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Warehouse 13 RP

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Tyg3rW01f on Fri Apr 03, 2020 1:42 pm

2. The original members of the cast ARE CANON.
3. Claudia IS THE TECHNO GEEK/WIZARD. Copy Claudia and your char gets killed off first time out, NO EXCEPTIONS. Artie runs the B and B with Leena as the friendly, ever-helpful ghost. Pete and Myka are semi-retired, and have a family. Mrs. Frederic is still around; she in fact, gave you the invitation and ticket. FEAR her if you have any intelligence at all. Jane Lattimer (aka "Momma Pete") is the head Regeant, and also to be feared.
4. Original chars, with original backstories and skillsets, please. There may be ONE character "with a certain set of skills", otherwise, make your own.

The Story so far...
You are greeted in front of a large warehouse building built into a mountain in the middle of nowhere Montana by a rangy fellow with graying hair and a red fu manchu goatee. He is wearing jeans, combat boots, a plaid shirt, dark sunglasses, a fedora, and a M1911 holstered on his right thigh.
He looks you over and sighs shaking his head, "Uhnh... yeah. Well, here goes nuthin'."
Plastering a fake smile on his face, the man begins, "Welcome, Agents. Your task, should you accept this invitation, will be the task of retrieving items that are dangerous in the wrong hands, and sometimes dangerous even in the correct hands. You'll be saving the world on a nearly-weekly basis, often twice before breakfast, but no one will know anything about it."
He turns at a loud bang. He makes a sound of recognition, then stoops and picks up a football. "Don't mind this, it's one of the fun things about this job." So saying he proceeds to hurl it almost straight up.
It doesn't fall back down.
"I'm Josiah Colquhoun," he says, recapturing your attention. He pronounces the Celtic surname as "Kuh-Hoon", then continues, "I'm your Senior Warehouse Agent. You will report to me, and to Mrs. Frederick, whom I believe you have each met. If you have any sense of self-preservation, you'll fear her. Anyhowl, this job is quite thankless, and quite... "covert"... if you will. Forget awards, forget medals, forget recognition; we don't get 'em here. Your cover story is you are agents for the IRS, guarding the paper copies of every tax return ever filed since 1938. Follow me. Follow me."
He walks through a door, into a white tunnel. "Don't touch the pylons; they're bombs. Come along." He opens the door at the end of the tunnel and steps into a room that is part living room, part library, part hurricane disaster zone, and part observatory. "Maid's day off, ignore the mess; this is the warehouse Office. Through here."
He opens a door that reads "312 Dixon Hill Private Investigator" and steps out onto a balcony. The view that greets you is a massive warehouse interior, stretching into the distance with items from every age, era, part of the world.

Josiah turns and says, gesturing grandly to the tableau, "Welcome to Warehouse 13 -- America's Junk Drawer."

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