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Myths of the Forgotten

Weapons, Technology and Magic

a part of “Myths of the Forgotten”, a fictional universe by Pantheran.

A small town deep in the forest called Veraloia: a safe haven to the few mythical creatures that still exist. Many races have become extinct when humans have destroyed the forests and the seas. But what will happen, when rumors start to spread?

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Myths of the Forgotten”.
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Weapons, Technology and Magic

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Pantheran on Sat Dec 19, 2015 2:31 pm

Weaponry for H.O.N. members:

Being a very secret organization which focuses on the hunting of mythical creatures, H.O.N. has been funded and sponsored by both local and worldwide governments in order to assist them in their goal. This support is in the form of advanced experimental technology, designed by the great scientific and engineering minds of the government personnel. This technology, designed to counteract the dangerous abilities of the mythical creatures, has been built to match the users, making these tools completely unique between H.O.N. members. These tools have been fitted to be literally wired into the central nervous system of the users.

However, with the lack of experimental subjects and time, the technology also holds massive flaws. Including random shutdowns, biological stress on the users, or simply not working on command. Therefore, the users of this technology has the need to give in a detailed report on the performance of their devices after every usage, no matter how small. This acts as a constant experiment with the users encounters with the supernatural becoming the test subjects in order to improve on this technology.

All members of H.O.N. are only permitted the usage of one device, due to the time and energy needed to produce such unique tools and the fact that the body can only maintain the usage of one device. However, more advanced members may soon gain the ability to use a maximum of two devices, the second being much less significant, this also comes with a massive performance issue and even more natural rejection/biological stress.

These flawed yet useful devices come under four different classifications:

Close Combat
Close combat devices are effectively weapons designed for, you guessed it, close combat. These weapons are usually bound to the central nervous system via the arms, but can also be connected directly to the spinal column. These devices are usually hand held but can also be attached to the arms. Synthetic Magic can also be bound to these weapons with the cost of speed and performance and the increase of random breakdowns. Biological stress is very common and can even lead to the user becoming incapacitated.

Ranged devices are usually handheld but can also be mounted on the shoulders or even the back, depending on the size. Ranged devices rely solely on Synthetic Magic, most devices are programmed with a maximum of three Magic types, so long as these Magic types do not clash (Examples include: Fire and Water, not possible. Fire and Earth, possible. Etc...). Ranged devices are the most manipulated devices as the power of it's attack can be increased or decreased, with the cost of charge time as the power increases. Breakdowns are very common, along with high biological stress and the wrong magic type being used.

Combat Armour
The most stable device of the H.O.N. Combat armour acts solely as a defense mechanism towards it's user, it also acts as a sort of exosuit as the user's abilities are enhanced. The combat armour cannot be removed once first worn and is connected directly to the spinal column. Synthetic Magic can be programmed into the armour, but is usually extremely weak and hardly used. Combat armour gives a massive amount of biological stress, but random shutdowns or small hiccups are very rare.

These devices are small and are usually handheld but can also be built into standard uniform, such as a visor or a glove. These devices are mostly designed for scanning, identifying and planning. Synthetic Magic is the major component of this device classification, with nearly all magic types programmed. Being a small device, synthetic magic is much easier to control and manipulate. With a large amount of programming present, these devices are well known for simply shutting down, rebooting, or failing completely with the need of repair.

It is important for roleplayers of H.O.N. to take the flaws of these devices into consideration, be prepared for the devices to fail at random times. There is no chance these devices are completely stable. It's more fun to have your massive arm cannon suddenly shut down while a Cerberus charges at you, or a synthetic magical glove to fail and cast the wrong magic, nearly taking your arm off and requiring repairs before more usage. The possibilities are endless.

Weaponry for Mythical creatures

The mythical creatures of Alsangi Forest have a wide range of weapon types though many races have one or two they're fond of. They also have a wide range of weapon sources. The weapons available to mythical creatures come in three classifications:

Most synthetic weaponry has been forged from Naturite by the dwarves and sold in Veraloia. These mostly include swords, shields, axes and hammers. Of course, from the many shapes and sizes of the mythical creatures, these weapons are only available to a select few races, mainly due to the fact that other races simply cannot physically wield these weapons.

Another source of weaponry is from nature itself, certain races are born with weaponry built into their physiology eg. claws, or even a hightened affinity for magic.

Some humans can be kind to the mythical creatures, with some well-known traders well known throughout Veraloia which carry firearms to trade for the mythical metal tools of the dwarves, or the magical items of the Tieflings. This has granted the mythical creature community an access to human weaponry for the use in defence against other human aggression, especially H.O.N. These weapons include old, still-functioning firearms and swords which was sold off from human households. Therefore, the Mythical Creatures have an access to old human weaponry, but never any modern firearms. Dwarves manufacture ammunition for the firearms

Rules of magic

Energy exists in all living beings in the world as a form of 'Life Energy', some people may label it as a 'soul' others may call it 'Ki' or 'Chakra', either way, this Life Energy is a primary energy type, effectively raw energy. Life Energy has several functions in life, from simple allowing life to continue living, to acting as a medium in sentient life for the use of magic. This leads on to the secondary energy; Magic. Magical Energy is basically Life Energy converted into a more specific 'type', those who can use Magic basically have the ability to convert their own life energy into the Magical Energy from the use of tools, incantations, symbols, etc... This may mean that Magical Energy is limited to the Life Energy present within an individual, but it isn't finite. As long as time is given for Life Energy to replenish to the main energy source of the world, Nature Energy, Magic can be continued to use. However, over usage of Magic can lead to detrimental effects on the biological side of life, leading to the breakdown of cells, then organs, then Death.

Another type of energy is Synthetic Energy. This is energy is formed without the conversion of Life energy. Instead, Nature energy is converted directly into a more stable energy, mainly Electricity. This Energy is only available to humans due to their knowledge on Nature Energy as a sub-supernatural force. Another appliance of Synthetic Energy is found in the H.O.N. advanced devices. Labelled as 'Synthetic Magic', this is where technology has reached a point where nature energy is converted directly into Magical Energy without the cost of Life Energy, however, this form of 'Synthetic Magical Energy' is insanely more volatile and unstable than normal Magical Energy and can give much more detrimental effects to the body when exposed.

Now let's get to more detail of Life and Magical Energy relationships:
  • Life Energy has 'affinities', certain wavelengths which determine what type of Magic Energy can be used. Those who have just come into the usage of Magic may only be able to use a single 'element' due to this single affinity and the inability to manipulate energy wavelengths.
  • With more experience and knowledge in the usage of energy, individuals can soon learn to change the wavelength of their own Life Energy in order to produce different Magic. Some extremely experienced individuals can even manipulate energy wavelengths to the point where they can use multiple magic types simultaneously.
  • A final appliance of life and magical energy relationships leads on the nature energy. Individuals can learn to channel nature energy into their bodies while also producing magical energy, giving an ability close to infinite life and magical energy. However, this comes at a price of extreme focusing, reduced mobility while using it, and, once the individual has successfully used this art of 'channelling' they cannot ever revert back to normal Life to Magic conversion.

This apply only to mythical creatures as humans doesn't have the ability of using magic. Each race has their own set of skills you can find from their description. However when using magic please note the following:
1. Every magic has it's weakness eg. something that blocks it
2. No matter how strong your character is there's a limit of how much magic you can use. It's not unlimited supply, as explained above.
3. Using magic takes your energy as explained above. Don't go crazy when using magic in combat, remember that every spell cast increases the fatigue (tiredness) of the user.
4. Don't go OP with Life Energy and Magic ability.


Naturite is a green crystal-like metal found only in the mountains of Meningr Range by the Dwarven settlers. The Dwarven race are the only kind which know of the metal's natural existence and it's positions in the underground caverns of Meningr Range.

Naturite has been labelled as a magical metal with its fate-changing properties; The metal seems to hold massive concentrations of Nature Energy (more about it in "Rules of magic" -part above). This gives the metal a wide range of uses from Life Energy replenishment to Nature-Magic abilities. This massive concentration makes the metal very heavy, but also gives it massive defensive and offensive force. Simple clashes can give off explosions as energy is released, but treated Naturite can be used as armour where it literally absorbs energy from any form of attack. Naturite weaponry and armour can hold enchantments to enable quick-fired spells or other properties. So far, only Dwarves use the explosive nature of this metal in their own forged bullets for human weapons.
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