Various adventures with a shapeshifter? Or something?

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Various adventures with a shapeshifter? Or something?

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Blackfridayrule on Sun Apr 08, 2018 11:31 pm

Ack, I need to write more. Someone come and make me do more writing...

Anyway, it's been years since I've played around with my shapeshifter/thief character. Anybody wanna do something with that? He's a klepto who steals high profile things for the fun of it, though he does it to survive as well. He's one of those people that should have a better grasp of fear and self preservation but he doesn't, and danger is his mistress. A renowned criminal, rumored to be adept at thievery, corruption, violence, and all manner of various sins, he is a social guy that can't keep his nose out of trouble. That a stranger would show him kindness is nearly beyond his comprehension--for the most part, he looks out for himself and trusts nobody to do any of that for him, save a scant few. Still, he finds company in random encounters (usually at taverns). Has a soft spot for the downtrodden, overlooked, and oppressed.

He generally works in some kind of fantasy setting, but I would not be opposed to trying him in a more modern/futuristic kind of setting in which he's basically a mutant. (maybe there are others out there, too?)

Either way, potential plots (and by that I mean 'jumping off points', really) could be:

Partners up with another criminal
Has a history of being pursued by a (wo)man of the law, who's been after him for years, but then seeks his help taking down another, more dangerous criminal?
Joins a revolution/revolt?
Kidnaps someone (either on purpose or by accident somehow?)

Also had an idea with another character of mine--basically a woman who suddenly discovers she has magical/elemental powers of a sort, potentially in a society in which such activities are illegal (Merlin the TV show, anyone? XD kidding.) Potential plots with her could be....anything. I'm open.

Any takers?

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