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Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.


Tips: 0.00 INK Postby MeiaGisborn on Sun Sep 04, 2005 7:33 pm

Kim Zainab to have an interview on the earth leader's speech and an interview of what he hopes to accomplish and how he feels about his new position.
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~Don''t get too excited, because then you wouldn't be so dissappointed and let down when it turns out to not be the way you want

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The video clip of the next earth leader to be in 3 days

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby MeiaGisborn on Mon Sep 05, 2005 1:00 pm

There is the footage and the interview will be posted up as soon as our earth leader is declared on the 7th of September 2005.

Thank you,

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby MeiaGisborn on Wed Sep 07, 2005 10:16 am

Once again the camera turns its attention to the reporter Kim Zainab as she sits in a swivel chair, spinning around while she waits for the earth leader to enter for the interview.

The interview was taking place in a private room, away from all the commotion of the elections.

Once Mr. Peacecraft walks in she quickly stops the chair and almost went flying off in a distance. She fixes her hair and smiles.

He takes a seat across from her and the interview began with no pretenses.

KIM/CHILLY: To quote you Mr. Peacecraft, you stated two reasons why you would be an excellent candidate for leader of the earth.

[12:39]KIM: 1. I have a good sense of organization
[12:39]KIM: 2. I wouldn’t be JUST a diplomatic leader.
[12:39]KIM: 3. I will listen to the public!
4. Because I am prince of the Sanc Kingdom

[12:40]KIM: We’ll start with the first reason Mr. Peacecraft, tell the people of the earth…AND colonies about these organizational skills and how you will utilize them.

[12:41] Milliardo Peacecraft: Haha, not really.
[12:41] Chilly: pardon?
[12:43] Milliardo Peacecraft: My organizational skills as you've referred to here will be displayed at the goal of my role in leader. I will be informative to the world, keep things in line, make sure things get done and how they get done.
[12:45] Chilly: i see
[12:45] Chilly: well unto the next reason

[12:45] Chilly: could you elaborate a bit on the second reason?
[12:47] Chilly: as in what you mean by this
[12:48] Milliardo Peacecraft: Of course. Besides of a diplomatic front I will push more of a common front to the masses. I plan to not be the one who sends people to their deaths; I plan to be the one who leads people to the frontline. Win or Loose the consequences of my actions will evoke the issues of both sides. I will to summarize be Fighting for the home team, striking the enemy not with the hand of diplomacy but the hand of belief. This belief which has filled me about the mobile suits return.

[13:44] Chilly: in terms of listening to the public, would you always have your doors open. Will people have to make appointments in ample time before they can talk to you?
[13:44] Chilly: how open will you be?
[13:47] Milliardo Peacecraft: Okay, well in your question about the publics access to contact me its quite simple to say that I will not allow appointments to be made by our citizens. The doors will always be opened though at times of trouble they may be filtered. What I’m trying to say is that if you have any problems my contact information and mail is always answered/checked by me personally. If there is anyone who wants to speak to me person to person, I always have time for them.
[13:47] Chilly: okay very well
[13:48] Chilly: is that all you meant by you will listen to the public or did I leave anything out?
[13:49] Milliardo Peacecraft: Well suggestions are always welcome but I'd like to say that the interests of the public are always near my heart.
[13:49] Chilly: very well

[13:49] Chilly: and about the Sanc kingdom
[13:49] Chilly: care to tell this reporter a little about that 4th reason?
[13:52] Milliardo Peacecraft: Well as you know I am the prince of the Sanc kingdom, and to uphold its honor I will serve by my family's word, to keep peace. Not to get peace but to keep it, this means that for whatever reason a situation breaks out I will resolve it myself, hence my liberation of the gundams.
[13:53] Chilly: how are you the prince?
[13:54] Milliardo Peacecraft: Being milliardo PEACECRAFT, the brother to the queen relena peacecraft, I have the title already placed.
[13:54] Chilly: ahh i see

[13:54] Chilly: Well, onto your short but what seems to be an impacting speech. Can you elaborate a bit more on the precautions and defense systems in which you wish you take and at how much of earths cost would these precautions be made?

[14:02] Milliardo Peacecraft: The earths defense from what I’m posing is to have it kept by the mobile suits, indeed these are lethal weapons. But to leave our planet unguarded is just as lethal. The cost of this will be of expenses of government, the tax will go up by 3% and we will be pruning through the governments money output, initially keeping the mobile suits within the army. Though having said that civilians/ex-pilots will be encouraged to have these for the reasons of escape if such a case arisen of total invasion and having possession of one of these will be appreciated to support the economy and to back up the general army. Any help would be considered.

[14:14] Chilly: thank you
[14:14] Milliardo Peacecraft: XD
[14:15] Chilly: I wish you goodluck in your new position
[14:15] Chilly: *puts out her hand*

Kim smiles...

[14:16] Milliardo Peacecraft: -=takes a firm grip to the hand and agrees=-
[14:16] Chilly: well thank you again Mr. Peacecraft
[14:16] Milliardo Peacecraft: It’s my pleasure miss.

-----------------------------------------End of Interview----------------------------

Kim and Chilly are one in the same. Chilly is the reporters alias when she’s out in the field sometimes.

You can also view the Earth Leaders speech I was referring to in the interview here:

Thank you, Kim Zainab signing off. :D

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