Viewing pages of an RP?

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Viewing pages of an RP?

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby GreenSweatshirtGal on Wed Apr 10, 2019 10:55 pm

First off, I've been away for a really long time. Like... a REALLY long time. So hopefully this is still the right place to ask about this! It seems like the site has changed a lot since my heyday, and while I've reread some old stuff fairly recently it seems like things changed a lot even within the past couple months! Which brings me to my question... is it possible to view pages of an RP anymore as opposed to the entire RP at once?

For context, back in 2010 I ran an RP called Lila that got pretty massive. Like, I wrote nearly 300k words alone in there massive. Went on for, what, two years? Point is, there's a load of text in there, but that was never an issue because I could always skip around to the pages in the Activity tab that had the "era" I wanted to read or link to someone to reference a past event.

So I went to do my every-couple-months-ly reread of some important bits... but, alas, my bookmarked tab no longer took me to page 50 or whatever it was! In fact, it doesn't seem like there's an activity tab at all anymore! So now when I go to check out the good ol' days I'm stuck waiting for the entire roleplay to load all at once. Presumably over a million words based on my personal word count, a bajillion embedded images... just opening the RP nearly causes my browser to keel over, and waiting for the entire thing to load takes time and probably isn't good for my data. It's also inconvenient to try and find specific sections when your scrollbar is about as thick as a strand of hair, not to mention that as far as I can tell I can no longer link people to a certain page of Lila so they can read from that point to learn about a certain event (since Lila is still canon to a lot of OCs of my friends and I for the most part.) Which is really unfortunate!! I see linking to individual posts is still a thing, at least, but that doesn't allow people to see the immediate posts around that post.

So, is there any way to still view "pages?" Does the activity tab still exist in some respect that I'm not seeing? I know that you can still click on locations to see just that location's posts, but aside from that Still being a boatload of stuff to load all at once for an RP of such size that wouldn't really work too hot for Lila. This was back in ye olden days when a lot of features weren't around or were just rolling out, so it made more sense to us all to just post multiple locations in a single dailyish post with multiple characters, none of which were tagged; locations were just picked based on the location listed first in a user's post. Probably not a modern concern, for sure, but I figured I'd get it out of the way that that solution wouldn't work out too well!

Thanks for your time, and if pagination no longer exists in any form and my rereading life will forever be a laggy autoscroll nightmare where CTRL+F is my only ally... well, consider this my official request to get some sort of pagination option back in business! I'd love to be able to link my friends to general time periods again, especially since it's useful for personal reference!

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Re: Viewing pages of an RP?

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Remæus on Fri Apr 12, 2019 4:02 pm

There's a bug right now with place pages that only allow the first and the last page to load, but nothing in-between! The main roleplay page only loads the most recent posts, but pagination should be working there just fine.

Can you share the link you used that you said was broken? With your example, we should be able to find a fix pretty quickly. Thanks for speaking up!

edit: I notice now that you're talking about a roleplay previously marked as "completed!" — these are handled very differently from active roleplays, and aren't quite finished yet. Stand by for some updates!

edit, pt. 2: place pages are now fixed. All pages should now be working!
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