethan saw this as he brought his hand up and took off his sunglasses. His green eyes, cold, determined, filled with pain look at his old commanding officer.

Ethan - You understand now, don't you?

Han - That can't be...

Ethan - The one I met claimed to be my younger brother. I don't think we were from the same project...exactly. He stole the DSX.

Olnsen - The attack on Einhardt R&D...we just recently got the transmission ourselves. We've been too focused on fighting. They believe that it was a Super Soldier.

Han turned to look at his tactical officer then back at Ethan as the crowd went silent, taking this information in. Han finally spoke up.

Han - Well...what's your plan. You always have one.

Ethan - Originally it was to investigate this matter with the Advent Emblem, a group I met up with on Earth, however because of certain situations...this has changed.

He brought his hand up to his head, and he closed his eyes. The watched Ethan silently.

Ethan - I can feel them. Just like I felt Cloud. One person has already died because of them. Maybe more...I don't know. Someone has to stop them, and since they are my brothers...

Han - You can't do this alone!

Ethan opened his eyes and looked at Han. The words were filled with rage. Han was also used because of the events that concerned the creation of Kiyoshi Kazami and now those like him.

Han - You always think you can! You always want to push us away when we can help you! When you need our help.

Aaron began to cry as he heard his father's yells. Lisa began to cradle him more, trying to calm him down. Ethan looked at the child then back at Han.

Ethan - and the rest of you, have your own lives. I've come to understand a number of things about myself in the last couple of years. One is my mistake of pushing people away. I regret it. More than you will ever know. Another is how important life is, and protecting it. Han you've been a father to many young pilots, and now your a true father, with your own son. I can't put that at risk.

Base stepped forward.

Base - Then let me go! You can't deny that I could be a help to you.

Ethan - Yes, you would be, but I need you to protect those here that I care about. You shouldn't follow a man with no soul to hell, when he can't even stay there to keep you company.

Base lowered his head in frustration as Stacy put her hand on his back. She was glad Kiyoshi hadn't accepted his offer. She was afraid of losing him, and she knew that danger followed Kiyoshi like his own shadow.

Lisa on the other hand, understood a lot of things that Kiyoshi was subtly saying. She looked him over. Do you really think you have no soul, Kiyoshi?

Han - Kiyoshi...

Ethan stepped forward and put his hand on Han's shoulder and looked him in the eye.

Ethan - I'm not doing this to protect you. I'm doing this because if I don't, I will blame myself for failing years ago. I thought I had destroyed them all, I thought the world was free of abominations like myself. Soul-less creatures of war. I don't think I could carry the weight of the world on my shoulders like I did in AC 199 when I led the Trinity Alliance against the FRE Faction and the Followers of Lowe, but the weight of having to stop the threat that my brothers represent...that I must carry.

Han - You don't have to carry the burden yourself...

Ethan - I don't imagine that I will. People tend to want to follow me no matter what I say, but you...

Ethan looked at everyone on the bridge, even those he hadn't met before.

Ethan - I need you to watch over space for me. I need you to continue your mission. The FRE Faction has surrendered, but we must make sure that they are gone for good. That is your job. Mine is to go around and hunt down some disgruntled genetically engineered bastards.

Ethan smiled, and finally Han smiled back.

Han - You must have hit your head pretty hard when you crashed on Earth three years knocked some sense into you.

The two continued to smile.

Han - Though...I don't know how hair? Come on!?

The bridge erupted in laughter.

Base - It does match his mobile suit...

Stacy - No, his hair is much darker.

Ethan walked over to Lisa and looked down at Aaron who was also laughing. Ethan rub his hand through the child's short hair.

Ethan - One day I will die, and there will be nothing but memories. I don't think I will pass on if there is another world. I'm not like Cloud who is clinging onto religion to try and make some justification for his existence. I'm glad I could see the future though.

Lisa - Your codename...weren't you once the future?

Ethan - Yes, and one day I might use it again, that just depends on if I think the world needs Kiyoshi Kazami again.

Han - We will always need Kiyoshi, but you still haven't told us what you are going to do...

Ethan turned to look at Han.

Ethan - I'm going to return to Earth. From what the captain of the Advent Emblem can gather the Super Soldiers aren't in space right now, and if they are...they are hiding, but we think that at least one of them is still on Earth.

Han - Are they going with you?

Ethan - No the Advent Emblem is going to stay in space and continue their own investigation of this matter. I will be heading down with my Gundam and the three technicians that designed it, but that's it.

Han - And you want us to watch the remaining FRE forces...

Ethan - Any enemy of the former Trinity Alliance. I think Jyotika is gathering forces in Africa, you may have to help Val and Eota.

Base - You know Eota's down there?!

Base was glad to hear his best friends name. He wouldn't admit it to anyone, but he did miss him and was worried about him.

Ethan - Eota is fine, the last I checked they were safe at one of the Caligo Umbra bases.

Ethan's watch beeped and he knew that signaled a communication from the Advent Emblem.

Ethan - Well...they must be ready to return planetside.

He looked at his friends once more before smiling and sliding his sunglasses over his eyes.

Ethan - Take care of yourselves. The future is in your hands, I just have to make sure that there's going to be one.

Ethan turned and walked off the bridge with out saying goodbye. Lisa guessed that it was because Kiyoshi didn't want to believe this would be the last time they would meet.

Lisa - He always has to be the hero...doesn't he?

Han shook his head.

Han - He could be just as much as a villain. He fights for what he believes in and those he cares for. He already lost his ideals after the War of AC 199...if he loses what he cares for...he could become the biggest threat we've ever faced.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Sun Feb 05, 2006 5:59 pm

After a short ride in the Epsilon to a shuttle sent from the Advent Emblem, Ethan made his way towards the cockpit. The door slid open and Akemi, Chikaka, and Mariko turned to look at him from their stations.

Mariko - You need to learn to make up your mind...Leutinant.

Ethan - People have the option of changing their minds.

Ethan sat down in one of the empty seats and began typing into the terminal.

Chikaka - Where are we going, Ethan?

Ethan - I don't know. There are many places where you can hide a mobile suit of the caliber of the DSX.

Akemi - Lets just get back to Earth and see what we might be able to pick up some clue there. Do you want to pilot the shuttle, Lieutenant?

Ethan shook his head as he strapped himself in and sat back.

Ethan - If there is any trouble, I'll have to go out in the Epsilon, one of you three should take the controls.

Ethan closed his eyes as he leaned back. Akemi, Chikaka, and Mariko could not tell this of course, but he was trying to get some rest. It was a short flight and a quick nap couldn't hurt. The shuttle pulled away as the Rysen and Advent Emblem began to move on separate courses away from eachother.

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